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April 11, 2023 11 mins

Did you know your dishwasher has a filter that should be cleaned often? We dive into other household appliances we should be cleaning on a regular basis.

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Speaker 1 (00:03):
What would you talk about on your arm on your podcasts?
Fifteen minute morning show in the air. Do you see that, Eufalfa,
it's a fifteen minute morning show podcast. We have Scott
ev in the other room. Hello. In this room, we've

got Gone d and we've got Scary And there's Garrett.
There's Garrett right there, Garret Hello. Here's Danielle Hello, and
her new gold microphone, by the way it is. And
here's Straighten mate next to me, and the here we go.
You're not talking into your mic what I couldn't hear
you much because you were talking away from your microphone.

Turn up your speaker. What was your question? Does everybody
know who Elfalfa is? Of course? Or was? He's been dead?
You know how he did? I got killed in a
knife fight, he tolled, Yeah, Alfalfa, Yeah, he got he
some he owed somebody money or somebody owed him money,

came to collect or went to collect and he's dead.
Night fight. You're talking about like the original, the original guy,
the movie that came out like the nineties, the hair
they stuck up, the original what's it called Little Rascal
Gang of Rascals? Remember that was back in the nineties thirties.
What happened to the other guy? Do you know, I

think they're all dead? Well no, no, no, like the
knife fight that Alfalfa gain mean, he's probably dead too
at this point. Whether or not he went to jail,
I don't know. But in the moment you got it, shot, shot,
maybe shot. If he was smart, he would have cut
off Alfalfa's little hair thing and waited un till eBay
came around. What this is sad? He was shot over

fifty dollars? But what year was that? Fifty dollars meant
a lot more back then? And it happened on January
twenty first, nineteen fifty nine. Earl Alfalfa Switzer was shot
to death in an argument over a fifty dollars debt
owed him by his former partner in the big game
hunting business. What Alfalfa was shooting elephants? This is terrible? Okay, well,

thanks Flatte, you know what happened to our game? And
then the other kid, Robert Blake, he murdered somebody too,
Yes he did. I went to that restaurant you know
about Robert Blake, right, the name, But I don't know
the story. Oh my god, what a great story that
is Robert Blake went to that restaurant in Studio City
or North and uh went back out to the car

with his wife and oh, somebody came by and shot
my wife. I didn't do it. Oh, oh not me?
And he did it. And he was in our gang
as well. Yeah, well, Wastle Rascals. Robert Blake was an
actor who in our Gang? Was the difference? What was
the difference between Little Rascals and Our Gang? Why did
it change? I think Little Rascals were the kids in

the name of the show. Was our gang? Yeah? Yeah,
I don't know. I made that makes sense. I believed
no clue. They were Holigan scary and I used to
watch it on Chattel eleven after school, Oh my god,
in nineteen fifty nine for years until until I think
Bill Cosby bought the collection and then put it in
a vault never to be seen again. Yeah. Because of

the depiction of Buckwheat, Right, because of Buckwheat. Yeah. One
of the characters on that chap, was it Lively eleven
alive picks picks picks, picks, Yes, how many times can
you say picks and win money? It's picks eleven. Let's
move on. No one knows what. Nobody knows. Many people
were from New York don't know because they're well. Most
people that know this stuff are dead because it's old stuff. Hey,

what an interesting show. We had one guest and one
guests only tattooed Bob. Yeah, who did this beautiful portrait
of me on the pizza box? Where's it going? It's
going in our green room so all the stars can
see that when they come check. In interviews, he said
he felt this was like his most lifelike real one yet.
I love it. He's not. It's a serious post. It
looks like you're on a bender. You look quite gaunt again.

And you had a great idea because you really need
to showcase that it is, in fact a pizza box.
You want to open it up and make it a
full display. I'm going to open it up, make it
two panels, but make sure it never winds up upside
down or the cleaning people will throw it out. That's right,
Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. We have to
mount that on the wall. He drew my phone tap characters.

You've never seen her before now and now I will
never unsee her. This is how I this is how
I will pick tore her from now on. I we
love her. And what other ones do you have over there? Anyone?
I think I love the Uncle Johnny one. I think
it looks that looks goods just like yeah, exactly, I think, Wait,
you know what? Gandhi pointed out something interesting about every
single portrait from Tattoo Bob. Yes, except for that one

with me because my mouth is closed. Tell her what
it is. So we figured out what makes them look
so striking. And apparently when you draw people, you are
not supposed to actually draw every single tooth, but he
does make sure he includes every single tooth top and
bottom they're which is why you end up looking like this,
which is drawing every tooth. It is kind of like

a psycho thing. I love that anyway, we love we
love tattoo ball. Look, he drew us all a South
Park character like it's I love how Scottie be's the
one that always dies? What's the one that Kenny Elvis is,
mister Mackie. So that was our guest today. We may
not have another guest all week. He may be the

