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September 16, 2021 39 mins

He Is Here!

Together again...Uncle and Nephew.

Milo Ventimiglia joins Scott for a very special ONE ON ONE.

"I'm sorry, I thought this was the uniform."

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
I am all in. I want to kiss you. I
am all in with Scott Patterson and I Heart Radio podcast. Hey, everybody, listen,

we have a very special guest. Uh, My litt vent
Amelia is going to join us. My good buddy for
over twenty years. Uh. He's one of the most decorated
and well deserving of those awards and nominations actors working
in the business today. Uh. He's a personal friend of mine. Uh.
He's a terrific, terrific guy, terrific actor. Uh. He's also

done some of the most interesting work right now. He's
Jack Pearson on uh This is Us the smash Hit
on NBC. But he's also doing a podcast called Strawberry Spring,
which is on I Heart. Uh. It's a Stephen King
uh kind of a murder mysteries doing Garrett Hudland and
Sydney Sweeney The Wonderful Sydney Sweeney and others. And so

he's he's doing that podcast and I think they've they've
done a couple of episodes, eight episodes or something, and
they're in the can and they're they're downloadable on Wednesdays
on my Heart. Uh. But we're gonna talk to Milo
and uh I'm very excited. Um, any chance to spend
some time with Milo as time well spent and uh
so we're we're going to talk to Milo and uh

after these messages. Yeah, Mr Milo, there he is. What's
up brother? How you doing? Man? How are you doing? Guy?
I'm great, dude, great to see you must be so busy.
Thank you for taking the time to do this, absolutely, man,

Really appreciate it, really really appreciate how you doing. What's
going on? You know, we we sold the house, we
moved close to the beach, and the Nick's back in
school and you know we're just we're just living our lives. Dude.
That's great. Anything happened in your life? Uh lately taking

over the entertainment business one or two things, you know.
You know me, I'm married to work. Um now things
things are, things are well, you know, plugging away six
season of the show. Um and uh they're a little
traveling over the break on the hiatus. Decided not to
work and try and spend some time with people. You know,

what I found was there were a lot of people,
of course, coming out of what last year was that
I think needed to be reminded that that the world
will open back up, things will level, things will right,
And I kind of took it upon myself to just
travel around and see a few friends best I could
as safely as I could, knowing that maybe they needed

to see someone outside of their immediate world. So that's
what I did. And now I'm back in the grind
of Los Angeles, work, traffic, all the all the like,
wearing makeup things like that. Yeah, man, you're keeping it real,
I see on your social Yeah, you'll go out and
you'll and you'll travel around. Uh, and you'll you'll go

great distances. I mean you'll just drive, drive, drive, You'll
visit the Grand and you'll visit you'll take that what
are you take an airstream with you and just yeah. Yeah.
Last last year I picked up my first air stream
and realized it wasn't quite as big enough as big
as what I'd like to have, So I sold that
got a second one that was bigger. Um. But yeah,

you know I again, you know, I mean, you know me.
It's like, I think as long as we've known each other,
it's like we've always just talked about being like kind
of out in the world and me being out in
the world, and you know, once the kind of globe
slowed down, we had to reassess what getting out of
our own houses. And um, I found a lot of
comfort taking a trailer, taking an airstream and actually like

getting around and seeing what's next door, seeing kind of
my neighbors. I mean, when I was a kid, I
used to take trips all the time. I mean we'd
go to Arizona, we'd go to Oregon, we'd go to Utah.
We kind of just go maybe as far as Colorado,
but we take these family trips and and uh, I

just really enjoy it. I definitely enjoy it. So and yeah,
and then then eventually I post. I think I haven't
posted anything on the social media and probably like well
on Instagram, particularly probably like five or six months, which
means I've probably got I don't know, maybe like a
hundred photos ready to go up or something like that
in the last six months. People will will we'll stop

what they're doing and check it out for sure. Um yeah, maybe,
but yeah, what a wonderful thing it is to travel,
just to get out there, and especially in this business
when you're when when it's so and you know I
know how it is too, it's very it can get
a little taxing on your system and you need to
just go recharge and you need so I get out

