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The Envelope

The Envelope podcast pulls back the curtain to reveal intimates stories from this award season’s top contenders. A-list actors, directors and showrunners join Los Angeles Times entertainment reporters Yvonne Villarreal and Mark Olsen for conversations about their personal lives and creative processes — and how it all fuels their art.


August 24, 2023 31 mins

‘Succession,’ which earned a whopping 27 Emmy nominations for its final season, has captivated audiences with its complex, uber-wealthy characters. For director Mark Mylod, telling stories about family and social class is a reccuring theme — His credits include ‘Shameless’ and ‘The Menu’ — with surprisingly personal roots.

In this episode of The Envelope podcast, Mylod opens up about his fascination with this topic, takes us behind ...

Mark as Played

Bravo producer Alex Baskin and star-turned-producer Lisa Vanderpump. They candidly delve into the juicy details behind the show’s scandals, a forthcoming spinoff featuring familiar personas and their perspective on the burgeoning calls for reality show residuals. Plus, their response to awards recognition — and whether any “Housewives” counterparts had anything to say. Listen now wherever you get your podcasts.

Mark as Played

As today’s screenwriters and actors grapple with financial challenges in a rapidly changing showbiz landscape, combined strikes by the Writers Guild of America and SAG-AFTRA have brought Hollywood to a standstill. Productions are stalled, press tours canceled, and the 2023 Emmys postponed. The economic impact is expected to far surpass that of the last writers’ strike, which cost the L.A. economy more than 2 billion dollars. On thi...

Mark as Played
August 3, 2023 49 mins

On the occasion of scoring double Emmy nominations this year for her performances in "Yellowjackets" and "The Last of Us," Mark and Yvonne revisit a favorite conversation with Melanie Lynskey. 

Since her 1994 debut in “Heavenly Creatures,” Melanie Lynskey has been acting steadily while “flying comfortably right under the radar.” Now, for her electric role on “Yellowjackets,” Lynskey has earned an Emmy nomination for outstanding lead...

Mark as Played
June 22, 2023 37 mins

Jessica Williams is no stranger to tackling complicated issues with humor. From being the youngest and first Black woman correspondent on “The Daily Show With Jon Stewart” to now starring opposite Jason Segel and Harrison Ford on the AppleTV+ show “Shrinking,” Williams uses her improv skills and authenticity not only to entertain but also to hit on deep truths. “Grief settles in and it just changes you,” she says. “It doesn’t leave...

Mark as Played

It’s rare to find a televised female friendship that can deal with dead husbands, car crashes and other wild plot twists the way Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini’s “Dead to Me” characters do. Through years of filming the tragicomedy, the two actors learned to deeply trust each other. When Applegate was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis while filming the last season, their bond only intensified.

In this episode of “The Envelo...

Mark as Played
June 8, 2023 36 mins

Christina Ricci wouldn’t want to know Misty Quigley in real life, but she has a protective soft spot for her “Yellowjackets” character. In this episode of “The Envelope,” Ricci delves into why she enjoys playing the impulsive outcast and what she values about the series’ unconventional exploration of trauma.

Ricci also reflects on her enduring connection to Wednesday Addams, recalls the two auditions that changed her life even thoug...

Mark as Played
June 1, 2023 31 mins

The premise of “Jury Duty” — placing a non-actor in the middle of an entirely staged trial — could have easily led the show to mean-spirited-prank territory. Instead, the cast manages to land laughs while making the person who thinks it’s all real, Ronald Gladden, into a hero. For James Marsden, who plays a Hollywood jerk version of himself on the show, that was the most important thing. “I’ll make an ass of myself and have fun doi...

Mark as Played
May 18, 2023 8 mins

"Foretold" is the newest podcast from the L.A. Times, and we're sharing a preview of the first episode with you here today. 

In the fall of 2019, reporter Faith E. Pinho received a tip from a woman named Paulina Stevens. Paulina claimed she had grown up in an insular Romani community in California, where she was raised to be a wife, mother and fortuneteller — until she decided to break away. That first call unraveled a story spannin...

Mark as Played
February 7, 2023 35 mins

Academy Award nominee Michelle Yeoh has been a worldwide movie star for decades, known for action-packed roles in films such as “Supercop” and “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” and as a Bond girl in “Tomorrow Never Dies.” But it’s her leading role in “Everything Everywhere All at Once” that Yeoh says finally let her show what she’s capable of.

In this episode of “The Envelope,” Yeoh discusses her first impressions of “Everything Ever...