last one right, possibly possibly, and that's fine. He had
so many guests last week when you weren't here, Danielle
and tired, we were ready to take a nap. I
wish there was one this week that you could have
taken from last week and pushed to this week, but
you know, well we didn't. Gold microphone. I love it
so I lovely people are making fun of me from
the way that I was holding it in the video

that we posted it. I'm like, so delicate with it,
But I think a lot of people also are thinking
other things, like yeah, yeah, he was very phallic. Anyone
else with something they want to share with the class.
I'm curious to see what's inside Danielle's old microphone all
the little particles said, Oh, it's it's an ellipstick too.
That's not actually Garrett's talking. It's like I'm making out

with Danielle. Can you do close up with that? It's
that that's lipstick. From that, there's a lipstick. I see
that and food your mouth on it. I guess sometimes
like your face bumps into it and you spit now
and then you spit there's food particles are there? I
mean it's twenty how many years? Scary? Twenty twenty seven years.
It's like a colander. It's a pretty good point because

you know the other day I cleaned out the filter
on my dishwasher. Disgusting. You gotta clean that out at last,
have never been cleaned out? Wait, we have filters on
our dishwashers. Yes, yeah, wait, I didn't know that any
in the bottom of the dish would get stuck in there.
You gotta empty it. Where is that on the bottom,
the bottom floor? You see this thing, you just pull
it up and I'm going to do that at all
you're twist and left. You could make a whole new

also with that stuff. In my place, it's two thousands.
And do you know if you have a front loading
washing machine, there's a little hose that you every once
in a while you have to drain out otherwise everything
will flood. Did you actually take out the filter as well?
Because yes, there were socks in there. Let me just
tell you that's where socks go. Yelling spot loading washing

machine again, because it is so hard to clean it
and keep the black mold. The smagma gets down there,
you dogma, no matter how many times, no matter how
many times you clean it, no matter how many times
you look on the internet and try to find ways
to fix it. You cannot fix it never again, front loader,

never agree, I agree, deal speak queen. I take a
dish towel. Yeah, and as soon as the load is done,
I put the dish towel in so it soaks up
the water. And then well wherever you when I needed
you clean up that goop? What else should I be
cleaning and replacing that? I didn't think of everything. Also,
then we got to clean that out. The link that

I do, Yeah, that's the link trap. You go in
to disassemble it and go in the back and clean
out the that's what catches on fire. It catches on fire.
How do you disassemble it and go in the back,
And there's a couple of screws you take out. I
did mind this past weekend. You can hire to get
a super from your buildings that gets changed once a year.
But I never cleaned out my oven because I'm afraid

I'll start a grease fire. That thing's scary, by the way,
and it goes with a thousand degrees. And if you
have anything that has a water filter, you might not
even know that there's a water filter. And if you
don't change it, it it will explode. That's what happened to me,
and I flooded my entire basement. Didn't know there was
a water filter was there for fifteen years. Also, on
your on your spigots, no spigots, but the thing the
water comes out of, Yes, faucet, faucet, a lot of

them have little filters on them. You have to the
screws film. Screw it and what's living in there. Also,
another thing you should do is go flush your toilet,
hold it so it doesn't fill with water, Pour some
white vinegar in there, and then flush it again. You'll
see all sorts of brown black shit come out so gross. Yeah,
we're living in mountains of Paramesian and bacteria. Did you

guys see the story about that girl who didn't clean
out the straw in her water Bottlewell that story three years.
She was getting sick and she couldn't figure out what
was going on. She had stomach issues. She just never
felt while she was tracking her food, she was tracking
all kinds of different things. And one day her sister said,
that water bottle that you drink out of all the time,
have you ever cleaned the straw? She said, no, looked

inside the straw there was black mold caked inside the straw,
So she would wash the water bottle and just never
wash the straw because she thought, oh, it's just water
that I'm drinking, nothing could possibly happen. And it mixes
with your saliva and then it sits there. She was
getting sick. It was so gross. I'll show you pictures.
We're just gross. My question. Don't regular pipes have some

type of mold in them? Then? Too? Yeah? Actually, if
are you sure? Well, it depends on how your water is.
If you have hard water, Uh, there's there's like calcium deposits.
I mean, it depends on the water. If you're on
well water, it's going to be worse. Um. Yeah, it
just really depends on the water where you're at. This
conversation's making me. Yeah, it's scary, and I are going

home and like ripping things. I swear to God, I
have a punch list of things I gotta take care
of that I never even worried about it. But you
need a handy man. I pull up the pull up
a little grate on your shower and look down in there.
Oh no, oh, don't I cut my finger one time
doing that. They give you a little Cool forever. Well,
and this, this conversation, it has been very helpful. It

didn't even know that there was a filter. In addition,
now you know, there's got to be people watching and
listening that clue about any of this. I know now
they did, Thank God for us. Can we get out
of here? Now? The fifteen minute more Shell

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