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February 12, 2020 13 min
A couple unknowingly spending the night above a dead body stuffed under their bed is a longstanding urban legend. And a true one. Learn more about your ad-choices at
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Hey and welcome to short stuff, I'm Josh, there's chuck, there's Josh and Thir's a short stuff, like I said twice now, I'm wasting time, let's just go so this is about finding your worst nightmare realized it's his pretty universal worst nightmare stuff. Yes, this is about the idea that if you go to a hotel and you're sleeping and you get up in the morning, you'r like what is that weird smell and you check out Yu will probably never know this ed doubt if they would follow up and let you know, but there could be a dead body under that bed.

Yeah and what's Weird, is this: is an urban legend very widespread one? The you know some friend of my cousin who he works with went to Vegas with his wife once and e got on an elevator with Eddie Murphy right and he had a dog and Eddie Murphy said Sit Lady and the wife sat down and Eddie Murphy said No. I was talking to my dog and then gave them the paid off their mortgage a's right, no different than that that, like you know, your cousin's friend Coworker went to Vegas, and this happened to him was weird about. This. Chuck is snoped as on the case, and God blessed nopes for doing everything they do.

They said.

Not only has this happened. This has happened many times over. This is one of those rare urban legends. That is actually true.

That's right.

In a lot of hotels, there are it's sort of a platforme boxspring situation where there is a cavernous area under the box spring, but above that that platform that turns out is just right for storing a body yeah every every criminal knows you want to sore a body every motel in America. Has You covered pretty much? Should we go through some of these?

I think we should because again like this has happened many times one of the first one snopes talks about happen in two thousand and three at the Caprimotel in downtown Kansas City and one of the the recurring themes that I've seen chuck is management. Sometimes won't. Do Anything I'll be like sorry, nothing Cann be done. This is the only room we have. You have to stay here and people will stay there, despite the stench of what turns out to be a decomposing body like in this case, yeah a dead thing is a very specific smell. I would not for one second, even unpack my suitcase and give it a shot wight. Well, this guy in Kansas City, not only umpactis, suitcase after complaining about the room and being told nothing coul be done about it.

He Sayd there for three nights from July, tenth of July thirteenth and finally checked out because of the smell yeah, and I looked on those dates in two thousand and three in Kansas City. It got up to around Ninety - oh good, Lord, so I'll bet it was pretty smelly and finally, housekeeping was like well, let's figure out what this is and they lift up the mattress and there was a body in the state of advanced decomposition July, I'm sorry June, one housand, nine hundred and ninety nine sixty four year old, named Salhernandaz was discovered inside and under er bed at the Burgundy Motor in I hate the calling out these hotels, but I guess it is what it is room onered and twelve yeah. This gets really specific, yeah, don't say theyre in Atlantic City, in fact it's Atlantic city. So it may not even be there. At this point yeah I was wondering that myself, but a German couple - God blesshim they didn't know any better. They spent the night there sleeping over his body. They complained to the manager about the smell, they said mind got, do something about it and that's when they found the body yeah German tourists are recurring Motif in this urban legend come to life because in one thousand nine hundred and ninety four in Florida there were two cases in Flor, N, housand, nine hundred and ninety four Aloan, and both of them were bodies that were discovered after complaints from German tourists.

So they have really bad luck with this kind of stuff, lovely Pasadena, California, the Wonderful Colorado Boulevard, travel lodge in Jul, one thousand nine hundred and ninety six, a woman was found under a mattress.

They discovered her ten days later after Guessa complaine for several days of the foul odor.

At this point, I would think, if someone says there's a bad smell, I would just immediately assume it's a body and look yeah you'd think it would be like recurring kind of like column that POPs up in like the hotel times - or you know, Motel Industry, news magazine or something like that - yeah.

But I guess not because it still continues there. This the snopes traced, it all the way back to think one thousand nine hundred and eighty two was there the first report that they mentioned. I don't know if it was the first time it's ever happened, but betwen, one thousand nine hundred and eighty two in two thousand and ten.

They found ten cases, and this is not just a body being discovered in a hotel room. Apparently that happens multiple times a day every day everywhere in the world. I guess from what this looks like, but what snops a saying is like no, we got to stick to the urban legend where somebody, the body, was discovered because somebody slept above it right overnight and at least ten times between eighty two and two thousand and ten that happened.

Yeah and that's you know that cut it off, like you said in two thousand and ten, if you just Google a dead body hotel mattress that happens a lot still yeah, there was therewas one in Austin last year won the year before somewhere else. I can't remember yeah, but they're kind of all over the place. It seems like an annual event like the macys Thanksgiving Day parade or something yeah.

