The Truthiest Life

The Truthiest Life

In the age of social media, filters, and highlight reels, we work tirelessly to make sure no one sees our cracks, faults, and the messy moments. But what if we let our human show? What if instead, we strived for unconditional vulnerability? Only then could we stay soft in life’s hardest moments and show up as our TRUE selves – the version of us the world needs. On The Truthiest Life, host Lisa Hayim shares tips, tools, and conversations that will leave you inspired and ready to live your own truthiest life.


June 30, 2023 56 mins

For my 35th birthday, I wanted to bring you something different. Share a part of myself you’ve probably never seen before — which is me when I’m with my best friends. Geri has been my best friend for 25 years, and when she met Lulu, her wife, I gained another best friend.  I always understand myself better after being with them — this convo will have you laughing, thinking in new ways about all things life, relationships, and socia...

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Carolyn Brown, MS, RD, is back on TTL to share about her latest venture as a nomad — traveling across the globe while taking her business (and clients) with her. 


She spills:

* Why you’re only a few choices away from a different life

* Indigo Health: the business she co-created with her sister and the impact they’re making on women’s health

* Unpopular opinions: why she’s no longer afraid to speak them

* Bloating: when it’s...

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Samantha Spills:

  • How she grew their homemade cookie company into a multimillion-dollar company without investors or raising outside money 
  • Why their unique approach to “profits” allowed them to build a business from their heart
  • Value Clarification: how staying close to your values can help you build your unique business
  • Why they eventually sold to the largest bakery business in the world, the pleasant surprises that came ...
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Jessica Stone is a channel, Reiki Master, and teacher in all things tarot and expanding your human potential. She’s MAGICAL, and Lisa’s go-to “card puller” when everything feels uncertain and she needs to reconnect with her subconscious self.  


This conversation is energetically powerful – so buckle up! 


Jess spills:

  • Tarot Cards: how tapping into our intuition works
  • How her childhood trauma was the gateway to channe...
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Natalia Rachel is the founder of Iluma Health and author of “Why am I Like This?” As a therapist, she believes that the root of healing the world begins with healing our own trauma.  


Natalia spills:

- The impact trauma has on our relationships and how we take in the world 

- Why trauma isn’t about what happened but rather how it’s left “unmetabolized” by our bodies

- Missed symptoms of having “less easy to spot” trauma

- H...

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Lisa is back from hosting her first retreat- aka, the METREAT. She brought 20+ people to Guatemala for a once in a lifetime experience– no lie! In the first hour a volcano erupted causing an emergency evacuation and “plan b” to go into effect. Just like that, her 50 page “run of show” handbook went up in flames and the direction of the METREAT was out of her control. But, somehow, it all worked out magically!  


Lisa spills:

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Today’s podcast is pulled from The Ode To Joy Podcast, hosted by Elena Box. This episode features guest Hana Rakshani, Somatic Movement Artist, who shares brilliant tools for releasing emotion through movement. This episode leaves you better in touch with your own body, and provide life long tools for your own emotional release that feel REALLY GOOD! 


Follow Elena on Instagram:


Check out ...

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Charlotte Watts is one of Lisa’s favorite people to learn from. She’s currently learning yoga somatics with her.


Self Touch! It’s been there all along as a FREE and easy way to find mind-body connection when it otherwise goes out the window.  In this episode, Charlotte and Leonie share the science behind why self touch helps us connect to self – and other– in a way words simply cannot. 

For More listen to Charlotte Watts Calm:...

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Lisa is sharing one of her favorite podcasts and podcast episodes, hosted by the people that have made the biggest impact on her this past year: Colleen Saidman and Rodney Yee. While these two are “yoga celebs” to many people in the world, they’re just  “yoga mom and dad” to Lisa. Their humility and ability to translate life into spoken word has massively impacted Lisa on every level. In this episode, the husband and wife duo get i...

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April 28, 2023 40 mins

In this LL, Lisa comes on to discuss “Is Happiness a Choice?”- what the experts say, and her recent findings of her expanded definition of “happiness”.


