How Rude, Tanneritos!

How Rude, Tanneritos!

How Rude, Tanneritos! A Full House Rewatch Podcast is here!! Stephanie Tanner and Kimmy Gibbler are a pivotal part of American pop culture. These iconic characters are ingrained in the lives of actresses Jodie Sweetin and Andrea Barber for eternity. Frenemies onscreen and BFFs off, they’ve decided to team back up and look back…from the very VERY beginning. Think you know everything about your favorite Friday night comfort show? HOW RUDE!! So join us, and say hola Tanneritos, as Jodie and Andrea tell all. They’re heading home and our hearts are full.


April 13, 2024 38 mins

Lori Loughlin is back for Part 2 with Jodie & Andrea, reminiscing about their time of Full (and Fuller) House!

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Jodie & Andrea sit with Aunt Becky herself - Lori Loughlin - for an emotional reunion and behind the scenes look at an acting gig that ended up helping define all of their lives.

How did Lori turn a small guest starring role into a multi-season iconic character? What were her first impressions of the cast? And how did her recent appearance on Curb Your Enthusiasm happen?

We learn so much in this touching episode of How Ru...

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Valentine's Day is a huge deal for the Tanner family, and why not? That house is full of love!

When D.J. is gifted an expensive sweater, a lawnmower becomes her downfall. And when Stephanie sees "buy now, pay later" she makes an honest mistake to save her sister! Find out what our opinion is on this V-Day themed episode (and if either of the girls ever shoplifted IRL)!

Plus, Jesse is turning his relationship with Becky up a notch...

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April 5, 2024 29 mins

For a special minisode, the ladies are building out the Full House yearbook by giving out superlative awards to beloved characters and making sure everyone is included! Do you agree with their choices? Or do they need to cut it out?

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We know Full House pioneered a lot of things - but did you know it started the entire work from home movement? Well, maybe. Ok, probably not. But it’s an all new recap and Jodie & Andrea can ask the question.

Check out “Working Mothers,” a poorly-aged second season installment that might rely heavily on misogyny, but it does also have a pretty great Elvis wig for Stephanie! And Jodie remembers something while watching Bob’s in...

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March 30, 2024 38 mins

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March 28, 2024 32 mins

The ladies sit down with writer / producer Lenny Ripps, a name mentioned numerous already on the podcast, to talk about his immeasurable contributions to Full House - including the creation of Kimmy Gibbler!

Did he write possibly the worst episode of the show? Sure. But who cares? He also helped create Bosom Buddies, the original Frankenweenie and the infamous 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special, which Andrea has A LOT of questions abo...

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March 26, 2024 62 mins

The ladies can’t agree on Jesse’s temper, but there is no debate on what gift you should never get a child. Andrea praises an iconic Kimmy gif, but can’t get behind her evolving hairstyle or obnoxious snoring.

Perfect for a forced night indoors, it’s time for a brand new How Rude, Tanneritos!

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March 22, 2024 35 mins

It’s time to learn even more about one of TV’s most prolific and charismatic directors, Joel Zwick!

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March 21, 2024 47 mins

Jodie & Andrea talk to legendary TV and stage director, Joel Zwick, to find out about how he became thee man who wrote the book on directing (no, really. He did).

From Laverne & Shirley to Bosom Buddies to a little show called Full House, Joel has done it all and has countless stories to tell.

Ready to fall in love with the man who called all the shots on your favorite shows? Then this episode of How Rude, Tanneritos is f...

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This week Jodie is joined by Kim Moffat, a Full House super fan who also was the Audience Coordinator for Fuller! Together they tackle an episode full of legendary romance (both paid and unpaid).

Jodie recalls her memories of a special guest star, ‘90s icon Jonathan Brandis, and the Jesse / Becky era has officially begun.

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March 15, 2024 29 mins

Andrea and Jodie are taking their (not-so-great) Full House knowledge and putting it to the test in Full House trivia! What will happen when competitive Jodie takes on a somewhat unaffected Andrea - and yet neither of them are confident they’ll win? And what are the playing for you might ask? Bragging rights, of course. So get ready to scream the right answers to the hosts while you listen - on a brand new How Rude, Tanneritos!

See ...

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It’s a festival of story lines on a new recap, as the ladies take on an episode with a title more fitting for Jodie & Andrea in 2024 than it was in 1989 - “Middle Age Crazy.” Stephanie takes to the skies in a wild stunt after D.J. and Michelle get all the household attention and Jodie has the BTS scoop on how it went down.

And dearly beloveds, we have a backyard wedding for the ages. It’s an action-filled new How Rude, Tanneri...

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March 7, 2024 34 mins

For a very special episode of How Rude, Tanneritos, we asked four listeners to join Jodie & Andrea, face to face, so they could ask their most pressing Full House questions! And they did not let us down!! Our first ever fan Q&A, presented by Hyundai.

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Ho Ho Ho! It’s Christmas time at Full House and Jodie & Andrea are ready to deck the halls and recap the very first dedicated festive episode.

And that’s not the only first, as Jesse and Becky finally let the sparks fly when their lips meet, kicking off one of the most memorable relationships of the ‘90s.

And Jodie explains how they navigated the waters having a “Santa” on set around little children, even if TV shows couldn’t...

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March 1, 2024 26 mins

When it comes to Full House, the inhabitants of the Tanner dwelling aren’t the only stars living between those 4 walls. As we’ve seen in every recap, there are items everywhere that deserve some attention.

For this minisode, Jodie & Andrea break down some of their favorite silent co-stars, giving us the real scoop on the props and items that made up the show. 
From the posters on the walls to the infamous couch to Mr. Bear ...

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February 27, 2024 71 mins

When you see that the three men of Full House are going on a triple date - flashbacks of “Sea Cruise” are unavoidable. But Jodie & Andrea are still tasked with recapping the newest episode and ready to be wow’d some impressive, and maybe Jesse-obsessed, guest stars.

And Jodie recalls one of her first physical comedy bits, and the memories come flooding back.

Valentine’s Day may have just passed, but romance is in the air (kin...

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February 23, 2024 25 mins

Join us as we dig deeper into the incredible life, and resume, of Full House’s on-set teacher, Adria Later.

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February 22, 2024 31 mins

There were many vital crew members on the set of Full House, but you’d be hard pressed to find someone with a more important job than Adria Later.

As the Michelle(s) wrangler and on-set teacher, the entire underage roster of the sitcom fell in her jurisdiction, and no one could’ve done it better.

Hear all about her experience helping the Olsens become a cultural phenomenon and her work on legendary movies like E.T. and Hook.

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February 20, 2024 67 mins

When the Joey gets tough, the tough gets going - on the newest Full House recap episode!

Jodie & Andrea break down a script that has the Tanner family dynamic all out of wack and Stephanie almost grounded during a very important karate tournament. The ladies discuss their own modes of parental punishment and how this episode could have been 5 minutes long if the cell phone had been invented.

Plus, there’s a whole new crew of ...

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