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May 2, 2024 14 mins

Rachel's back from Stagecoach and sharing the stories.

Plus, she addresses "Shirtgate" and rumors she's dating someone new.

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Speaker 1 (00:05):
This is Rachel Go's Robe. Welcome back to another episode
of Rachel Goes Robe. This is your host Rachel Savannah Lovis,
and today we're talking about Stagecoach. I just got back
from the festival and it was such an incredible experience.
But I'm here with my producer and she'll be asking

me questions about it too. I'm super excited to talk
about it because the last time I went to Stagecoach
was with my friend Jenny, and this was not last year,
but the year before that. I did run into her
at Stagecoach, which was great because it was the first
time seeing her since everything happened. The first time I

went to Stage Coach was when I was in high school,
so this wasn't my first time. But I went with
some people who I'm very lucky to call my friends.
My friend Austin me and he brought some of his
friends from all over the country Mississippi, Florida, Georgia, kind

of all over and it was their first time going.
So as a veteran festival goer, it was fun, kind
of like showing them the ropes and taking them around
the fairgrounds. It was a really cool experience. It's like
a group of pageant people like in the pageant world,
because Austin Ryde is a photographer and makeup artist and

he has a lot of connections with previous title holders,
current title holders. So I went with a former Miss USA,
a current Miss Nevada, some really cool girls, so it
was a good group to experience Stagecoach with.

Speaker 2 (01:52):
Did you run into anyone else from the show at
the festival?

Speaker 1 (01:57):
I did not, in goodness, although Austin did tell me
that Sheena Brock walked by and they were with his
mutual friend and he went up to say hi, and
he just got ignored. I suspect that they probably saw me,
but yeah, no, no interactions, which is fine. And I

found out yesterday that Tom Sanderbal was also a stage coach.
I did not know that he was interested in country music,
so that was interesting. I guess it's because James was
DJing at Stagecoach. He was opening up for Diplo, but
I chose to opt out.

Speaker 2 (02:38):
Who was your favorite set while you're there?

Speaker 1 (02:40):
Bailey Zimmerman killed it. Great music, great set, good energy,
and we were so close to the stage too, so
it was a whole experience. Miranda Lambert killed it. I mean,
she has so many hits. That was really fun to
like sing along to her music. Morgan Wallin mean, that

was probably the best set. Obviously, they saved the bus
for last. So many hits, so many like great moments.
And I didn't grow up on country music, so country
is a genre that I'm able to appreciate because I
love the storytelling that goes into country music. The group

that I was with were like hardcore country goers, so
it was just really fun being in that environment, in
that atmospheric Let's talk festival fashion for a minute, because
one of the things that I love most about festivals
is getting to dress up, and for me, the clothes
that I choose to wear are an expression of my personality.

Each day was very unique, which is kind of like
an ode to the different parts of myself, which I love.
So the first day I wore the denim jeans with embroidery,
the orange crop top and a cute cowboy hat and
cowboy boots. And the second day I also wore cowboy
boots with the sparkly fringe dress. It had stars on it,

which I absolutely love stars. So that's like an ode
to the universe and what that means to me, I
think it's very fun to mix the feminine with the
masculine energy with fashion, just like embracing all of that.
And then by the third day, all of our feet

were killing us and there was no way I could
wear cowboy boots, so I opted for Vans, which was
a lifesaver. I wore pink romper that had like floral print,
a pink hat, and our group dressed in theme, which
was the American flag. Our group got like a small

American flag and I wrapped a bandana around it, and
so I was the line leader and I kind of
looked like tour guide. So they were like, all right, Rachel,
you lead the way. I don't know. It was just
very fun to kind of play into those parts and
to have fun and express myself in fashion. All of

these looks I already had in my closet or I
should say my storage unit. That was cool for me
because typically I would go out and purchase different looks
for each day, but this time I already had these
pieces from different purchases over time, and I put them

together to create my whole three day ensemble, and it
just like came together pretty effortlessly. So that's great. I
had to find the sparkly French dress that I was envisioning,
and that dress I actually had picked out to wear
at Coachella two years ago, but Calm and Ariana, they

talked to me out of wearing it. They're like, no,
we're not going to go home to change, Like you
should just wear what you're wearing. But this time I
was like, f it, Like I want to wear what
I originally wanted to wear, And this time it's even
better because it's stagecoach, so the fringe kind of goes
with the whole theme. And I got so many compliments. Yeah,

it was a really beautiful dress to wear during the
daytime because it sparkled, and then during the nighttime because
of the stage lights and the lighting is a stunner
for sure.

Speaker 2 (06:35):
Well, from your Instagram, it looked like you were having
a great time. But I wonder you've spoken so openly
about being sober this year. Is it hard in that
kind of environment to keep your promise to yourself? How
do you kind of stay grounded? Did you feel like
you're missing out at all?

Speaker 1 (06:49):
Did you slip up at all?

