Hold Up with Dulcé Sloan & Josh Johnson from The Daily Show

Hold Up with Dulcé Sloan & Josh Johnson from The Daily Show

The Daily Show's correspondent Dulcé Sloan and writer Josh Johnson turn their hilarious, unpredictable, and legendary office banter into a weekly war of words about topics big and small, but mostly small: long engagements, brunch, texting versus calling, chiropractors, and more. New episodes every Thursday.


June 6, 2024 1 min

On Mondays, Jon Stewart hosts The Daily Show, but now on Thursdays, he hosts The Weekly Show — A new podcast featuring in-depth conversations with special guests that gets to the heart of some of the most complex issues of our time: the election, the economy, and even the hotly contested ingredient-to-bread ratio on sandwiches. Join Jon and hear from producers and friends of the show who discuss the latest headlines, what's on thei...

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Recorded on 4/25/23.


“Yo, people really listen to this podcast.” - Dulcé Sloan


“This is the first time anybody’s been accused of writing one of the comments, and it’s me, and it’s for someone backing up what I’m saying.” - Josh Johnson


“Now I’m looking at some of these YouTube comments, and I think that there needs to be a second podcast where we just allow people to give Josh a hug.” - Roy Wood Jr.


To wrap up seaso...

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On this special compilation episode of Hold Up, we’re featuring Josh and Dulcé’s most contentious debates from this season. Tune in for the best moments from “Chicken Soup vs. Tomato Soup,” “Summer vs. Winter,” and a clip from a special Beyond the Scenes episode featuring our very own Josh and Dulcé!


Hold Up will be back next week with an all-new episode!


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April 20, 2023 48 mins

"Waffle House knows their lane. They have figured out what they are doing. Diners have chapter books for menus. You mean to tell me that you have a turkey dinner, a lobster bisque, but also disco fries? What is happening here?” - Dulcé Sloan


“So when I see that chapter book laid out in front of me, I'm like, "Wow, I really have options in life. Am I going to get pasta with a burger? Maybe. I'm crazy like that. I can get wild li...

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April 13, 2023 44 mins

“Sarcasm cannot be conveyed over a text. The number of times I've gotten into it with somebody, because I was being sarcastic and they thought they were being attacked.” - Dulcé Sloan


“Emojis are what have brought context back to text. If you can text me something and then end it with a little yellow dude with his eyes rolling back of his head, I'm like, "Oh, okay. For a second I thought you were coming for me. Now I'm realizin...

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April 6, 2023 35 mins

“We all need to drink more water, but sometimes you just want to have a little adventure, so sometimes you infuse your water and sometimes you add bubbles. ” - Dulcé Sloan


“You don't need this sparkling, bubbly water. You don't need to be burping bougie.” - Josh Johnson


It’s still vs. sparkling water this week on Hold Up with Daily Show correspondent Dulcé Sloan and writer Josh Johnson.


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March 30, 2023 45 mins

“Open your ears and listen to me. Get that oatmeal in, okay? Get your calcium. Okay? Get your iron in.” - Josh Johnson


“Grits can be breakfast, lunch, dinner, brunch. Grits can be any meal. You can have your breakfast grits. We've all had fish and grits.” - Dulcé Sloan


It’s oatmeal vs. grits this week on Hold Up with Daily Show correspondent Dulcé Sloan and writer Josh Johnson.


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March 23, 2023 36 mins

“I think for me, the boneless wing, I've never had it where it was underdone. I like that they're just little chicken nuggets. I think they're cute.” - Dulcé Sloan


“Real men keep that bone in. ” - Josh Johnson


It’s boneless vs. bone-in chicken wings this week on Hold Up with Daily Show correspondent Dulcé Sloan and writer Josh Johnson.

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March 16, 2023 37 mins

“When there’s lightning, I can swim in my pool. When it's a rainy day, I can swim in my pool. When it's just nasty outside, I can swim in my pool. My pool indoors is consistent.”- Josh Johnson


“For me, the outdoor pool has represented a lifestyle. Because a pool day is a sunny day. We are drinking a nice beverage, we’re out here just judging others, really taking in the scene.” - Dulcé Sloan


It’s an “aquatic argument” of in...

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March 9, 2023 38 mins

“Because Gatorade has been tried and true and tested on real professional college athletes, you know that it has all of the things.” - Dulcé Sloan


“Let me just let you know that Powerade got me where I am today, okay. It helped me from falling out on that field. ” - Josh Johnson


It’s Gatorade vs. Powerade, the ultimate sports drink duel, this week on Hold Up with Daily Show correspondent Dulcé Sloan and writer Josh Johnson.


