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March 3, 2021 16 mins

We are going on a year trying to zoom and still having issues. Plus, Nate got a new book he wanted to share with everyone!

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
All right, Well it's a fifty minute morning show podcast.
We're just trying to get our ship together here. Brody
has joined us, and there's Garrett. We're having some technical difficulties.
I think we're on, but in a different way, right, yes, yeah, Brody,
can you hear us? Yes? Oh I can hear you?
What about you? Garrett? Yes, I'm good and the back
the original thing that we use to connect is probably

up and running as we speak, so it doesn't matter.
We're good here. Well, you know, there's always this tension
between Scary and and Garrett. Have you guys noticed this?
Is it sexual tension? No? No, No, they're They're always
sarcastic with each other as far as technical stuff goes.
Like but Scotty, it was Scary will say, you know, Garret,
you gotta turn on your mute button. I'm like, god,
you're kind of snapping at him. And then Garrett got scary.

Garrett thinks he knows best. Well, no, but you do too.
But but it's just a nice conversation. The great the
way he dictates certain things, and he were saying, Garrett,
what we're saying, Like, Scary was just saying, no, he
talks to you like, this is day one of a
job and like turn on your microphone. Oh, I'm a dolmudia.
I don't know what we gotta earn these problems because

Gotta is a fan of throwing people under the bus
in front of other people too. Okay, I will say
this by way, this is a fun makes it's a
fun fight. Uh, Scary and Brody and Garrett are like
the trifecta of throwing each other under the bus. People
scar Like, you just said something a second ago. That
is the worst argument ever. Somebody says, well, that guy

every time he argues, he thinks he's right. Well, what
fool would argue a point that they think is wrong? Like,
of course, when you argue your point, you always think
you're right. You can be you can learn that you're wrong,
but in the beginning of the argument, you think that
you're right. That's why you're arguing. And sometimes I will say,
in the interest of time, and keep in mind, what
we do for a living is very unique because we
always have a clock running. We always have a tim

or going right, so there's no time for nicety. Sometimes
sometimes you have to say, hey, push the on button,
don't ask questions go right. Will you do that to
me all the time? Elvis? But I have to pass
on that love to people like Garrett. And he's throwing
you under the bus now. At the end of the
under a bus at the end we gotta get if

we gotta get ship roll in, which we had to
do on the podcast, I said, we gotta do this, this,
and this to get everything done. Return your camera on,
meet yourself. The foundation of this, Okay, you're gonna stop now.
The foundation of this is this. We have all worked
together for so long. Of course, it's like we're like
brothers and sisters. We just ship all look for each
other good. Speaking of that, I defer to Brody. Oh wow, okay,

here comes another anything and your throat, Well, he didn't
do anything. Hey, where's Nate. He's taken a ship. He
he already had it say. He said, code word, that's
the combination lock on the bathroom. All right, So why
are you throwing Brody under the bus now? Scary? I
am not a high compliment. Earlier on the show, he

apologized to me for something that happened to him earlier
in the day. But you just but he did it
to me and then apologized to me, and I said,
Brody admitted he was wrong. I said that on the
Big Show. So I was giving Brody a high compliment.
It was kind of a ship sandwich right by saying
he was wrong. You know what Brodie has a said
a word. Brodie is being very smart. He's like a

snake in the grass, which direction in which angle he
wants to go? Being nice that Brody was quote, hey,
you're never gonna leave this. Brody admitted he was wrong.
That wrong, But that's what you were doing. All right? Now, okay, everyone,
we're now going to make Brody. Please, I we see

where this is going. Please feel free to take the more.
It's all yours. Well, first of all, I'd like to
apologize for my apology yesterday. I take it back. Okay,
so rightfully. So, I didn't admit I was wrong. I
did was no no hold on. I hit reply all
when I meant to hit reply I was driving and
they're right next to each other on the phone. I

didn't realize I hit reply all. Scary did not want
me to share what I said to him with the
other person on the chain. Wasn't my intention. He pretty
much embarrassed me in front of a third party let
him let him finish. Another was Brodie hit reply all,
and Brody is usually the first to say, hey, funk,
do not push reply all, and you accidentally did? Okay,

go ahead, Okay, Well yes, what I do is I
say I don't want people to deliberately do that scary thought.
I deliberately included the other person. So I immediately called him.
I said, hey, I feel terrible. I didn't mean to
do that. But he wasn't mad that I accidentally did it.
He was mad thinking I deliberately didn't. So once I
told him it was an accident, he's still now claiming