Speaker 2 (06:51):

Speaker 1 (06:52):
I feel very grounded in my sobriety and the group
that I was with was very respectful of where I'm
at with that, and they didn't pressure me to drink
or anything, and I still felt included. When we were
pregaming before the festival, they made it a point to
give me water shots to take with the group so

that I didn't feel left out, and I was, like,
you know, included. I like to keep hydrated anyway, So
choosing water over alcohol is not only cost effective. And
this is a marathon too, Like three days at a
festival is a long time, and in the heat, we
were walking like miles each day, So feeling good the

next day is great, no hangover to worry about. So
I felt very good in my own skin and in
this sobriety journey.

Speaker 2 (07:49):
Okay, So you also talked about how fan interactions online
are very different than fan interactions in person. Did you
experience that at all at Stagecoach.

Speaker 1 (07:59):
Yes, so wow, the positive feedback that I was getting
from the fans, from you guys that went to stay
coach and recognized me and oh my gosh, so much love.
It's a world of a difference, and I think it's
a good reminder that what you see online is not

all factual. And not actually a good representation of how
people actually feel about me, because I do get a
lot of hate online still, but in person, I think
when people saw me, either they recognize that I'm a
human being and had that compassion, or I was approached

by a lot of people that said like, oh, I
was always on your side. You just seemed like so
naive to the situation and my heart goes out to you.
And then people were saying like, I hope you're doing well,
and I'm like, I am, I'm doing much better. Thank
you so much. And then I had other people saying like,
I really wish you were on this season of vander
pump Rolls. We really miss you and we want to

hear your side. And I'm like, listen to my podcast
and they're like, oh, we have been listening, but we
just want to see you on the show. So I
don't know. It was nice to get that feedback and
get like a new perspective on where people are at
in their perception of me.

Speaker 2 (09:24):
Yeah, taking the temperature a little bit.

Speaker 1 (09:27):
Well, while you were at.

Speaker 2 (09:28):
Stage Coach and having these great interactions in person, did
you see the headlines that were happening online? There was
one about your.

Speaker 1 (09:35):
Shirt that you were wearing.

Speaker 2 (09:37):
There was a side by side photo of a shirt
you wore next to a shirt Ariana war and it
was the same one. Do you want to clarify that?

Speaker 1 (09:44):
Yeah, I did see that. Yeah, apparently we have the
same shirt. And I bought that shirt at Urban Outfitters.
It just matched my genes perfectly. I needed something that
was form fitting and showed the embroidered on my pants
because they were like very beautifully embroidered with the cactus scenery,

a desert scene and a moon. I needed to show
that off and so a crop top would be ideal.
But also I didn't want my stomach showing. So it
was like the perfect length and the perfect color to
go with the color scheme. So and it was something
that I already owned. So you know, people are like, oh,

she stole that shirt from Ariana, which is not the case.
I purchased it and I didn't even remember seeing her
wearing that on the show. To clarify, it's my shirt,
not hers. Ariana has her own orange shirt that's exactly
the same.

Speaker 2 (10:56):
And another headline, your dating life is being talked about
right now, Do you want to open up about that?

Speaker 1 (11:03):
And we are friends, you know, getting to know each other.

Speaker 2 (11:07):
So if Rachel one year ago, if you could flash
back to Rachel one year ago, could see where you
are today, You're out, You're living your life again, You're
going to festivals publicly. Do you think she would believe
how far you've come in a year?

Speaker 1 (11:19):
A year ago from today. I did not know how
I was going to survive a month from that date,
so I think I have come a long way. A
year ago today, it was just so chaotic, and it
was just NonStop press and people, you know, making up
stories and filling in the blanks and making assumptions about

who I am. And I felt like my life was over.
And I really was struggling to have like a motivation
in life, to find something to live for, because I
felt like everything that I've been doing up to that point,
I had been a rule follower and perceived as a

good person. When I allowed myself to become more selfish
and put myself first for the first time, I got
a little carried away and I did not find a
good balance because of the environment that I was in.
It became like a cooping mechanism and a survival mechanism

to choose to be in that relationship with Tom. I
couldn't grapple with not being a good person and not
living up to expectations that other people had of me.
I felt like I was completely defeated and my life
was over and there was a lot of shame surrounding it,

to embarrassment and then also feeling like I'm trying to
help myself and this person that I love wasn't actually
somebody that cares for my well being, and grappling over
that concept too because I did not want to believe that.
There was heartbreak with that and anger with that, and

I just felt like I'm not interested in ever loving
someone in a romantic way ever. Again. You know, it
was a lot. I wasn't a very mature person. I
was very naive as a person, and I had to
go through this hardship to figure out myself because the
part of me that put myself first and was more

rebellious was suppressed. I didn't even know what I really wanted,
and so when I was discovering how to take action
to get what I wanted, it was a learning process
and I got carried away with it. It's this balancing
act and now I'm coming back to a place that's

more in alignment with what I know my values to be.
Looking back at my life and seeing how far I've
come twenty one year old me to twenty nine year
old me, I'm a completely different person, and I know
myself a lot better, and even just looking a year

back to today, it's like a world of a difference.
And so I think that just is a testament to
how people are capable of change, and it's important to
celebrate that. Keep pushing yourself and growing and learning from
your mistakes and becoming a better person. Thank you so

much for listening to Rachel Goes Rogue. Follow us on
Instagram and TikTok for exclusive video content at Rachel Goes
Rogue Podcast
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