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Real Life Real Crime

Twisted, gruesome, evil, sometimes funny but always true: Real Life Real Crime is an award-winning weekly true crime podcast hosted by Woody Overton. In each show, Woody goes in depth into cases he has personally worked, which gives his audience a unique and exclusive perspective as only Woody can describe. His personal knowledge of real cases he worked during his career and his story-telling ability have created what has been described as a “cult following” by news media and loyal fans.


July 17, 2024 46 mins

In this episode of Real Life for a Crime Daily we cover a woman is accused of cutting off a man's thumb in Maryland to steal financial apps, while a Sonic manager is killed during an argument in San Antonio. A 1984 murder suspect is finally arrested in California.

Advances in forensics lead to the arrest of a man in California for a 40-year-old cold case. A tragic accident caused by a speeding trooper in Minnesota results in the...

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In this episode of Real Life for a Crime Daily, we cover gripping stories from Pennsylvania to Oklahoma. From a thwarted assassination attempt on former President Donald Trump to disturbing crimes in Missouri, cases of domestic abuse in Louisiana and Alabama, a mysterious death in Oklahoma, and a heroic Super Cop in Baton Rouge, we have all the crime news headlines for July 16th 2024.

#donaldtrump #crime #news #podcast #reallifereal...

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Woody does Gossip and today Woody shares the title that almost was for Zoe Kravitz new movie Blink Twice, yet another scandal breaks out inside the world of Nathan's Famous hotdog eating contest, an Aussie Meth head panics and attempts to stash her stash in her dog's ass and Mike and Woody examine Episode Three: The Paterno's from Mike's epic podcast series, With The Benefit Of Hindsight during their new Nittany Lyi...

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July 13, 2024 51 mins

In this episode of Real Life, Real Crime, Woody delves into the chilling case of Albert Fish, a notorious American serial killer, rapist, child molester, and cannibal. 

Fish's horrific crimes, spanning from child murders to acts of cannibalism, earned him nicknames like the Gray Man and the Boogeyman. Through meticulous investigations and eyewitness testimonies, Fish was eventually apprehended and tried for his monstrous deeds, ...

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A 1-year-old "miracle baby" has survived after apparently being abandoned along I-10 unfortunately his 4-year-old brother wasn't so lucky. An intoxicated Florida man drops a 4-year-old on his head from a 2nd floor balcony, Donald Trump challenges President Biden to a golf match that will be bigger than The Masters, a manhunt is under way after a Texas detective is ambushed and killed, a Kinky and Dumb crime happens in G...

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Jim Chapman and Woody Overton discuss the crime news headlines today on the Real Life Real Crime Daily including a rash of ATM robberies in Louisiana, a convict receiving a life sentence in Missouri for murdering a police officer, and an arrest in Texas linked to a body found in a ditch. We also examine a court order in Louisiana safeguarding prisoners from extreme heat, a costly SWAT team standoff in Texas, and a man's confess...

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Jim Chapman and Woody Overton discuss the crime news headlines today on the Real Life Real Crime Daily including a hung jury in Karen Reed's murder trial, drug dealers charged with murder in Louisiana due to fentanyl overdoses, and a Florida man's peculiar bank withdrawal attempt. A missing teenager in Indiana, a distressing gas station incident in Oakland, and a fatal armed robbery in Newport Beach plus much more!


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Jim Chapman and Woody Overton discuss the crime news headlines today on the Real Life Real Crime Daily including a realtor arrested for bestiality and child porn charges, a man arrested after his ex-girlfriend's body was found in a cemetery, and a teacher charged with inappropriate relationships with students, a police officer sentenced for obstructing justice, a man urinating on a flight causing a plane diversion, and a truck ...

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The guys are back with another segment of Woody Does Gossip and this time Woody takes a look at Hawk Tuah girl and her meteoric rise to fame, Mike's got the story of the defendant who successfully delayed her trial for years by firing 8 consecutive attorneys, Woody's got our first installment of What's New In Pinellas County where the cops are trying to nab scammers who are tricking some of the elderly into paying bogus...

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July 6, 2024 55 mins

Woody brings you into the 4th of July through the eyes of a cop with a little extra twist on this RLRC Original classic episode.


