The Great Discontent

The Great Discontent


Matt Ruby, Isabel Urbina Peña & Ping Zhu - Intuition and opportunity, working by hand, the value of personal time, and a performance

December 18, 201769 min

69 min
Natasha Jen & Lotta Nieminen - Trusting Our Intuition, Living with Uncertainty, and Good Accidents

November 20, 201767 min

67 min
Dan Blackman & Robyn Kanner - The power of vulnerability, self-initiated projects, and how our priorities shape our work

October 16, 201759 min

59 min
Daniel Seung Lee & Jocelyn K. Glei - Transitions, burnout, and navigating work and life at a sustainable pace

September 25, 201759 min

59 min
Shawna X & Collin Hughes — It’s okay to be scared, we become what we think about, and challenging each other to grow

June 26, 201758 min

58 min
Julia Rothman & Jon Burgerman — Knowing your value, the dance of negotiation, and interjecting play into our work

May 22, 201756 min

56 min
Catt Small & Kelli Anderson - Recognizing our potential, overcoming fear with action, and creative satisfaction as an ongoing inquiry

April 24, 201755 min

55 min
Meredith Jenks & Alice Gao - Different paths to similar places, the business of photography, and maintaining a sense of wonder

April 13, 201758 min

58 min
Amélie Lamont & Timothy Goodman — Navigating expectations, why our faves are problematic, and finding hope after a challenging year

December 19, 201667 min

67 min
Khoi Vinh & Ryan Fitzgibbon - Empathy in design, when the political becomes personal, and using art & design to affect social change

December 1, 201662 min

62 min

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