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March 22, 2024 25 mins

Acting like this was the big dirty secret isn't actually the truth.

People knew.

Plus, Rachel responds to Jax saying she's not welcome in The Valley.

See for privacy information.

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Speaker 1 (00:05):
This is Rachel Go's Rogue. Welcome to another episode of
Rachel Goes Rogue. This is your host, Rachel Savannah Levis,
and today I just want to rant a little bit.
I just watched episode eight of vander Pump Rules, and
I have some thoughts and opinions that I would like

to share. But before we get into the episode, I
would like to just clear the air a little bit, because, well,
I suspect that people now know that some of our
mutual friends have known about this affair while it was
going on. I kind of just want to like clear

the air on who those people were and whether or
not I know for certain that they knew, but there
were instances where it was pretty undeniable. So let's go
through that list. Obviously, Number one is Shwortz. He has
known from the very beginning, and we already know that
because I've already dropped that bomb, but maybe people don't

realize or have suspected. But Kyle Chan has also known.
And Kyle Chan has been a good friend of Tom's
for quite some time, and he was one of the
people that was trying to talk some sense into Tom,
but he also liked keep that secret for him. I

just feel like it's a little bit of a double
standard to be icing out a certain person for knowing,
yet Kyle Chan is still accepted into the group without
any consequences. Just throwing that out there. The reason why
I bring that up is because, as we know, the
last episode that the cast filmed in San Francisco was

for Kyle Chan's party, and nobody seems to have an
issue with Kyle knowing. Next, Jason Bader is Tom Sandoval's
drummer and band manager. You have seen him on Tom
Sandoval's podcast. He has also known. It just goes to
the double standard of Tom was allowed to tell his

best friends, but I wasn't allowed to tell anybody, and
if I did, he was not happy with me. So
just a reminder to everyone that is not love, all right. Next,
Max Boyan's. I don't know the extent of what he
knew about the fair, but Max Boyan's was one of
the people that we would meet up with regularly at

one of the dive bars by Tom Sandoval's house, and
you know, he didn't ask any questions, but it was
an often thing that we would meet up, and it
would be hard for me to think that he didn't
have an inkling of not that this was going on.

This one's a little sus because Tom and I we
were very reckless and stupid and we decided, my god,
this is really embarrassing. But basically Tom and I like
snuck off. I don't even know if I want to
see these details, but basically Tom and I were cuddling

in the social media room, which is downstairs of their house,
and there was a party going on, and Arianna's best friend,
Logan Cochrane walked into the social media room and he
was like, oh okay, and we were just like cuddling
on the floor. We were clothes and everything. There wasn't

a blanket or anything. It was just us looking at
each other because like, it's stupid. I thought I was
in love, but Logan walked in on us and then
he's like, oh, I'm really I'm really messed up. Ok
it by and then left. And he's Arianna's best friend,
so I'm sure that that got back to Arianna. You know,

Like Logan definitely had to have some sort of suspicion
that this was going on, because why else would be
be cuddling. That's weird. Logan is also really close with Brad.
I don't think Brad like really knew the extent of it,
but I'm sure as things started coming out, it was

like easy to piece these things together. So when I
went to Saint Louis, I met well, I've met Tom's
mom before when she came to LA, but this time
it was different because he was like bringing me to
the house. It honestly felt like I was his girlfriend.

Like it was the weirdest thing because obviously I wasn't
he had a girlfriend, but he like brought me to
his mom's house and we made food and I slept
downstairs in their like basement area, and his mom like

had the Christmas tree up, And I mean it was weird.
The way that Tom would present things made it feel
so normal. So then it's like, oh, maybe I am
overthinking this, and like he had a way to convince
me that it's all fine and to normalize it and
to like relieve stress. And then we would also drink

a lot, so that would help relieve the stress too.
But yes, Tom Sandoval's mom also knew, And uh, I
think that's a really messed up position to put your
mom in, because you know, now she's keeping this secret
for her son, but I think she also knew that
Tom and Ariana haven't been good for quite some time.

