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December 7, 2021 14 mins

Brody thought Gandhi was having relationship troubles based off of her Instagram feed?!?!?!

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Speaker 1 (00:02):
What would you talk about on your on your podcast
phone Elvis present show. It is the fifteen minute Morning
show podcast. We got a room fall, all right, here's
Nate over here, Hi, Nate, and they're scary. They're scary.

There's Gandhi. There's Dave Brody. Hello, look back there there's
Frog easy, Hi, Frog Frog. There's Garrett and there's Scotty
be back in the background. And then we have Danielle
and Deanna is on the camera. We love you to
see you. Deanna on the camera, and I thought it
was gonna put her face in the camera, but I
see it's really attached to her and that's not gone. Alright,

So uh, let's start off with people who start making
assumptions by what they see on your Instagram. We go
to Gandhi. David Brody asked me something today that he
is not alone and asking me this but it drives
me up the wall. And the question was, how's Brandon.
Haven't seen him on your feet in a while? Number One,

he's talking about Instagram. So number one, I just saw
Brandon at Thanksgiving. He is on the feet at Thanksgiving.
Haven't seen him since it would be strange to then
post things that I'm not doing like the later ground
that I know everyone does. But people do that all
the time. They assume that if I don't have seventeen
pictures of Brandon, something terrible must be going on. And
I think the opposite that if you only posted your
significant other all the time, that's weird too. I got

a question. Yeah, My question is this, Are there people
how many in this room will start with us? You
actually think about what you're posting because you're trying to
get into the minds of the people who are following you.
Are you really programming to people? I'm not. Wait a second,

I will say that my stories are very in the moment,
I'll whatever I see. My pictures are very planned because
I want to make sure that I don't have a
big gun or double chance or whatever the case. So pure.
And my Instagram, the news feed is actually supposed to
be you portraits, more doctored up things, because that's how

Instagram started with the news feed. You think they're supposed
to be more doctor a little bit more. Well, you
don't just go click, and some people do. I do
sometimes all the time. Okay, okay, let's get back, get
back in the lane. I'm talking about I'm not saying
what you're saying isn't significant. But what I'm saying is
because of the fact that Brody goes, uh, God, you're

not posting anything about your boyfriend, he starts assuming that
maybe there's a problem there or something. Do you ever
thoughtfully think about what you are or are not posting
because you don't want people to think there's a problem.
That is so stupid to me. I don't get it
is super stupid, but you would be, or maybe you
wouldn't be surprised at the amount of people who asked

that same question that Brody does. Brandon and I are
long distance. I can't post pictures of them all the time,
and I think that's weird. I just wouldn't do that.
People making assumptions and saying something. I don't know. Froggy,
you were saying something a minute ago. What was that? Yeah,
I got a problem with my wife's instagram. So the
other night I just happened to be looking at her
Instagram and I'm like, wait a second, other than my
birthday and Father's Day, there is only one other picture

of me on her Instagram for this entire fucking year. Like,
what's you're boring, but you stag stories you just didn't make.
The staff doesn't mean don't look at my instagram. She's
all over it. I think that you get points for
being on more. Don't hold on a second. I can't

believe you're looking into that way too. People. It is weird, though,
that I have more pictures of Froggy than his own
wife on his Instagram. That is weird. I'm on Daniel's
Instagram more than I'm on my wife's. I'm on Gandhi's
Daniel Danie likes you more. That's true. Daniel does like
me more than my own wife. That's a good point.
Party never mind, you're right, all right, An, I'm talking
about straight. Hey, I never ever see Heather on your

Instagram feed. That means you don't like you know what
you figured me out. I murdered her. She's in the backyard.
I listen. I haven't really been on social media a lot.
I think it's a thing. I don't know. I think
we talked about that a couple of weeks ago. I
just I haven't been on there. Can we talk about that? Actually?
I got very excited because all of a sudden, like
how much time I've been on. It came up and

it was so significantly lower than normal. I was like,
you're proud of yourself, it's great, you're doing a good jobs.
Saying you're doing a bad job if you're on. I
don't understand. Well, that's because sometimes I think it consumes
your life and it's like you have a board moment
and the first thing you do is yeah, I'm trying
not to do that as much as it's a big
difference between posting and just falling into the rabbit hole

and just but that's grolling the other things you could
be doing with your time than than Like Gandhi and
I a lot we go down the rabbit hole of
all kinds of stupid things held us up for days.
But a lot of times you don't need to do that.
You could go, you know what, I don't need let
me go read a book, or let me go listen
to some music, or let me go for a walk,
and you don't have to do that. I mean, yes, agreed.