One smells way worse than the other I'll. Let you gets yeah. So do you want to take a break and come back a little bit. Yeah we'll come back in a second talk, a little bit about another way that bodies find their way to hotel rooms.

So what we talked about before was specifically, like you, said, the urban legend of bodies under a mattress under a box spring.

My thought was like how are they getting there?

The answer is: Therthey're all murder cases, generaty pretty much murder or say, like a couple of people, are partying in a hotel and one of them dies and the other one doesn't want to like get questions. Sodo Mono, the mattress man stash the body yeah yeah, because I think there's two things about this right.

There's people, like average people who check into a hotel people like you and me. We stay in hotels, we say in motels, right, sleeping unknowingly, above just inches above a decomposing body. So That's e part one, that's horrible, but I think the second part of it that makes it so horrible is like the indignity of having your body just stuffed under a mattress in a CD hotel. You know yeah, so I think those two things combined in the fact that it's actually happens in real life is just it makes it horrific. Well, one of the other ways, a body very sadly, can be found in a hotel and not under a mattress is obviously suicide.

People apparently check into hotels to do this. A lot for obvious reasons you want to you know, want your family to have a mess. Necessarily another reason is to avert exposure, maybe to the media, and I think, Hi's, just sort of gets buried in the news. F, it's just a a random hotel suicide kind of thing.

Casinos apparently had the highest suicide rate and Las Vegas has the high suicide rite in the country.

I could see that, if, like you, just lost a bunch of money that has something to do with it. They said this not all of it, but a lot of people show up and big its desperate and destitute hm. You know trying to gamble their way back to you know not necessarily ven prosperity, ow man, that is a sad scene. You just painted yeah, but you were joking in the thing about it being in the hotel industry, there was an article called how to properly respond to a guest depth in your hotel, published in a journal for hotel managers that I found, and they said a big thing in Vegas. is they don't and most big hotels? Now, don't let you just open the windows?

No, but a lot of them do have balcony still vegas. They don't even have balconies because of the suicide problem HM. So they said that leads some people to make a final leap like in an atrium style lobby, and he says in this article that hotel managers should keep a very large dark, colored tarp made of inpermeable material on hand and available at all times.

Oh my Godh just so you can run out there very quickly and cover that mess up.

It's so, but not only the mess, it's really dangerous. I mean people walk through Atriums, you yeah, that's really irresponsible yeah. You could land on someone obviously yeah and I'm imagine that would probably kill both people. Yes, I would think so too, and you know we did a episode on Crime Scene Cleanup.

Ninety nine tens times out of a hundred. That's what's going on here.

If something happens in a hotel room M, there's a guy in a San Francisco based company called crime, Sene cleaners that he said that hotel chains are as big as clients and that suicide cleanups is most of his business. Hmm, I mean it definitely makes sense in a very grizzly way, like not wanting to put your family through that, but unfortunately, you're putting you know some housekeeper through it yeah the necessarly. The good news is, is that almost everything is thrown away, that they're not just like pull the sheets and will you know watch them.

They'r like this Killakis is still mostly good yeah. They like they don't rip up the part of the carpet that staying they kind of gut the place. Basically, sometimes even the dry wall, they get rid of all the the clock, radio and everything because they were like, if there's a little tiny piece of brain that you don't notice sure on something that heats up like the electricity man, that'll stink, plus plus, it could be haunted down.

It's obviously haunted, but those are in like decent hotels that you know even like kind of Cretti hotel chains. I think still do a good job yeah.

The scary part is if it happens in a really, not great place, because there's a red at thread called tals from the front desk.

Oh I've got to get on that Wer. No, don't do it. Tude you'll, never tour again, you'll, never leave your house.

Eathese are all insider stories, and this one guy was like Yeah Guy Die by suicide. On my shift, the owner found out how much it costs for a professional cleanup and he said to flip the mattress.

No, yes, no pretty so they ever say where they worked.

O, I don't know anonymous. I think it's probably this one was anonymous Mam. This is just a hotel house cleaner, and the other thing, too is, I guess we can close with, is when people decide to do this oftentimes. They pick like the best room, the nicest swit, Oh yeah, because Ou don'thave to pay for it sure yeah yeah, that's that's Huh! So don't think if you're getting the high roller swete that that room is safe from ghosts right, wow, that's something else chuck you really brought it.

Thank you well, since chuck brought it and we're out of IMFO, that's it for short stuff, so short stuff is out.

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