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March 11, 2024 17 mins

Rachel responds to Lisa Vanderpump's recent comments about her.

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Speaker 1 (00:05):
This is Rachel Go's rogue. Hey, this is Rachel Savannah Lovis,
and you're listening to Rachel Goes rogue. I just wanted
to fill you guys in on my day to day
life because there has been a lot going on in
the media and lots of voices with many opinions. So

I've been keeping busy by scheduling workout classes. I noticed
that if I don't work out, I'm more likely to
check what people are saying online, and it gets into
a dangerous place because other people's opinions and thoughts on
your life shouldn't really hold much weight. It definitely shouldn't

hold more weight than your own value and your own
opinion of yourself. Staying active and working out, going for
long walks, listening to positive podcasts are definitely things that
I'm incorporating in my everyday routine. I have been going

to therapy. I see my therapist once a week, and
then also getting in the habit of journaling every single day,
keeping myself busy. The reason why I wanted to mention
like how I'm keeping my mental well being in check
is because there has been a lot of commotion online
and a lot of opinions in regards to the most

recent news about me. So I wanted to get into
a little bit of what's been being said. I kind
of figured that, you know, Andy and Lisa would have
specific things that they might say about my decision not
to come back. Lisa seems to have a lot to say.
I just wanted to respond to some of the comments

that were made about me and share my perspective on
what she's been saying. Okay, Lisa vander Pump has some
thoughts on me not coming back to film. She says
she's justified in speaking out if she wants, but I
think it would have been a much better platform to

have her come on thunder Pump Rules and done it. Yeah.
I think I've addressed this before, and I'm I'm not
surprised that Lisa hasn't been listening to my podcast. But
I have my reasons for not coming back to vander
Pump Rules, and yes, like I am justified in speaking

out about my experience. So thank you for acknowledging that, Lisa,
what's good for the show is good for Lisa vander
Pump and me. Coming back to vander Pump Rules would
be good for ratings, and so I just can't help
but to think that her motive for me coming back

is just purely financial and not really out of concern
of what I've been through and what my thoughts are.
We saw a preview for next week's episode where Lisa's
talking to Tom and she told Tom that she spoke
to me at length, and you know, we did speak.

It was right after I found out that Graham had
been adopted by her and that she gave Graham to
James Kennedy on camera, and that whole conversation, she wasn't
concerned about Graham, and that was my reason for contacting her.
She kind of like would flip the conversation to talk

about coming back to the show and what that would
look like and a conversation that I would have with
her in a one on one and that I would
be able to share my story and what my thoughts are.
And I told her, no, I don't want to be
with Tom because he's manipulative and he's not a stand
up guy to say the least. You know, he told

me lying is a way of life, and it's not
the way of my life. She was like, Oh, that's good,
that's good. Why don't you come on and tell me that,
you know on camera? I'm like, oh gosh, She's like,
what else would you say? What else would you say
about Tom? You know? So it's like just this mindset

of like production and camera and storylines, whereas for me
it's like my real life and how I actually feel.
And when I had that conversation with Lisa, she was
very dismissive about Graham and my feelings and concerns for Graham,
but she was very attentive to what my emotions and

feelings were regarding Tom, and that was the direction that
she steered that conversation in As much as I try
to get it back to Graham, it just was not happening.
That's the thing. It's like, how do you trust somebody
who's dismissing your actual concerns but all ears for the

thing that she wants to talk about. It's definitely a
red flag. I also knew that it was a risk
me talking to Lisa on the phone that she would
be recording it or talking about that conversation on camera,
So you know, it's a little nerve working, I guess.
But it's also at this point I just let go

because I've been able to share my experience on my
own time, on my own platform through this podcast. So
whatever she says, you take it with a grain of salt.
This is exactly why I'm doing this podcast because I've
mentioned it before and I'll say it again. My name

is still being brought up, my story is being told
for me essential and I wanted to make sure I
had a voice so I could share my reality and
my experience. It's empowering for me to be able to
speak for myself in my own way, on my own terms.

And we get to dissect some of these quotes. The
reason why I'm bringing these quotes to talk about is
because I think a lot of what she's saying, and
the press is strategic to spin a narrative or to
create clickbait for different articles. So that's why I'm bringing
it to light so we could kind of get into this.

