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January 4, 2022 14 mins

We all watched a ton of shows and movies during the break. Plus, did you know!

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Speaker 1 (00:03):
What would you talk about on your on your podcast
presents morning show? What do I look like when I
do this? You look like the evil Kermit talking to

the good Kermit. I look like Bruno from Hey, Welcome
to the fifty minute More fifty minute morning show podcast
with Froggy. And there's Gandhi and Scotty b at Master Control,
and there's Scotty and Danielle. Uh straight name, just put
on his cap, and there's Rody in the den, and
then a picture of a clock's Garrett will be okay,

that will be Garrett. Well, uh, we're back. This is
day one in our new year, and I think we
had a pretty good show today. That's fine. It's nice
to see you guys. It's good to see you too.
And you're in Detroit, right. I am earlier about how
your boyfriend almost shot you in the head. Yeah, So
you've gotta be careful sneaking up on people, especially people

who you know have these things in their home, and
I know he does. He um just was sleeping. I
thought it was safe enough. It was really really early,
so I snuck into the house Christmas morning to surprise him,
and he woke up almost had a heart attack and
then yelled at me because I gotta killed you, but
he gotta killed me. I know where he keeps his stuff.
He was You would think Christmas morning would be safe.
He could have been Santa Claus bringing some gifts. So

why would he want to shoot? Let me ask you
a question. Was there like one one millions of you
thinking what if I caught him doing something? Oh? For
sure he doesn't know. I'm going to surprise him because
that would scare that for sure. So everybody because I
told all these people like, I'm gonna go surprise him.
Oh are you sure you want to surprise him? What

if I was like, oh what if? Great? Let me
find out either way, walking on him and maybe just
get to keep on my Christmas gifts and not give
them to him and then cause a scene, you know,
but now he was just asleep. You heard of a
story where people fly all the way to the other
side of the coast to surprise their boyfriend or girlfriend
and they get personal. Oh yes all the time. I'm
sure do you have touret? Which was going on was

that he's daddy yell at my dog. For a second,
you covered your mouth. What did you hit? Hit the
hold on, hold on, you said, Percy. Yes, it didn't
come out very stress. I'm sorry, Go ahead, I said.

So I hit the pause the mute button on my microphone,
but not hard enough so much I thought I muted it.
So I went like this, you wouldn't see me yell
at the dogs. I went, we saw it. Anne heard it.
It was very honest. Boy. I double hit the mute button.
I think I didn't want you to hear him yelling

it's okay, I want him. Don't we know someone who
flew to the opposite coast to surprise a boyfriend a
girlfriend and they were met with a surprise. Who was that?
What do we know? I was sitting next to a
lady on my girlfriend. I was sitting next to a
woman on an airplane coming back from Germany, and she

told me that she had suspected that her husband was
a little too close to his assistant, and she was
flying in to surprise him, and so she was like
she was sure of what she was going to catch him,
Whether she did or not, but that was her thought.
I saw an article this morning in the New York Post.
It was a girl who was quarantining with COVID for

New Year's Eve and she found out who Her boyfriend
said he was going to quarantine, but he was not quarantining.
He was with another woman at mid night and she
been she busted him. So it happened. There was like this,
but it didn't end up well because the person came in,
caught the other half doing something, grabbed an inanimate object

kit the guy over the head and the guy died.
So it wasn't And then they went to trial and
it was like, you know, they say it's something, it's
something of passion. Passion. Yeah, so it was also one
of the storylines and love actually remember yes, call him Firth.

I watched that over the holidays? Did anybody watched? But
I didn't. I love it. I love that movie and
many different shows did you watch over the holidays? You
were constantly well because Disney got canceled and we were
kind of laying low because my son had COVID so
we didn't know if we were going to come down
with it or if we were, you know, going to
bring it. So we kind of stayed in for a

while and we just watched everything and caught up on
everything and new stuff, and it was too We watched
a lot of TV. We were all stuck in the house.
We were talking earlier about watching that Don't Look Up
movie with Leonardo DiCaprio and Effort over alex I just
looked at each other and like, what the fun was that? Now?

Let it take it off my list because we don't
leave it on to it. Leave it on. You know,
you need to watch it. It has an important message
in there. I'm not so bad. You have to watch it. Wait,
how long is it like seven hours long? It's like
two hours. That's two hours. I couldn't get back. So
I don't know you did anyone else see Brody? Did
you see it? Did anyone else see it? I thought

I thought it was actually pretty good. I thought I'm
just good too. I thought it very easily even though
it was obviously a parody, it could be a documentary
about one and the way everybody's handling things. So, for
those that saw, did you believe Jonah Hill's character because
he said that he wanted to encompass if the fire

Festival was a person that had access to the White House.
I mean he kind of did that a little. Yeah,
the typical Jonah Hill character, right, Well, yeah, that's what
he said, it was like kind of like the baseline
of his character in that movie though, and see that
he was interesting. I watched Squid Game. Holy shit, I
know that like four months late on the Squid Game thing.

That was so disturbing to me. It was it was
every episode was like watching a worst train wreck. App
Oh god, the stress. Yeah, and all the ways you
would have defeated it. Yeah. Yeah. I'm like on the
glass where they were running across, I was trying to
jump onto the little glass. I was like, you idiots,

there were bars on the side. You could have just
walked down the metal. What are you doing? But I
saw a Spider Man that was amazing. Oh my god,
you could have ever wanted if you're a fan of
marvel In, that movie was so awesome. Do you agree
with that, Brodie? Oh yeah. I started opening night and

there's a lot of Easter eggs for real fans of
the movies and the TV shows, and so every time
one of them popped up, the whole movie theater erupted,
just applause and screaming, and it was great. But you
know what's funny with about Spider Man that Sony the
movie company and Disney we're actually just like, you know what,
let's just put it on the shelf. We're done with it.
We don't need to. And it made a billion dollars.

