And That's What You REALLY Missed

And That's What You REALLY Missed

Calling all Gleeks! We’re baaaaack…again. Kevin McHale (Artie Abrams) and Jenna Ushkowitz (Tina Cohen-Chang) are heading back to William McKinley High School to rewatch all 6 seasons of Glee! We’re taking you all the way from McKinley High to New York City, from the choir room to Nationals, and from the Super Bowl to a world tour! We’ll look back on your favorite moments and never before heard stories with a slew of guests including cast, crew, celebrities and you, the fans! So warm up those vocal chords and tune those ears, because it’s all coming out on And That’s What you REALLY Missed, an iHeartRadio Podcast.


June 20, 2024 46 mins

He was in the room where it happened … from day one! Glee's resident piano player, Brad Ellis, joins Jenna and Kevin to chat about hitting all the right notes on the show, the unusual audition process he went through to get on Glee, the key to his two speaking roles, and what it was like being in the room for cast auditions, including Kevin's! Brad also gives his bird' s-eye view and thoughts on Ryan Murphy's casting method for the...

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Reunited, and it feels so good! The whole gang has returned for the holidays!
Jenna and Kevin are back to talk turkey about Glee's very first Thanksgiving episode, and there's so much to be thankful for, like the OG's back together again, Kurt and Blaine reconnecting, and the triumphant return of SJP!
What the duo is less thankful for is the "Gangnam Style" performance! Jenna has many behind-the-scenes stories about the infam...

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June 13, 2024 42 mins

Nick the Warbler is on the pod!
Actor, singer, and filmmaker Curt Mega joins Jenna and Kevin to spill about his time on Glee, including how he got to sing lead vocals on "Uptown Girl," auditioning for the roles of Blaine and Sam, the real deal on working with Darren Criss, the whirlwind of the Warblers media tour, and what it was like joining the cast for the Glee concert tour!
Plus, Curt talks about his current project, whic...

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With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility ... and great duets!

A love triangle, a crime to solve, the Warblers are back, and a Secret Society of Superheroes?! 

Jenna and Kevin are back to unpack an action-packed episode, including the scene that gave Kevin anxiety re-watching, concerns they had during the paint-throwing scene, fan theories about Blam (or Slaine), and Becca Tobin's cringe-worthy wardrobe malfunction story from Bec...

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Prepare for a fascinating and gleeful insider look at an integral part of the show you didn't see … the session singers!
Luke Edgemon and Nikki Leonti join Jenna and Kevin to share stories about their hectic and chaotic world recording guide vocals for the cast. They've got stories for days, and they're not holding back!
Their personal stories are just as wild as the behind-the-scenes ones! Luke reveals how he went from an Am...

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It's the one that we want! The Glee Club's production of Grease is here, and it's a crowd-pleaser! 

Jenna and Kevin break it all down, and there is a lot to get to! Rachel, Kurt, and Santana are back, Will goes to Washington, Finn steps up, Tina's meltdowns, and the performances! Jenna has the scoop on filming Beauty School Dropout and Look At Me I'm Sandra Dee, including a behind-the-scenes tale about a cast field trip wearing the...

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May 30, 2024 28 mins

It's time for another edition of "Ask Me Anything!"
Jenna and Kevin are back answering fan questions, including revealing an inside joke the cast had on set, clearing misconceptions about how they feel about their time on the show, who on the cast would win the Hunger Games, and if Glee were on today ... the songs they would like performed and by who!
Kevin also shares that he recorded 40 songs of original music! Where are th...

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After a five-week hiatus following a heart-wrenching episode in which everyone basically broke up, viewers eagerly anticipated this episode for a little resolution, but that's not what they got ... they got the hand jive instead! 

Yes, Grease auditions are happening at McKinley High, and Jenna and Kevin are breaking it all down, including Artie trying to cheer Finn up, the return of Mercedes and Mike, why Kevin is mad at Artie in t...

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She's a big-shot executive now, but Megan Doyle was a "lowly" PA on Glee's set back in the day, working countless hours behind the scenes, and she's got stories to tell!  Megan opens up to her friends Jenna and Kevin about her time on Glee, including how she got her PA job, her thoughts on the cast when she initially met them, the craziness of the Glee tours, her and Kevin's very first trip to a gay bar, but Megan not realizing Kev...

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May 20, 2024 57 mins

Grab your tissues because it's time for the breakup episode. 

