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April 29, 2020 14 min
Business in the front, you know the rest. Listen in as we discuss the lifestyle choice that is the mullet. Learn more about your ad-choices at
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Hey and welcome to short stuff, I'm Josh, there's Chuck.

This is going to be kind of short, which chuck and I were just discussing. So let's go on with the long meandering intro. That has nothing to do with anything chuck.

Well, maybe it's going to be short in the Front Hwho and then maybe you know what we should have done. What is we should have done like two minutes and then a commercial break, and then ten minutes hit's a great idea. Maybe we will the mullet of podcasting well edit out this part where we figure it out as we're doing it too all right. Maybe we should take a break man. That's an ultra short mullet right there, all right so we're talking about the mullet business in the front party in the back. Always I thought was very funny of this hairstyle, where your hair is short in the front in top and long in the back yea, the one that really got me that iave never heard before.

I know I know it's one, the Missouri compromise yeah that one or that's a good one, Kentucky waterfall. I hadn't heard that one before either I hadn't either that one got me, but for some reason, Thi sery compromise really gets me.

It's like the hairis working it out. You know right or the the Teenage Judas priest fan is working in out with his MOM Yeahso.

Let's go ahead and level set here and talk about our own history with a mullet. Have you had a mullet? Ever no have you.

I have what I did man. There was a time believe it or not.

In the s where the mullet was sort of a skater haircut, it was kind of short and spiky and then a little longer in the back, and this was pre billy RAC, Cyrus and pre sort of anyone calling it a mullet.

But looking back, it was definitely what you would consider a mullet, but it was kind of like a cool skater kid haircut, Yeah Tony Hawk had one did he yeah and one of the differentiators to was like it wasn't just short bangs on top like it would come over the one eye from the side, but yeah I would be spiking on top and then long in the back. It totally was a mull I never put to and two together like that, but no, I still never had one, but there is a a very embarrassing picture, an from like the tenth grade from a church, whatever album annual yearbook. What are they called when their churches?

I have no idea well, churches used to put these out every few years I waa year B, Himno yeah, it's a Bible and we were all in it, but I had a mullet. This is the only picture of me with a mullet in existence and I was wearing a mullet and Hasley Maroon suspenders and a tie wow and my brother still threatens to that sort of his big thing. He holds over my head attention. Scott. I'm speaking directly to you now we demand to see that photo yeah. I wlo.

I will say that I got wise pretty quick and by the end of tenth grade it was a short lived haircut and I had sort of the other skater look, which was just like long bangs right yeah. So so you just lapped off the back of that Tony Hawk cut yeah and there was still a little hairback there, but I mean actually the most embarrassing herecut I had in high school is the that mushroom when you would shave around your ears and the and then the bottom of the back and just have sort of a big poof on top I'll have to dig a picture.

My High School Haircut was a Caesar. Remember those Oh sure I had one of those for years and years and years didn't e e on anybody, especially not that guy on the original CSI series.

Do you remember him? Did you ever watch that?

No, I never saw it.

There was a guy who's a very well. He was an old, older guy like well into Middle Age, who had a Caesar, and it wasn't like accidental, like he had a Caesar Haircut and it was just an odd hairstyle choice. I think for him all right. Maybe we should take a break and we'll actually talk about the mullet when we come back that sound good sounds great.

If you want to know an your in luck, just listen, TSO St Eusall right chuck. So, let's get down to the MULLET AK hockey hair, that's another term for it.

Yeah some credit, the beasty boys with popularizing the term mullet Thahad, a song and ill Communicatin, one thousand nine hundred and Niney four called Mullett head.

Where Ad Rock says you want to know, what's a mullet. Well, I got a little story to tell about a hairstyle. That's a way of life.

Have you ever seen a mullet wife itdoesn't make that much sense, but it does seem to be like the first real reference to this hairstyle using the word mullet from what anybody can tell yeah and the term mullet head has long been around just as a general derogatory term for a dummy yeah which had nothing to do with the haircut and they think that may have come over from the British dregatory term. Mole head.

Oh, I still yeah, that's what they said, but it still doesn't explain, and maybe they just aren't related how the haircut got this name after this weird looking fish right. So I guess Mike D wrote a little article about what they were talking about in that Song mullet head, and he said that the mullet fish, the Molit fish, is basically just like one long. It's like oblong, it's like a drawing of a whale basically doesn't have any kind of anything that would suggest its head is separate from its body and apparently, when it rots it rots from the neck down, which kind of gives it the appearance a bit of a mullet or people who have the mulahairstyle look a little bit like a rotting mullet fish. I guess as far as Mihtd or ad rock thought, and that that's how he explained where that term came from, but that the the use of the word mullet had to mean kind of a dummy, makes Mark Twain, frequently cited as the Guy who turned coin, the term mullet, which is way off because he was using it in that sense that you were saying which was yeah kind of thick, headed or or dumb, or something like that yeah. I think the fun thing about this article, which we got from House Taf Works, was kind of tracing back the actual hairstyle through history.

