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June 9, 2022 19 mins

It’s Day 4 of our Sizzlin’ Summer theme week!  We know that summer memories and connections are strong for everyone, whether you recall summer barbecues or trips to the beach, falling in love or spending time with family. But today’s guest Carol Cottrell’s memories and connections are especially unique – she’s a psychic medium! Tune in to hear all about how Carol works with clients to connect with folks who have passed, and learn how love really is eternal. 

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Speaker 1 (00:03):
Summer is the time for annual gatherings of family and friends,
and every year, maybe this year, there might be some
people you're missing. Happy memories of summer barbecues, trips to
the beach, camping, or even drinking wine watching the sunset
are part of the ways you will belong to everyone
you love, and today we're going to talk to somebody
who can bring those memories back. I'm Alicia Rye and

I'm Sarah Wendell. Welcome to Love Struck Daily, where this
week we are bringing you a sizzling summer spectacular filled
with all the best parts of summer. I'm in love
with that. I'm in love with you. What are some

of your favorite summer memories? Do you have a favorite
summer memory? As you know, my birthdays in the summer,
I am aware, so I think those are my favorite memories.
I mean, I think just being around family and being
I love like some of my childhood summer memories because
I would My mom always worked. We never really took
vacations or anything. We never took trips like that, but
we always traveled a lot for her work. So part

of my summer was just traveling around the country with her.
Wherever she was working, and and I really appreciate, like
all the things that I got to see during those
summers and all the places I got to see. So, yeah,
what about you. I would always spend the summer when
I was very little with my grandparents at the beach
in South Jersey, and I have such clear memories of
it was just me. So it was before my sister

was born. My sister was born when I was six,
so I was probably maybe four or five. I had
a wonder Woman bathing suit and it was awesome. And
I remember wearing my wonder Woman bathing suit. We would
go to the beach in the morning, we would come
back home for lunch and I would shower and I
would have to change out of the wonder Woman bathing suit.
And I never wanted to because hello, wonder Woman bathing suit.

And I have such memories of is my bathing suit clean?
Can I wear the wonder Woman bathing suit? That was
the thing of that summer. I have such memories of
my grandmother saying, Yep, I watched it last night. It's
been on the line. We'll put it on. You can
go to the beach. Oh, it's so cute. I love it.
I loved that bathing suit. I thought I was so cool.
But I have so many memories of summers with my grandparents,

who are both past now, and all of the time
we spent just being around each other and not realizing.
I mean, first of all, now I realize as a
parent how much work it takes to make the logistics
of days like that happens, but having them happen all
day for the whole summer, day after day after day,
it was just it was just wonderful. And I love

the memories that I have, you know, Yeah, there's something
really great about those memories, and memories going to kind
of stay around forever. And today we're going to talk
to a guest. Carol Contrell is an intuitive psychic medium,
and she's joining us today to talk about her experience
communicating with spirits and what that's to her about love
and memories. Welcome to the show, Carol. It is such

a pleasure to talk to you again. I know I
had you on my podcast and I am so excited
to talk to you again. How are you. I'm great.
And I was so excited when I got your email
inviting me to do this because I remember our conversation.
I know it was probably close to two years ago,
so I was excited that you invited me. Well, please
tell us and the people who will be listening about
your work. How did you get into being a intuitive medium? Yeah, well,

I could make it a long story, so I'll try
to keep it shorter. But basically, I worked in the
corporate world until I was forty years old. I was
in corporate marketing and I left because my daughter was
having some issues with the fact that I worked all
the time, and so I decided to leave and become
a consultant. And I had been struggling with depression since

I was in my teens, and it really came to
a head in that year after I left, and I
went and had a reky session. Now I would tell
you I didn't know what ricky was at the time.
I went and had a massage and somebody said, why
don't you go get reggy, And I thought, I have
no clue what this is, but I'll try it. I've
tried everything else, you know, nothing seems to help the depression.
I'll try it. So I went and it was a

pretty profound session, and the recky master said at the
end of the session, do you know you're a medium?
And I said, well, I wouldn't really call it that,
you know, I've had weird things happened, but she said, no, no,
you're a medium. Wow. Do you know how the reiky
practitioner figured out that you were a medium? Like was like,
like was there a sign? Did a flag show up
or some lights? Like how do you know? That's amazing?