and you know, my big thing is skiing and I
and even before I got the show, I throw stuff
in my truck and drive to Utah. I'd be a
snowstorm chaser and go chase this the powder and just
do that for the winter as I could. I can't
do it anymore because you have a family, but still
we get out there. But yeah, the need to get

out there and travel is is. Yeah, it's a wonderful no. Now, now,
now you just bring roommates. That's how it is. You
need to bring your roommates. You know. It's funny. It's
like when you're talking about when you're talking about like recharging,
you know you you and I always worked the same,
you know. I remember I remember being on set and

so many moments like just having to like work worksop
those lines and workshop those scenes. And you know, I
was always grateful to do that with you because that's
also your process. Um. But sometimes that just gets you
get so focused on it. That's really the only thing
you're thinking about, and you you never understand or I

would never understand that I would just be kind of
drawing from the well, I'd be pulling and pulling and
pulling and like using all that kind of emotional currency
or or spiritual currency or just kind of you know
what we have to do as artists using that. At
a certain point, you really need to fill that back up.

And for me, it's always people that that I'm close to,
you know, having a friend that I know I'm gonna
know for the rest of my life, and being able
to spend time that doesn't feel like it's work, you know,
and travel and also got seeing different sites and all
that and seeing familiar sights too. Yeah, just just re

refilling that. Well. It is a very demanding mean anything is,
but I mean acting a very demanding job. Yeah, because
it's not just what you're doing. It's not what you're
doing in front of the camera. It's how you're interacting
with everybody else on the set. And you do that

particularly well because I think it's just your sort of
a naturally outgoing, uh friendly person, naturally outgoing, outgoing, naturally
outgoing introvert. No, there isn't introvert in you. There is
there is a side of you that's very introverted. But
it doesn't it you know, it doesn't make you um,

you know, it doesn't make you block off the world
or block off people. I mean you're still open to
people while you're working. So I always I was, I
was always uh very impressed by that fact. Um, how
did we meet? What do you remember the first time
we met? Oh man, I don't remember the first moment,
I think I very much just remember that first day

of filming it and that first day of filming is
when you, Luke and Jess were at odds. He was
kind of forced to have to go to school, and
we're doing that big walk and talk right before you
pushed me in the lake. That was the first thing
we did together. I think it was or no, no, no,
you know what it was. I think the first thing

we did together was getting off the bus. I think
we actually they gave us a moment one which was
a simple scene, barely anything spoken. But I think that
was like the first like real working moment. I think
we met each other in passing when I got the job,
because wait, did we do table reads? Yes? We did

early on we did for a couple of seasons. Yeah.
Then I think we probably met maybe at a table
reader or shortly before. I really can't remember. What I
remember is just diving right in, like like no pleasant trees, no,
no bullsh just literally like this is Scott, this is mine,
Like this is how we're gonna, you know, and to
what was always funny to me us dude, You and

I were always like really cool and engaged and had
a lot to talk about. But of course we're playing
these characters that you know, Jess was. He was a
punk kid who didn't want to hear it from anybody.
And you know, Luke was losing his mind with this
kid that he got saddled with from his sister, and
and you know, who you and I were could not

have been more opposite than who Jess and Luke were.
But also where Jess and Luke kind of got to,
I think ultimately was closer to who you and I
were in terms of like like relationship and whatnot, you know,
because I think I think, you know, Jess grew up,
just learned some lessons, and Luke had been through some
stuff and it's all fascinating. It's all fascinating. I remember

I remember shooting that the Lake push scene, I remember
the walking talk was like thirty we did like thirty takes,
didn't we Yeah, we did, but the Lake Push was
one that was that was the first one, and then
we did get a safety just in case. I think
we did it twice. Yeah, because I remember I had
to I had to change. I had three different changes.

