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January 27, 2023 49 mins

Episode 212 - "The Culture Deserves It" Feat. Ferrari Simmons & Su Solo Produced by: @iHandlebars

Topics include:  ICYM: Matt Barnes, Drake and Future, Baller Mail, our exclusive interview with Yung Joc & more.

The Baller Alert Show

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":The Culture Deserves It"

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Episode Transcript

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Speaker 1 (00:01):
Hold on, hold on and gentle this fall Alert ball Alert.
Welcome to The Fallow Alert Show podcast, available everywhere you
get your podcast. I go by the name of Ferrari Simon.
He young world is your besties himself home. Don't see

what you know? BT, I'm in the building, bilder all
the good this what's happening, Young Jock is here, Let's
get into it. Matt Barnes spits on his fiance's ex husband.
Somebody gonna with Matt Barnes asked, wait, why did he
sit at the end? They say, you show the man say, man,

you know, it's just it's just now fiance's husband. So,
you know, depending on how they dismounted, you know, it
could always be attention forever and you just never know
how to go, you know something. Yeah, man, yeah, you
try on somebody. He puts your hands on you pushed me.
I don't know if that's at all. I'd rather for
somebody to smack me in the face and to spit

on me. I ain't the whole don't spit on me.
The fact that he got a frustrating order tells you
something is wrong with this. It's hard to get it's
hard to get the TV. Oh so you think that
you're not happy. See that's why we always need the
whole video because that little tin second look like that
man Matt Barnes walked up on that man to spit

on him. Because three years ago he Matt Barnes would
have went to jail, right, but now spend on somebody
in the COVID jail. He would have went to jail
three years ago. Start talking about COVID. I heard that's
a big rumor that Future, Um it's not too happy.
Uh this Drake and twenty one Savage album and f

and Drake did an album before, and it makes Drake
and Future album not as important, I would say, And
that's all this is allegedly. This is all rumors. I've
never heard it from Futures. I've never heard it Drake,
never heard it from Savage. Was just voted Complexes number
one hip hop Artists. Well Drake did to send him
to another level. Well, you gotta ask yourself, what what

are the specifics? You know what I'm saying for you
to be top dog in that category by their standards,
what are the specifics? Was it your total amount of
sales or total amount of streams. You sold more more
merched than anyone. You released this many number ones over everyone.
You sustain this type of the boot for this amount

of time over everyone, Like, what are the specifics to count?
Consider him number one? Okay? So so their specifics out
of mind? Who would you say is a numbering rapper
out of Atlanta or just number one rapper right now? Period? Well,
you can't say right now because everybody's gonna say, Drenk,
I've ever gonna I would right now? I probably have
the same future. Yeah, it's definitely future. So Douga is

one of them guys, right, we don't just count him
no kind of way. But love and locked up for
almost a year futures added another x amount of platinum
pleques to his Yeah, so you know what I'm saying.
So right now who number one popping right now? We'll
probably not to be future, I agree. I mean, but
don't get any wrong done. I wonder what doing this thing?

But but don't don't get it twisted. Now Drake is
collapsing with people that's helping Drake career as well, of course,
So but I feel like people don't I mean, his
what's interesting because we talked about this a few months back.
So when Drake released that last album, was like this
ship too, it's too soft. So then he had to
come back maybe felt like, you know, I need some

a little most Street, and he came back with it
was like it was kind of out of touch. But
but but now that you hear these other records coming
right now, I mean they sound like that album. I
mean and then, like you said, the Urban Side was
like we cain of ain't feeling that. So guess what
he did? One can you do? So? Man can do something? Man,

We'll be right back. Look more of the Butler. Alert y'all.
It love From the minute I met you, baby, I
knew I wanted to manage it's love versus money. They said,
you can't put a price tag on love on the

ball or alert y'all. We just want to do like
a love of hip hop rundown. Okay, oh this is
nothing now co parents in them? I think it was.
It may have been loved, It may have been some
infatuation and money. I think it sometimes to be a
little bit of both. One thing y'all gotta notice, man,
when these people like being a limelight and they go

to having kids back to back to back to back
to back. Yo, you start missing the whole concept of
what got you all there. You can't do the same
things you used to do. Let's say, me and you
like to smoke. I mean you like to drink. That's
what we do. This is my doc, bro, doc. Now
I'm both me and you. Now we can't do none
of that together no more. It's like, wait, what what

I'm saying? If your woman get pregnant, you can't spoke
with a drink? Would you can't do none of that?
You can't saying go out out? Yeah, so what happens?
He getting money? She's she's not taking booking his bag.
He moved, he has truth flights in enough she does.
She needed help, the dynamic shange. That's what people have
to keep in mind. Like they're changing. People say I'm
ready for it, not to back to back, three back.