Mark as Played
January 10, 2023 31 mins

Writer-director Todd Field made two acclaimed films in the early 2000s and then disappeared from the big screen for 16 years. “Tár,” about the scandalous downfall of a classical music conductor, marks his return. The movie burst forth in dramatic fashion: Its screenplay took him only three months to write.

In this episode of “The Envelope,” Field breaks down how a Górecki composition inspired the internal rhythm of lead character Ly...

Mark as Played
December 13, 2022 37 mins

Darren Aronofsky is known for directing dark, provocative, divisive films such as “Requiem for a Dream” and “Black Swan,” but in “The Whale,” he sees hope, “human connection and a belief in the human spirit.”

In this episode of “The Envelope,” Aronofsky reflects on how “The Whale” interacts with obesity and fatphobia, discusses exploring humanity through science, and describes why the “Brenaissance” — star Brendan Fraser’s triumphan...

Mark as Played
December 6, 2022 31 mins

At 29 years old, “Nope” star Keke Palmer has already racked up two decades in show business. She’s an actor, singer, TV host and meme queen – and she has big plans for more. If her public persona is like Mickey Mouse, she says, then “I’m Walt Disney.” In this episode of “The Envelope,” Palmer shares what it was like to work with Jordan Peele on his blockbuster sci-fi thriller, how she felt about being her family’s breadwinner durin...

Mark as Played
November 15, 2022 35 mins

Few icons are as globally memorialized as Elvis Presley, but for “Elvis" filmmaker Baz Luhrmann, the biopic felt like "a blank sheet to explore” American history, commercialization and the true origin of rock 'n' roll: Black music. In this episode of “The Envelope,” Luhrmann shares his unique take on Presley’s tragic story, how Austin Butler was able to “meld his soul with Elvis' soul” and how a pair of socks connected a young Baz ...

Mark as Played
August 16, 2022 47 mins

Fresh off the “Better Call Saul” series finale, Rhea Seehorn joins us to delve into the show’s last twists and turns and to give insight into her Emmy-nominated portrayal of ethically flexible attorney Kim Wexler.

If Kim and Bob Odenkirk’s Jimmy McGill character were to get a do-over, how far back in time would they have to travel to put themselves on track for a happily-ever-after? Probably all the way back to the beginning of the ...

Mark as Played
August 9, 2022 48 mins

Around 2015, actor-writer-director Colman Domingo was planning to quit it all and find a new career. But instead of giving up, he revamped his approach — and found new happiness.

In this episode of “The Envelope,” the Emmy nominee discusses modeling his “Euphoria” character, Ali, after someone dear to his heart as he reflects on the nature of redemption and forgiveness. “Everyone has faults,” he says. “Everyone is suffering and stru...

Mark as Played
August 2, 2022 52 mins

Since her 1994 debut in “Heavenly Creatures,” Melanie Lynskey has been acting steadily while “flying comfortably right under the radar.” Now, for her electric role on “Yellowjackets,” Lynskey has earned an Emmy nomination for outstanding lead actress in a drama series — and a whole new level of fame. In this episode of “The Envelope” podcast, she dishes on how this year has helped her feel more empowered and less underestimated, ar...

Mark as Played
July 26, 2022 37 mins

Bill Hader and his dark comedy “Barry” have again raked in a slew of Emmy nominations. In this episode of “The Envelope” podcast, Hader dishes on what it’s like to simultaneously star in, write for, direct and executive produce a high-profile TV series of his own creation. (While doing some high-emotion acting, he recalls, “I kind of induced a panic attack — which I do not recommend if you're also directing.”) He also delves into h...

Mark as Played
June 23, 2022 29 mins

Gillian Anderson, who plays Eleanor Roosevelt on the Showtime series “The First Lady,” Joanna on “The Great” and Dr. Jean Milburn on “Sex Education,” really vibes with female characters who forge their own paths – and there’s good reason for that: Even when she was a small child, “telling Gillian what she could and couldn’t do” was impossible, she recalls her mother saying. In this episode of “The Envelope,” Anderson dishes on the ...

Mark as Played
June 21, 2022 54 mins

Simone Ashley has always been a fan of the romance genre, but before being cast as Kate Sharma in “Bridgerton,” playing the lead in a period drama seemed improbable to her. “I never imagined that a woman who looked like me could be a part of one,” she says. In this episode of "The Envelope" podcast, Ashley discusses embracing the political aspects of her career, how acting on “Sex Education” prepared her for "Bridgerton" and how he...

Mark as Played

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