Random Maybean was there. I had a blanket to like
put around me just to change really quick on the
on the go instead of going all the way back
toward trailers on the other side of the last Samurai set,
you know, it was like, yeah, Tom Cruise was over there. Yeah.
There were so many things that would come through that
lit It was so fun to watch too. Like you

you I remember being on that lot and seeing like
George Clooney and Anthony Edwards playing basketball and then you
knew Tom Cruise was shooting a movie. And then you'd
walk past the Friends set to get from our stages
and trailers to get to the back lot where the
gazebo was, and you just like see them and see
the cars, and you you talked to the security guys

Ramos because you you know, you just you see these
people every day, so you just start talking to we
know their names and everything. And um, I mean would
a magic time, And then thinking to myself as a
young actor, Wow, I've got a spot. I've got I've
got a concrete slab that has my name on it
on the Warner Brothers Film Studio lot. Wow, I'm twenty

four years old. This is unbelievable. It was cool for
me too. I was in my early forties and it
was it was like, I've I've got a parking spot
over here with my name on that. That was that
was awesome. It's so cool. Uh yeah. I remember when
they were doing Oceans eleven or twelve or thirteen, whichever

one it was, and they were right across the street
from my It's like Brad Pitt and Cluney pulled up
on their motorcycles and then al Pacino got dropped off
his trailer. Al Pacino's trailer was was catty corner from
my trailer, and I went over there. I actually went
over there and tried to meet him. Yeah, And the

p A was like, how did it go? Not well?
Did not go well? It didn't go well. She looked
at me like, get out of here, you jerk. What
are you doing. You're not gonna meet him. He's in
his trail to go away, and I'm like, come on,
I just I just want to I just want to, like,
you know, I gotta meet the guy. You're like, but
that's but that's my trailer, Like I said, I'm not

some crazy guy on the lot. I'm just you know,
that's my trail over there. I'm doing a TV series.
I just want to meet the guy. She goes, if
you don't get out of here, I want to call
security to get out. Oh man, it's so funny. He's
he's such a he's such a lovely man, this warm guy.
I did. I did a bunch of table reads on
this script that he really wanted to do about Salvador

Dolly and I remember I did one and it was
it was out and uh Kelsey Grammer and um Rita
Wilson and a handful assemble. Blair was there and say,
handful of actors and we just kind of read the
script and workshop dude, and you know, he just kind
of do that. Then you forget about it, and then

like a month later the like, hey my, look al
wants you to do it again, and I go okay,
And then like two months later, hey my, I wants
to bring you in to do this again. I'm like, wait,
why is Al calling me? And really that's crazy, But
just like he's just one of those guys that dies
completely into his his r and his work. I remember,
like I got tried to do his house to watch

solomn A. He'd he done a recorded version, a filmed
version of a stage play starring Jessica chas Stain before
she became Jessica chaff Stain, And I remember I remember
everybody just like whoa, who is this this girl? Who's

this woman? She is amazing? And it was just but
also at the same time, you know, like kind of
as a fanboy, you're sitting I'm like, I'm sitting at
al paciano his house watching something that he filmed, and
he's asking me my opinion. Wow, this is this is crazy.
Remember the motorcyclists to have with the with advance and
heine short shots. It was really loud. Yeah. I pull
up to a little theater parking lot to turn around

in West Hollywood, and I almost ran over. Albacino wanted
that parking lot. Was there a p a to tell
you not to tell no? No? He was by himself.
He was getting out of his his suv and he
was going into the theater. You know that little old
globe theater they have in West Hollywood. Yeah, he was
there and I roar up and I and he and
he and he gives me this like whoa, whoa because

it was really loud. And I came in and I
didn't see him, and I didn't. It's not I didn't really,
But that's when I got to meet him. And I
got off my motorcycle and I said, you have no
idea how much I wanted to meet you. You were
over at the Warner Brothers lot and I was filming
a show and I just wanted to say you were
one of my big inspirations. And he was really cool
with me. He was just like, oh my god, he goes,

he goes your motorcycles really loud. I said, well, that's
to keep me alive, you know. So yeah, I know
for for how for how grand he is, for how
grand his performances are. Yeah, he's an artist, just like
you or I. Yeah he is. He really truly is,
and and he champions actors. He really, he really does.
It's a pretty wonderful thing. It's it's good good reminder

for being on the other end of things, when there
is that younger actor or someone who's maybe not quite
in a position you're in, like to notice the talent,
to champion the talent, to give them real, honest ideas
so that they can grow in their careers. I could
talk to you all day. Um oh, dude, all day, Scott.
There's a lot of fan questions. I have to ask

you a couple of fan questions. Okay, yeah, no, man,
go for Okay, So all right, let's see Jessica. Maybe
it's Jessica Jesstain wants to know Jessica from she's from Portland,
wants to know looking back, what do you think about
Jesse and Rory's relationship. It's been a while since I've

thought about Jesse and Rory's relationship. I know people always
ask me questions about it, but I think you know
it's things are complicated when you're young. I think we
can all understand this. I think we can all appreciate it.
You know, you're you're going through the developmental change. You
are seeing things in the world that you've never seen before.