You think they don't win too far. It's just the
running up the bag, and then they don't between love
and unconditional love. And then you gotta keep in mind too,
when y'are both getting money, you don't feel like you
really need each other. It's easy to be out. You
feel like you're trying me, you know, and people have
to keep that doctor the thought of that in mind too.

That's a difference love and unconditional though, right. I guess
obviously your schedule are gonna change, your business grows, your
you know, your whole things and all that stuff. But anyway, okay,
because y'all didn't say you in love, let's gorow it
back to Joe Budden. And since Santanna think, so what
about Spice and Justin Budd? I think I think, I

think it could have been loved because they both had
their own back. Justin already was getting bread. I've been
on Justin for a long time. Spice been getting the bag,
she's been having bag. And when they made I remember,
I remember that exchange and I was like, yeah, going
on wag, She's like you're somebody money or you know

what I means. That might have been loved. The money
might have made them go the other way. Thow, Oh
that's love. That wasn't for money. I was loved because
I you know, I went I had a lot of
talks with my cousins and that I was loved. But
that's another one of those situations. I think, like that's love.
I think I think, like sometimes I just get hard

with the kids. I don't care what nobody say. You
think it was hard with the kids or with Mama
Dal and especially Mamad especially Mama. Mama deal a lot.
But you know, you know I say this, you know
when Bam said I do, that was a part of it.
That was that was a part of the package that
came with a husband. I'm seriously, I ain't gonna. I

ain't no sugarcoat none. That's that's what it is. I
married you the thing. I know you gotta crazy and
Mama I do. We'll be right back with more of
the Baller Alert, y'all. You're listening to a special edition

of The Young job Man right now. I'm chilling with
the ball Alert show. When I actually went and watched
Loving hip hop, right I'm kind of put it in
real time, you know, I'm like to him, I wonder
if this is why you came to work the next
day looking crazy. You're like, you know, I'm trying to
piece it all together. Do you feel misunderstood? Because I

feel like even sitting in the studio with you day
after day after day, like there would be conversations that
we're having off air, and I felt like maybe we're misunderstood,
Like you think you're being portrayed properly. Well, you know
what I'm gonna say this, it's beyond portrayed because I
would always tell anybody even justit in front of these cameras.
Right now, camera can't use what you don't give exactly

what I'm saying. But but if I look to the right,
and I'm just looking to the right, and at this moment,
baby girl over there just have to be making the face,
be making the face at me, really, and it looked
like me and he happens, and then somebody like, what's
up with y'all? Y'all good? I'm like, are we good?

I was like, na there. Somebody go back behind and
talk about it like I don't know. They was looking
at each other like it's miss shoes. Now now people
asking y'all used to messing around that fans a whole
narrative on the screen, you know what I'm saying. So
you just have to watch what other people do. But
sometimes I am misunderstood. Y'all get put in scenarios like
when y'all film loving hip hop? Is it kind of
like okay, we're gonna go here and then um, Jock

don't like this person, and they're gonna be in the
room and he don't even know what they're gonna walk in.
I mean, that's just like every day life. I came
here to that I don't know who they is gonna
be in the room. But I came here for a mission.
You know what I'm saying I would come and go
is to give the deliverables we were hit to entertain,
to be informative. But I didn't know she was gonna

be here today. I used to ask, who's gonna be
on set? What was the miss understandard between you? Kendra?
What spices for a name? I'm gonna say what you mean?
What was the misunderstanding with the text messages and the dates?
Sometimes people use what they got. I just have to

