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We're sending you to 1993 when TGIF reigned supreme and “Boy Meets World” first premiered. Danielle, Will and Rider are going back to school as they rewatch every episode of the iconic series, sharing memories, behind the scenes moments, and all the “Boy Meets World” stories a fan could ever want. Relive your first crush, first kiss, favorite moments and all the life lessons with Topanga, Eric, and Shawn.


July 18, 2024 72 mins

We’re only 2 episodes into Season 5 and the Rolf is in full effect. Strap in for some scalding hot takes on this (second) MTV show themed episode that has as many plot points (and Slinkies) as it has critiques!
Rider shares his honest memories of having to be in a towel and why being “over the top” just isn’t his thing.

But the silver lining is this episode marks a crucial point in BMW history: it’s the first appearance of ...

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Poets, geniuses, revolutionaries… Will and Sabrina are recapping the musical comedy “Lemonade Mouth” starring Brigit Mendler, Adam Hicks and Hayley Kiyoko.

This film premiered in 2011 as a Disney Channel Original Movie.

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July 15, 2024 63 mins

This week the gang is talking to a living legend - talent agent Judy Savage, a trailblazing industry insider who had her hand in the careers of Emma Stone, Shailene Woodley, Danika McKellar, Jodie Sweetin, Aly & AJ, Larisa Oleynik, Hillary Swank and, our very own, Danielle & Rider. 

Find out what a talent agent really does, how instrumental Judy was in Danielle’s SECOND Boy Meets World contract, and hear what it takes to st...

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July 11, 2024 79 mins

It's time to enter Season 5 - and the chance for another Drop Shock (now called "Rolf"). The gang says goodbye to many-a guest star, but hello to Jack Hunter, a.k.a. the beloved Matthew Lawrence, who slides right onto the set, because the one thing Boy Meets World needed was...another brother.

As usual, we find out what the hosts did during their Summer hiatus, even though this time it's a little harder to recall. Thanks, Amsterdam...

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July 10, 2024 72 mins

We’re all in this together and the time has finally come for Will and Sabrina to watch the DCOM classic “High School Musical” starring Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale and Corbin Bleu!

This film premiered in 2006 as a Disney Channel Original Movie. 

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July 8, 2024 43 mins

The thing about The Centre…is you never really leave. 

The gang circles back to “Cult Fiction” to chat with guest star Tamara Mello, aka Sherri, about what it was to like appear on one of the most iconic, and absurd, episodes of Boy Meets World ever.

Tamara also shares some behind the scenes memories from her time in the ‘90s classic, “She’s All That,” and stories from working with a young Ryan Murphy on the TV show, “Popular.” And...

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July 1, 2024 4 mins

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The gang has been on the road for “The Kids Wanna Jump! Tour” for the last year and somehow they just wandered into a podcast studio in the back of Queenie’s, a bar in North Carolina.

Hear about the joys of Buc-ees, what happens when a live show goes wrong and the sticker shock of renting a venue couch. What were their favorite costumes? What cities had the loudest fans? Will there be anymore shows? So we have your front row...

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Before we approach Season 5, we’re taking a Summer vacation without parents…or counselors…or rules!!! Member of the Boy Meets World 3-timers Club, Hillary Tuck, returns to help the gang recap the oft-mentioned 1994 classic “Camp Nowhere!”

Hillary takes us behind the scenes and into the cabins at Camp Nowhere for the gang’s first viewing, and reveals that Christopher Lloyd didn’t really want to hang out with dozens of wild child act...

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June 26, 2024 64 mins

Poof! Will and Sabrina are watching “The Poof Point” starring Tahj Mowry, Mark Curry and Dawnn Lewis. 

The film premiered in 2001 as a Disney Channel Original Movie.

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June 24, 2024 58 mins

We’re collecting Walt Disney World episode cast members like Infinity Stones, and this week we’re talking to the sexiest dolphin trainer who’s ever lived, guest star Debbe Dunning!

The gang FINALLY gets an answer to the question that’s been bugging them for months: did Debbe have to live amongst sea creatures for months in order to fully understand her cameo?

Debbe also shares the real-life Cory and Topanga moment she experienced w...

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Now that season 4 is wrapped, recapped and unpacked, it’s time to look back on the “golden age” of Boy Meets World with our podcast pals, Ceej and Tony from Bruh Meets World!

We take a step back to discuss the shift of the “boy” in Boy Meets World and ponder on why they think season 4 is the best Cory we’ll ever get!

But as always with Pod Meets World, the recap is really all about the journey - so the gang delves into some ...

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June 19, 2024 64 mins

Get ready, get set, go back! Will and Sabrina are watching “Minutemen” starring Jason Dolley, Luke Benward, Nicholas Braun and Chelsea Kane!

The film premiered in 2008 as a Disney Channel Original Movie.

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June 17, 2024 83 mins

Somehow they’ve done it. No matter how long they thought it would take - they’ve finished Season 4. And they loved it! So much so, they’ve decided to bring back Jeff McCracken, the man who directed EVERY episode from the season and knows some of the real reasons it was so gosh darn iconic.

Jeff reveals some of his favorite moments, along with a handful of behind the scenes, never before heard secrets. You may even find out t...

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The time has come. No matter how long we want it to last, the end of Boy Meets World's peak Season 4 is here, and Eric is going off to college!
Danielle, Will and Rider get one last look at the focus of this tremendous string of episodes and put a pin on the idea that the SATs are the most important moment of your life. 

Rider shares the wisdom of “no wolf, no part”, Danielle reads another personal entry from her childhood diary...

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June 12, 2024 59 mins

Will and Sabrina are watching “The B.R.A.T. Patrol” starring Sean Astin, Tim Thomerson and Jason Presson.

It premiered in 1986 as part of ABC's Magical World of Disney.

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June 10, 2024 85 mins

It’s time to get to know the Eric to Rider’s Cory, with Rider’s IRL brother, Shiloh Strong! The former child actor, and unicyclist, shares as many embarrassing childhood stories as we can cram into one podcast and gives us a virtual trip to Redwood Shire in the '90s. 

Shiloh also takes us behind the scenes of “The Strong Brothers Magic Show” and reveals the Hollywood moment with a limo and a yellow trench coat detective that fatefu...

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Are you centered? It’s time for Part 2 of the gang’s recap of “Cult Fiction!”

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The moment you’ve been waiting for has arrived! It’s time for the infamous (and very special) “Shawn joins a Cult” episode - and on a sadder note: the end of Mr. Turner on Boy Meets World. Rider takes us through his memories of this insane episode, with last minute re-writes and the fastest cult conversion in the history of TV. 

With an episode this intense and iconic, we had to break it into 2 parts! 
So here’s a hug in ...

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June 5, 2024 64 mins

It’s a merman! Will and Sabrina are watching “The Thirteenth Year” starring Chez Starbuck, Dave Coulier and Courtnee Draper.

The film premiered in 1999 as a Disney Channel Original Movie.

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