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March 2, 2023 33 mins

“As someone who is a nacho connoisseur, the thing I love about nachos is the variety. The topping combinations are endless. ” - Dulcé Sloan


“Just because chili and cheese are in the name, it doesn't mean that's where you have to stop. Because don't forget what chili cheese fries lack in toppings, it makes up for in the seasoning. ” - Josh Johnson

It’s nachos vs. chili cheese fries this week on Hold Up with Daily Show correspon...

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February 23, 2023 34 mins

"Carpet is nice. It's soft. And if you get the chance, you can shuffle your feet on it and shock your brother or your mom, or every once in a while you get static electricity and shock your cat. ” - Dulcé Sloan


“Cheap motels, they've done carpet dirty, and they've become a representative, an unwanted representative of the dirty carpet brand. ” - Josh Johnson


It’s carpet vs. hardwood floors this week on Hold Up with Daily Sh...

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February 16, 2023 48 mins

“So this is the thing about the chicken sandwich. You can have it fried, you can have it grilled, you can have a chicken salad sandwich on a croissant. That's always nice.” - Dulcé Sloan


“It is possible with burgers to get something rare, medium, medium-well, well-done. Temperature alone adds four times to whatever type of burger you want to have.” - Josh Johnson


It’s chicken sandwiches vs. burgers, the battle of the sandwi...

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“There are so many types of love. So why do we only want to talk about the type of love where you have to put your mouth on somebody? There's other loves where you don't put your mouth on anybody.”- Dulcé Sloan


“It's the one time a year, outside of an anniversary, where you can really flex on the person that you love. It's an opportunity to just be like, "Oh, I can take you to the next level, girl." - Josh Johnson


Is Valent...

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February 2, 2023 41 mins

“My opinion is that happy hour makes life easier and better through discounts, while brunch makes it harder and more bougie for no reason with orange juice and vodka.” - Josh Johnson


“The thing about brunch though is one, your mimosas are bottomless. Also, we have changed the lifestyle when it comes to brunch. Now, it's not just orange juice. We done expanded the juices.” - Dulcé Sloan


It’s happy hour vs. brunch this week o...

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January 26, 2023 41 mins

 “If I'm on the internet, I'm not going to see these little impulse buys. I'm not going to see this pack of gum at the register. There's no pack of gum at the register in an online store.” - Dulcé Sloan


“An online store will tell you up top - the thing you want, we ain't got any. The one you like, it's not here. We'll send you an email when it gets here, but for today, don't waste your time." - Josh Johnson


It’s online vs. ...

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January 19, 2023 27 mins

“With a loud neighbor, their lifestyle is invading my home. I've lived in places where it felt like the roof was gonna cave in because I heard every footstep. “ - Dulcé Sloan

“I will say, a nosy neighbor might just save your life, you know?  A loud neighbor has never solved a murder. They've never helped in an investigation.” - Josh Johnson


We’re revisiting nosy vs. noisy neighbors this week on Hold Up with Daily Show correspo...

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January 12, 2023 58 mins

“You can actually have an experience with a person in a day date, that I think in dinner dates you’re limited.” - Josh Johnson


“What I’m saying is, you better take a bitch to dinner first. You better spend them coins.” - Dulcé Sloan


It’s day dates vs. dinner dates this week on Hold Up with Daily Show correspondent Dulcé Sloan and writer Josh Johnson. #DailyShow #HoldUp #Podcast


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January 5, 2023 38 mins

“There's way more work that goes into the onion ring, but anything that's classy and of value is going to require more work.” - Dulcé Sloan


“You're telling me that you would rather, in your life, hot battered grease over onions than a delicious, freshly cut crinkled or curly potato. Because you're giving up all types of fries.” - Josh Johnson


It’s french fries vs. onion rings this week on Hold Up with Daily Show corresponde...

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December 29, 2022 52 mins

“What I'm saying is this, lasagna is also versatile, because you can make it vegetarian, you can make it vegan, you can put all the meats in it, you can put any types of meat in it.” - Dulcé Sloan

“I'm spaghetti all day. All right. I'm spaghetti all the way around until they turn to SpaghettiOs. All right.” - Josh Johnson

We’re bringing back the ultimate pasta debate, lasagna vs. spaghetti, this week on Hold Up with Daily Show co...

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