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March 22, 2022 3 mins

This is a story of a real-life fairytale gone horribly wrong. It’s a cautionary tale about a marriage so filled with betrayal and deceit, that many people are still recovering from its path of destruction. This is the story of Jenifer Faison. After 20 years apart, Jenifer reconnected with her college sweetheart, Spencer Herron. He was a two-time Teacher of the Year and Jen was convinced she married the perfect husband. On June 1, 2018, that all changed. Jenifer came home to find Spencer holding a search warrant. He had sexually assaulted one of his students. In the days that followed Spencer’s arrest, Jenifer uncovered a dark, secret life her husband had been living during their entire marriage. His actions shook a community, devastated his wife, and sent Spencer Herron to prison. Climbing out of the devastation would be a journey Jen could have never imagined.

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Speaker 1 (00:02):
Betrayal is a new podcast that will make you wonder
how well do you know your partner. This is an
extreme case the master home manipulative way. There were no signs.
This is the story of Jennifer and her husband, Spencer.
They were college sweethearts that fell in love again later
in life. Their romance was the stuff of fairy tales.

I feel beyond honor to know you, to love you,
and to accept the most privilege of all things being
your husband. Every morning he would leave me a note
by the coffee pot. He would text me during the day.
I'd never worried about where he was or what he
was doing. Jennifer thought her husband awarded Teacher of the
Year with the man of her dreams, but after seven

years of marriage, she found out that Spencer had a shocking,
devastating dark side. The first thing he said to me was,
I've never done this with a I've never folcus way
about anyone. I call it his trophy case. It was
an entire catalog of emails and correspondence with women years

and years and years. I remember a couple of times
where you know, he would cud of put his hands
around my throat and push down Jennifer came to learn
that everything she believed about her husband was wrong. I
came home and spenced it and greet me instead. He

was sitting on the couch in the living room, just
shaking his head. He slid a piece of paper to me.
It said Sir Chwarren on top. I saw the words
sexual assault and student. Police arrested Kell High School teacher

Spencer Harron. Investigators say he faces three cow so sexual assault.
This new podcast is one woman's journey through the aftermath
of her husband's affairs. On Betrayal, Jennifer will explore her
husband's crimes, the constant violations of boundaries, had the excuse
of well, this is what boyfriends and girlfriends do. Uncovered

the lies. I really thought that he loved me. I
mean he told me conquer the shame. At fifty I
didn't really even think about sex, and then when it
was happening with him, I didn't want to think about
sex because I feel ashamed. And we'll even hear from

Spencer himself. This is a direct pay call from and
innmate at the Cherokee County Jail, Georgia. Listen to Betrial
on the iHeartRadio app Apple podcasts, or wherever you get
your podcasts
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