And if you go back and look there's a great article on historycom woman named Linda Lachina, writes about the ancient Greek poet homer in the Iliad ripes rigts about this group of spearmen called the Abantese and they had their forelocks cropped and hair grown long at the backs at the Mont. That's a full mullet, yeah and homer wrote the Iliad in the eighth century bce.

So almost three thsand years ago, at the at the latest, people were were already wearing mullents and there's this other article from Dage daysd digital by Alver Lin that talks about and I've seen pictures of prehistoric peoples that look like they kind of have a mulet and practically that kind of makes sense. Because you, you know, if you're, hunting and gathering you need that hair out of your eyes. So you might cut it off with a stone tool right upfront, and then you want a little further in the back to protect from Sun or from rain or to help keep you warm yeah, the son's, a big one.

I suspect that's why Andre Igasy had one because he had to go play tennis in the Sun. All the time was very sensitive about his neck. Getting sunburned Yeah Agacy, you think of mullets, you think of Agacy, you think of Billy Rac IRA, and there was a basketball player for the University of Florida named Dwane Shinsis that I think he played pro for a little while, but he was a big tall sinner and he had a fantastic boxy mullet. Did he really? Okay, I always thin of Shan Thomas Scott, San, William Scott Christen, Scott Thomas one of those he was in due wheres, my car, the non atcuture guy that was cristine Scott Dhomas right yeah his he had a really fantastic mullet in old school. You remember that Oh yeah old school s, that was a good movie yeah yeah. It was, I mean itwas funny. It was very funny but her's the guy who shows up with.

I can't remember what kind of animal to the birthday party of the Kids Party and E has a drinkle as there gong that will Farrell accidentally shoots himself with.

Is this stiffler yeah stiffler? That's right!

Yeah he's funny! You know what other movie he was in that was underrated and underseen. As not step brothers, big brothers, Oh yes, was that the name of it where he involved rodals role models, that's it. That is a good movie. You Know Paul Rod, brote that himself.

Oh, he did. That was a David Wayne directed movies yeah.

It all make sense. It was good all around everybody in that was great yeah. He was very funny very underrated movie. I think, should we talk about a couple of the cool examples of mullets in rock history?

Yeah, that's a kind you're about to step into some controversy, but I'll watch. You do it well. There's two that I can really think of the one Thats Article Mentions is David Boi. That's the controversial one yeah I mean. If you look at Zigi startus in the era, he definitely has what you would consider a mullet, but it's also died red and he's wearing the Zigi startust outfit.

So it's hard to call that amullet, even though it kind of is well from what I saw. The people who say it's not a molet. Just basically say David boy was literally too cool yeah to have what you would call a Moet.

Even when he was wearing a mullet, that's their argument, basically, which I mean that's pretty pretty impressive. As far as the cool factor goes, that people will defend you like that yeah. The other example is. There was a time in the s where both Paul and Linda McCartney had matching mullets right, and it was really puffy and spiky on both of them and very long in the back. So you know it was a look. It was a look for a couple for sure what about Jane Fonda include that that wasn't a mullet really. My mom had that haircut for a little while in the s that sort of I mean it's a femallet, if anything, did you just Goin that term?

Oh No, you never heard that. No now the lady mullet was always called a femallet, but I know what Hercat you're talking about it was.

It was sort of like a haystack with a little bit in the back yeah. I guess that's a good way to put it. Florence Henderson had one for a little while kind of on the Brady Bunch to? U, I think of I think of Jane Fondas is a straight up mullet, but maybe maybe it is just a female clute was such a good movie. I never saw it, I'm not even sure what it's about how man you should check it out. It's awesome! Okay! Oh well! I want it's a it's a mystery.

Okay, rigt! Don't spoil it for me, hey speaking of mysteries and movies. Get this. I went back and watched the original S, Sydney, Lumet version of murder on the Orang express that was a good a it is oh yeah, delightful Albert Finney Plays Hercule Poro and I couldn't even recognize him for the first thirty minutes. He does such a good job, huh it'ait's, a really great se. IT'S A it's!

It's on the Internet s you can find it.

One final mulletware we should mention is none other than President James K. Polk.

If you go look him up he's certain. He has a mullet yeah and what was the name of I want to say Magway, but it wasn't the the bad guy.

He wasn't a Mohawk. I can't remember what he was, but in last of the Mohikans, do you remember the Bhat Guy Played by West Tudy? He had a yeah, I don't care, what call you it was a mullet he was wearing and that was a great movie too yeah. I was trying to think of a PC joke, but I can't okay e'll just leave it at that, then that's it for short stuff, everybody! That's it we eah Stuff You Should Know, is a production of ihart radios. Howse stuff works for more podcast to my heart. Radio visit the iHeartRadio App APPLE PODCASTS or wherever you listen to your favorite, shows

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