Really? no, Really?

Really? no, Really?

Every Tuesday best friends Jason Alexander and Peter Tilden are joined by experts, newsmakers and celebrities in an attempt to find answers to the things that make us go…"Really? no, Really?” We invite you to join us, subscribe and even suggest topics, as we search for the answers to life’s most baffling, intriguing, confusing and annoying questions


February 27, 2024 39 mins

MrBeast aka 25-year-old Jimmy Donaldson is the biggest solo performer on YouTube. He’s followed by over 400 million people who watch his insane stunts and his enormous acts of philanthropy.

So, who is this introverted twenty-five-year-old and what makes him tick? Did he really figure out the YouTube recommendation algorithm, and what makes him different from thousands of similar creators on YouTuber? For answers we contacted a wri...

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In 11 years on ABC’s Modern Family, Jesse Tyler Ferguson never won a Primetime Emmy even though he was nominated 5 times. Jason, who reminds us often, was nominated 7 times for Seinfeld so in this episode, we find out who lost it, better. And Jesse’s show is so popular there are even versions in Chile, Greece, Russia, and even Iran! Really, no really?

Actor, author, podcaster, philanthropist, restaurateur, and activist Jesse Tyler...

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There’s a brand-new, George Carlin comedy special, which is mystifying and disturbing since he died in 2008!

Legendary comedian George Carlin was unceremoniously resurrected from the grave by a comedy podcast claiming to have created an AI-generated Carlin, based upon decades worth of his existing material. The special they created - “I’m Glad I’m Dead”- had the AI created legend commenting on current issues such as mass shootings...

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Author Mary Roach is a hands-on writer specializing in science related topics that tap into some of the more curious and unexpected nooks of our lives. But “hands-on” doesn’t fully capture the lengths she’ll go to capture her stories – for her book examining the intricacies of sex, science, and relationships, she convinced her husband to have sex while monitored and recorded in an MRI, Ultrasound, Sonogram-like device…Really, no Re...

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Snakes…why'd it have to be snakes? There’s a Burmese Python problem in Florida’s Everglades which is dramatically altering the ecological balance in the Sunshine State. Currently, the only way to control these non-native, invasive snakes, is to send hunters deep into allegator infested swamps to find, capture, and kill these apex predators. Really, no Really!

You might imagine these Hunters as burly “Crocodile Dundee-types” with s...

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It’s an understatement calling it adventure tourism, at minimum its extreme travel, more accurately it’s insanely dangerous. Diving to crushing depths to glimpse the Titanic, sightseeing hostile dictatorships, postcard-shopping in active war zones – increasingly, people are choosing to go to these places…for vacation. Really, no really!

What could possibly possess a person to willingly put their lives in danger for a few photograp...

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The Eco-Consequences, Why We Overconsume and Deceptive Costs!

If you’ve returned holiday gifts or things you bought but didn’t need or the pants you bought in multiple sizes that didn’t fit…you are part of what’s being called the “return tsunami” - which costs the planet about a trillion dollars annually. Really, no really!

With free shipping and easy return policies, American’s are over-consuming and then sending stuff back in r...

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Disneyland has “smellitizers” that stealthily blow aromas to intensify visitor’s sensory experiences and create lasting memories! And Disney isn’t alone in this over 40-billion-dollar mechanization of our sense of smell. Celebrities, auto manufacturers, insurance companies and even the military have employed scents to influence people’s behavior, without them even realizing it. Really, no really!

To help Jason and Peter understand...

Mark as Played

When Jason and Peter read that actor, producer, director, author, philanthropist, and entrepreneur Bryan Cranston was retiring to spend more time with his family, in France, or something like that…they had to find out if it was true. Why would an actor in his prime retire now? The actual answer may surprise you. Really, no Really!

He has two Tony Awards, a Golden Globe, and an Academy Award nomination - and you probably know him b...

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COVID killed the all-you-can-eat buffet, right? With fogged sneeze guards, giant shared tongs and serving spoons, communal cheese boards, bread baskets and chocolate fountains, buffet line etiquette issues, and the threat posed by double dippers…the all-you-can-eat-buffet suddenly became a high stakes game of food roulette forcing us to become amateur epidemiologists.