I've been in many rabbit holes lately. One of them
is the Chicago drill music scene. Don't do it, do
not get into it, stay away. So in Chicago, well,
I mean, it's it's everywhere now. But all of these
rappers who are trying to like come up now, and
some of them have actually made it, like Little Dirk
and King Vaughan who just got murdered. It is about

what happens in their attempt to get famous. They are
actually out in these streets killing people. I mean, these
are like real wars going on. All of these guys
with the three letters before their names, like F B. G.
Duck who also got murdered, they do all of this stuff.
They literally kill each other, then they rap about it.
They go on Instagram Live. They're fighting each other on
Instagram Live like it is the craziest. Don't do it.

Do not go down this rabbit hole. You'll be there
for days days. I don't think I'm going to that.
Don't do it like a fun hole to it. Can
we go back to the Instagram thing for one second though,
So we were talking about you know, we don't think
about that stuff about posting our significant others, but you
don't know that there are tons of significant others who
fight about this. Who if they were froggy and they

were only on their wife's page once in a year,
like that's the end of the world. I've seen it happen.
How come if you pull me up, I'm not there.
It's crazy, crazy, I think if we start placing our
lives values vy our value on the number of times
we've been posted about or tagged, that's fucked up. It's

so weird. I don't I don't understand. But I'm also
talking about the third party, the brodies of the world
who start looking at other people's feeds and start making
assumptions about a failing relationship, or there are people to
do that, and the people who actually look at like
a celebrity couple and they get into the couple gets
into a fight, and they noticed that one dropped the

other one. It becomes huge drop somebody. I'm gonna require
the little lady post about me once a week, or
we're gonna have a problem. I know couples like that.
I know what I'm saying joking, but you're exactly right.
There are people like that for sure. Yeah, I'm curious
what Brody was thinking about Gandhi and Brandon, Like, did
you think they had a fight or what did you think? Well,

in addition to Brandon not being on a social media
this past week, Gandhi has been extra snippy and some
of her posts, Yeah, she put up some quotes that
were I I thought that she put up like sometimes
I'll DM her and go, wow, that's ballsy to put
that up. That's like political stuff. Yeah, but you seem

extra like angry. So I'm like, oh, well, Brandon's not
on there and you're angrier. So I thought, maybe you
know a little falling out around Thanksgiving. You're not posting
picture him? No, I trust me. I'm not vague post
If I broke up with someone, I'd be like it's over.
I'm single. Opening yeah, wide open, slide on in, No,

there's no problem. Were good, Yeah, thank you. We like
him and I want to make sure he's he's good.
You're just mad she got ran over by a guy
in a wheelchair? Can I can I comment on something
scary said? He said he always makes sure to put
up pictures where he doesn't have a double chan, he
doesn't have a big gut. However, superseding that is, if
he's with a celebrity who died or had a birthday,
then he doesn't care what he looks like. He'll put
up the picture. The celebrity will take this shine off

the fat rolls. Yeah, like the Britney Spears birthday picture,
the jay Z birthday picture. I was my heaviest to
that was two months before I started my weight lost thing.
So so that that's why I take that picture of
Brittany and I was reluctant to put it up, but
it was your fortieth birthday for Brittday celebrity Trump Swift, Yes,
did you just color? You know that? I laughed so

hard at people. Sorry, scary. I apologize in advance people
who post for celebrities with their for their birthday like
they're actually friends. Bernie Spears didn't see that post. Didn't
give a ship of course, does not right, It's just
a relevant thing. It's like, boom, it's this person's birthday.