I've expressed that I'm moving on from vander pump Roles,
and it seems like she's minimizing the situation. I'll quote her.
She says, I don't know exactly what she's going to
move on from. I mean, she's slept with their best
friend's boyfriend. It just seems like a double standard that
Lisa is really advocating for Tom and supporting him in

a certain type of way, and even the cast supporting him. Well,
I guess debatable, but we'll see where this season goes.
Yet I'm being completely dismissed. My issues and experience that
I went through is completely minimized, and I actually went

to a mental health facility to get help. It's interesting
to me that Tom is saying Rachel and I are
what Rachel and I went through. I do notice him
using us together for him to be a representative for
me since I can't be there or since I decided

not to be there, and I suspect that that will
change as it goes on. But Lisa doesn't refer to
both of us as having the same experience, even though
we were exposed to the same level of public scrutiny
and shame and ridicule. She's only singling out Tom to

need that support. You know, it's very ironic that Lisa says,
I don't know exactly what she's going to move on from.
Yet this whole season eleven seems to be focused on
the cast moving on from Scandaval and how it's affected them.
It's just very ironic. Lisa has some comments on what

I should be doing next career wise. She says she
was a beauty queen before, maybe she should go back
to doing that. You know, obviously I'm not competing in pageants,
especially after being involved in a huge scandal like this.
I kind of have to laugh at it because I'm

twenty nine years old, Like, I have my whole life
in front of me, and I can shift and change careers.
I can do whatever I want. Right now, I feel
a little bit insecure, like getting back in like a
regular job because of all the public shaming. But I

can choose a different career path and be successful in that.
I don't need vander Pump Rules for the rest of
my life. Like some of these other custombers, I feel
like they can't really fathom a life outside of vander
Pump Rules. I think we all had that cognition that

eventually the show will end and what are we going
to do on kind of thing. But I still have
my kinesiology undergrad degree, and I'm very interested in psychology,
and so the study of the body of movement and
the stuf study of the mind and psychology behind human behavior.

I feel like there's a way that I can integrate
both those things, and maybe you know, I don't want
to put anything out there because I don't want people
to be like, oh, like you need to do that now.
You know, it's my own decision, but I feel like
there could be a career path for me in the
field of psychology. You may have heard in the news

that I have filed a lawsuit, and it's an ongoing lawsuit,
so I can't talk much about it at this point,
but I am interested in having my attorneys on as
a topic of conversation. But Lisa did comment on my lawsuit.
She was approached by TMZ and asked what her thoughts

were on it, and she said, that's ridiculous. I think
if you don't want to have somebody share or porn,
then don't send it to your best friend's boyfriend. Right.
It's like, uh no, Lisa, actually that's not it at all.
Immediately I was like, oh, she didn't read the brief.

But then you know, insiders told me like, oh, no,
she knows exactly what she's doing. She's saying this statement
for the press to pick up this certain story. I've
even gotten a few comments being like, oh, well, you
shouldn't have sent that video to your best friend's boyfriend.
So I think it does seem to work for the

propaganda on her part. Obviously, you guys know, the lawsuit
is not about me sending a video. This video was recorded.
It was a FaceTime video that I did not know
was being recorded, and I wasn't aware that this video

existed until it was sent to me. So that is
what the lawsuit is about, and I would think that
Lisa knows that. Now. Look, I know Lisa and I
were never like super super tight in the same way
she is with Tom. But it doesn't feel good to
have somebody speak out about this lawsuit and the situation

that's very sensitive. It took a long time to really
decide if I'm going to press charges or not, and
I felt like it was important to bring this up
and press well, not press charges. This isn't a criminal lawsuit.
It's just like a civil case. But my privacy was
violated in a very intimate, un suspecting way, and it

is embarrassing and not something that I'm proud of at all.
So to have her push out a certain type of
story that isn't anywhere near the truth of what has
happened is very disappointing, and I would just, you know,

hope that people don't speak on it until they really
understand what the lawsuit is and my reason for holding
these people accountable. I did volunteer at vander Pump Dogs
for a good amount of time. I served Lisa at
Sir Restaurant when I was working there as a waitress,

and she is an executive producer on vander Pump Rules,
a TV show that I were five seasons of filming.
And it's just a little heartbreaking to have somebody who

you know, you kind of look up to in a
way because you have this idea of who somebody is
and admire them for, you know, being a boss and
advocating for what's right. But it just seems like that

perception is shattering very quickly seeing the way that she
has turned on me. I know she has a lot
of power, and I want to be firm and standing
up for myself and pointing out like that it's not
okay to be talking about and spreading certain propaganda and

straight up lies as a way to change the public's
perception of somebody. It's messed up. Removing myself from the
situation and looking at this as a statement that is
pretty much victim shaming. It's going back like years and years,

decades and decades of back when people would say, oh,
well she was wearing booty shorts, she was asking for it.
Oh she deserved it because she looked a certain way.
It's very very icky. It doesn't feel right. So in
her most recent comment about me, Lisa was asked, do

you ever talk to her? Do you check on her?
And Lisa's response, you know what, I don't, So, yeah,
she she hasn't talked to me, and she hasn't reached
out to me, and she still seems to be talking

about me, and I think that's where I have the issue.
It's one thing to be an advocate and advocate for
mental health in general, but it's another to twist and
turn things to support one of your cast members who

is a male and have the woman take the fall.
It's disappointing and it's hurtful. Thank you so much for
listening to Rachel Goes Rogue. Follow us on Instagram and
TikTok for exclusive video content at Rachel Goes Rogue Podcast
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