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Rebel Wilson has now named names, pointing the finger squarely at Sacha Baron Cohen. Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce were captured sharing tender moments, including passionate kisses, during their romantic vacation on the Bahamas' Harbour Island. Amid Kate Middleton's ongoing battle with cancer, the Duchess and Duke of Cambridge, accompanied by their three children, have sought solace at their vacation home.

Rob’s best pal Delaina Dixon from DivaGalsDaily's joins him today. Don't forget to vote in today's poll on Twitter at @naughtynicerob or in our Facebook group.

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Speaker 1 (00:08):
Sable Advice Shooters.

Speaker 2 (00:14):
Welcome to the not even nishaw. I'm your host from
Shooter and it's Tuesday, which means our dear friend Miss
d joins us.

Speaker 3 (00:21):
Hey, Layna, are you there?

Speaker 1 (00:23):
Of course I am. It's Tuesday, my favorite day of
the week, everyone's favorite day of the week.

Speaker 3 (00:29):

Speaker 1 (00:30):
I love being here with you, Rob on a Tuesday.

Speaker 3 (00:33):
We're lucky to have you. And you've been traveling. Mister.

Speaker 2 (00:36):
You were at the Oscars, you were back home with
your family. Now you're back in New York City.

Speaker 1 (00:42):
I am back in New York and listen, the first
thing I did was pull out my calendar and see
when I could see my mister Shooter. So we've got
some theater dates and dinners and drinks plan happy hour
at Botinos. Here we come. I cannot wait.

Speaker 2 (00:59):
I can't wait either. Okay, let's jump into the show.
What time is it, my friends? It is tea times
to have a big explosive story. At the top of
the show, Rebel Wilson has exposed the a list a
hole who allegedly has been trying to stop her memoir
from coming out. So Rebel is not mincing words. So
after she hinted that a massive a hole is trying

to stop her new memoir, Rebel Rising, from coming out.
The actress has named names, pointing the finger at are
you ready of all the people she's worked with, mister
Sasha Baron Cohen, that was not a name that was
on my bingo card. So now in a deleted Instagram

story that tells you a lot. She's deleted this story.
The star claimed quote, I wrote about an a hole
in my book, now said a hole is trying to
threaten me. She went on to reveal that it is,
in fact, it is in fact Sasha Baron Cohen, and
that she alleges that he has resorted to hiring a

crisis pr manager and lawyers to prevent all the negative
press from the book from surfacing. But she did say, mister,
the book will come out and you all will know
the truth. Now he has denied this, calling all her
accusations demonstrously false. He did not do this, is what

he is saying. A couple of questions, mister, one, are
you surprised that it is him? And two do you
believe him?

Speaker 1 (02:36):
Well, it's very interesting because he's fiercely private about his life.
We really don't hear much about what's going on in
this personal world, keeps it under wraps. So this is
so fascinating. Look, it's a memoir. A memoir is a
point of view. So while the other person might have
thought they were just being normal, you may feel a

certain way about the experience you had with them. Do
I think that he tried to stop it? There's nothing
wrong with a person when you are a celebrity of
looking and looking out for themselves and maybe hiring a
PR manager. But what's interesting is he denies that he
got one, not the fact that he's an a hole.

So that's what's so interesting. But if a person, usually
as we've said before, vehemently denies that they've done something,
usually they kind of skirt around the issue. So they're
not saying no, but the fact that he's saying, I
did not hire a PR crisis management to handle this.
As we know, sometimes keeping your mouth shut is the
best thing to do. You don't say anything. It lasts

for twenty four hours and it's over.

Speaker 2 (03:43):
That's good advice, misterie. If you're listening, loolo. It's interesting
because when you do write these tell old books, which
let me be clear about I love.

Speaker 3 (03:50):
I love all these memoirs.

Speaker 2 (03:51):
Oh, I love them.

Speaker 3 (03:53):
I pour through them.

Speaker 2 (03:54):
I want Jennifer Anderston to write one, I really do,
and maybe Julia Roberts.

Speaker 3 (03:58):
But I'll read the Rebel one.

Speaker 2 (04:00):
And I think that there are many different levels of
truth here. I think this can be true to Rebel
that it felt as if he was an a hole,
and to him it can be truth that he didn't
feel like he did anything. And somewhere in the middle
is the real story. So if thevent happened, if God forbid,

he put his hands on her, or if God forbid
he broke into her house and stole her wallet, that's
a fact. But how you make somebody feel, that's something
that can be argued. I would hate to think, mister,
that I've made people feel badly. I would hate to
believe that, but I know it might be true. I
know you might have caught me on a bad day,

or sometimes when I'm a bit grumpy, or maybe I've
got so much on my plate, I can be a
little bit short. And so remember that the way you
treat people is really really important, not just for them,
but also for you. You go out of your way,
mister to be kind to people. But occasionally even you
can lose your temper.