I got a picture. Scares not as bad, but we
all know people we work with, people who will post
for every celebrity like my girl blah blah blah. You're
not friends. Always think it seems like they are though.
Good shot. Yeah, so quiet today in your other studio?
What's going on over that part of it? Because we're

we're on single camera. Hi, Hi, Well, maybe we could
talk about lame captions with celebrities. Do you have Do
you have one for Jimmy Fallon? It's not tonight, it's
this morning. So much. No, I was just excited because
he came in here took a p here with cereal.
But then people yelled at me, why are you taking
pictures with Kellogg's cereal. They don't treat their employees right,

They really say like that. Even the Sereal fans are like,
don't give Kelloggs are free plug. They don't treat their
employees right. Well, yeah there was there was recent union.
Yeah they're still. I think they're still on strike or
they have they have a temporary contract or something else.
Captain Crunch walk off the job. Look, we don't want
anyone to be treated unfairly the on the workplace, and

we stand behind our brothers and sisters that are working
their asses off. At the same time, Kellogg's has some
fun cereal. I mean, we can't just ignore Cereal. Right,
you're supporting the management by eating their cereal. You kind
of worry, you know, it looks across the picket. He's
got his holiday song out and I put him in
front of the box of Elf on the shelf Cereal,

So it made sense that's they should have new Kellogg's
scab crunch. Yes, across the sounds so gross. The union,
that big rat outside his studio that they have, we
haven't had the right in front of our building and
they have a rat cereal and that big rat is
on the box. A lot of people don't know what
the rat is here in New York City. You know,

a lot of these buildings that we work in, including hours,
is unionized. I mean the people who work here, all
the maintenance people. Sort of fact. If a light bulb
goes out, we're not allowed to change it. It's called
a lantern and we're supposed to call the union workers
to come change it, and we do because we support them.
But if you work in a building where you're changing
your own light bulbs are going against the union. They'll
inflate like this two story tall rat in front of

your front door. And I'm like, that's cool, let's start
breaking rules. I want to rat up front. Everyone's like
no, no no, no, no. I got a question that does
each union local union, like three eighty, do they each
have their own rat? They share rat? On Broadway down
the street, there's one. It's in bad shape. The titties
are all mangles? Could be because it's a female rat,

right and you see the nipples and it's gross and
it's filthy and grinds that rocky thing. Mangled Rat titties?
Were you in that? I was the late singer of
Mangled Rat Amazon Tit mouse actually a bird to bird
applied to a mouse. I always thought it was a mouse. No.

Do you know the Empire State Building has an inflatable
cat and when they roll out that rat anywhere near
the Empire State Building, they'll roll out their cat next
to it. We've been broadcasting from the Empire State Building
for us so many years. How can we've never seen it?
Oh my god? We come in the other entrance stand.
I have to host a thing at the top of

the Empire State Building to night with edge. I know
are coming. I'm not because I don't know if I
can get tickets. Is it outside like on the roof
or something on the ledge? The boy it's the top
to Empire Stable. It's actually kind of a small space.
It's very very very limited. Could be outside it's so windy.

How did I get invited? If it's limited, I don't
get invited. I was thinking about that that sentence you
just said, I have to host a thing with Edge here,
and on top of the empire statement. How many people
get to say that? You know, I'd probably say it,
I love Edsuring, not many, Like you're probably the only
person next to Edge here, and you know, I don't
like to do things if he performing do you know
if he's saying and talking hovis, did you ask if

he'd come to your house instead? And just that? And
I think it's actually gonna be on the cub or something.
I'll let you know. What can I do? My impression
of Elvis being asked to do something? Do you really
want to do that? You know? So there's there's some
things that Elvis is very excited to do, and he
maintains that excitement all the way through. But there are
some things and this isn't one of them that Elvis
will go, yeah, sure, I'll do it. And then the

day of God, I really don't want to. Yeah, I
want to stay home. And that's like anything like we
all say yes to parties, then it's that day of
the party and like, oh I really don't want to.
We don't want to little party. We don't blame other
people Elvius will go who let me do this? Who
didn't tell you out of this? You guys remember back

in the day when I used to book the guests, right,
So he used to get He used to say yes
to yes, and I would say okay, great, and the
day the guests was supposed to come up, he would
get mad and go, oh, well, I never said yes
to this person. And I would say I swear you
did I swear and he's like, no, I didn't. So
I would have him sign a paper on the day
I booked the guest. I would like, so I'm right

here that you said yes to this guest. That lasted
for one week. It was by everybody fifteen minute morning

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