Our good friends under the big American flag in Broussard. Louisiana Funeral Services and La Pet Crematory

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Woody and Ago are back with Episode Eight: No Pride. Ago admits that Woody's debate prediction was correct. Woody Does Gossip premieres with Woody questioning why a contestant on 90-Day Fiance would stay engaged to a man whose slept with 2,500 women, a 38 year-old Wisconsin cold case murder gets solved, a Texas husband kills the family dog because his wife loved the dog more than him, Pride month ends in disgusting fashion, an ...

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In Louisiana, a mother gets arrested after throwing her six-month-old away in a Walmart trash can during a fight. In Chicago, a single mother trying to teach her 19-year-old son some responsibility ends up murdered. And Woody shares why the 4th of July is the worst day for a cop. These stories and more coming at you today, Thursday, July 4th. On Real Life, Real Crime Daily


06:40 4th of July Mass Shootings of the Past

16:32 ...

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In Louisiana, a man is arrested after the attempted robbery and sexual assault of a grocery store employee in the wee hours of the morning. In Florida, a carjacking attempt goes wrong for an assailant in his 20s after he gets his butt whipped by a 66-year-old. And a 12-year-old killed at a North Carolina camp for troubled youth is ruled a homicide.These stories and more coming at you today, Wednesday, July 3rd, on Real Life or a Cr...

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In Louisiana, a man is arrested after raping and torturing a woman for 13 hours straight. In Missouri, a woman is accused of spiking her husband's Mountain Dew with Roundup. In New York an illegal migrant is charged with the suffocation murder of a young woman on her birthday. These stories and more coming at you today, Tuesday, July 2nd, on Real Life for a Crime Daily.


00:00 Louisiana Man Arrested for Rape and Torture


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It's a sad day as Woody and Ago bow their heads in a moment of silence to honor the 40 dead Hooters locations the company just killed, the shocking story about a West Virginia couple that treated their five adopted children as slaves, a Canadian hottie has invaded NYC and walks the streets topless in a selfless display of advocacy and Woody and Ago face off in their first of many Nittany Lying segments discussing the Penn State...

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June 29, 2024 57 mins

In this episode of Real Life Real Crime Woody completes his account of what exactly happened that landed him in the hospital and fighting for his life the past several weeks.


16:26 Medical Emergency

22:08 Family Concerns

24:37 Diagnosis: Brucellosis

26:04 Worsening Symptoms

30:38 Vomiting Blood and Urgent Surgery

33:24 High Fevers and Fighting for Relief

36:00 Desperate Pleas for Pain Relief

38:45 Moments of Clarity and Prayer


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Woody and Ago are back with Episode Seven. The guys walk through the Supreme Court's ruling in the Murthy vs Missouri case and each of them are a bit stunned, they offer some pre-game predictions before the presidential debate, the executives of a video service with more content than Netflix, Prime and Hulu combined are sentenced to prison, a man wins a jackpot in a Singapore casino but is he alive and the amazing comeback stor...

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In this episode of Real Life Real Crime Daily, Jim Chapman and Woody Overton cover the crime news headlines, including a murder at a Nebraska rest stop, a police detective convicted of killing her daughter's ex-boyfriend in Las Vegas, and a life sentence for a suspect who stabbed a man on a toilet. They also address a case of harassment in Toronto, a false claim in Iowa, and a pastor's resignation in Dallas due to allegatio...

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In this episode of Real Life Real Crime Daily, a range of crime news headlines were covered. In Georgia, a convicted child molester, Justin Ross Harris, was released from prison on a technicality after serving time for his son's murder. In Maryland, a woman's ex-boyfriend was arrested for murdering her mother 23 years ago.

In Russia, attacks on churches led to multiple deaths, prompting a terrorism investigation. Additional...

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Woody Overton and Jim Chapman discuss the current crime news headlines for Tuesday, June 25th and start in Louisiana, where the Daniel Callahan case progresses as he agrees to be extradited after a grand jury indictment. 

Meanwhile, in Florida, a plastic surgeon is arrested for his wife's death during surgery, and in Houston, a man shoots family members mistaking them for burglars.

The focus shifts again to Florida, where there w...

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