Speaker 1 (05:04):
That is true. We remember a certain incident on the
streets of leaving a certain show and I had a
little bit of a meltdown over a name I was called.
So this little black woman can show her fire when
she needs to. But yes, we try to be kind
to people, and of course when we get a memoir,
we want the juicy parts. But again, like you said,

like I've said, it's a point of view. Just because
you experienced it that way doesn't make it one hundred
percent truth. And I think that's where you have to
be careful with memoirs. And we see all the people
who apologize after the book comes out. You think about
Britney Spears or somebody like that. So if you're going
to write it down, you really need receipts babies, right,

which she might have.

Speaker 2 (05:48):
We don't know yet. None of us have seen the book.
I don't know if Sasha Baron Cohen has seen the book.
But when the book comes out, if this is about
how she feels, it's valid, I totally get it.

Speaker 3 (05:58):
I'm not diminishing that.

Speaker 2 (06:00):
But if she has receipts, if she has on this day,
he said that. On that day he texted me this.
I got an email from him saying the following. If
she's got that, then it makes the case just that
much clearer, which brings us to our whole question of
the rebel. Wilson has exposed an a list a whole

for threatening her to kill her memoir. Our question is
do you believe that Sasha Baron Cohen did this?

Speaker 3 (06:34):
What do you think? Yes or no?

Speaker 2 (06:36):
Go vote on our Twitter page at Naughty Nice Rob
or a Facebook page which is Naughty goszib and be
sure to check back tomorrow to hear your results. He misty,
what are you working on?

Speaker 3 (06:48):

Speaker 1 (06:48):
For all those who put down a bet that Travis
Kelsey and Tyler Swift would be broken up by now,
you gotta pay up because the couples started sharing passionate
kisses and having a PDA filled Bahamas getaway. So they
were away at Bahamas Harbor Island. They were enjoying the
island's tranquility in a luxurious fifteen thousand dollars a night

Rosalita house estate. Let me repeat that, fifteen thousand dollars
a night, not a month, a night, and they were
in the crystal clear waters. They were wrapped in each
other's loving embraces, They engaged in some intimate moments. They
were having some tropical drinks. So basically they were having

the getaway we all wish we could have, and there's
just happens to be like photographed and recorded. So but
you know, what do you think? I mean, a lot
of people said they broke up like two weeks ago.

Speaker 2 (07:49):
Together. We saw them at Nobu in La. There was
photographs of them together. And I think what's interesting here
is they're not flunting get too much. These photographs that
have been released are not professional photographs. These were taken
by people staying at the resort. These are sneaky photographs.
Although you'd think if they're spending fifteen thousand dollars of

a night that would buy them some privacy. Evidently not.
There are nosy gossip gooses there too.

Speaker 3 (08:16):
I love it.

Speaker 2 (08:17):
If I was staying there, i'd take a picture too,
and I'd send it to ROMs Shooter And so I
love this. I like that they're together. I'm told they're
really getting to know each other. Going on vacation is
a really big step in a relationship. You've got to
figure out can you live together? Can you get along
when it's not all the excitement? How is life together?
And so I think they're really trying to figure this out,

and I do wish them well.

Speaker 3 (08:39):

Speaker 2 (08:40):
We want Taylor Swift to find everlasting love and maybe
he's the one. The pictures look fantastic and the two
of them together in their babe in suits. Oh, miss
d they are a good looking folks.

Speaker 1 (08:52):
They'd make some pretty babies. So we just have to
wait and see. Yeah, they're getting to know each other
the same.

Speaker 2 (09:00):
Congratulations to the two of you. Okay, moving forward, Oliver
Hudson is opening up about his childhood trauma under his
mommy's care. His mommy is Goldie Horn, so Oliver and
his sister Kate Hudson share a podcast and on the podcast,
they were talking about childhood trauma, which we all have
to some degree, maybe at school, maybe in our families.

He's saying that his stems back to the care under
his mother. Hollywood icon't Goldie Horn. So despite acknowledging that
Goldie was quote an amazing mummy, he bravely confronted the
complexities of their relationship. During his early years. He reflected
on his mommy's busy work schedule and her personal choices,

admitting that there were times when he felt unprotected by
his mom. He said, quote, she would always be working,
she would have new boyfriends that I didn't really like,
and he said, this is my own perception as a
kid who didn't have a dad and needed her to
be there. Now, all of this is absolutely true. I

totally believe it. I hope he said this to his
mom before saying it publicly on a podcast. I hope
that this isn't the first time gold is hearing about this.
What do you think mistake kissing and telling about your parents?