So I I think we're about to have a Seinfeld renaissance.
And that's because they put Seinfeld on Netflix. So you're
gonna see there's gonna be people and a whole new
generation of people watching Seinfeld the same way they avenged
Friends and The Sopranos when all that stuff was on
on Netflix and Hulu and all that stuff. So watch

watch for it. In the coming months. People are gonna
start quoting Seinfeld episodes again. Can I tell you how
I funked up the whole Marble movie thing for my mom?
So so you know, there's all these movies that led
up to Avengers Endgame, right where something happened. Can I
see what happened? Oh? If you should do? People say

someone died? That dies, right? So I go to my mom. Okay,
we're gonna go see No Way Home Him the new
Spider Man movie in the theater tomorrow, but we have
to watch the previous Spider Man movie so you have
an idea of what's going on because it carries over
immediately after that one finishes, right, so we're watching it
and she goes, I didn't know Blank died, Like, oh ship,

I spoiled the entire adventures Danielle. Danielle did the same
thing your husband. He hasn't seen any the movie's got Danielle,
so he hadn't seen certain he saw somebody didn't see
the last two that you really needed to see. And
we took him to Spider Man because he wanted to go.
And during Spider Man they alluded to the character that

had died, but they never kind of say it say it,
And so the whole movie, I'm like, oh my gosh,
did he hear that? I hope he didn't hear that,
but he didn't because he didn't pick up on it,
and he still has no idea. You got to be careful, yeah,
you know. Back to what Scary was saying about Seinfeld.
I saw the I saw a funny tweet the other
day I said of Seinfeld was on today the episode

would be Elaine spent six hours in a testing line.
Jerry finds his new girlfriend less attractive with a mask on.
Georgia tends an anti vax raty so he can get
super immunity and Cramer's hoarding rapid tests that would be
basically curb your enthusiasm. So I know some of us
saw Emily Emily in Parison somewhere on the fence and
somewhere or not. But there was one scene and we

kind of talked about on the show, but Emily and
Alfie were outside of the restaurant of her ex boyfriend
or the guy she was in love with after he
cooked for them, and Alfie went in for a kiss
and burped right in her mouth. I ruined a moment
like that with my wife Ali, when we first were
about to do it. I farted. Oh, and it kind
of just like killed the moment in the sense like

like I didn't know what to do. She just like
looked at me side I and it kind of like
brought me back to that moment, like oh my god.
And I go, do you remember that? And she goes,
of course I remember that. That's been like ten plus
years and she still remembers that one exact moment that
I ruined my chance of having sex for probably the
first time. But unlike like Emily in Paris, I mean,
you didn't fart in her mouth. No, but but at

the moment was kind of ruined though, because you knew,
like in Emily in Paris, they were probably going to
go back to her apartment and do it. But he burped,
like hot hot burp right in her mouth. I'll call
the cops on someone. No one else had a moment
route No, just me, alright, just you man on an island,

will make this your moment Marvel for one second. Oh
my gosh, I have the biggest crush on doctor Strange.
He is just benefit comfort badge. Oh my gosh, I
cannot wait for the next movie. He is my favorite
Marvel character. He is so beautiful. I love you so much. Okay,
that's all. Is it because he's good looking or is

it personality? Because this personality is kind of like a
dick ish like well, when he started out, he was
dick ish. You know, if you watch the movie the original,
you know he was a dick. But he No, it's
just everything about him. He just he's beautiful and he's cool.
He looks awesome in his costume and he's just his
just love it. Oh yeah, he's he's a dick, is

comfort and dick on time. He got the three more
minutes By the way, sex in the city does get
better in it? Does? You're on your island again. I
don't care. I will, I will. Did you know did

you know that Alexander Hamilton's misspelled the word Pennsylvania on
the Constitution? He forgot one of the ends in pend
You did not know this? Did you know that if
you walk south from Detroit you actually end up in Canada? What? What?

Aland stand in Detroit? I don't want him on my
island every time? Gandhi? What I feel like? That's not true?
Oh no, he's right there is not going to do it.

But I'm looking to Ridge the can walk straight. Yeah,
the other side of that is still is still Canada.
Oh I see, okay, okay, he walked out. Shut there
you go. You shut up. I will make it that
far alive. Did you know that bananas can't reproduce there no, Yes,

they're a hybrid of two other plant species, by the way,
and there's no seeds, so the farmers have to aid
in the reproduction. Shut up, shut up, they put the
banana Danielle. You know, Brodie. Did you know that a
Russian scientist was researching at the Antarctic Ice Station and

allegedly stabbed and injured one of his colleagues because he
kept revealing the endings of books that he was reading. Us. Yeah,
you're an Antarctica and walk south, you'll get to Detroit.
I just learned this one today. Did you know that

Betty White lived next to O. J. Simpson? And Betty
White's cats would go into O. J. Simpson's home and
she would have to go get them, and or O
J's cats would go to Betty's home and She'd be like, well,
they're here, they're nice. I'm a nice person. And O
J would have to go get his cats from Betty White?
Were you girls? Did you know that until nineteen seven,

they performed surgery on babies with no anesthesia because they
thought babies felt no pain until nineteen eight seven. That's ridiculous. Oh,
my shots, shure, I know. Did you know Emily and
Paris is so good? Yes? I know, I know. I
Did you know that grapes catch on fire in the microwave? Yes,

they do because we used we used to do the
Great Great race and they have you ever had cotton
candy grapes? They're so good? Yeah, they're pretty good. They
taste artificial but they're not. It's weird. Yeah. I think
we're done. Are done, Everyone say goodbyey The Fifteen Minute

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