She spills:

  • The METREAT- why she created it and what her participants can expect in Guatemala next week!
  • What “happiness” means beyond smiles
  • The building blocks of happiness- and why so many of us are “not happy”
  • ...
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In honor of this episode airing a year ago, we decided to replay this for those who missed it!


In this second part, we learn about DOS, the sex cult within NXIUM. how it came to be, and the manipulating ways Sylvie got roped in. We learn how she met her husband, and Keith’s “rules” she had to follow, what her family thought, and how it eventually all fell apart. 

Content warning: Sexual abuse 


Sylvie Lloyd is now a mother ...

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Hi everyone. Lisa here introducing this episode with a personal life update. Thank you for your continued support and understanding that sometimes surrendering over pushing through is the only way out. big hugs!  xx, Lisa


In this first part of Surviving a Sex Cult ft. Sylvie Lloyd, we learn about the “cult” called NXIUM: how Sylvie got involved, her first introduction to Keith, and how her reality was warped by his “teachings”....

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Dr. Jolene Brighten is a board-certified naturopathic endocrinologist, clinical sexologist, and prominent leader in women’s medicine. Most importantly, she’s a FIERCE advocate for patients dedicating her life to uncovering the root cause of imbalances. You’ll leave this episode empowered, more connected to your body, and proud of a lot of the things you thought were “not normal.” Her latest book, “Is it Normal?” is out now! 



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In this month’s Lisa Lately, Lisa takes a layer off and finds freedom through her transformation. 


<<thank you to my listeners for being here for the journey, for providing space for me to be, explore, shift, and step up.  This is all for you >>


Lisa shares:

  • How tiny shifts ended up accidentally leading to a massive shift in her life

  • Read more
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Lisa’s lifelong friend Shayna, an avid TTL listener, shares her story of battling (and beating!) breast cancer after a diagnosis at age 30. 


Shayna spills: 

  • The importance of advocating for yourself and knowing your body
  • The surprising reason why losing her hair was one of the hardest parts 
  • Her and her husband’s approach to keeping things “normal”
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Emily and Jen were childhood friends, forming a bond over the chaos within their individual homes. They both found it challenging to fit in within their families and peer groups, and coped with their undiagnosed depression, anxiety, and big feelings by using self-harm. 


Now, they’re licensed therapists, and they’ve reconnected to provide the exact tools they wish they had.


They spill:

  • Self Harm: wh...
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In this episode, Craig spills:

  • What fascia is, where it lives, and why many don’t understand it
  • “MYOFASCIAL RELEASE THERAPY” - the history and reasoning behind the John Barnes Method
  • The relationship between our trauma and our fascia
  • How fascia restrictions lead to pain - and what we can do about it
  • The difference between MFR a...
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Lisa’s Midwife, Yuen from TLC Midwifery, talks about birth in the most empowering and refreshing way — leaving fear and judgment behind no matter how and where you choose to give birth. Yuen has had a massive impact on Lisa — opening her eyes to what healthcare is capable of when compassion is prioritized.


Yuen Spills:

- What midwifery is and what it isn’t

- The difference between a midwife and a doula

- How doctors and midw...

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Hi friends! This episode is a ramble from the heart during a time that i’m making major shifts to recalibrate and show up as the version of me that’s been in hiding.


I spill:

  • Why I’m ditching verbal disclaimers
  • The old traumas that learning new things bring up
  • The power of the yoga poses to help us OFF the mat 
  • How I’m dealing with pregnancy a...
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Jennie Monness is a Parent/Child Educator, Play Expert RIE® Intern, Columbia grad in Psychology & Early Childhood, founder of Mo’ Mommies, and co-founder of Union Square Play


Jennie Spills:

  • How to F the timelines and instead lean into child-led readiness
  • The value of milestones as a guide vs. rules
  • How to choose toys and activities that engage vs. entertain
  • ...
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