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August 17, 2020 23 mins

Kate Middleton‘s younger sister was concerned Meghan’s presence at her wedding would steal focus, Kanye West shades Taylor Swift with a touchy subject, Ewan McGregor has to give his ex-wife half of the multi-million fortune! Rob is joined by Garrett Vogel from Elvis Duran and the Morning Show with all the scoop.

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Speaker 1 (00:08):
Advice, shoot spell. Welcome to the Not Even Nice Show.
It's the start of a freshman week Monday, lots the
gossip of bat and joining us is our friend Garrett
vocal from See one hundred Garrett, Are you there? Hello?
Rob Shooter? Hello, my friend A little Birdie tells me
you're at the Jersey shore. Oh yeah, you know what

how to get out? You know we've been we've been
quarantining for so long. And then my five year old said, listen, Dad,
I gotta get out of here. All right. If you
don't get me out of here, I'm gonna sue you.
And I've never been sued by a five year old,
but uh, you know, I just I don't have time
for a lawsuit. So, uh, you know, we're do a
typical Jersey thing. You're you rent a house for the

summer or a few for a week. That what we're doing,
and you know, go to the beach and have some fun.
So you should get out, Rob, come down and come down,
come sweet of you castle. Oh can I be snooky? Hudson,
don't soon be? Okay, what time is it it is?
I'm so this is a big story. Pipper Middleton did
not want to invite Megan Markle to her wedding. That

sounds harsh, doesn't it, But let me explain. So back
in May two thousand and seventeen, Kate Middleton's younger sister,
Pipper was marrying a very handsome and very wealthy gentleman.
These girls marry well, don't they. So she married a
gentleman calls James Matthews. Much of the royal family did
attend the wedding, with one notable exception Megan Marcles. She

was not there. She was dating Harry at the time,
they were not married. In the new book Finding Freedom,
which I've been pouring over people and her mother I
love this book, Pipper and her mother, Carol Middleton were
concerned that Megan's presence at the wedding would take attention
away from the bride and overshadow the main event. So

at the moment that this was happening, it's still true today,
but certainly back then she just started Today Harry, the
world's press was following her around. Had she gone to
the wedding, it would have been all about Megan. To
make things even worse, Just hours before Pipper was going
to walk down the aisle, the Sun newspaper, which is
a massive newspaper in Britain, ran the headline Megan versus Pipper,

the wedding of the rears and Harry we're going to
get together. Well, I think we wanted them to go
to but we wanted them to so. Pipper is very
famous for that bottom that she displayed at Kate's wedding,
and Megan has a lovely bum too, so the British
papers went nuts about this. In the end, Pipper did

invite Megan. She did the right thing and get this,
get this, Megan did the right thing too. Megan, after
that headline, discreetly decided she wouldn't go to the church ceremony,
but instead she will discreetly or she did discreetly join
them at the reception. She was staying in an airb
and B by the you, yes, Megan was an AIRBBB.

She decided to wear a very unflashy black dress. That's
smart to take it down a notch. She even did
her own makeup. So Harry he went to the wedding
and then he jumped in his car swung by the Airbnb,
picked up Megan and then they both headed back to
the reception together lots of questions about this. First of all,
did you have to invite anybody to your wedding that

you didn't really want to invite? Oh? Of course, And
especially going off this story, is you know if you
were just dating someone. I had a friend just started
dating someone, like, you know, a couple of weeks in
and she's going to work. How do or not? It's
exactly an he asked for a plus one. You can't
ask the people for the like I don't know you
like I know you. But what did she get? It

was what? No? It was too it was too late. No, no,
no was good. He didn't understand because he was young
and naive, you know what I mean. But how about you?
Did you have to invite you there's someone you didn't
want to ship, be careful because they might be listening
to the show. I decided, Bruce and I decided that
would have a couple of rules at the wedding. It
would only be people were really wanted there. So it

was a very small wedding. It's only sixty guests. Where
do you think about it is only thirty each, and
with plus ones it's fifteen each. We only had fifteen each.
The other rule we had is no celebrities. So Bruce
knows a lot more celebrities than I do. I know
a few, but I didn't want them there. Neither did Bruce,
because they always steal focus. It's always about them. They
can't help themselves, and so I just didn't want anybody