There was like a conversation that was had. You know,
Ariana hasn't come to Saint Louis and you and and
this isn't to excuse it either, because Tom needed to
like make that public that they were no longer in
a relationship. But yeah, there was trouble in paradise there.

That concludes my list. There's no reason to be protecting
these people anymore. I think they can all handle it.
I think the worst of scandaval has already come and gone,
and we are all stronger for it. I think there's
power in owning up to what we know. I'm not

hiding it anymore. It's freeing, all right. Let's switch gears
into episode eight vander pump Roles. I thought it was
a pretty boring episode, to be honest, But we got
our crossover, we got our transition into the valley, very exciting.

That show just seems like it's going to be a
mess also, but I guess that's what the people want.
But overall, I thought the episode was pretty boring. And
that's not me like hating. It's just how I felt.
A few things stood out to me. First was the
never have I ever gain? Second was Tom's journal entry

and crying to Tom Schwartz, And then, oh, I'm the
pool party. Let's talk about the sexy singles pool party.
Watching it now being so removed from the situation, it's
like the audacity of Tom Sanderbal to have these girls
over how disgusting. And then I remind myself that I

was that girl and how frustrating that is to me
just knowing that that was me at one point. But
I just feel like he is so shameless with it,
and that he thinks it's like funny to joke about
being roommates with his ex as a way to break

the ice. Yeah, those girls did not look like they
were feeling it. I saw some people like commenting like,
why is Tom crossing his legs and sitting like that?
I think, physiology wise, that is something that guys do
to hide their excitement, if you know what I'm saying,

you know, I also find it ironic that Tom is
working over time to make it seem like he is
so out of practice and needs to start flexing this
muscle of being single and picking up girls. Because he
hasn't done that in so long. But we all know,

while I was in metas he was seeing other girls.
One of the girls went on Howie Mendel's podcast and
kind of explain the timeline of how that went down.
What people may not realize is that when I was
in the meadows and Tom was, you know, trying to

get me to leave, he was calling me selfish for
taking care of my needs, and he felt like he
was coming second and that I wasn't attentive to what
his needs were. Oh so frustrating. But basically I told him, like, look,

you haven't been single in a very long time. It's
been over ten years. Especially more than that, because before
he was serious with Ariana, he was dating Kristen and
that relationship was over two years, right, so it's been
a very long time since he's been single. And I was,

you know, I was working on myself and I was
realizing that I could have this thing called love addiction,
and that like, it's probably best for me not to
date other people this time. So I kind of gave
him the green light, like, go ahead, date other people.
I feel like it's important for you to do that,

because a you need to get it out of your system,
be you know, get your needs met, because I'm not
there to help meet your needs. And I was also
hoping that he wouldn't be as attached to me and
I would have more space because he was very suffocating

with his demand for attention and validation. So I encouraged him.
I encouraged him to date other girls. But then you know,
these photos started surfacing. I guess one photo was taken
before we had that conversation. It doesn't matter, really, but

it just kind of shows that he wasn't actually saving
himself for me like he's presenting. I feel like he's
kind of doing this revisionist history of trying to get
back in the dating scene and oh, he's so out
of practice when we all know that he's been doing this.

Let's go back to the never have I ever came
This part of the episode was a little disturbing to me,
just because the show is publicly shaming me for something
that I did not do. They're pushing this narrative that, oh,
apparently I abandoned my dog in the middle of nowhere

because I didn't want it anymore, which is not true.
And this is like the continued propaganda against me, which
I can say I'm not surprised, but it still infuriates me.
So basically, Ali had a card that said, never have
I ever dropped my pet off in the middle of

nowhere because I didn't want it, And it's like, a,
is that card actually a card in the game? Please
let me know. B I just feel like that is
so gross and messed up. To keep pushing this narrative
and then being like, Oh, it's just a game and