You're experiencing things like from from the heart, from the
from the gut, from the head that you're experiencing for
the first time, you know. So I think jessin Rory,
I think they were what they needed at the moment
from each other. And at the same time, you know,
it didn't work out. They went in different directions, and

that's okay too, that's kind of great. Um. But I
think what I did always appreciate about the two of
them was, you know, they outside of what anybody wanted
to put onto those two, they they kind of made
their own world. And I think that's pretty cool. I

think when there's always going to be outside influence and
tell you how to behave, what to read, what to do,
what to look for, what are the pitfalls, what are
the glories? Hey, this is what I did when I
was your age. But really that's just people giving you
their version of what they think your life should be.
So I think Jesse and Rory like really kind of

found their own world and created their own world, and
it lasted beyond just them romantically as teenagers to where
they had an actual friendship as they became young adults.
Would you do it again if they wanted to do
some more episodes? I mean, the thing the thing is,

this is, like I can't ever get away from it,
you know. It's it's for me knowing that like you
and Lauren and Alexis and probably just about everybody else
in the show would show up, and on top of
it would probably be Dan and Amy they're writing their
asses off. It's like, yeah, why wouldn't I, um, if

it would feel like it's there for the right reason
versus the wrong reason, like and we all know those
wrong reasons where shows think that the show is bigger
than the characters, so they'll try and bring it back
just to get more money. And it's like, yeah, but
are you are there really more stories to tell? That's
that's where I always kind of go back to the
nostalgia of the past of stories that we were a

part of. Is are there still more stories to tell?
Have these characters grown to a point where we actually
really want to see more of them, We want to
understand where they've been, We're going to discover something new.
So I think if they did want to bring it back,
and if it was it was Amy and Damn at
the Helm and you guys are all showing up, I'd
be a jerk to not show up. Um that you

just made a lot of people very happy. Not that
not that you don't anyway, but when they hear that,
they're gonna be very happy. No, I'm listen every everybody,
you know. The way that I look at it was
the uh, the four films that were put together after
the fact, that felt like the extra slice of cake,
after you've already had cake, you had that favorite meal,

you had the cake, and then you've got something even
extra like I don't know if they would bring it
back or in the form that maybe people would want,
because I'm also big on Hey, we're artists and we're actors,
and we evolve and we grow, and yes, we played
these parts and they may be iconic and they may
be evergreen, but at the same time, it's like, you know,

I look forward to playing a lot of different men
over the course of my career. Let's talk about the
sledgehammers scene. My my absolute favorite just there you get
a room. Yeah, you know, because of the fact that

I was talking so much, and it was just nice
to do an action. It was nice to do some
physical acting some and just a clever little quick scene. Ah.
And the pressure was on and we had already we'd
already proven that we can operate well under pressure with
the lake Thingum, what do you think of that scene? Oh? Man, again,

that was years ago, but I do remember. I remember, Yeah,
there was a whole whole bunch of gaff and gauwe
going on beforehand that ultimately, you know, the came to
the moment where you start hitting the wall and I
think just just kind of not really understand what's going on.
And then and you go there you got your room.

I think that was the line there. It's like, there
you have your room space or whatever. And yeah, I mean,
I mean, listen, we had we had a lot of work.
I have to go back and watch two seasons from
twenty years ago to like re the truly understand. You know,
I just saw the scene because I hadn't seen a
year in the life. I went to the premiere. You didn't.