But wait, post COVID, America’s appetite for all-you-can eat gl...

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Jason will forever be associated with the 166th episode of Seinfeld, which featured Festivus…the holiday where families express their disappointment in each other, then demonstrate feats of strength around an unadorned, aluminum pole. For Seinfeld writer Dan O'Keefe, the horrors of the real-life Festivus, invented by his mad genius father, were traumatizing events. Really, no Really!

Since the Festivus episode aired, it has been c...

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This week’s show is all about the joy AND angst of gift giving, the importance of context and considering the message you want to send with your gift. Peter learns this when he gives Jason the gift of Rolling Stone’s bassist, Darryl Jones-for his own- personal bass lesson, and Jason points out the problems issues he has with this incredible gift…Really, no Really!

Coincidently, besides playing bass with the Stones, Miles Davis, Ma...

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Recipients of a 2-word email or text as basic as… “Nice job” or “Great work” are misinterpreting these messages a whopping 60% of the time! Really, no Really!

If we are misconstruing simple and clear communications this often and assuming that our intended messages have been easily understood…and they are not…we could be in the midst of a real miscommunication crisis!

With technological communication growing exponentially and you...

Mark as Played
November 28, 2023 36 mins

The New York Times claims that “Pickleball Noise Is Driving Everyone Nuts,” and that the noise is so maddening that many prospective home buyers are Googling “pickleball courts” to make sure their future homes are a safe distance from the racket. Really, no really!

While you might not know the rules, courts are popping up around the country making its popularity undeniable, growing by 40% in just the last 2 years. To get to the bo...

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Vice Magazine dubbed tech millionaire Bryan Johnson “the most measured man in human history’” and the 45-year-old dares the world and the medical establishment to call bull$%*# on the $2 million-a-year anti-aging program he calls: "Project Blueprint." Really, no Really?

Johnson not only wants to LOOK younger, he wants to BE younger. Part by part, organ by organ, this Silicon Valley tech entrepreneur is measuring, testing, and then...

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November 14, 2023 39 mins

Peter recognized an expert he knew in the documentary “Sour Grapes” about high-end wine fraud and wondered how a so-called authority could be so easily duped. Astonished by the enormity of the black-market wine world, Jason and Peter started wondering about the nature of high-end products…are they actually superior? What they found out will definitely surprise you. Really, no really!

Realizing that they were incapable of discernin...

Mark as Played

Forget about the Statue of Liberty and Broadway shows; residents and visitors are signing up for Rat Tourism in New York City…Really, no Really!

As the rodent population grows in most major U.S. cities, the infestations have warranted the appointment of Rat Czars and unique and often unsuccessful-solutions for their eradication.

It appears that one man understands rats and their behavior better than most, preeminent Rodentologist...

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Dr. Joseph Dituri, better known as “Dr. Deep Sea” set a new world record for the longest time…100 days…spent living underwater, without depressurization. Really no really!

Jason and Peter decided to find out how he did it, and why?

Today’s scientists possess more information about outer space than they do about our oceans which cover over 70% of the planet so Dr. Dituri decided to create a challenging project. He’s a University o...

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This absolutely gob smacked Peter; Jason casually mentioned he was originally cast as Lt. Sam Weinberg in Rob Reiner’s Oscar nominated film, A Few Good Men. George Costanza alongside Jack Nicholson and Tom Cruise? Really, no really!

So how did actor, comedian, impressionist, author, director, and podcast host Kevin Pollak nab the memorable Lt. Weinberg role…which ended up boosting his already growing credits? We needed to find out...

Mark as Played

It seems that the denizens of New London, Connecticut have real issues with forgiveness and letting go. Every year they throw a bizarre festival castigating the infamous American Revolutionary War-era traitor Benedict Arnold for giving information to the British forces leading them to raid and burn New London in 1781. The annual event consists of parades with revelers wearing tricorn hats, carrying mock bayonets and torches and oth...

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