Speaker 1 (10:18):
Mmmm? Yeah. So obviously I talk a lot about my
mom because she's like, you know, the diva, But I
probably would leave out some of that really intense stuff,
at least, you know, until we had a cocktail together.
I have a feeling that they have talked to their
mom and said, look, we're gonna be super candid in
the show. We might talk about family and Goldie. She's

been in the business a long time, she knows who
she is. She's a strong woman. But I don't think
any mom wants to hear that they caused any type
of trauma for their child, and this seems like the
trauma comes from her not being there. But she was
taking care of her children by making money, you know,
so she could support her kids.

Speaker 2 (10:58):
And they had an amazing lifestyle thanks to mom. Is
multimillion dollar pageck out there working earning a lot of money.
And she said, those two up for success too. They're
both successful actors. Kate is particularly successful. So it is
difficult here. My sources tell me, sources close to Guildy
that this is nothing she didn't know, and she wouldn't

admit herself. She knows this. She wishes she could turn
back the clock and work less, and if she could,
she would, but she can't, and so the only way
to move forward is to talk about it. So even
though this seems quite shocking, mist through, the two of
us are like, what, it's nothing she hasn't heard and actually,
now now that it's out in the open, and it

might actually be a good thing. Okay, we have some
breaking relationship news. One of our favorite celebrities is single.

Speaker 1 (11:49):
Again, Yes, and that would be Miss Kim Kardashian. She's
broken off her relationship with Odell Beckham Junior, which a
lot of people might have not even realized that they
were dating. But yes, they were together for about six months.
They were first romantically linked in September twenty twenty three.
They were last seen together at the Vanity Fairs Oscars

after party around March tenth, where they seemed inseparable. Now,
although they weren't overtally affectionate, there was a noticeable chemistry
between them, with reports suggesting that they even left the
event together, which would make sense that they were a couple. Now.
The word on the street that I'm hearing is that
because the relationship kind of broke out into the open

and Odell wanted it to be more private. Just seemed
like getting on that Kardashian train might be kind of challenging,
and that might be one of the reasons that they
decided to call it quits. But what do you think, Rob, Yeah.

Speaker 2 (12:43):
I think you're absolutely right, Misty, I'm hearing the same.
He just didn't want this. He's very private, like he's
a big star. We know who he is, but he's very.

Speaker 3 (12:51):
Proud of it.

Speaker 2 (12:52):
And she's the opposite. She's very public. There's nothing kN
does in private. Everything is open for consumption. So it's
just a lot. I think too. This is what happens.
There's nothing shameful about this. You meet people, it feels
good for a while, and then you realize that's not
the one. And when you're Kim's age, you're not messing
about anymore, are you. When you're in your nineteen twenty

twenty one, it's all fun and games, But once you
hit thirty, thirty, five, forty, you want to meet the one.
Kim has children, she's been divorced several times. It was fun,
it didn't work out. I'm sure as you'll find somebody
else nice. There's no hard feelings here. They doesn't always
have to be drama misty when it doesn't work out.
It just didn't work.

Speaker 1 (13:33):
Out, and we all go through that. We meet somebody,
we go out a couple times. It kind of fizzles.
It wasn't really real. You were caught up in it
for a moment. I have that happen all the time.
So it just so happens that it's Kim Kardashian, so
you know, it becomes major news.

Speaker 2 (13:49):
Yeah, we're sending you both our best and I'm sure
you'll both be fine, right, I mean, this is not
thoughts and press.

Speaker 3 (13:55):

Speaker 2 (13:55):
They'm but of gorgeous, both rich, they will be fine. Okay,
quickly before we go to we have some breaking Kate Middleton.
News sources tell me that the two of them have
retreated to their vacation home with their children after her
huge announcement, so at mid Kate's ongoing battle with cancer,
the Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge have accompanied their

three children and have sought solace at their vacation home.
Prince William and Kate, along with their children, made the
journey from Adelaide Cottage in Windsor. That's where she recorded
the announcement on Wednesday. It was released on Friday. They're
now at Amner Hall in Norfolk. They traveled by helicopter

on Saturday. Now, if some of you are confused, because
there's been some pushback here about what we call them,
they're officially the Prince and the Princess of Wales. However,
they didn't lose their title the Duke and the Duchess
of Cambridge, so you could call them both when Kate married.
When Kate married William, she became the Duchess of Cambridge.

Then when the Queen passed away. Her husband became the
Prince of Wales and she became the Princess of Wales,
So princess is better than duchess, so you'd probably go
with that title. But you can use either title here.
I know there's been some questions about that, but big
picture here, mister, I think this is good get out
of London get away. They made a bombshell announcement. Some

people said she was bullied into this announcement. That's not true.
The reason she did it Friday, Miss d. The kids
left school on Friday, Easter break, so she waited to
tell the world until the kids were with her because
her children are old enough now that at school people
would say stuff, this is worldwide news.

Speaker 3 (15:37):
The kids would know. She didn't want that to happen.

