The Dan Bongino Show

The Dan Bongino Show


Ep. 919 The Coup and the Coverup

February 19, 201960 min

60 min
Ep. 918 The Coup Attempt Against Donald Trump

February 18, 201960 min

60 min
Ep. 917 The Down and Dirty on the Budget Deal

February 15, 201956 min

56 min
Ep. 916 Beware of these Landmines

February 14, 201956 min

56 min
Ep. 915 Another Disastrous Day for the Democrats

February 13, 201959 min

59 min
Ep. 914 Liberal Hypocrisy Exposed

February 12, 201956 min

56 min
Ep. 913 The Democrats’ Really Bad Week

February 11, 201959 min

59 min
Ep. 912 Is the Green New Deal a Bad Joke?

February 8, 201959 min

59 min
Ep. 911 The Big Coverup

February 7, 201960 min

60 min
Ep. 910 Now That Was a Speech

February 6, 201964 min

64 min

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Dan Bongino tackles the hot political issues, debunking both liberal and Republican establishment rhetoric. A former Secret Service Agent, NYPD veteran, and New York Times best-selling author, Bongino is best known amongst conservatives for his willingness to take on the Left and the Republican Establishment through his campaign for Congress, which nearly resulted in a historic political upset in the liberal bastion of Maryland. These experiences uniquely situate Dan to provide the best commentary and analysis from not only a law enforcement viewpoint, but also one that directly attacks the philosophical underpinnings of the Left and Big Government Republicans.... Show More

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