I know, I guess that's her own intuition knowing it.
But you know, I had some pretty vivid um visions
during the session and I asked her about those when
I you know, when we're finished, and she said, you know,
that's when she said to me, you know you're a medium.
And I'm like, but you know so, and I you know,
looking back at my life now, I can definitely see

the things that you know lined up. I mean, my
dad taught me to how to read the cards when
I was twenty years old. Not tarot cards, just a
regular deck of cards. But you know, I just I
didn't ever really believe in it either. So I was
kind of like, it's just luck, you know, just coincidence
that I'm getting everything right when I do this for
other people. But yeah, I never really believed in it before.

So what exactly do you do when you sit down
with someone who has hired you as a medium? What
is it like to do what you do? It's an
overwhelming feeling of emotions that come, you know, whether it's
from the person who's sitting with me, the client that's
sitting with me, or the person in spirit. But I'm
really tuned much more into the one who's in spirit.

Um So that feeling of love that comes is just
it can be really overwhelming, and it always makes me
grateful that I get to do this work because I
get to feel that unconditional love, you know. So, and
the wisdom that they share is pretty amazing too. So
I feel like I'm kind of like a third party
listening in on the conversation and getting to gain the

wisdom from them as well. So yeah, so you're sort
of the the old switchboard operator between the person who
has hired you and whoever is in spirit who wants
to talk to them. Yeah. Now, I will say it's
not like a switchboard operator, and that there's no like
one eight hundred called Dan, you know, like called the

specific person. You know, Dan never answers the phone anyway,
he's not good about that. But so we don't as
a medium have control over who we're connecting to in
the spirit world. But more often than not, it is
the person that the client is wanting to hear from. Uh,
so others might come along, you know. I have a
friend that away says that people have their A list,

there B list, and their C list, with the C
list using being usually being the ex mother in law.
But you know, we can't control if ex mother in
law wants to come in and say some things, you
might have very important information to share, so we try
not to get in the way. So has there been
a reading that really surprised you or do they all

surprise you? They all surprised me figured things that they
can share that I am just like, oh my gosh,
how did they get that across? You know, like it's
it's incredible. You know, there's some things that have really
shocked me. And some you know, some things that are
so detailed, um, like the flavor of ice cream or

you know, like little details that they might share that
are just like how did they give that to me? Like,
you know, and it's it's different ways that we receive it.
Sometimes we might taste it in our mouth or just
like this knowing of yeah it was peppermint ice cream
that we loved or you know mentioned and love. Love
is in the specificity, Yeah, yeah, that is in the details. Yeah,

that was actually my question because and I fully believe
in you know, all of this, But say the person
doesn't speak English, like, how do you like practically, how
do you communicate? Is it like feelings? Images? Yeah, so
it's all different ways. So you know, a lot of
people say they want to be clairvoyant. You know, well

that's only one of our claires or senses that we use.
Clairvoyance is clear seeing, right, So what a medium wants
to do is develop all the senses that those in
the spirit world could use. So that's everything from seeing
to feeling too, smelling to tasting, to just knowing or hearing.

