Soul Sessions with Amanda Rieger Green

Soul Sessions with Amanda Rieger Green

Are you interested in finding inspiration, engaging your innate abilities, and awakening your Soul’s highest potential? Join renowned spiritual intuitive, psychic medium, and wellness leader, Amanda Rieger Green, for thought-provoking spiritual dialogues and intuitive readings designed to uncover and harness your deeper meaning and purpose. From intuition, numerology, astrology, and mediumship, to the law of attraction and more, Amanda guides listeners through life’s ebbs and flows by sharing her insights, tools, and resources. She also invites guests for moving discussions, dynamic live readings, Q&A and more! This interactive podcast brings together a tribe of curious seekers hungry for greater personal meaning and spiritual development. Are you in?!


December 6, 2023 46 mins

In today’s episode, Amanda shares the energy forecast for December, a month filled with confusion and introspection. 

Mercury is heading into retrograde on the 12th and the combination of the 1 numerology for December along with the retrograde will create a push-pull energy in your life. Learn to embrace the confusion, knowing that clarity will follow.

Amanda shares her recent experience with spirit guides and shares the importan...

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Welcome back for part two of Amanda’s conversation with Sara Pedersen, Amazon’s Global Vice President of Community Engagement, as they delve into workplace wellness.

If you’re caught in the relentless cycle of a 5-day workweek, experiencing the “Sunday Scaries”, and feeling a constant sense of dread and anxiety about your job, it’s time to change that!

With over 15 years  of experience in Corporate America, Sara shares her most v...

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In today’s episode, Amanda is joined by Sara Pedersen, Amazon’s Global Vice President of Community Engagement. Sara shares her transformative wellness journey, revealing how she transitioned from a Type A, overachieving people-pleaser to a self-aware individual living in her truth.

Sara’s relentless pursuit of achievement came to a halt during the COVID-19 pandemic, prompting her to question her happiness. Despite her external acc...

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Amanda’s cousin & co-host of The Bobby Bones Show, Amy Brown, joins the podcast today!


Amanda & Amy talk about making necessary changes when you’re not feeling inspired, how your faith can expand during difficult and beautiful times, changing the filter on your perspective, and moving through the holidays with grace, solitude, & nostalgia.


They discuss: 

  • Making necessary changes to foll...
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November 10, 2023 6 mins

Epsom Salt is one of Amanda’s favorite tools for cleansing and clearing your energy!  


Amanda has been using epsom salt for over a decade - she sees results in how she physically, emotionally, and energetically feels after using it!


Epsom salt is a detoxifier - it pulls the toxins out and water is not only clarifying, purifying, cleansing, but also a conductor & amplifier. 


This process will allow you to use your in...

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Do you ever feel lost and uncertain in your career? Do you struggle with feeling like you’re running out of time? Do you wonder how to find your true calling?

In this episode, Amanda chats with her client, Greg, about finding support when going through a growth spurt, feeling lost in your career, and connecting with your purpose in life. 

Topics discussed:

  • How to get comfortable with uncertainty and use ...
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We’re kicking off November by diving into the energies and experiences we're all going to be faced with this month! 


November is a month of completion, closure, wisdom, and ascension. It’s the time to step into your integrity and highest character but it’s also a month of added stress, pressure, & responsibility which can lead to feeling overwhelmed instead of joyful during the holiday season. 


Amanda will talk through ...

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In this episode, Amanda explores the fascinating world of palmistry with Vernon Mahabal, founder of the Palmistry Institute in Los Angeles!

Vernon is a renowned palmistry expert who has given thousands of readings, various lectures, and authored four books on palm reading, including his latest, “Talk To The Hand”. 

Amanda and Vernon share insights on tapping into our internal guidance with intuition and how studying our palms can...

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Join Amanda and guest, Dr. Michael P. Masters, for an intriguing conversation today about UFOs, time travel, consciousness, spirituality, human evolution, and so much more!


