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April 7, 2022 16 mins

Paul Wall talks about his volunteer performances supporting the troops in this extra episode. Additionally, he talks about the healthy journey he has been embarking on with his wife. 

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Hey Money Movers, Welcome back to Money Moves, the daily
podcast determined to give you the keys to the Kingdom
of financial stability, wealth and abundance. Hey Money Movers, Welcome
to the Money Moves Podcast powered by Greenwood. Our next

guest is one of the most recognizable Southern rappers. He's
easily one of the most recognizable figures because of his grills,
but also for his music. He has been in the
industry for over twenty years and is still hustling to
this day. He recently released his latest studio album, Hall
of Fame Hustler in September. Shout out to the graphics
behind you on the screen. Mr Paul Wall, Welcome to

the Money Moves Show. What a dude. Thank you for
having me. Thank you for having me. Okay, so I'd
be remissed if we didn't talk a little bit about
your travel spirit because you mentioned your military family, and
I heard this crazy story that you form for US
troops in Afghanistan and recorded a record at some tiny
little military studio like please tell us the story. A

big shout out to all the military out of service
members worldwide. It's a tremendous sacrifice they make, especially when
they're deployed. It's a tremendous sacrifice to the families as well.
Imagine not seeing your your husband or your wife, or
your father and mother for eight months at a time,
and then when you do see him, it's for like
a couple of days and then they gotta go back.

It's a huge sacrifice. Um. And me not being a
member of the military, you know, it's like, well, how
can I contribute? And I remember always growing up watching
these comedians or actors or Elvis or somebody you know
going to Vietnam for the troops, And to me as
an entertainer, it was something that it was like, man,
if I ever get that opportunity, I'm gonna do it.

I've had a few, it's been about maybe seven, I
don't know, eight different trips we took to with the
U s O. Uh. Big salute to the USO for
putting this together. You know, it's an Patrick were uncomversated.
We're not paid to do this as volunteer, uh you know, um,
but to be able to go out there and to
meet these heroes and be face to face with them,
to give them a little resemblance of you know, normalcy

of life back home whatever. It's such a huge honor
and to have been able to do it in a
few different countries like you know, Baghdad, Kuwait, you know,
different parts of Africa that we're not supposed to mention
because it's supposed to be secret basis, or even Afghanistan,
we weren't allowed to mention a lot of that. Now
we can because it's not troops there. Um. But when

we went to uh Afghanistan, shout out to Julia Beverley,
she went as well. Um and DJ Small shout out
to DJ Smillsey came as well. When we went to Afghanistan,
we were there coincidentally during the deadliest month for American
troops in the entirety of the war in Afghanistan. So
it was a surreal point in time to be there

and you're you're performing on the boardwalk in Candahar and
you see helicopters, you know, making uh take off and
landing because they're dropping off soldiers who are injured or
picking up people and going out in the middle of
while war is going on in the active war zone
and I'm performing grills on stage. You know, it's a
very surreal moment. We got to go to Mazan Valley.

I think I'm saying right. I don't know. But the
Mason Valley, Uh, it's a little valley in between like
two big mountains. And then where like the at the
bottom point in the valley a base where there was
like twenty soldiers. No women were there. Julie Beverley was
the only woman there. I think she was the first
woman to ever have a step put on that base.
Actually there there's no electricity or running water, there's no bathroom.

The bathroom was a small PBC pipe in the ground
that you just aimed for. Uh. And if you had
to go number two, then you just go over there
on the side, away from everybody and put dirt on
it so it won't smell. Uh. You know. So we're there.
You know that they got these, you know, in four
grenade rocking launchers where they were like, hey see that
whole way up there in the mountain, that's where you

know the Taliban was hiding out and you know they're
they're gone now, but that's where they were. We had
to try to aim for him and shoot them with
these rocking launchers. You know, see if you can do it,
And they let us do it and we end up
with these giant bruises on our shoulders, like god, lie man,
this is what they do. Uh, And then you see,
you know, and it was it really actually was very
surreal because one of the escorts that was there was

from Fifth War in Houston, Texas, and he knew some
people that my wife family. You know, he knew my
my uncle through my marriage with my wife, he knew
he knew him, and it's just a small world. And
then you see two soldiers that are like, yeah, you know,
we're trying to have a rap career. And you're like, oh,
that's what's up. Yeah, we got a little studio over here,
and you're like, wait a minute, y'all don't even have electricity.
How do you have a studio? But some type of

way they had, you know, a computer and they had
some hardware, software whatever they needed to make it work.
It wasn't the best quality, but you know, it was
just so inspiring, uh to see this, and throughout my
many USO towards, I got to meet several people who
you know, inspire to be musicians or or many careers

outside of the military that they strived to be and
you meet them and they got these goals and these dreams,
and it's so inspirational when you see that there real
life heroes defending their country going out here to deploy
thousands of miles away from their home and countries with
the customs and language and weather. It's completely different than
what they grew up with, and they're still striving for