You weren't there, which was a great disappointment. Um, but
I'm sure you were busy and you were filming something. Um.
But the premiere was this overwhelming fans celebration. So many
people showed up in Westwood. It was it was craziness.
But I want you know, they played Winter there and
I thought, boy, this is really well done. Uh. They

they felt like little rom coms. They felt like really
high quality, uh independent films. Um. It didn't seem like
television anymore. It seemed like it had graduated into something,
you know, it morphed into sort of the film world.
Um Um. But I I didn't watch the other three episodes.
I just don't like I don't like watching myself. I

don't you know. I spent so much time with the
show that I didn't watch it. And then I finally
saw the scene with the flower and you and me
and Laurela had gone to California to do her wilding,
and I was so touched by that scene. I was
so moved by that scene because your character had come
full circle and now you were the one taking care

of me and it, and I actually teared up a
little bit because I missed you so much and I
know you're such a good guy, and and what a
perfect moment that was for me. And in all of
the those four episodes, that was my favorite moment. That
scene was my favorite moment. Um. Anyway, that's well, I'll

say about that. Let's get into your podcast. You have
a podcast. You're doing a podcast with Stephen King. Tell
us a little bit about that. Um, I mean, I
got approached, just like an acting job. You know, I
listen to podcasts, have been a podcast, and I'm in
the process of putting up a couple of my own

in the scripted world, which hopefully I can talk about soon.
But this, I just I got approached. And you know,
I've always grown up with Stephen King novels, and once
I had a little bit of bravery and read some
and and understand the writing and find my favorites and
all of that, I just I was a fan like

anybody else. So when the opportunity came up to be
a part of this, I was familiar with the short story,
but I hadn't read it. I know it was only
eleven pages. But what I did read were the first
three episodes that were written by Lee Metzger, and I
just thought, this writing is phenomenal. A one thousand percent

captures the essence of a Stephen King's story, and I'd
like to do it. So, you know, just like a
normal job, you line up to meet people, although you're
not going in for fittings, you're not going in for
hair and makeup tests. You're just they're understanding what you're
gonna do with your voice and how it's going to go. So,

and these murders happen in one section of time, and
then we jump forward and they're happening again. So you
start to understand there's a serial killer, and there is
an investigative journalist that starts at the school paper but
also kind of graduates beyond that who's investigating these and
that's played by Garrett Headlind, This guy that works the

newspaper played by Sydney Sweeney, and I play Um, Garrett's
friend who's also a radio DJ at the time, and
we're all just trying to make sense and understand what
these killings are about and who's doing it and trying
to like just really figure it out. And in true
Stephen King fashion, it's it's darkness, it's scary and it's

real and you kind of are haunted by it and
you know you're you're really thinking about those things that
kind of lurk under the bed or outside your window
at night. Fantastic. Yeah, it's fantastic. What an interesting project. Yeah,
Stephen King all about Yeah, he's all about you know
New Hampshire, Vermont, you know the woods, Ye, all that yeah,

fog fog rolling in every years. You know. My god. Uh,
that's great. So that's so those you're making those episodes
now and they're they're download loadable now, they're already they're
already made, they're already made. It took me not a
lot of time to shoot all eight of my episodes. Um. Yeah,
they're out on our Heart Radio Spotify podcast. New episodes

come out every Wednesday. So I think there's three episodes
now we've got five more on top of that. And um,
and yeah, I mean it's the story really builds. I
think it's great. I mean, you know, as a kid,
I used to listen to these these radio plays when
I go on road trips to my dad, Like I said,
and it's just, uh, this is exactly that, this is

exactly that. All right. I hadn't I wasn't even aware
of that. And then yeah, producers told me that you
had a a podcast. I was fascinating. Um, here's a question,
here's another fan question. Yeah. Um, you've played a couple
of different iconic roles, uh in your career so far

many more to come. Who do you think is what
do you think Jack Pearson versus Jess who did you
have more fun playing or are you enjoying Jack Pearson
as much as you played Jess. I enjoyed Jack Pierson
as much as I enjoyed playing Jess. I mean, if
you know, for for me and I know we've talked

about this in terms of like acting and whatnot, but
I really put myself into a character holy like you know,
w h O L like just the whole thing. Um.
I immersed myself in it, uh to the point where
I can take that character off like a costume and
lead them on set and step away and just be myself.

Or when cut is called, I get to step away
and be myself. So when I was twenty four and
I was playing Jess, I was completely invested. As I'm
in my forties now playing Jack, I'm completely invested in
Jack and six years deep. The nice thing about a

guy like Jack and what I was able to experience
with Jess as well, was knowing these men so deeply
and so intimately that I was acting on instinct. All
I had to do was truly learned my lines, show up,
look my co star in the eye. And then there's
the character, you know, I mean, Harry, and the makeup,

the wardrobe you know, of course kind of like puts
you into that that mode of the character. But it's
all acting on instinct. So I I enjoy it. I
really do. Um. I'm sure you know these aren't the
two defining characters all have, just like Peter PETRELLI wasn't.