to sort of steal my day. So I'm with Pepper
on this one. And so we did have to invite
a couple of people. Guess this, this is such good
look though. Fortunately, I think there's two people that I
didn't really want to invite. They couldn't make it. That's
the chance. That's always the gamble though, when you put out,
because once you put out the invite, like running back,

you can't take back. When I was working at VH one,
we were sort of forced to go to a wedding
to somebody at the show was getting married. We had
only met for like six weeks. The show had been
early on for like six months, and we all pretended
to be best friends on camera. Some of us were me,
Mimry were and the rest of us knew each other,
We liked each other. She invited like the entire crew,

and I think it was because she didn't have many
real friends. So the wedding was full of sort of
these faux showbiz type friends. And I was I wasn't
this huge wedding and I wasn't going to go. And
then I sort of got told by v H one
that I had to sort of go. I was gonna, yeah,
I know, I know, I was going to take us
out of town, but I had to go to the wedding.

And then I was like, you know what, I don't
like this person, but it's her big day. Don't be
that guy. Go and smile. I didn't spend long there.
I didn't, you know, go to the after parties and
all that. When I sat there, my rubber chicken, I
capped for the first dance. Why can't we update it?
You know, we've updated everything in the world, everything in
the world, except the same dinners that wedding chicken fish.

Very interesting, It's very interesting. My friend worked for Gourmey.
My friend Taren, and I asked her she knows a
lot about food. Why is the food bad at weddings?
And she said it is impossible for any kitchen in
the world, good quitchen to serve more than about thirty
or forty people in one sitting. So when you get
to a fancy restaurant, the reason your your reservation time
is staggered is the kitchen can't actually produce high quality

food in that volume. It's impossible be delicious when it wouldn't.
This brings us to our pole question of the day.
So Peper didn't want to invite Megan to her wedding?
Did you? Did you invite somebody to your wedding you
didn't really want there? Yes? Or no? Let me know

on our Twitter of page at Naughty Nights. Leave a
comment on our Facebook page. There's gonna be good comments
on this. I she has a check back tomorrow to
hear your results. What's going on again with Taylor? Oh well,
it's not so much Taylor Swift. It's Kanye West. You
know he you know, he's getting into uh, trying to
get into presidential shape. So what do you do? You

tweet a lot? You know, that's what that's what you
want to litiuately. I think you're right, that's what you
do now. Yes, So over the weekend he tweeted over
forty times, just ridiculousness of everything of from from his gap.
You know, collaboration too, shooes to not using a snake
emoji now. He said, I'm not going to use a
snake emoji for obvious reasons. He called out out bol

and he said, I'm not sure if Christians are allowed
to use snake emojis. Now, if you think about it,
it goes back to the Taylor Swift Kanye West feud.
You know when when Kim and Kanye uh recorded Taylor
on the phone and Kanye was making a song and
then it got called out and then Taylor you snakes
and her songs and on her part to Kim called

Taylor a snake first or used the snake emoji first,
and then Taylor ran with it. So they're going back
to this snake thing. Oh, Kanye, here here, here's the thing.
Taylor has has quietly just surpassed him. I think not
maybe not on the money side, because as we know,
Kanye is close to a billionaire, but she put out
good music, number one album in the country three weeks.

Three weeks. It's been one when Kanye was supposed to
be putting out an album himself. Uh. You know, she's
speaking out against the president right now, and you know
she she's doing everything quietly but powerfully well. Kanye is
more on the the whining side, you know what. I think,
You're right. He looks silly here, like I'm tell him

to stop it. I do think though, she's made a
very strategic move to choose to sort of ignore him
and actually aim a little higher. So we don't talk
about politics on this show. I get it's a gossip show.
But what Taylor has done that we should mention is
that instead of taking a jab at Kanye, she's gone
right to the top and she's basically told her her
fans and people that follow her that we need to

