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December 13, 2022 43 mins

This title really speaks to my vibe this month, hanging on for dear life through the holiday season, just doin’ my damn best…


BUT I’m so insanely excited for you guys to hear today’s episode with country pop sensation Kelsea Ballerini!


She’s my people-pleasing, perfectionist, anxious 29-year-old soul-sister who struggles in ways I know we can all relate to. We had an incredibly honest and real conversation, so much so that I think we both forgot we were recording a podcast for thousands of people to hear. 


We talked about her whirlwind of a year, releasing a chart-topping album (go listen to it, it's amazing…) and announcing her divorce shortly thereafter.


She confessed how she’s really feeling these days and how she’s navigating this transition in real time. She is a hero for being so open and I know her honesty about this tricky topic is going to set so many other women free of the shame and stigma of divorce at 29 or at any age, quite frankly. 


We analyzed our chronic people pleasing, female friendships and how her friendships with other famous people have changed in recent years. We talked about the absolute worst moment she’s had online, the various types of hate she gets today, and of course why being an empath can royally suck sometimes.


Kelsea is giving a voice to people who have to make this objectively hard decision to choose themselves at an age when we’re conditioned to believe we should have it “all figured out”–I’m forever grateful to her and I loved every second of our conversation. 


Listen to Kelsea’s album Subject to Change here


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