Amanda has always been curious about pushing the ball forward in humanity. She wants to give people different ideas and ways of looking at what is happening - scientifically, biologically, anthropologically, consciously, and metaphysically - to draw their ow...

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Today’s bonus episode is Part 2 of Amanda’s heartfelt conversation with her sister, Mimi!

In this episode, Mimi opens up about how Amanda’s support helped her navigate the loss of their mother, and how that experience prepared Amanda for her own journey of loss.

Amanda shares intriguing stories of witnessing extraterrestrial aircrafts during a yoga retreat in Costa Rica and dealing with a ghost residing in her Texas home!

We del...

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We have a very exciting episode today because Amanda’s sister, Mimi, joins the show!

In this episode, Amanda and Mimi delve deep into their personal journey, exploring the highs and lows of their relationship, the revelations they’ve had along the way, and the growth they’ve experienced through pain. 

Mimi shares her front-row perspective from the early days of Amanda leaning into her mediumship abilities and tells amazing storie...

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In this episode, Amanda talks with her client, Jamie Klick, who shares her story learning to bloom where she’s planted, maintaining a positive outlook during trying times, and finding inner peace and joy thanks to signs from the universe.

From living in Italy during COVID to now living in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Jamie shares the struggles she’s had finding herself and her support system while being a military wife: looking for he...

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Welcome back for Part 3 of our Numerology series!


In today’s episode Amanda covers: 

  • What are Master Numbers and why are they so important?
  • Angel Numbers: what does it mean when you see repeating numbers? 
  • Why do we say 11:11 make a wish? What should you wish for?
  • How do you calculate the numerology for the day & use it to your advantage? 
  • ...
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In today’s episode, Amanda dives deeper into the topic of numerology, the ancient science of numbers which reveals the divine codes of the universe! 

Topics include:

  • The energy, personality traits, and universal lessons of 2023
  • Why September is the capstone month in numerology & the soul-level challenges we face this month
  • Your Personal Year: what it means &...
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Do you believe that numbers have meanings and energies beyond their mathematical functions? Do you want to learn how to decode the numbers that appear in your life and discover their messages for you? 

Join Amanda as she dives into the fascinating world of numerology, the ancient science and art of interpreting the hidden meanings of numbers. 

In this episode she’ll discuss:

  • The energy of numbers and how...
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Today’s episode is a live reading with Seattle Seahawks In-Game Host, Carla Marie! 


Amanda’s reading reveals insights on:

  • Self-reliance and trust issues
  • Taking things off your plate to make room for your talents
  • Asking your soul to help you make tough decisions
  • Love that allows individuality  
  • Finding richness in life 
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Astrologer Steven Forrest joins Amanda to talk about how the planets guide the evolution of our souls, develop our higher consciousness, and show us our optimal path in life!


Having received praise from the likes of Sting, Robert Downey Jr. and Oprah Magazine, Steven is an exceptionally talented astrologer, writer, and lecturer who wrote his first book on astrology in the 1980s to immediate critical acclaim. 


Amanda credits...

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We all know to be on alert when Mercury is in retrograde, but what does it mean when most of the planets are in retrograde at the same time?? 


Over the next few months all of the planets (except Mars) are going to be in retrograde so it’s going to be an especially turbulent time energetically, with massive astrology and numerology at play during August, September & October. 


Like a caterpillar becoming a butterfly, on a...

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Astrology allows you to learn more about yourself- understanding your energetic cycles, consciousness, mind, relationships, body, spiritual condition and developing your truth. It can help you to better see your soul’s evolution and who you are becoming. 


In today’s episode, Amanda gives an overview on Astrology, how she came to be interested & knowledgeable in it, and how we can use it as a tool & roadmap for our daily...

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After being diagnosed with breast cancer and losing her job a few years ago, our listener Katerina is struggling with finding a new position and trying to figure out what’s next for her in her self-described “middle age”. 


Amanda gives Katerina a live psychic reading with messages about:


  • Getting clear with the voice in your head
  • Throwing out the idea of middle-aged 
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