I apologize to being wrong. I had some creative ideaslogize
for making a missage, and he made me look like
an idiot in front of the third party. Well, your
comment was stupid. You think it on your own. Okay, okay, okay.
Here's the thing, Brody, by the way, because of this
new way we have to connect, he's on a microphone

that mutes in this, you have to you have to
let Brodie finishes. Sorry, sorry, because he's not gonna hear what.
He's not gonna hear what you say. What's that? Scary?
Sets me? Up. I can go back to the usual way. Okay.
Garrett says, if we go back to the usual way,
it will work. Should we try? Hold on, this is
gonna be. Scary says it's not gonna work. Garrett says,

it's work. It was gonna work. No, no, no, you'd
be the first one you specifically said it wasn't going
to work. I can do that. Comes by. Hello, Okay,
Now I hear Garrett. Hello, Okay, I hear, I hear Brodie. Ye,
So scary does work. You gotta trust people sometimes, Garret,

you gotta turn your camera back on. Well, I have
to switch computers now. Oh, he's getting snarky with you.
I have to switch cars. You didn't have to yell
at me. That was froggy. You didn't have to yell
at me. I didn't do anything. I'm still learning everybody.
I'm still learning everybody's voice. So, hey, Nate, so why
you were away taking a ship. We've all agreed that

we've been with each other so long we bicker and
fight like brothers and sisters. Oh well, that's great, because
I just got this book by a listener. You what,
this listener just sent me a book of nudes? What? Hello,
who's nudes? I don't know? Is it them? I love

to show this damn? Oh of course. Is it a
published book we can order from Amazon? Or is it
a privately published book they sent you of their photos? Okay?
So the note says this book was in a mixed
shipment from a publisher. They didn't want it back. I
thought the Morning Show would enjoy it. It isn't good

taste and very artistic. I don't want we want skanky, right,
we want dirty guys doing dirty things to each other.
All right? Can I ask a question based on this?
What just happened? So Scottie saw that Nate had like
a book of nudes, didn't know if it was published

or if it was like private or whatever, ran over
to go see it. If one of us had like
a leaked sex tape and we said to everyone, I
would rather you not watch it, would you guys still
watch it? No? No, no, no, no, I never met
I think that's the honest answer. Yeah, I would take
a peek. You really not watch the whole thing, because

I'd be like, oh my god, yeah, can we qualify that.
I think you might watch it if it was some
people definitely not watching it with other people. That's not
in the said I have a video of like Nate

blowing rony. I wouldn't need to see that. Having two
programs running, you gotta shut the other one off. By
the way, you've already left twice, two strikes, you're out, alright,
you can. How did your pope come? We told everyone
you were taking a ship. Okay, so you want to

know the story. It took me a while because I
got in there and somebody was already in the other stall,
so I'd wait for them to finish, and then I
go to get the ass gasket to put on the
toilet seat, and there was no ass gaskets left, so
I had to build a nest. And I'm like, this
just took It was supposed to be a five minutes.
The whole time you're doing this, you're like clinching, yeah,
the whole time, Like I mean, it was a photo

finished by the time I said, did you take a
photo of it? We want to publish that in our book. Scott,
look at it. You were touching cloth when you started. Alright, alright, right,
so um we were actually gonna talk about something, okay,
thank you see that's on attractives, that's too many muscles.

Get a text or on the do you want to
get the guy on his grandfather puts his fake eye
in the in the in the water glass at the table.
Would you stop it? It's a book of bears. Are
calling somebody know. We're gonna sit here. Listen to a
dialte phone, Carrie, shut up off the powers. Oh yes,

it's cutting off when you talk. Turn one of your
programs off. So t anyone? Hey did you meet me? Elvis? Talk? Hello?
We got your text message. It's Elvis. Oh hey, how
are you doing. I'm doing Okay, what's your name? My

name is Josh. Okay, Josh. You're not on the radio.
We're just doing a podcast. So what did you this
is your grandfather used to do this. Oh yeah, tell
everyone where you would be, what you'd be doing, and
all of a sudden it happened. Oh yeah, you'd be
sitting in a restaurant or something and all of a
sudden go to take a drink out of your glass

and see an eyeball plate and what So, So let
me ask you. I'm not that up to date on
on fake eyeballs. I mean, are they really that PLoP autible.
I mean, is it's easies to dig get your eyeball
out and throw it in a glass. Oh yeah, he
would just pop it right out like it was nothing
and sticking somebody's drink or something while they weren't looking.

And I'm going to take a drink and be an
eyeball in there. He's great. He's great at Halloween time.
Oh yes, I think they'd be kind of fun to
have a talented granddad like my dad. My grandfather's eyeballs
both were connected. He's no fun. All right, good, we
saw your text. I'm so glad you sent that to us.