use what they got. You know. You know Monica Lewinsky,
if she didn't have them drawings, she I'm saying that
she had what what thing was on her dress and
she just just that look that body only did at
one time. So in this in this situation here, you say,
you know, we've been messing around all this time and
all you got is one texts? I just want text

mess from me. Nothing else. Receipts, I mean, like real receipts,
like no dinner, no pictures of us out and about.
So I hadn't messed with her in some time, and
I just feel like she felt in her heart that's
why she said on the show he always loved me,
And people like, why didn't you shut her down? I
was like, you know what, people donna believe what they
want to believe. Said. Even if I the business, let

me tell you something that will never be ever again.
It's my wife at that moment. People are still gonna
look at what they felt like, which used to convict
me at that moment. And the text mess. Yeah you're
saying all that, but the text man, so it's kind
of like, damn if you do them. If you don't,
oh man, it was tam my ass up. But what though,
I understand this world now, getting my wife, my better

half to understand it a little different because here she
is an other season where she's been cool because that fire.
Don't haven't been on me like that. But now we
got a lot of things that kind of broke down
the trust. You know, it's a lot of elements that
made me look crazy with the you know, the bachelor party,
Carling Red walking up met But but but what was it?

What was it bad? Because I didn't invite her, I
didn't do nothing. I didn't leave with she. That was
nothing else after that, no more engagement. That was no
more nothing. She ain't come in the room, and don't nothing.
So really all you did? What saw somebody come up
at me? Be quardial? And y'all know who I am.
Y y'all, y'all know me, and the world kind of
know me too. I'm social with it, but and I'm
the kind of dude just like you know what we're beating.

But I don't gotta I don't gotta put that in
the y'ab what's up a little bit? I've extended the
olive branches to enemies before. It's nothing, were actively beefing.
I think people wanted to see a little discernment because
there's nothing wrong with the discernment. Where though, so you
already got some stuff going on in your marriage, right,
there's already the talks about wasn't really no talking, okay, right,

So I think you have to consider that when people
are thinking of all these things at one time, the
last day, your fiance or your wife want to see.
It's Carlie Red jumping out. No damn cake. At the
end of the day, I still understand that I am.
I am a part of a production, and I understand
what production value looks like. Now, I could have walked

off and people like, that's right, that what I'm talking about.
I could have did that, but I was like, yo,
it's over. Ain't know whether for me to walk out too.
I'm right here in my space. I'm kicking it. Ain't
what's Oh damn yeah, you get here. Okay. She came,
but she hugged me. When she hugged me, I initially
went with one on and not instantly. I'm a man, Fellas. Fellas,

you know what it's like when a woman put that
weight around your neck, like they feel jump up on
you in your arms or strader, and I felt like
she was about an attempt to jump up on me.
So I leaned down so she couldn't jump upon me. Kid,
jump upon you when ain't feel to dump you, hold up,
hold up back. So when she went to leave, I
felt the tension on the back of my Now you
look back as I'm telling you this. When she put

on round and went to do it. My arm was
like this. I leaned down to let her down so
she couldn't do that, And it appears as if I
went down her body like I missed you. There was
more like no, and that was it should have hit
him with their handshake. That was it. It was cool.
That was cool. It was And think about it the
real when that got away. That's kind of how like

it is over Hey hey you okay, hold on. That
was it. But you know, young jopping the ball of
the show, going back to the height of your music career.
Who came up with the dance for It's Going Down?
Originally I was doing walking out until it's going Uh
it's going down, you know, walking out us go down,
you know. But I was just like the move, so

I was I was doing a bunch of these, um
the schools, you know, you're gonna do the high school
and stuff, you know, pep rallies and with Greg Street,
um and uh a little bank kid, and I would
be I started pointing at the crowd. I was just
brought into the butt was pointing. That's it. I never

was doing this, no, no way. I was just moving
like this and grad Street called me and blocked and said, hey, y'all.
He Chino and said, hey, y'all, I think that little,
that little cool ship y'all doing the transformed them more
to something else. Y'all gotta come out here the Chocolate
Club Chocolate and see these little young East Side cats