not taking any responsibility for that. It's really disgusting. So
shame on you, Bravo and two can play that game.
Never have I ever shown my love for someone by
putting a ring on a string. Never have I ever
thrown a fit over pasta. Never have I ever worn

a crop top to my own wedding. Never have I
ever told my boss to suck a dick. Never have
I ever done a remake of my own song and
made a scream oversion of it. Never have I ever
body shamed someone and told them that they haven't been
working on their summer bodies. Never have I ever gotten

my ass tattooed. Never have I ever called somebody a crackhead,
especially when they weren't. Never have I ever told Lisa
vander Pump that that vander Pump Rules is my show.

All right, let's switch gears a little bit. I want
to get into some headlines, because as we're talking about
the Valley, one of the headlines that came out recently
was from US Weekly, Jax Taylor wants rackhel Levis to
get a real job, hopes she'll stay away from the Valley.

I just think it's very ironic, first of all, that
Jax Taylor wants me to get a real job when
he also has a podcast and is on a reality
TV show. But almost seems like they're really pushing to
have my name and the valley in the same headline

story to make it seem more controversial, like ooh the Valley,
Like Ooh, is Rachel really considering going to the Valley? No,
I'm not, by the way, so you don't need to
worry about that. And also, don't tell me to get
a real job when my job is literally the exact

same as your job. That doesn't make sense and I'm
not going to listen to you. Bye. Another headline that's
a little bit more serious and a little difficult for
me to talk about because it is personal. Radar Online
had posted a video of James Kennedy getting kicked out

of the Canyon Club and some of the Bravos sites
have reposted it, and the amazing Internet Salutes have pieced
together the clips from when I was describing this incident
on Vanderpump Rules, and they like put the video footage

with my audio speaking over and narrating that night and
what happened. But basically, if you haven't seen it, it's
a video of James allegedly yelling at Ali security coming
over and telling him that he needs to leave immediately.

I think the reason why security got involved in the
first place was because he allegedly grabbed Ali's arm and
they were like, no, that's not acceptable, so they kicked
him out. And in the video you can see us
having a conversation checking out with Ali, saying if she
was okay, and just James allegedly yelling at her and

yelling at everyone to leave them alone. And I just
think it's interesting because it wasn't that long ago that
everyone seemed to have been talking about James and the
alleged abuse allegations that were coming up, and for the
past few weeks, it's been like radio silence. I don't know,

I just feel like there's no reason in holding anything
back anymore. I think everything comes to light with time.
I mean, here's another incident that is similar to the
situation that Teddy and tam Are described on their podcast,
the interaction that they had with James and Ali in

the backseat of the car on the way to Tom
Tom and there was some sort of alleged altercation that happened,
and here we have like actual video footage and me
explaining it how it happened that first time. Another headline
this week, this was something that was picked up a

lot by the blogs, was Katie Maloney's tweet saying that
she'll light Joe on fire with me. Basically, she says,
Joe is spooky. I mean, none of us could stand
to be around her. Her energy is on par with
a crackhead. She is a psycho and I will also

light her on fire with Rachel. So she's really, uh,
doubling down on lighting people on fire. And I think
this is dangerous because there are some psycho crazy people
out there in the world that will actually do this stuff.
And it's like she's giving people to go ahead to

do that. If this was an employee in any other
work environment, this person would be terminated, effective immediately for
inciting violence, So keep that in the back of your mind. Also,
Joe is a lovely girl who I love her energy

and I love being around her, So that is not
an accurate statement to begin with. Let's switch again back

to episode eight of vander Pump Rules. Tom Schwartz comes
over to the house and Tom Sandoval is writing in
his journal and he's explaining how he stopped drinking alcohol
because he knew I couldn't drink alcohol. And he's writing
in his journal because he knows that I've been writing

in my journal and it's a way for us to
connect to each other. And before you guys get all
mushy and soft on Tom Sandival, I need to remind
you that this person did not love me. And as
much as he is trying to convince you that he did,
he absolutely did not. And I know this without with

every single fiber in my being. And he is playing
into this just to get your guy's sympathy card, and
I am not falling for it. This person did not
want me to get mental health treatment. He did not
want me to better myself. He wanted to keep me

under his control and he was doing everything in his
power to have power over me. Also, have you noticed
when Tom Sandibal fries he is crying up against a
wall away from the camp because these are not actual tears.