In addition, But I mean, you know, there's there's a
lot of men complex and incredibly simple that I would
love to play that I'd love to kind of tell
the stories of who aren't that? Who do you want
to play? Who are you really itching to play? I mean,
I tell you what. Last year I was lined up
to play Evil kin Evil. Yeah, we got we got

shut down. I mean I was fully transformed over um
at some point. I'll show you the photos, the portraits
we took because whoa. People people thought they were like, oh, yeah,
you're gonna look just like him, Like, no, that's me,
that's not him, that's me, that's not him. Um. I'd
like to get back to that project and people that

was you know, he's he's an icon and he's an
American legend. Um. He was also uh not an amazing
husband and not an amazing father in ways and really
had uh a tough outlook on the people that were
supporting him, and that he just didn't treat well. So

he was a complex character, very complex man that I
would like to get back to that and the stories
we we had lined up in the six episodes we
were going to do. I mean, we're Wow, what a journey.
You know, I grew up with him. I grew up
with that guy. Um, I mean he was part of
the entertainment of my youth. Yeah. It seems like every

month or every couple of months, Evil Kinevel was going
to set another record jumping his motorcycle over you know,
now thirty busses or forty busses or something in the
Houston Astrodome or wherever. And he always fell, and he
always broke dozens of bones in his legs, his hips,
his I mean, he was always in surgery. He was

always but you know what he always did, and what
the biggest message was, what you get back up. You
get back up no matter what you're gonna fall, but
you're always going to get back up. And I think
that was what people identified with. Yes, people people would
watch him to see the crash, but also that triumphant

get back up even in the most pain Like when
he crashed it whimbly, I think he was he'd made
an announcement saying, this is the last time I'm never
going to jump. I mean that dude was really broken
once that happened, really broken. But he had to as
a point, get up and walk out of that stadium,
even though he had help, but he had to do it.

He could not do it. It was a big inspiration
to kids. You know, it's a big message of his
you know, I mean, he did a lot of other badge,
but he got back up. It just it was staggering
to watch a man put himself through that. Yeah, you're
a little kid watching this guy, and they're showing it

in slow motion. The thing I remember most about Evil
Kin Evil is his attempt to jump the Grand Canyon
in that rocket car and then the slow motion replays
on ABC's Wide World of Sports of him crashing and
the and his bones but you could see his bones
breaking on on the on the concrete. When I mean,
it was just like, why is this guy doing so

that contract is still still has life. You can go back.
You're gonna go back and do that. Yeah, we're we're
trying to figure that out. I mean, you know, we
got shut down because of covid Um, where the whole
world just stopped, and then ultimately I personally ran out
of time to be able to go film that because
it was six episodes, it was a pretty big, ambitious project,

and we were also producing it, so you know, we
knew that we we could step away from it and
hopefully go back to US. I think right now there's
conversations about bringing that back next spring once I wrapped
This is Us, you know, go blond again, put my
fake hairy chest on and and get back into the
white leathers. Um. But yeah, I'm sure. I mean, you know,

we spend six years on the show too. You know,
you know this, It's like when it's done, you're kind
of ready to take a break, but you're also peaked
to know what else is out there? You know, what
are the opportunities can can can I jump on? What
are the characters can I play? Because as an artist,
you know, I always want to challenge myself and I

want to grow when I want to play things that
aren't the same as what I've been doing, Like you know,
I wouldn't. I don't need to play another Jack Pearson father,
even though people see me in that light right now,
because we'll I've done it for six years. Maybe I
need to do something different, like evil and Evil was
the complete opposite, because they're going to come after you

for every Jack Pearson role. Yeah, of course they're gonna
want you to play that for the rest of your life. Yeah. Sure,
And I could probably make a nice, nice living in
a nice career that. But also it's like I wouldn't
be satisfied for me. I'd rather just you know, I
don't know, learn how to go like shaping knives in
Japan for the rest of my life. Okay, So I
don't know exactly. I mean, yeah, uh, keep learning, keep changing. Yeah, absolutely.