do this dance his song. So I was like, you
gotta dance. So I like, yeah, I need to see
this because I need something to help this really take off.
And member going there that night and the club was crazy.
Nobody knew who I was because I hadn't seen the
video yet, and I'm seeing him looking at the whole
club and he's telling the people I'm in now. So
you see people like right here, but they don't they

looking right at And when that song came on, man,
they did that. It was like hearing the song for
the first time. It was like hearing the song as
a fan for the first time, was like oh, because
it was a whole new couple in the whole new marriage,
you know what I'm saying. It wasn't even like this
is my ship, it was like it's ours. Would you
ever want to be on Forbes again? Of course I

wouldn't want it. I see. Here's the thing though, you
know what I'm saying, you want like you want people
because I've seen the interview where you talk about being
on Forbes was the worst thing that happened to you.
It wasn't the worst thing that happened. It was one
of the worst pr moves for me because you know,
you know, okay, perfect example. You know, we see certain

people the professional we love them, but we don't know
how much money they make. But athletes, as soon as
they they deal, we know how much money they make.
That's automatically a target on your back when it comes
to rappers. Instantly soon somebody sounding deal, Oh what's your boy?
Just got to deal Boston Richie just the other day

seven millions, Like damn seven million. That creates more hate
because you've got people like what the hell he deserves
seven million for? Or then you got cats like, oh something,
I didn't get up on the home, not sitting on
my boy, That's what I'm saying. So when that, when
that came out, that that was like that, it just
made people look at me differently. It's like, right now
I'm out with you and I'm like with ship. Uh yeah,

I get a bottlem. I don't even worry about it,
but I get a battle right because in my mind
I think we both got it. But I feel like
I got a board and you or I want to
show you I got it. And then I hear tomorrow
that you said you made ten millions this ship? Bro?
Why are you letting me buy the battle? Bron? Why
are you that by the battle a matter of fact?
Why are you that just about the club bie? Like

even talk? You know, somebody called him like broken up?
I need but I need to hold like a little
silm thousand. That a little situation, right, you know, I
got right? And you're like, all you give him a
little silm? Then that come out. They're like, bro, why
you you could have gave me seventy? Yeah, because you
made tending Young Jack one of the greatest storytellers. Can
we get a story right here on the Ballard Show

ship the best one? Tilp? I love you, Tilp. That's
that's that's my brother, you know. And it's interesting because
you said, who was big as me at that time?
Till and I was on. I was on, you know,
I started off on. I did a lot of tours.
I did three tours at one time, I was on
tour with Tip and at the same time Till Paint

and a whole another twy at the same time. UM,
and I don't I don't want to put any negative
light out there on Till because this this is all
public knowledge at this point. But I I remember saying
when I got on the screen tour, Tip walked through
the door my ex security guard. Instantly, I was like,

it was Tipped running, maybe even Clay. And I looked
at Tip and I was like, my security guard stopped.
My ex security guard stopped. He walked out doing and
I was like, yo, gotta get rid of him. I
was like, you're like, look about I like, bro, trust me,
get rid of homie. Do not need him around you, Bro,

just trust me on this ship. And he was like, well,
listen him, pimpn this is a different regime over here.
You understand what I'm saying and the way we run
things where we went. I said, I know, Bro, but
listen home on some other ship and I just don't
think you need to have Home around you. You know
what I'm saying. Let's see what people don't know before

he got with me. See, I'm legit. I can carry guns,
you know what I'm saying. And I remember him taking
me to the same gun story when he was getting
guns from and every time winning that he would say,
you want to get you something. I'm like, nigga, got
my I'm legit. I don't what I want to get
caught with some ship that ain't mine. I ain't doing
nothing crazy. I don't even don't think well. I'm like nah.
And I remember going to Alabama with my wife at

the time, my ex wife, and we both had five sevens.
I had got her five seven um and I had one,
but we only had one in the car. I rent
on her this beautiful uh drop top beings for a
birthday right now on that and just did a concert
and ship and they pulled over. They lock her and

miss beef misbehavior bottle legs, and they locked my boy
the same time. And they were saying that the gun
laws in Alabama wasn't the same age, they're not the
same in George. They're not reciprocated. So I had the
blue tips in the five seven so they call them
cock killers a those were meant to kill cops and
pierced vests. I'm like, na, no, no, no, So they
wouldn't get it. They wouldn't release the gun to me.