Jenna and Kevin relive the drama and heartache of "The Break Up," including Blaine and Kurt's ending, Rachel and Finn's goodbye, Santana and Brittany's split, and their frustrations with Will and Emma!! 

Plus, Kevin opens up about the scene that made him cry so hard, and he gets a little teary-eyed while discussing it.

See for privacy information.

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May 16, 2024 67 mins

There would be no Glee without the T! Find out why the cast called Telly Kousakis the glue that held it all together.  As a PA on the Glee set, Telly grew very close with the cast from the very beginning, and he has many behind-the-scenes stories! Telly tells all to Jenna and Kevin, including how he got his job, doing more than a typical PA, his interactions with the guest stars, being the only person to get the cast to listen to h...

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And just like that . . . it's the debut of Sarah Jessica Parker!

Things are heating up in New York, and Jenna is struggling with it! Yes, she admits she's having a hard time watching Rachel and Brody. Meanwhile, Kurt has a new lady in his life… his new boss at Vogue, played by none other than SJP! Kevin texts Chris Colfer for some insider info on what it was like working with her and gets all the scoop! 

Plus, the scene Kevin was s...

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They had front-row seats to all the action on Glee as dancers for all six seasons!

Brittany Parks and Hannah Douglass join Jenna and Kevin to give a different perspective on the Glee experience, including their audition process, the demanding schedules, the dance routines that went right and the ones that went wrong, and the performance that repeatedly got them in trouble!

Kevin also reveals why he was always sneaking into dance re...

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Fans went "Crazy" for the first Britney Spears Tribute in season two, so of course they had to do it One More Time!

Jenna and Kevin unwrap the second Britney tribute episode, which was a bit darker than the first one, focusing on Brittany's (Heather Morris) meltdown and downward spiral. The duo shares their experiences shooting this episode, their reactions while watching it, the performance they had fun shooting, and their thought...

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Get ready for some catnip for the soul because Kitty Wilde is in the house!

Becca Tobin reunites with Jenna and Kevin for a fun chat about her time on Glee, including admitting that she 'hate-watched' the show with other musical theater people . . . until she joined the cast, that is! The time she confused Ryan Murphy for a choreographer, a funny behind-the-scenes story about her very first scene with Jane Lynch and Chris Colfer, a...

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April 29, 2024 44 mins

It's here! Glee's Season 4 Premiere! 

Rachel is in New York! Back home, the Glee Club welcomes new members, Kate Hudson debuts, and Whoopi Goldberg returns!

Jenna and Kevin are back with a lot of fun facts about Glee's fourth season, including who got promoted, how the duo felt coming back to set, what it was like meeting the new cast members, and the newbie who gave Jenna the cold shoulder during their very first encounter! Don't ...

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Kalen Gorman was on the set of Glee from Day 1, getting unprecedented behind-the-scenes access to our favorite cast!

Yes, all the fun episode sneak peeks and behind-the-scenes videos are thanks to Kalen! She joins Jenna and Kevin to spill all about her time on the set of Glee, including why she sometimes felt bad wrangling the cast for interviews, which actor was always down to help, the sensitive moment between Kalen and Kevin tha...

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April 22, 2024 41 mins

It goes without saying, but without the fans, there would be no Glee!! 

Jenna and Kevin are back talking to some of Glee's biggest fans, like Alexa, who recaps each episode of this podcast on X with her "without context" tweets! 

Alexa turns the tables on the duo, wondering if they created backstories for their characters. Jenna reveals that she did! And how it helped her in the audition process with Ryan Murphy. Kevin also dishes ...

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April 18, 2024 22 mins

Not many got close to the ruthless, sharp-tongued Sue Sylvester, except Becky Jackson!

Lauren Potter joins Jenna and Kevin to discuss her iconic role as Becky, including how she got the role, what it was really like working with Jane Lynch, one of her favorite days on the set involving Cory Monteith, and, of course, Becky and Artie's date at Breadstix! 

Plus, Lauren reveals what it was like being appointed to the President's Commit...

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April 15, 2024 33 mins

It's the Glee Dream Tour that never was! 

After Season 3, the Glee cast had an actual hiatus! At the time, they were ecstatic about the break, but now they wish they had done another tour. 

Welcome to Jenna and Kevin's Workshop, where they build their dream tour! Although they have wildly different ideas, they work together to narrow their dream setlist, including a Cell Block Tango performance, songs from Whitney, Michael, and Rih...

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