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February 3, 2022 11 mins

We talk about how our studio went off the air and who went CRAZY??

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Speaker 1 (00:03):
What would you talk about on your on your podcast
phone present Minute Morning show. Where do we want to

Where do we want to start today? What a show
at the very beginning? All right, very good place. I
just want to commend everybody for reacting well under pressure,
especially Yeah, listen, in that situation, there's really not much
you can do. You have to wait for an engineer
to come in here and fix it. Right. But it's

one of those things, Oh he's there. Yeah, But I'm
leaving vice this place. I'm going home. I'm going home.
So I feel like it's what was one of those
scenarios that where you really see how everybody acts under pressure,
and you see the people who start to chime in
and give information when it's like we just all need
to be signed. So let me ask you this, Gandhi,

because Gundy and Froggy, I feel like you had the
best viewpoint. Uh, Froggy, were you on the phone the
whole time? Elvis twice? And then I was on the phone,
scary Gandhi. I know I called you and had you
and hold What was your objective point of view from
not being in the room around the chaos? Um you
could tell who who was really holding it in like

Scary was really holding it in. You know, normally he
wants to push everyone out of the way. He was
sort of like pacing like on but only on his feet.
He was just moving back and forth like he is
right now. And the reason he wanted to jump in
so bad he couldn't. He didn't do it. Danielle was chill.
She just sat there, chilled out. Brody started tossing in
I couldn't totally hear it. You need to hear someone

tell him to shut up. He was giving solutions where
solutions were not welcome because were flying around that they
were good. There was a good, uh idea, but not
when someone didn't want an idea at the moment. Plus
are Scary thought, okay, okay, so that is your Nate.
You were good. You were good under pressure. Danielle was

under pressure under pressure. And the thing is, I've been
terrible in the past, so I had to this time.
I consciously thought, don't freak out, don't freak out, don't
freak out. Be calm, be calm, be calm. So here
I was calm. I think you should talk about the
eight hundred pound gorilla in the room, though, what is that.
Oh the logo, I'm sorry, the studio going off for

four and I don't know what that is. Okay, that's
the new logo. Can we move on from this? Yes,
we also breaking into his one minute ago. Tom Brady
has officially retired from the NFL. You know anyway? This
was recorded at Eastern Standard. Released a long statement and

the just says it is difficult for me to write this,
but here it goes. I am no longer able to
make the competitive commitment any more to play in the NFL.
I love my NFL career. It is now the time
for me to focus my time and energy on other
things that require my attention. It's a very long statement,
but that's question. He's done this before. I thought he's not.

He hasn't pulled on Michael Jordan's But here's my question, Froggy,
how does this? How do you feel about this? Because
you are probably the biggest fan of Tom Brady here
in the room. Do you think he's making the right decision? Because,
if I'm not mistaken, didn't he lead in touchdowns, passing yards?
Everything is here? Yeah? I do. I do think it's
time to walk. I think if he's decided because of

his what his commitment is to play, how much he trains,
and what he eats and everything he does is completely
revolved around football. And if that takes away from the
time for him to spend with his family and he
can't commit a hundred, then he should walk away. And
he's earned the right to walk away whenever the hell
he wants. He's done more than anybody ever thought he could.
And if he's decided that, hey, I'm ready to spend
time with Jazell my kids, then he should absolutely go

do that. I'm not mad at him at any means.
I'm thankful for what we got to witness, whether it was.
I'm not mad at me, not because he kicked your
ass every year. I he did that to a lot
of teams, not just your a lot of teams. Yeah,
I would say not to get to football. But I
think he sees the writing on the wall that Tampa
Bay is gonna make some changes and they might not
come back with the same team. And uh, this was his,

this was the year to win. Uh you know, well, listen,
great career, never be another one like him, so to speak.
So but for the league him, I respect him walking away.
I'm not mad. I tell me too. I'm not mad
Year the football guy, Right, Yeah, yeah, I'm not mad.