change the president of the United States, who we do know,
Kanye admires a great deal. So I think in her
own way, in a real smart way, Taylor's like, you
want to mess with me, Kanye, I'll go to the top.
I don't need to be messing with you. I hope
Taylor doesn't respond to this. I hope Kim doesn't get
involved in this. Can get involved, you know that, But

he doesn't. Kim really replaced with him at the moment,
because going on, She's got a lot going on. They
worried about their brand. If Kanye's brand does go down
he's alienated a lot of people. Is he going to
drag him down with him? It's just a wild story,
isn't it. Moving along to wild stories? Even McGregor, who
we love from Trained Spotting originally, but Star Wars two

has agreed to give his ex wife half of his
multimillion dollar fortune and I know, including royalties from the
blockbuster Star Wars movie. So these two, but he is too,
so like, you know, part of me here is like,
oh gosh, can you imagine having to split this book?

They were together. I do believe in that, Like, if
you're a couple, you're a couple. Let's remind everybody too.
He it all fell apart after he was spotted kissing
a co star that was not his wife. So this
is the numbers. Get your head. I love that movie.
I get your head around this. So spousal support is
just over thirty five thousand a month, and child supports

about fifteen thousand a month. What do you do with
fifty thousand dollars a month? I don't know, but I'm figuring,
let's go find a movie star figure this out. How
are you little controversial? Maybe? How are you about splitting money?
You and your wife. Are a team. You've been down
the right, down the middle. Your mind, mine is yours.

You know I'm not going out buying Lamborghinis or anything
like that, but you know it's it's all one household
under one roof. Why not? I agree? And we're a team.
So like Bruce makes a lot more money than me,
maybe I'd have a different view if I made more
money than him, I don't think I would. Now, we're
a team, and what we made together at the same
time is ours. And if we're silly enough to decide

that that isn't working. I say silly because Bruce and
I worked pretty well together. But I think we split
things fifty fifty. I'm all for this, good good, good
for her. I just think like some people are really
angry that she's getting this much money. But I don't
think this is about the dollar figure. Justifying fifty tho
dollars a month it's hard to do because that's an
enormous amount of money, But it's not about that. It

is about you were a team. You built this together,
and if you play Monopoly together, you split everything together.
It's a team, or you go straight to jail and
don't don't collect two D don't let's go. You make
a very good point. What's happening with the reality stone
Stassi shoulder? You know her from the vander Pump Rules, right,
So she was fired back in June, just as many

people were on Bravo for some past you know, remarks,
some racist and actions that were reserviced. But here's the thing,
so you know, she's still friends with everybody on the show,
and I guess they started to do a little private
getaway as friends. So it's it's it got me thinking
like does this mean she's back on the show or
she's just still hanging out with friends? And they put

they put out this cryptic like tweet with with the
caption on Instagram the boys are back. So does that
mean are they back together as friends? Are they back
together on the show? Not on the show. She's not
on the show. She will never be back on a
brother show. Once you get fired for being a racist,
it is very hard to recover from that. Let's remember

the bar is pretty low on Bravo. Like, we've had
criminals and I think that Luanne allegedly did black face
when she dressed up as Diana Ross. Teresa has been
to jail. You know, we've had we've had some real
characters on Bravo people. A brother tell me it is
about flawed individuals. That's what makes great reality TV. So

I get that none of them are saints. However, wouldce
you are accused and convicted by your own network of
being a racist? We can all say I don't think
she was, or it was a mistake because she needs
a second chance. We can all think that. However, the
only person that matters here is the company, Bravo. Bravo
decided she had crossed the lion. Now that will be

with her forever. Will she be able to get a
job with another network? I don't think she will. I
don't think are people to like clean the internet for you,
like connects when you have to do with that. Let's
you remember, you know Honey Booboo's mother June. She got
fired by TLC for I think like really serious accusations,

including drug abuse. We TV hired her, so there is
a comeback from lots of bad behavior. Wouldn't you have
been labeled a racist? Really? What do you do after that?
I mean, well, I don't know. Rob Shooter as a
former publicist, let me ask you like, I love the
term everyone loves a comeback story? Is it true that
the world loves a comeback story? So let's take Stasi