their goals. So when when we met these two artists
that were like, now we're trying to be rappers, I
was like saying, man, put up a beat, Man, let
me do a song with y'all. Man let me So,
you know, we we had very limited time because you know,
we got it. We could only be there for a
certain amount of time before they get to be a
danger because this is in the in the heart of
the war, where any American civilian is a huge trophy,

whether it be to be captured or killed or whatever,
it's a huge trophy for or the enemies of you know,
the troops were fighting. So we had a very limited
time before you know, I was starting to get a
little dangerous. We gotta leave. Uh. So the pressure was
on for me to come up with some bars real quick.
And I ain't you know, but I was you know,
I came up with a little verse I later real quick.
A matter of fact, me and Julia Beverley were talking

about this not too long ago, like and where are
these people now? So I don't even know their names.
I don't know what became of the song and the
verse any of that, but big shots out, big salute
to whoever those military service members were soldiers a whever
y'all a man, please reach out to me. Man, I
got number of respect man, and uh, I hope that

that would be crazy every now and then on occasion,
I'll be I remember I was in Minneapolis at this
club called the Myth and just I don't know where.
A soldier came up to me and he gave me
something that I still have to this day. I cherished, uh,
you know, one of his uh truth platoonmates. I don't
know the proper term, but somebody that was in his

immediate truth or tune was killed and he was his
best friend. Uh. And when he passed away, they I
guess they they give you a like an arm band.
It's like a metal arm band with their name and
I guess their birthday or something like that. And it
was something very memorable. But I had got to perform
for them in Iraq a few years prior, and he

I met him in you know and and uh Minneapolis,
and he was like, hey, I don't know if you remember,
you came like Iraq, he performed, you know, for the
troops and this is my my best friend who died.
I want to get us to you. I still got
it to this. I got a few uh mementos like
that that really like hit hard into your heart to
to know, like I really cherish these things that people

giving me over the years. So I got the utmost
respect for the for the military and the service members worldwide. Definitely,
big salutely shots out of number. I love y'all. Thank
y'all for everything you do. Wow, that's a beautiful story
because it just goes to show like if you love
what I do, you're passionate about what you do, like
the impact that you can have on people and not
it's that's a real honor. Wow. Thank you for sharing that.

Thank you for sharing that. Um Paul and not note,
I know you are a true family man. You talk
about your wife and your kids a lot on your
social media as well, and you and your wife have
a sort of shared vision now inspiring people to get
fit and live this healthy lifestyle. Uh, can you talk
a little bit about that and how you sort of
have merged that into the grill life, the rap industry life,

and how you guys said it on this journey. You
know a lot of it is just you know, ignorance
of what we're taught growing up coming from the South
from Texas. You know, you're talking, Oh that's a big boy,
he's gonna be a he's gonna be a big football player.
Oh yeah, man, makes you feed him good? You know,
clean your plate, makes sure you eat everything on your plate.
Are you're eating that healthy stuff? Are you gonna You're
gonna die if you eat that healthy stuff? And I

ain't even healthy. I'm a real man. You know, these
type of things that were talk like, you know, even
just eating meat, like you know, it's what's for dinner.
You know, all that's kind of like it's just if
you don't eat meat, then you're like less than a
man and you're weak. You're a weak human us. You know,
all these things that are pumping full of things that
we don't even know, steroids and all kind of other

you know, things that if we really knew when we
were eating we would not be eating it. Uh. And
you know, just being encouraged to be big and you know,
all your life is something that's like, man, when when
you you get to a certain age and you're like,
why are we encouraged to be fat? Why is it
not being thick and being fat? It's different being healthy.

And when I say fat, I don't mean big, I
mean like sloppy unhealthy. Like look, because I grew up
in a big family, we were all big, you know,
so being big with something that was kind of celebrated,
and if you were the skinny one in the family,
you know, you would look down on like, uh, you
know you're not You're intorextic, you know. So it's like
these things that you know, of course, we do want
to celebrate. We do want to have good body images

of ourselves. We don't want to be all the way depressed,
if you know, feeling. We want we want to be
able to be happy and comfortable in our own skin.
But the unhealthy aspect of it is something that it
gives confront aided with the body image, you know what
I'm saying. And the different customers that were talked especially
growing up in Texas where you know where I grew up.
That's just what we were talking. And when I'm I

went to California to record the album. This is around
like two thousand and ten when I really started getting healthy.
Now I was like three twenty. I'm I'm getting close
to pushing three fifty. I'm literally stepping. These are days
when I'm stepping on the scale and it's stopping because
I'm too big. I'm jamming the scale up and you know,
it's saying error on the scale like real talk. So

you know, I get to a point where I don't
know how much I wait because the scale don't wait
that much. You know what I'm saying, it's scared, don't
take that much. So I don't know how much I wait.
But you know those type of things where I'm on
the airplane, I gotta get the extensions. I'm about to
pass out on the airplane. There was so many times
when I was on stage feeling and thinking in my
mind literally thinking, am I about to have a heart