It's fine. It sucks, but I'm not mad. I'm surprised
he didn't milk one more of his podcast out of it.
Like I'll tune in on my next podcast and I'll
tell you what I'm doing. I was kind I was
kind of hoping he didn't retire so we could stick
it to all the sportswriters that that leaked it when
they shouldn't have. Yeah, I was, you know, it was
a part of me hoping that. But it's you know,
when it's time, it's time. It was Tom Brady that

blew up our studio. Is our engineer? Jeff still lurking around, Hi, Jeff,
He's making sure he's worried. Oh, I have questions for
Jeff though. I feel like we should right for twelve
years here making less money. Now that camera right there,

Jeff's doing more and making less. That's not good, Jeff.
With what just happened with like you know, the great,
the great blackout, whatever we want to call it, meltdown,
Who in this in the studio do you want on
your team in an emergency situation? And who are you
kicking off? Be honest this time, I'm keeping Elvis because

he's pretty level headed. If stuff really gets bad, he
knows how to escalate things quickly. He's got I'll keep Danielle,
but I'll just turns off her microphone and shops online
anything like when the show's on the air. And I'm
keeping Nate because Nate. Actually, if I say Nate, call

call this person. Nate's pretty good at that. Scary likes
to try. This was a very good effort. Though this
was a good effort, you know what, he goes into
panic mode. I'm voting Garrett and Brody off the island.
I'm the only one that had a suggestion, But you

suggest something like I'm elbows deep into pulling stuff out right.
It's like when you have an idea of the firefighters
putting the fire out of your house, I suggest him,
you know, mr firefighter, why don't you hook up to
the hydrant there? Firefighters should turn around and hit you
with a next time, Jeff, I'll wait to the emergency's

over to come up with a solution that would make
a lot of from home. See, you know what I did.
I want to walk from your home your wife will
thank you. The doctors down there and you husbands like, hey,
what if you did this, maybe the fourth sceps should
go this one. You've got to be responsive to it.

So Jeff in this situation is the surgeon operating on
the patient, which is the studio. And I saw Jeff
was under the board in this dark space. I'm like,
I'll put a slide out. So I'm like, they're not like, hey, well,
why don't we do this there? Well, you know what,
he was deep in it, and he was focused on again,

you were focused on fixing the board. You obviously, we're
not in the mindset to think of solutions that other
studio used to be flippable where we could just run in.
It was flippable in like two thousand two. That was
the last time I've been in the studio from home. Well,
I think you did a great job job. What don't
you think of a new logo while you're here? Oh

my god, I think the logos that's our facilities. People
are not gonna be happy with all the rebranding. Yeah,
well let's put it this way. I don't think we're
going to touch the paint. So we leave this place. Oh, No,
you made the morning show bigger. Yeah. I felt like
somebody may have been a leg He's got a race today,
you've got a little more important in the logo. Oh

my gosh, plus Jeff than it cares about the logo.
People care about this. It's cool. They got to listen more. Now,
I just feel like, what happened? This is the equivalent? Okay,
this was Fara Fauceed dying the studio crapping out? Was
Michael Jackson dying. Basically that that reminds me on TV
Music Awards about ten years ago. Now, the whole show,

what the performance coming up by Muse is that everyone
is gonna be at work talking about the performance by Muse.
Stay tuned for the performance by mus And then Kanye
went on stage and interrupted Taylor Swift and no one
remembered the performance play and that's the logo muses. The
logo muses, who's fancy? Nobody knows what that is? We

still remember? Do you remember that story? You don't remember that,
do you? Gandhi? I have heard the story from you guys,
but I did not experience this. No, the worst marketing
campaign in history. Radio Nate, would you say so? Fancy?
Was an artist, very nice guy, and it was branded
as this is going to be the next big artist,
This is gonna be the biggest thing since slice Bread.

It made it seem like he was going to be
the next Justin Timberlaker, Justin Bieber, like you may. Seemed
like he might be somebody famous singing under a different name.
So people thought it was Charlie Pooth. Were trying to guess.
So the whole premise was Who's Fancy? And we had
to guess who was doing this song and who was
behind it? And then it came out and boy, it
was just like farting Church. Wasn't anybody was a new
artist that no one ever heard. Then he became a

who who is? Who was fancy? It was? They kept
him hidden, remember, hidden, and you didn't know and he
was a big reveal. He came here for the big reveal.
How good blocked out his face. Yeah, and now there's
a new band called Fancy Child, which is a hip
hop group. Let's get him in here. Who is fancy?

Just got rolled right over? Anyway? How much how much
I'm spent? You spent? You guys? We have like four
minutes left? Yeah, you burn more calories in the last
hour and then you have in the last year. Scary
should take short today. Yeah, I think we cut the
whole show short. That's Fancy's Fancy Well, I never saw
anything from Fancy again. Had the nicest nails. Do you

remember that looks like a nice guy. Have you seen
the logo? Oh, the logo scary move aside only I
can see it. I think that's what we're gonna end
things today, by everybody. The fifteen Minute Morning Show

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