You know, we may hear them speak to us, or
we just might share almost like a telepathic like the
thoughts going back and forth. And so if I have
somebody that speaks a different language, or if I have
an animal that I'm communicating with, it's more of a
telepathic sharing the thoughts with each other. Or I might
feel something in my body like I mean, know how

they passed because I feel it in my body. And
it's the same with animals. I'll know if you know,
if a dog comes through and I feel something on
my right leg, I'll know that they're back right leg
had some issue, you know, and the dog might telepathically
share what that was or just might let me know, like, yeah,

my back right leg was I limped on it, you
know kind of thing. Does this all have to be
done in person or like, I mean, COVID is a
thing like can you do this? Can you do readings
over zume or do you have to be like physically
you could do you could do it over the computer.
During the time of COVID, I actually, you know, I'm
in Charleston, South Carolina, so most of my clientele was

in Charleston, South Carolina. But then when COVID happened, all
of a sudden, you know, I started doing readings for
people all over the world and teaching classes and things
like that, and so people were joining in from all over.
So yeah, it's it's just as easy to do it
on zoom as it is in person. I'm thinking about
my sister who's a mermatologists and she can't go anywhere

and say that she's a dermatologist about someone being like,
what do you think of this mole? Like I imagine
that you're like if we're talking, like who do you
hear for me? You know, like do you get that
a lot? Like is that something you get? I do
get that, but I have Actually it's well, I should
say I get people that ask me that. But I'll
tell you it's a very strong ethical thing for mediums

that you do not read people without their permission, So
we turn ourselves off. I don't walk around reading people.
I don't walk around connecting to the spirit world. They're
very they respect the respectful of my boundaries, you know.
I'm just like, if if somebody in the spirit world
wants their loved one to get a reading, they will

arrange it so that loved one gets a session with
the medium and has the reading. I've never had a
reading done, um, but very much. I very much believe
in it and I think it's real. But you know,
it's it's so fascinating to me. But anyway, no shade
that you say, like you've never had it done, but
you do. There are people, I know, there's lots of
people that don't believe, and I'm very much okay that.

Like I said, for the first four years of my life,
I didn't really believe that it was I was like,
how could I know that information? There's no way, you know,
kind of always trying to get a scientific explanation when
I didn't have one. I was really stuck because I
was like, how can I do this work if I
don't know where the information is coming from, Like, it
doesn't make sense to me. So but I was raised

as a Catholic and so I just, you know, said
I'm going to put my faith out there and be like,
if this is what I'm supposed to do, lead the
way now. I had to have many many signs that
I pushed away and said no, no, until I finally said, okay,
I'm in. But yeah, and there's people that don't believe,
and that is okay. But one thing that I've learned

is it's not for me to prove to anybody. And
I had somebody today who I don't think was a
believer that came on pretty like frost armed and like
they didn't want to be there kind of thing. And
it was a short reading, a thirty minute reading within
ten minutes, this person's total demeanor changed and you could

see the healing that happened in that time, and it
was just amazing to get to be part of it.
You know, Okay, we're going to take a beat, go
have a sip of water, coffee, wine, or whatever you need,
and we'll be right back. So how does that healing

take place in this process? What are some of the
things that are healing for people, especially if they come in,
you know, crossed arms and very hesitant to engage. I
think that the thing is like when their loved one
gives information that there's no way I could know about,
it helps them drop the wall, like, yeah, oh there,
there's got to be something to this. There's no way

she could have known that, you know. And then when
they're one is saying things to them that are such
that there's so much love in in the conversation, in
the messages, and you know, talking about so this person
who came through in spirit today that I'm talking about
the client, the person that came through talked about what
he saw going on in the life of the person

that's still here in the physical world, and and talked
about that and what he saw and how proud of you,
was of the person and the things that they were doing,
and it was just it's you know, it's so healing
for the person to be like, yeah, they really are here,
like they see that happening in my life. And I
haven't talked to anybody else about that. So yeah. Wow,

I remember when we did our interview on my show
two years ago, you said that after death, everything is
just love. It is just love that exists with people
who are in spirit. Do you believe that love is infinite? Yes? Yeah,
And it's so funny that you bring that up because
actually the person who that I was talking just talking

about they came through in spirit, talked about they feel
nothing but love. They're they're not being judged. Um. They
weren't told to go sit somewhere until enough people prayed
for them. You know, it wasn't that, it was the
person said, I was accepted and loved immediately. Wow. That
was a beautiful message to hear too. But you know,