I know it. I know it takes time to take
your time out to Texas. Thank you for doing it,
and thanks for being on our podcast with us. We
appreciate it. Another problem at all. Thank you. All right,
you have a great day. Uh yeah, I'm not gonna
say who, but I we know someone who. At Thanksgiving
they looked over at Graham on she was dead at
the table. She died at the table, but she was

sitting up. She looked like she was sleeping like grandma,
and she's she's asleep permanently. Keep eating. But as I've
heard their nose and ears keep growing. Right? Is that
how that works? Is that right? Your ears keep growing? No?

I think it's as you get older. Yeah, your your
ears grow. If you noticed some older people have older men.
I notice have really big ears and a lot of
your hair. I've heard that there's an actual body growth
after you die. Was like hair and nails, But now
I'm going to do the nails. Thing has been disputed
because the nails don't grow, but the skin retracts on

the nail like it's okay. It says they don't keep
growing after death. Insteads of skin around them dries out
and recedes. That's why we have year around straight night.
It's like your looks bigger. It didn't really get bigger,
just there's less around it, like m in the bush?
Does anyone else feel weird that Nate knew so much
about the dead body and how it works. And I'm

coming to get used to that, understand. Plenty of dead No,
not one that I created, but I've seen dead They're
still twitching when you're looking at him. So, my my
dad worked with his dad and my my grandfather at
a funeral home growing up on Staten Island, and he
said it was the weirdest thing at times, especially the
late night runs when you have to go pick up

a body and bring it back to you know, get
ready for the wake, the bodies would just randomly like
sit up or spasm, and they said it was the
craziest thing ever. A friend of mine used to work
for a home and he'd say, oh my god, this
guy came through his he was so hung and he's
like a lot of people are going to cry at
that funeral. Oh my nice. All right, moving on to

something less morbid, Brody, let's go back to Brodie. Is
your Mike fixed? No? I think it's just say hi.
It's definitely delayed. Oh no, no, no, no, you're good.
You know, we've been living in this zoom world for
about a year now almost, and we still really haven't

conquered it, haven't. I think in two weeks we will.
We will have been doing this a year. Really. Yeah,
that's amazing. It's got to be. You're very quiet today.
Usually you have the most perverted things to say. I
was going to add to the when you were talking about,
you know, seeing you guys on videotape doing sexy things.
Go back to that. I had always said that if

I stumbled upon a videotape of saying my parents when
they were younger, I would watch it out of curiosity,
like I wouldn't go and stop it. Oh thanks for
the book. I feel like I feel like I would
watch a little of it because I just I don't
know i'd be interested in seeing that long? How long?
Like seconds? I'm not sure, but but it wouldn't be

like I would play it for a little bit. Would
it be weird if you found an old, old tape
they don't make it anymore of your parents having sex?
And then in the middle of it, they both looked
at the camera. Go high, Scottie that they had spawned
a perfect it's when they were making me. Oh god,

really that's gross you think about now? Was hid back
in the day? Oh my god? She still is? She
still is? You still don't want to watch having sex?
Keep going? I'm sorry, I'm done? Literally, Yeah, yeah, you
sounds still sounds like crap, Brodie, I don't know what's

going on. We may want to get that fixed. I
don't know. Well it say it's too late now, I mean,
I think frogg here are we almost done? Yeah? Oh yeah, Yeah,
we're over seconds. We've gone over every day this week.
I know, but doing what is my question? Great question?
Does anyone have a final thought? Something we didn't get
to and my mom doesn't know how to listen to podcasts?

Final thoughts? Froggy, No, I'm good. I'm ready to go
for the day. Scary, Froggy. That shirt looks like a handgun.
I know it's Florida. It does if you, if you
go down a little bit, it looks like a handgun. Yeah,
that's what she said. I don't get that, Brody. Yes,
anything you can try to say. Uh, it looks like

a water gun to me. Yeah, looks like you know something, Danielle.
Now you sound great, Danielle. I gotta I gotta pea Gandhi.
I'm good. I'm ready to go eat some food. Are
you gonna go eat? I don't know. I have a
fridge full of stuff I'm gonna cook. By the way,
as we get to Nate's final thought, I want to
show you something that's making me discuss it. Okay, go
ahead and Nate with your final thoughts. Screw all, y'all.

You've been treating me like crap all day. Okay, Yeah,
we have, We love you. I'm so tired of King.
I'm tired of looking at my window and seeing snow.
I'm just tired of I want to get it into
Miami right now. All right, let's get out of here.
We'll see you next time. I'll the fifty. Bye bye,

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