He is not a good actor. There is a reason
why he has failed in acting. And I am not
falling for this BS, so I hope you guys aren't either.
When Tom Sandobal is showing Schwartz these photos that were
taken at Tom Schwartz's apartment, love that they have to
blur my face by the way, you can see that he's,

you know, acting super torn up about it. Maybe there
is a part of him that is grieving the relationship.
But I think the usage of words when he says,
I will never have this again, I feel like it's
a a dig at Ariana because he seems to be
grieving the relationship that he had with me more than

he's shown any grief towards the relationship that he had
with Ariana. B The way that Tom Sandival and Tom
Schwartz were talking about, oh, I'll never have this again,
it seemed like Tom was quote unquote mourning the relationship
or the concept of our love connection instead of like

actually mourning the loss of me, because you know, Tom
Schwartz was like, no, you'll have this again. Clearly he's
not gonna have me again. I think that just further
supports the concept that he is in love with the
idea of being in a relationship, not necessarily it being me.

Just something to point out. And you can see like
the manipulation that is happening between the cast because you
see how Sheena really wants to be friends with Tom
Sandival and she's trying to quote unquote help Tom take
accountability so that the cast will be more forgiving to him.

In that scene at the Belmont, she mentioned something about
me cutting Tom out of my life, and she was like, hey,
have you considered that maybe you really did hurt this person?
And then she's like, let's talk about Katie. You know,
you had a role in the demise of that relationship
that Katie had with Shorts. And then you see Tom

Sandoval disassociate. He does not want to hear what Sheena
is telling him. I think Sheena did bring up a
good point about hurting me, but I think she lost
him when she like pulled Katie into it too, and
he's like, all right, no, this is not the conversation
I'm happening. But Tom said, I want to prioritize things

that are important to Sina hut to Tom having a
conversation with Katie in the case of the house, and
you can see the manipulation. He does a compliment sandwich
and then he apologizes, and this apology is so forced

you can just tell that it's a means to an end.
He is apologizing because he knows that it'll make Sheena
happier and then he'll be able to get Sheena back sooner.
And then he like leaves the conversation like already walking away, saying, oh,
you look great, Katie. But you can't see the manipulation.

You can't fool me anymore. You can see it. I
didn't think that I was gonna have that much to
talk about, but once I started getting into it, things
just came pouring out. And it's a little all over
the place, so please bear with me. But one last
thing that I wanted to point out. When Jackson came
into Tom Tom to hang out with the guy, and

Tom Sandoval is talking about Katie's hatred towards me and
towards Joe, and he says, well, Rachel and Joe happen
to be the only girls that have quote unquote hooked
up with Tom Schwartz, and Katie just like despises them

something along those lines. And I just want to say,
this term hooking up is so broad, and to me,
hooking up means like more than kissing. So I don't
appreciate Tom saying that Shorts and I hooked up because
we absolutely did not do anything more than kiss on camera.

So I don't like that narrative that he's putting out
there with that either. And that's also another reason why
I know that he has never loved me. So pull
it with that, all right, feel that's a good place
to end this episode. I apologize that it's a little
all over the place, but I've had a lot of
thoughts and I appreciate your patience with me, and I

will see you next time on Rachel Goes Rogue. Thank
you so much for listening to Rachel Goes Rogue. Follow
us on Instagram and TikTok for exclusive video content at
Rachel Goes Rogue Podcast.
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