Why do you think here's another fan question. This is
from Maggie from Oh Moosehead Lake. Why do you think
Gilmore is so special and has stood the test of time.
I think it's a bit of wish fulfillment, and I
think it's got a magical quality quality to it. At
the same time, I think it shows on an emotional

level experiences that we all go through. As simple as that,
you know, it's it's it's wish film and everybody wants
to live in a small town with the gazebo. That's
the wish part. The emotional side, we all experienced, you know, love,
we all experienced heartbreak, we all experience coming across some
zany characters in our in our worlds. Um. But at

the same time, all we're looking for is companionship and
happiness and love and and hopefully support. I think that's
a big thing. And you know, I think I think
Gilmore had a lot of that, had a lot of
supportful like not supporting, but there was there were a
lot of characters that were, yes, let's say, supporting others

in an emotional way. A lot of love, a lot
of love. There a lot of love. Okay, here we
have Jennifer from Dallas. What was your favorite Okay, here's
a Jess question. What was your favorite part of Jess
and what was your least favorite part of Jess? Um.

I think they might have been one of the same
as confidence, because I think he had a lot of confidence,
and he also had a lot of insecurities and he
kind of had to find his way back to that center,
back to that middle, and it made him complex, it
made him have to discover the sides of his existence.

That were constantly battling inside of him, you know, the
exposure to the vulnerability, but yet the bravado of no
I know exactly the answer to these twenty questions because
I'm kind of a kid genius and I root um.
You know, those are my favorite sides of Jess. I
just I really like that, and I liked when he

would allow that vulnerability to happen and he was rewarded
for it, you know, kind of like those breakthrough moments
with Luke, the breakthrough moments with his father, that we
only got a glimpse of those breakthrough moments with Rory,
that we that we understood we're happening. I think those
moments were wonderful because it happens in life. We all

do that. We put ourselves out there. We may speak honestly,
but yet with the idea that maybe somebody's not going
to respond. Well, but the fear is just us projecting
what could what we think may happen, versus having a
good honest conversation, and that just usually comes up being
an adult. M hm. You know, well, I don't think

they could have picked a better actor to play Jess.
I don't think they could have picked the better actor
to play Jack Pearson. Um. I think when you have
the experience of working with Milo, and I'm talking to
my audience directly, it's it's working at an in an
elevated place. UM, when you would come on the set

and we would do our work. UM, there was something
very very calming, um, working with you, about working with you. Uh.
And I miss it, and I miss you, and I
love you, brother, and I'm so happy for all of
your success and please continued success. I think you're I

think I think you're just scratching the surface of where
you're going to go in this business. I hope, I hope. So,
I mean, you know, if I'm discratching there, just hopefully
can just create other opportunities where guys like us can
get back on a set, you know, because I feel
exactly the same way. I love the experience. Whenever I
think about it, I was going back to like immediately
standing outside of the diner, middle of the night, workshopping lines,

and you're like, you know, how you remember long passage?
Ago enough, Scott, how do you remember long passage? And
you go, you say the sentence, but then you tack
on the first word of the next sentence and then
you just string them all together. I never, I never,
I never never thought about that. Okay, dude, we we
would just work. I forgot about work and work, but

it but it was it was always exciting and it
was always fun, and it was like I was gonna
be this is gonna be good, this is gonna be
a good five takes. Let's do it, yeah for you,
because we'd have to do that many times for sure,
Um yeah a lot. All right, buddy, you have to
please come back. We have so many things we can
talk about other than Gilmore girls, and I know, I

know I could. I could be uh andy to your
conan go vow all the best, um and thanks for
coming on. Thank you for your time, gentlemen. Love you buddy,
my lo vent Amelia. Have a great day. We'll talk
to somebody man, okay man, Thanks God right bye, Hey everybody,

and don't forget follow us on Instagram at I Am
All In podcast and email us at Gilmore at I
heart radio dot com. Oh you get more fans. If
you're looking for the best cup of coffee in the world,
go to my website for my company scott ep dot com.
S C O. T. T. Y P dot com, scott
ep dot com Grade one Specialty coffee. Yeah.
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