Speaker 2 (15:40):
Really smart here, Kate wanted to make sure that the
kids were out of school and with her for the
whole week when this news exploded.

Speaker 3 (15:48):

Speaker 2 (15:49):
We're going to take a quick break and we will
be right back.

Speaker 3 (15:53):
Welcome back to the laudy good Night Show. I'm bushula
have had difference.

Speaker 2 (15:57):
Mister Hebesd.

Speaker 3 (15:58):
Let's get to the pools, thank you very much.

Speaker 2 (16:01):
Last year we talked about Stephen Colbert, Kim Kardashian, and
Andy Cohen had all said things about Kate. Now we're
asking do they owe Kate an apology? Let's have a
look so we know. Now Kate has cancer. That's the
reason we did not see her for a while. Stephen
Colblert seemed to blame the affair, Kim made fun of her,

and Andy Cohen too said the pictures weren't real. All
of that is nonsense. Do they o Kate an apology?
Eighty two percent said yes they do. Now Blake Lively,
who made a little bit of fun of Kate, has
already issues in apology. It's the right thing to do.
If you say something and it's funny in the moment,
but then it turns out to be quite tragic, then
say an apology. Nobody meant this to be vicious, but

it's just now really unfortunate that you went there. Andy,
Steven and Kim apologize. Don't forget to vote on today's pole.
Go to our Twitter page at Naughty Nights rob Our
facebook page is Naughty garzib. I'm sure did you check
back to KO to hear your results? And now it's
time for our nic of the diet Ah Well.

Speaker 1 (17:08):
Our nicest of the day is gez l Buncheon because
she is firmly refuting rumors suggesting that she cheated on
former NFL star Tom Brady, and she's emphasizing that these
claims are categorically false. Now, she addressed the speculations surrounding
her divorce from Tom after thirteen years of marriage and

saying any type of affair is a lie. And she
expressed frustration at the tendency to blame women who leave
unhealthy relationships, highlighting the challenges they face from the communities
and their families. So she is standing up for women
and saying, sometimes we just know it's time to get out.
And she's just talking about the complexity of relationships and

the dynamics and knowing when you have to put yourself first.
So for that, we are giving her the nicest of
the day. Thanks for stepping up for women during Women's
History Month, Giselle.

Speaker 2 (18:02):
And now it's time for a naughtyist of the Day. Naughty, Naughty, naughty.
So Meghan and Harry's pell is claiming the royal family
lied to the public about Kate Middleton's cancer diagnosism. No So,
in the aftermath of Kate's announcement, a tech.

Speaker 3 (18:21):
Entrepreneur called Christopher Boozy has.

Speaker 2 (18:24):
Ignited a controversy by alleging that the British royal family
has deceived the public, likening them to North Korean paupera gant,
likening the announcement to North Korean proper gander Ugh. Christopher
is a friend of Harry and Meghan's. He was in

their Netflix documentary. This is not helping, Chris.

Speaker 3 (18:52):
I know you can have your opinion. It's up to you.
You're wrong.

Speaker 2 (18:55):
She does have cancer. It's not a lie, this is
not proper gander, it's the truth. Calm yourself down. But
you now have been branded exposed as a friend of
Harry and Meghan. So anything you say is going to
reflect on them. Anything you say about the Royal family
is going to reflect on them.

Speaker 3 (19:11):
That's more fair.

Speaker 2 (19:12):
So be careful talking about Kate. Not only are you
spreading lies, but you're also put in Harry and Meghan
and a very difficult situation and naughtiest of the day.
Let's end with a moment of rob You rob, you
get a rob.

Speaker 3 (19:24):
You gotta rumber.

Speaker 2 (19:26):
Give yourself the same advice that you would give a
best friend. Think of all the wonderful things you tell
your friends. You support them, you love them, you encourage them.
So why are you saying such awful things to yourself?
If I wouldn't say it to somebody I loved, I
won't say it to myself.

Speaker 3 (19:44):
That's my new rule.

Speaker 2 (19:45):
I'll say that again. If I wouldn't say this to
mister or somebody that I loved, then I'm not gonna
say it to myself. Hey, that is it for today?
Oh do you we just lost missus D's Mike. No worries,
We've only got thirty seconds left. I can say goodbye
and I can say goodbye on behalf of the both
of us. That is it for today. Thank you so

much for listening to the Naughty but Nice with Rob
and Missus D Show, a production of iHeartRadio. Didn't forget
to subscribe on the iHeartRadio app Apple podcast. Wherever you listen,
leave us a review if you can. They really do help.
And remember I need you to sing along. Mister is
not here. And remember, if you're going to be naughty,
you've got to be less you Sam Marvelous, good pep.

Speaker 1 (20:36):
Scanbald, Bye for sure us Bye it's time.

Speaker 2 (20:41):
Nice from

Speaker 1 (20:44):
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