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July 27, 2021 7 mins

You may have heard some news about me.

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Speaker 1 (00:01):
This is Paris. Yes, good morning everyone, I just woke
up today. I have a huge press tour for my
new show, Cooking with Paris, which is premiering on Netflix

on August four. I am so excited. I had so
much fun doing the show. It's so hilarious. It's just
so random. I never in my life thought I would
have a cooking show, but I'm so happy that I
did because it is literally one of the funniest shows
I've ever seen, and reminds me of the simple life
vibes and just so much fun to have all my

girlfriends coming over to cook with me at my house,
and it's just it's just so much fun. It's definitely
not your traditional cooking show at all. I actually never
even watch cooking shows because I find them to be boring.
So um mine is just so fun and so entertaining,
and I'm just very proud of it. So I can't

wait for you all to watch it. It will be
again August fourth on Netflix. Yes, I also woke up
to about three thousand texts. All my iPhones are blowing up,
all five of them. Everyone I wishing me congratulations and
so happy for me. And yes, I've heard from people

I haven't heard from in years. Um, so yes, thank
you everyone for all the messages. It's a busy day
to day so I haven't answered anyone yet. But yes,
I am pregnant with triplets. So thank you guys for
the congratulations. I really appreciate it and I am just

so excited from otherhood. Actually, I'm just kidding. I am
not pregnant, not yet. I am waiting until after the wedding.
Um My dress is being made right now, so I
want to make sure it looks gorgeous and fits perfectly.
So definitely waiting for that part. So yeah, I just

looked online now and I see there are tons of
stories coming out with the headline that Paris Hilton is pregnant.
I guess I shouldn't have worn my new Paris Hilton
push up brown from my new Lajerie line, otherwise they
like to make up rumors. So I don't know how
this rumor started, but I'm assuming that it was the
Paris Hilton push up raw from my new Lagerie line.

I was wearing it at dinner with my fiance Carter.
We went to Nobu and Malibu, and I guess some
people got some shots and they put them out and
now they have a very reliable source that says Paris
Hilton is pregnant. People always make up rumors. I'm very

used to it at this point, being in the industry
for as long as I have UM, but yes i am,
I'm not yet. I will be after the wedding. I
can't wait to have children. But like I said, I
am just preparing for the wedding. Right now, I'm shooting
my new TV docuseries capturing it all. It's called Paris

and Love on Peacock and that will be out soon
as well, so you'll definitely see behind the scenes of everything.
And it's been a lot of fun doing that show
as well. I think it always teaches a new life
that you can't always believe what you read. I've learned
that definitely over the years of being this business and

just having so many rumors made up about me all
the time, and um, going through a lot in my life.
But um, you know this rumors, it's definitely not true.
One day, I can't wait to have a little girl.
I want to name her London. That's always been my
dream since I was a little girl. That one day

when I had a baby girl that should be called
London because I just love London and Paris together. And
for my boy, I want to name him like after
a city or a country or a state as well.
I have the name, but I'm not going to say
it yet. I might keep it a surprise and I

don't want anyone stealing my baby name. For that one,
I've said London for a long time, so I can't
really had that one. But for the boy name, you know,
it's something I've been planning for a very long time
as well. You know, one day they'll be a little
mini Paris and mini Carters, but not yet, but stay

tuned for and um again, I don't believe what you read.
Always um, you can come to the source here at
my Business Paris podcast and just so happy to have
my pod posts so I can just talk to you
guys whenever I want. I literally just woke up, came

into my podcast room and Hunters not here today. I
just did this alone. My Glam team is waiting in
my Glam room. I have to get ready. I have
a huge day of interviews. Um. I think I'm doing
like twenty of them or something, and I'm sure everybody
is going to ask me, are you pregnant? Because with
the amount of calls and texts I've received and Carter's received,

I'm sure that's going to be one of the top
questions on their mind. So, um yeah, I'm just gonna
tell everyone to come here and they can find out
the truth. As always. It's another reason why I love
having this on the pod post because anytime something is
said and I want to say something about it, I
have this, and I just think it's incredible all that

I could, Um, I just talk to you guys and
tell you all it's happening right away instead of you know,
the media always controlling the narrative and controlling my story
as they have for many many years. Um and uh yeah,
I'm just over it. I'm sick of people making up
things and uh yeah. And for this, I'm not like

whatever I was wearing, the push up raw it definitely
I'm looking at the photos now, Yeah it could look
like those were because of a pregnancy, but nope, And
my dress was very like flowey. And I don't know,
people just like to make up stories. But I will

let you guys know when that is the case. And
the only thing in the oven at the moment is
my sliving lasagna. Thank you for listening. I love you all.
I hope everyone has a wonderful day and productive week
and mixture to tune into Netflix on August four for

cooking with Paris and I will talk to you guys soon.
I love you all. Thanks for listening to This Is Paris.
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