for a second. Yes, would people love a comeback story?
Given she's not, you know, as as big as you
know she's right right right, I mean she's she's a
minor reality start. People are gonna be angry with that too.
But she's not a real housewive. I remember I saw her.
I saw her down town. She was coming out of
US Weekly and I was going in. Nobody recognized her,
like she was a pretty girl, but nobody. Now I've

seen other people walk in and out that building, and
the doorman and the security to go crazy. Stacey's like, oh,
was she on? Was she on a reality show? Was
she on blow to Chef? Yeah, she's like that, I
think the follower right now, But I don't know about
this one. You could come back from a lot in America,
you really can. America loves to come back with very forgiving.
Wouldn't She've been labeled a racist by the network that

hired you. Remember what they've basically said is she is
so racist we can no longer have a work for us,
which is what they said when they fired out. Had
they censored her or told her off or put her
in a time out, then maybe she could have bounced back.
But wouldn't you get fired from Bravo for being a racist?
I don't know if there's any coming back from that.

What do you think about people hanging out there forget
reality stars? Think of your life. Have you got that
person that left your job or your office and they
keep coming back? I think it might yeah, my life. Yeah,
of course they're like, it's hard to move on. Of course,
very hard to move on, especially if you've had a
job for years. I remember when I left being a publicist,
and every time I walked past my old office in Midtown,

I sort of wanted to go in and say hello,
and then I realized actually did once. It was pathetic
and it completely changed. It wasn't there anymore. It's like
if you go back and see your child as freshman
year of college, right, But if you if you go
back to your old neighborhood, they've changed the headge or
there's a new front door and you feel angry about it,
but not your front door anymore. You've gotta you gotta
move on. I think I think this one's all goo

end up quite sad for Stassy. Maybe not, but I
think it is okay. We're gonna take a quick break.
We will be right back. Welcome back. Because I'm not
a nice show. I'm robbed. Shoot her with my friend
Garrett Voguel Garrett. Let's get to the polls very official.
So on a last show, we talked about Miley Cyrus

breaking up with Cody Simpson. They've officially called it quits
the same day she has music coming out. I love
a good love story. I know we talked about that.
Isn't that wild? So do you think she rushed into fast?
Let's remember she broke up with Liam, she had a
fling with a lady, and then jumped in with the
Cody and they're over too fast? Said, yes, what do

you think Garrett after a breakup? Should you after a divorce?
Should you take a little time out? What do you think?
A little tight out? And and I think you know,
if I was Cody Samp and be like, oh, this
is amazing, but not I would also have my blinders
off and realized and the rebound guy, like the rebound.
Our friend Nicky Gostin, who's now at page six, but
she sometimes fills in if one of the regular hosts

are not around. Nick is a straight Ian. Nicky told
me Code has actually got himself in a lot of
trouble because he makes his money in Australia. In Australia,
he's a star, not so much here in New York
in the pandemic. But it's not he's not a superstar.
In Australia, he's a star because the King and Queen
and the royal family of Australia are the Hemsworth's looks

like they're Australian too, so this is not good for him.
Let's have look at some comments here on Facebook. Brie, Hello, Brie, Hey, Brie, Miles, Miles,
Our little friend Myles is doing a Conquering c HD
walk on September nine. You want to sponsor him and
the family. There's a Lincoln Daughdy gossip dot Com. Brie
says the following, You've gotta do what feels good, Brian,
I'm with you. There's no rules here. Jordan, Hello, Jordan's

I'm looking this. Jordan put up a picture of her
and friends who think it's Naylor and Lauren Wade. I
don't know how I got so lucky to have the girls,
these girls in my life. But I'm so glad we did.
I love that the pictures lovely. Let's say what Jordan
has to say. The best way to get over somebody
is to get under somebody. Can you explain that to me?

Like I'm not among the little I'll draw a picture
after the show. And Liz, Hello, Liz, Oh, Liz. Liz
has the most luscious red hair I've ever seen. And
I think this is a picture of chickens as your
profile picture. Very very nice. She just put your hair there.
It's gorgeous. So I hope I don't get yelled at
by Rob. We don't yell here Liz for posting this.
But oh, after you've all listened to the naughtiness, thank you.