attack right now? Like man, is this is what the
headline gonna be? Power has a heart attack while he's performing,
sitting sideways like man, so when you're feeling that, it's like, man,
I got to do something, and uh, you know when
you take it upon yourself just to to make a
change in your life to be healthy, uh for the better.
And you know, it's something that I took that I

made that change and never looked back. Uh. And it
was definitely an uphill battle. It was something that it
took a complete family, uh commitment. All of us had
to make their commitment just for you, but it's for
your family, your wife, your kids. Like as you said,
like you, I gotta stay around. I gotta stick a
right right well, and especially having kids, I gotta teach

my kids these healthy habits when they're young adolescent age,
so that the habits will stick with them their whole life,
you know, so that they'll think later on in life.
You know what, I'm full of time to stop eating
where I was taught, don't matage you fool. The still
food on your plate, you better eat it because we
might have had nothing to eat for the next You
better eat everything now. And you need story. Uh yeah,

you know, it's just you know that commitment is something
that you know. Of course I feel better and even
you losing weight, I always joke about being, you know,
out of all because we all, you know, my era
of Texas Rappers, we all kind of took it upon
ourselves to get a little healthy from you know, slim thugs,
zero scarface. Uh, you know, Mike Jones everybody, And I
always joke with him about, Man, I'm still I'm the skinniest.

I'm a skinny one, but I'm still the fat one
out the group, all of us. I'm still the fat
one out of the group. Like, how did that happen?
I'm the first one to lose weight and I'm still fat, man.
But that's the mindset to They go hand in hand.
Like success in our lives includes being healthy. It includes
like success in our bank accounts, and they go hand

in hand, and that's how we can truly strive to
leave the best life I've earned. Yeah, definitely, definitely. You know,
a healthy mind will definitely help you and everything else.
And it's you know, some of the some of these
things that you know, companies put in food, they have
adverse side effects on our ment, so health and our

well being that we don't even understand or realize at all.
I think one of the most common ones that people
talk about although I think it might be overblown a
little bit, people like kind of put too much on
it is the floride in the water, But they say, oh,
they put floride in the drinking water so that they
can control you. Now, that's something a lot of us
might have heard before. Whether you believe it or not,

you might have heard that. Well, just that's just an example.
You think about all the things that they just put
into food or even water, drinking water. There's unhealthy drinking
water out there for you, just bottled up and solding
stores and you don't even realize it's unhealthy for you.
And you think about what lotions we put on our bodies,
or shampoos or soap or skincare, all these type of things.

There's there's an ingredients in some of these things that
have really bad effects on us. And how are we
to know? Like, how can I even if you google
or you look at the back of something, you see
the ingredients. I can't even pronounce these words. How do
I know if it's good or bad for you? I
don't know. And then if you go to the next one,
they got bad stuff to all the stuff too. Then

you go to the organic one the healthy ones and
they still got you know, twenty ingredients that you can't
pronounce and you don't know what it is. And it's like,
we'll say healthy, all natural, How do I know if
it's good for you not? You don't know. So it
is a very it's very challenging and uh, you can
hit a while sometimes where you're like, man, I'm I'm
trying out of this. Man. Just take me to popefies. Man,

take me, you know, or at least I know I'm
gonna get something I want to eat. You know. Now
it might make you feel bad later, it might not,
but this is, you know, this is that that the
health journey where you want to you know, you want
to be health conscious and aware of what you're putting
in your body one way another Well, we appreciate you
bringing that message to so many people and your music

and all that you're doing for your community as well.
It's been such a pleasure having you join us today. Paul.
Please please please tell people how they can reach you
on social media, Where to find your album, where to
get a grill, all of the all of the above.
Hit up at Paul Wall Baby, Paul Baby, that's my
social media for basically all my handles other than TikTok.

That's Paul Baby seven one three, you know what I'm saying.
But and it's my new album right here in the
backgrounds called Hall of Fame Hustler. You can get that.
Anyway you listen to any music is gonna be right
there waiting on you, sitting on nice waiting on you.
You know what I'm saying that heat hellp hey and
uh shout out to my boy Johnny Dang. Anybody want
any jrewelor any Drewy or grills at all, they can
of course you can hit me up, but I suggest
you hit up Johnny Dang Johnny Dang and Co. That's

the Instagram handle all that. Uh and you can go
to the website to Johnny Dang and Company dot com
and check us out already. Thank you for having me.
It's a true pleasure and honor to be here, which you.
Thank you, Oh my gosh, thank you so much for
joining us today. It has been such a pleasure. We
love hearing your stories and hearing your music, so we
hope that people get to streaming get too, fine and

thank you so much. Yeah, thank you for having me.
Money Movers, and make sure you follow Paul and all
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listen to his new album Hall of Fame Hustlers out
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