Business Unusual with Barbara Corcoran

Business Unusual with Barbara Corcoran

I’m smart at getting to where I want to go, and I can teach you how to do it! I had 22 jobs before starting my real estate company with a $1000 loan and built it into a $5 billion business. Today I’m a ’Shark’ on ABC’s hit show "Shark Tank." It didn’t take a fancy degree to get here but took street smarts and a lot of courage. Life is too short to waste your time practicing someone else’s fancy theory on success. I give you the straight talk and the confidence to get there. Got a question? Call me at 888-BARBARA. Subscribe to Business Unusual with Barbara Corcoran wherever you listen to podcasts.


March 21, 2023 7 mins
If you feel lost in your footing and don’t know where to turn, slow down! I’m here to help you figure out the next move and get back on track. Plus an all-new round of rapid-fire questions, so stick around! This episode is presented by LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Let LinkedIn Sales Navigator help you sell like a superstar! Visit for a 60-day free trial.
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There’s nothing I hate more than the word pivot, but today we’re talking about just that. How do you know when it’s time to make a career change? Plus, if you’re a new mom or dad this episode is for you! I’m breaking down how to demand the time you need and ask for what you want. And an all-new round of rapid fire. Listen in.
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February 21, 2023 7 mins
Is it smart to start making money outside your 9 to 5 job, or is it smarter to keep all your eggs in one basket? Let me help you and your wallet set yourself up for success! Plus a new round rapid-fire questions. Listen in! This episode is presented by LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Let LinkedIn Sales Navigator help you sell like a superstar! Visit for a 60-day free trial.
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February 7, 2023 5 mins
It’s time to speak up or prepare to get shut out! Today, I’ll tell you the truth about pitching to investors, and how to stand up and have your voice heard. Plus I answer a few rapid-fire questions, you do not wanna miss!
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Today, I'm talking to the man who has changed the lives of real estate agents across the country: Matt Wagner, President of Radio and Television Experts. Together we discuss the power of a celebrity endorsement and how publicity puts your brand on the map. Plus, I'm joined by two superstar agents who have cracked the code to reaching the top of their markets.
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January 10, 2023 20 mins
It’s time to stop fooling around and start hitting your goals! I’m talking to one caller who's eager to make her yoga business a huge success. She’s got the clients, but it’s time to start making the mu-lah. I’m gonna tell her how to do it. Plus some rapid-fire questions you cannot miss!
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December 27, 2022 13 mins
How do you turn a hobby into a side hustle? I’m talking to one caller who has so many hobbies but can’t seem to find a money-maker! I’m asking the right questions to make sure she picks a winner. And, an all-new round of rapid-fire questions at the end. Stick around!
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December 13, 2022 17 mins
Are you hiring the right people to push your business ahead? I’m talking about the key traits to seek out in an employee who will help you expand your empire. Plus, we have some hot questions for today’s rapid fire. Listen in. This episode is presented by LinkedIn Jobs. LinkedIn Jobs helps you find the qualified candidates you want to talk to, faster. Post your job for free at Terms and conditions apply. Thi...
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November 29, 2022 23 mins
So you’ve reeled in a few happy customers and now you’re wondering, “How can I make sure they’re actually using my product and keep them coming back?" Today I’m sharing my best tips to keep your customers engaged. All that and some new rapid-fire questions you won’t want to miss. Listen in. This episode is presented by Shopify. Sign up for a free trial at
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November 8, 2022 50 mins
This week, I sit down with the Editor-in-Chief of Entrepreneur, Jason Feifer. We chat all things entrepreneurship, building a business and adapting to change. Plus, we deep dive into his new phenomenal book, "Build For Tomorrow." This episode is presented by LinkedIn Jobs. LinkedIn Jobs helps you find the qualified candidates you want to talk to, faster. Post your job for free at Terms and conditions apply.
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October 25, 2022 15 mins
When you run a business, everyone’s got an opinion. But how do you decide when to take outside advice, and when to stick to your gut? Today I’m talking to one caller who’s hesitant to go against the grain. Is her gut pointing her in the right direction? Plus, today’s rapid fire-questions are hot, hot, hot! Listen in, I’m gonna give it to you straight.
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You might know him from being America’s heartthrob on The Bachelor, but today Nick Viall joins me to chat about his new book: Don’t Text Your Ex Happy Birthday… and we’ll deep dive on all things love, dating, being honest with ourselves and business! Plus, Nick is telling me if he’s in or out on the old-school rules to find the one. Listen in!
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September 27, 2022 19 mins
Paying the bills is no easy feat, and sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. But is it better to seek out an investor and give up precious shares, or swallow your pride and get a job on the side to keep your business alive? That’s our caller’s question today, and I’ve got the answer! And stay tuned for a new batch of rapid-fire questions. Listen in.
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September 13, 2022 14 mins
Think you’ve got the next billion-dollar idea? Well, hold your horses and get your ducks in a row! Today I’m telling you why you must take your product to the streets before putting your whole life on the line. Plus, a whole new round of rapid-fire questions you don’t wanna miss! Listen in.
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August 30, 2022 18 mins
If you love what you do you’ll never work a day in your life. Well, what happens when you’re not loving it anymore? Today I’m talking to a caller who’s worried her own business just isn’t doing it for her anymore. Plus, stick around for a new round of rapid-fire questions.
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August 23, 2022 27 mins
Listen up, ladies, today I'm going to teach you how to be assertive and command respect in the workplace. Plus, I'm sharing my tips on how to get a foot in the real estate door after taking a break from the workforce. Listen in.
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Every great business owner knows that word of mouth is essential. But what happens when people aren’t talking? Well, today I’m talking to one caller who’s looking for a surefire way to bring in new clients. Plus, it’s time for the chipmunks to take over for some great rapid-fire questions! Listen in. 
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August 9, 2022 22 mins
Credit card debt…dun dun. No one wants it, but a lot of people deal with it. Today I’m sharing my best tips on paying it back without letting it set you back. Listen in, and stick around for an all-new round of rapid-fire questions.
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August 2, 2022 27 mins
Is it true that with age comes wisdom? Today I’m talking to one young caller who’s trying to prove he’s got what it takes to get ahead, despite his young age. And, stick around for an all-new round of rapid-fire questions. Listen in.
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July 26, 2022 23 mins
Can you rise to the top when you've got your hand on multiple projects? I'm talking to one caller today who's determined to make it work. And stick around to the end for some rapid-fire questions – I’m gonna give it to you straight.
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