I think we all come into this world as love.
That's the source of what we are, and then all
the things that we learned pretty much right from the
get go are based in fear. So um, so that
kind of takes over and we have to like work
really hard to make decisions out of love versus fear
because it's so ingrained in us. But when we pass,

we go back to the source of what we are,
which is love, and that's eternal. Do you have a
love story to share? What's funny that you asked me
that because I was listening to your I think it
was a Memorial Day your Memorial Day podcast, and you
were talking about the Navy Seals. Yeah. So I'm writing
my memoir right now, and I just finished my two

chapters on my love story with a Navy Seal. Oh
my goodness, it's a small part of my book. I mean,
my my memoir is going to be more about how
I found my way into mediumship. But yeah, that was
my love story. Will you give us a little give
us a little sneak peek of what's in the memoir
about hot Navy seals? Um? You know, when you're dating

a Navy seal, you never know where they are or
when you're gonna hear from them again, And so I
think there was so much of that, like just waiting
to hear from him again, like when is he going
to pop back in you know, and him not being
able to share anything about where he's been or what
he's done kind of thing. But mine goes way back.
I'm going to date myself here because I was dating

this guy when we invaded Panama. Okay, yeah, a little history.
This is how my dad ended up teaching me to
read the cards because they had on the news all
over the news that we had invade a Ama, that
Navy seals went in, and I didn't know what was
going on, you know, with him, and I was a wreck.
And my dad said, I'm going to read the cards
for you. And I said, what do you mean, You're
going to read the cards for me? And he had

a deck of cards and he said, come sit next
to me, and he told me everything that was going
to happen. And I was just like, well, how do
you know this? And He's like, it's all on the cards.
So when this boyfriend came home from Panama, of course
he couldn't give me a lot of details or anything,
but he confirmed that everything my dad told me was accurate. Wow.

That's when I went back to my dad and said,
you need to show me how you did that. And
that's when I first learned how to read the cards. Luckily,
my dad was able to keep me from being overwhelmed
with worry during that time. What a loving thing to
do too. If people want to find you, where can
they find you on the internet to find out more
about what you do? Okay, So I have a website

Carol Cantrell dot com um, and I'm also on Facebook
and Instagram Carol Cantrell Virtual Medium. And you're still taking
clients virtually through zoom. I do I see people in person.
I've gone back to being in my studio so I
see people in person, but I also have clients from
all over the world. So still doing it the a
zoom as well. Yeah, that is amazing. Thank you so

very much for bringing this beautiful message of love to
us this week. It is such a pleasure to talk
to you again. Oh it's so good to see you again.
I really enjoyed it and it was very nice to
meet you, Alicia. I love talking to Carol and I
will make sure that we have a link to my
interview with her from two years ago if you want

to hear more from her. She's so fascinating and so kind.
There's like an air about her as soon as she
came out and I was like, oh, I'm like, calm, Yeah,
I don't know what. I don't often feel that way,
but I was like, I want you to do my
reading right now because I want to know. I trust you,
I believe in you. Yeah, she said, it's really cool. So, Alicia,
what is our love to go for today? I think

it's exactly what she said. I I too believe that
love is infinite and I love that. I love when
she said that we came, we come into the world
and love and it remains after we leave it. I
think that's just beautiful, and that what remains of us
is the mot the amount we love other people. Yeah,
that's that's a beautiful thought. I really love it, and
we would really love to know who you love. So

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researcher is Jesse Epstein. Our editor is Jen Jacobs. We
are produced by Abigail Steckler and Little Scorpion Studios, with
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We wish you a very infinite happily ever all we all.

I'm in love with all the eight Love lod sake
to A. I've good to see you should love, I'm
in love with you. I'm in love with you.
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