So I had to go back to this store where
I parted the gun from to get the paperwork to
say that I purchased the gun from them. Right. So
when I went in there one time, they had all
these machine guns on the wall. I went in there
another time the machine guns was gone. I was like
that we haven't all the machine guns we got raided.
I was like, and y'all still open. So that ship

instantly made me scratch my head. True story, dogg, it's
on my mom a nold count. So I get back.
I go to the gun store. It's one of the
ship like a movie. It's dim in the store. It's
like about the clothes, so all the lights not on,
and he pulls out the five seven. He said, you're
gonna get another one, right, I said, y'all need another one?
He said, here's your paperwork. He pulls out of five seven,

like you know how to put the jury on a
like the swede kind of the joint so I don't
hit the glass. He put a five seven on that
on the counter with a solence on it, and I
was like, oh damn. They make silences for them ships
and he was like, yeah, yeah. I was like, Yo,
that's crazy. Damn. So now I'm really feeling crazy because

I'm like, how are you still open after you got raided?
M That's what I didn't understand. But my mind was
like he was like, I mean, you know, I was like,
what what would I have to do to get one?
He's like, well, you know hey. I was like, yep,
you're working. My mind instantly said you're working, and my
security chip right, he brought me to them, and I

know he was fine ship because I didn't know who
he was giving them to though, so I don't have
no I'm not privatly no knowledge. So I instantly was like,
you ain't sucking with them no more. And then when
I got rid of my security was on on the
on the crazy on the tool tip. We go off
and do a show in Cleveland. This man get into
it with the club owner and cusses the club own

it out. And he's standing outside of my tool bus
with this fucking oozy. Matter of fact, the same oozy
that y'all see if you go back and look at
them guns when they have a tip. The oozy with
the little suppress on it. That even that ain't a silence.
So that's just like a false suppressor. Since you can't
put a handle on you can hold it, don't get hot.
So when I've seen that he got into it, the

Russian come out with a chopper, I'm like, please, don't killer,
We're a tool, but we can't get away. So after that,
I told Rico Rico Brookes. I said read because Rico said,
be you can't do that. He's like, set your puss
ads on the bus and I was like not so
we can't have home around us no more. I say home,
I'm gonna get us killed indicted. And when I told

him that, he was just like and I understand because
you know you're like Bro, I brought different what I'm saying,
you're good and it was like a big bro at
that moment. You know what I'm saying, like all right, bro,
no respect. So his interesting thing man to pull it
up for the BT Awards same time, right here in
the car with his wife. I'm gonna call my wife.
Then in the road, I'm in the road, pull up,

I'm like, bad, what's up? Like she about to go
inside and atok, about to go ahead? And brain it.
I like, hey, yeah, I can't wait to tell you perform,
but I'm proud. It's like, bro, it's found and he's
I gotta go hand on something right quick. I like,
what are you gonna go like that? I like, right,
So I keep out of the car. I'm walking up
the carpet way for him to get back, and our

person may saw or the Atlantic. She as to the phone,
drops the phone and looks at me. I'm like what
She's like, Tip, I'm like, oh, ship, what he just
got locked up on? Like how he just pulled off
so he didn't perform. We didn't know what was going on,
and that ship hit moves. But that was one of

those moments I wished, you know, I learned a lot
you follow your instincts, and I know that Tip is
a he's he's a king of oneself. He's his own man.
So sometimes a cat like to not gonna listen to
see anybody he got yeah, because you know, I mean,
he's very head strong and I respect him to appreciate that.
But that was that moment I was just like, damn,

I wish my brother would have listened to me. Because
when as soon as I saw It wasn't though. As
soon as I saw it, I was like, Yo, did
he ever circle back to you and say that I'm
trying to look out? No, I just I think it
was so much came from that. He lost so much
in that, but he gained a lot too. He learned
a lot. He found his way back to the top

through it all. You know, that was a hell of
a time frame for him, for his family, it was,
and it was. It was. It was hard for the
city too. It's like, Bro, like you know, but um,
we we talked. We just you know, something you just
don't bring up. It's kind of like you just want
something stood don't need to be sick. It is because
he don't want to him being the type of brother
he is, he probably don't want to him. ME say,

