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February 12, 2021 22 min

Democrats have wrapped up their case in Trump’s second impeachment trial using new video of the Capitol riots and his own words against him, but it seems that the former president is still on his way toward acquittal. A majority of GOP senators have already voted saying the trial is unconstitutional and will stick to that in their final votes. Anita Kumar, White House correspondent and associate editor at Politico, joins us how it’s played out so far.

Next, there is only one airline left where you can book a flight with no one in the middle seat, at least until the end of April, and that is on Delta. Despite a pandemic, most people just want the cheapest fare possible and Delta has even lost money with this plan, but they feel like they are building up some goodwill when business travelers come back. Scott McCartney, Middle Seat columnist at the WSJ, joins us for more.

Finally, an Israeli company named Aleph Farms has unveiled the first 3-D printed ribeye steak. This is not plant-based and instead uses a culture of live animal tissue to grow the steak. It is a proof of concept for the company which hopes to bring these lab grown steaks to market in the second half of 2022. Laura Reiley, business of food reporter at the Washington Post, joins us for what to know about this new meat making process.

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