Get caught up on Call Her Daddy podcast episode ninety two,
Miley does a sit down into you. It's a good
one too. I don't forget to vote on today's pole.
Did you invite someone to your wedding you didn't want there?
Did you have to invite somebody from work? A relative?
Let me know. You can go to our Twitter page
at Naughty Nice Robber, our Facebook page Naughty Gossip to
leave a comment and be sure to check back tomorrow

to hear your results. Garrett, Who's the nicest of the day,
Near and dear to my heart. We've talked about her
a ton of times recently, Kelly Clarkson all, I love
her as we know she is, you know, separated from
her husband, Brandon Blackstock. They got a divorce during quarantine,
and Kelly has been super busy. I mean she's up
for Emmy's, She's filling in for Simons. So over last

week I believe this happened. A guide on Twitter decided
to go now Kelly is taking Simon's place. No wonder
her marriage didn't work. This is what the guy wrote, Surprise, surprise,
she has time for her kids. Not the good old
country girl we all fell in love with. It's all
about Kelly being on TV. No one else, no tears
for her but her kids. That's that's a little rough,

you know, that's right. If I if I would see
that on my feet, I would just be like, well,
I'm gonna shut down Instagram or Twitter for the day.
But here's what Kelly said. So Kelly responded, which is
which is interesting. So she goes Wow, shaming a woman
who has a great work ethic, is a great mom,
and who steps up and fills in for a friend

when asks for a favorite, because that's actually what a
good old country girl does. This can't this can't be
who you are. Deep down. I have more faith in
your heart name high please that is you know that?
That's a really nice talking about taking Yeah, we're talking
about taking in the high road. You can't get any
higher than that, pretty much, Kelly? Do you clap back

when people come at you on Twitter or social media? Gus?
It depends Like it's like when you accuse me of
being bad or just assuming something without like you know,
like you go this way, you leaned this way in
in in politics of course, and like someone told me

the other day, I stopped listening to you because you talk.
I'm like, I have not mentioned a word of left
or right, and you just assumed it and and and go.
It's a shame because you haven't been listening. But you've
been following me for four years, so you know, how
about do you get a lot of that? I don't
pay attention to it. I'm really good with hate because
I've had so much of it, Like I'm so defense.

Did I feel bad for me? I'm so defended. My
walls are up that I don't get. But I've got
to say I can pretty much ignore the hate, but
I can also ignore the praise. Like I'm pretty stable,
I'm a stable genius. I might say, No, I'm just
I'm pretty. And now I don't clap bag whenever I do,
I regret it. No, I really don't. I don't get

involved in it's never worked out for me. Yeah, and
I sort of too. This is what I do, and
I do it well, and I love doing it, but
it's not who I am. It's a part of my life.
I love it in the mornings. I love talking with
well our friends, and I love one on one having conversations.
I'm a nosy person, but I'm not that affected. I'm
really not. I know who I am. I don't need

other people's opinions to tell me that, which actually brings
us to a moment's off. Rob you gotta rob, you
get a robber, gotta skip the naughty today because this
ties in so perfectly, Beyonce said the following, your self
worth is determined by you. You don't have to depend
on someone tell you who you are. So back to
the question, Queen, I believe that I know who I am.

It took me a long time to find him and
to get to like him and to get to love him.
But I'm very comfortable in my own skin and that
allows me to ignore the noise. So Misbi, you are
the winner. That's it for today. We ran out of time.
Thank you, guarantee, Thank you for listening to the naught
even Eyes with Rob show, a production of I Heart Radio.

Don't forget to subscribe on the I Heart Radio amp,
Apple pod Castle, wherever you listen. Okay, you can even
leave Garrett a review. I need the satisfaction, oh my god,
because Gart doesn't listen to a word of Beyonce. He
needs His whole existence depends on what you self worth.

So leave Garrett. I remember, if you're got a bit
to be nice, take care of everybody. It's not even
nice with Bro
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