22. Sleuth's Explosive Finale Farewell to Season One

January 1, 201987 min

87 min
21. Sleuth has the week off with Santa's arrival

December 21, 20182 min

2 min
20. SLEUTH welcomes another exclusive, Tim Wozniak’s former lifelong friend Bob Castillo who delivered the murder weapon

December 18, 201881 min

81 min
19. New District Attorney Todd Spitzer Dethrones Twenty Year Incumbent. His Mission, To Clean Up Corruption in the Orange County Justice System. Welcome Back A Timely Roundtable With Guests, Scott Sanders, Paul Wilson and Scott Moxley.

December 11, 201859 min

59 min
18. Hear Daniel Wozniak’s own words between he and his Disney princess fiancee Rachel Buffett on Costa Mesa Police recorded jailhouse calls.

December 5, 201887 min

87 min
17. Meet Dr. Vonda Pelto, Psychologist to Some of the Most Famous Serial Killers in Modern Day.

November 29, 201857 min

57 min
16. Meet the couple Dan Wozniak calls Mama and Big Guy, Kristen and John Spath, parents to the love of Dan's life, a girl named Brittany.

November 27, 2018152 min

152 min
15. A Court House Tale of a Press Conference Where Rachel Buffett's Prosecutor Seemingly Comes A Bit Unhinged.

November 20, 201857 min

57 min
14. It's Verdict Day for Rachel Buffett's Accessory to Murder Trial. Rachel speaks to the Victim's Families in Open Court.

November 14, 201835 min

35 min
13. Attorneys Closing Arguments resume in Santa Ana Superior Court where Rachel Buffett's Accessory to Murder Trial continues.

November 7, 2018201 min

201 min

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Like a real-life Phantom of the Opera, Southern California local theater actor Daniel Wozniak lured his victims, Sam Herr and Julie Kibuishi, in the attic of a theatre, where he would kill and dismember them before performing on stage the very same night. As of now, Wozniak alone sits on San Quentin's death row. But is there room for more? Is Rachel Buffett, a former Disney Princess and Dan's ex fiancee, an accomplice in the murder scheme? Will she walk free from her role in the crimes. Will her upcoming trial see justice served? Sleuth follows this story till it's ultimate conclusion so that the victim's families finally learn the whole picture of what happened to their loved ones.... Show More

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