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April 23, 2024 1 min
Here are you daily horoscopes for April 23rd, 2024

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Speaker 1 (00:01):
Your daily horoscopes from Elvis Duran in the Morning Show.
All right, let's do the horoscopes.

Speaker 2 (00:06):
Do you go? Right ahead? Here we go?

Speaker 3 (00:07):
All right? Oh, I wish on it? How are you day?
John Cena's birthday today, Gigi Headied and George Lopez. So Capricorn.
Consolidate your recent gains today, call for a.

Speaker 1 (00:17):
Review of what works and what needs improvement. Your date
is a seven Aquarius. Your ability to see the big
picture serves you well. Think globally, but act locally.

Speaker 2 (00:26):
Your day's an.

Speaker 3 (00:26):
Eight Ali Pisces. Your creative energies are peaking. Channel this
into a project that you're putting off, and you're gonna
get exceptional results.

Speaker 1 (00:34):
Your date is a nine Aries.

Speaker 2 (00:35):
Only you can take charge of your own destiny, so
step up to the challenge and don't wait for help.

Speaker 1 (00:40):
Your day's an eight Tais.

Speaker 3 (00:41):
If you stay consistent, your hard work will pay off
in ways that you've only dreamed of.

Speaker 2 (00:45):
Your day's a ten Hey, Gemini. Communication is more than
just talking. It's about connecting. Reach out and have a
meaningful conversation. Your day's a seven Cancer.

Speaker 3 (00:54):
Your kindness does not go unnoticed, even when it feels underappreciated.
Your day is a nine Leo.

Speaker 2 (00:59):
We're gonna your space and your thoughts. Clearing out clutter
will help you focus on more important tasks. Your day's
a six Virgo.

Speaker 3 (01:06):
Balance is essential and you really need an adjustment to
ensure that you're giving equal attention to work and play.
Your date is a six Libra.

Speaker 2 (01:12):
A bump in the road is just that, so rise
above an initial inconvenience.

Speaker 1 (01:17):
Your day's an eight Scorpio.

Speaker 3 (01:18):
Put on your power color and face the day with confidence.
Your date is a nine.

Speaker 2 (01:22):
And finally, Sagittarius, get your thoughts together before starting that
important sentence. Some words you can't take back. Your day's
a five, and those are your Tuesday morning horoscopes.

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