I kind of told you, you know, because I was like, bro,
you gotta get rid of him instantly as soon as
I saw him. Because a matter of fact, this nigga,
you know, I had to run the car company import
runs remember that. I don't know, I don't know, but
I just rended my ship everywhere Mayweather everybody. So I
was that little young nigga nigga that kind of ship.
Nigga had one of my runal cars, and the Nigga
sub rented the runal car of Fable and my car

was lost in the sauce for like like six weeks.
Famo in Michael, I don't even know somebody. Somebody just
hit me in life, bro. I think I just see
faboes flying out'll creaking your ship, and I was like,
let's see for one thing. Let me tell you one
thing I learned. Whenever you come off watch this. This
is gonna kind of I don't know if I should

even tell the words. But whenever you come off as competition,
it's gonna always be some type of friction. People will
try the best to make things harder for you. So
I always create my own lane because when I'm in
my own lane, there is no competitions. Like, if I'm
doing this, I'm the only person doing this, We're gonna
stop me. I don't feel like right now, I can
come into a conversation room full of rappers today, rappers,

old rappers, dope boys, trapped rappers, and nias damn to
count me out when it comes to the rap side
of things. But I'm living better now than I was
when I first hit big. And that's because I get
to do things under the radar because people like Jo
I mean, you know you're gonna do some love hip
about ship that I ain't doing on me. It was

like that, you know he need right, he got no
bust down on it rid and talk about that. I
don't think people realize all the business that you have
going on. You know, you always hear that before I
go broke, like jobs for people always talking about how
brokey were? Where do you think all that comes from?
Where the narrative come from? What do I want to know?
I think I think when when you when you see
somebody like you said, who was here at one point

in time, then you look up almost at that time
when that something was made almost fifteen years later, and
he's not that same uh hot artists. He's doing some
of this, he's doing some of that. And then let's
sake example, when when we when we think of our
reality TV, we don't we don't think big big money

unless you're thinking of our dashals. Right when you think radio,
we don't think of big big money unless you think
of breakfast club. I'm joining what I'm saying, Steve Harvey,
you kind of get what I'm saying. So a lot
of the things that i've I have my hands in
kind of at the top in those pools. You know
what I'm trying to say. So when it comes to

urban radio right now, I want to top h morning shows,
that's indicated. That's cool. I'm not out here boasting and bragging.
You understand I'm saying. When it comes to reality TV
on the number one reality show, I'm like one of
the top talents. Can you kind of get what I'm saying.
So if people are looking at something that they don't

equate too, is like, but you made it, man, It's
just like okay, yeah, bro, you're doing some of this,
some of that, and then then mind you got to
do all these different things for what to equate to
some money not realizing don't I'm having my weight because
because no, nothing, nothing, and no one is trying to

contest me for my position. You get what I'm saying.
It's not like nobody's like, yoa, I gotta be the
number one cat on reality TV or the number one
cat and everybody thinking about video or I gotta be
the number one head with the craziest health styles. It's
not none of that. It's like you definitely reinbit yourself
all the time, and that's what it's about. Do you

feel like like loving hip hop is dying out? Though?
Oh I don't want to. I don't want us to
turn him dying out. I think it has had a
very good run. When you're talking almost thirteen seasons. You
ever take us through COVID, it was they wouldn't consider seasons.
They was like, don't really throw that out through that.

So but but we worked just as if it was
a season. I just I think that at the end
of the day, you know, you gotta make it what
it is. I ain't gonna say it's dying out hell now,
because he said, hell no, it's changed. No, I definitely changed.
But at the end of the day, it's striving. You
still got people live in the bears life not too

long ago, and you know we got to see him
have this big right through. So we's seen with Mama
d just ex said, you know, I'm the son I
needed this from you growing up and you didn't give
it to me. Um. He also said that they provide
you guys with counselors with therapists. Do you ever use
the therapist. Do you believe in therapy? Hey, man, let

me tell you something. Therapy is real. Therapy is real, man.
And I think ours as as as a minority, um,
as a race, and as a culture, I don't think
we understand the benefits of that kind of get what
I'm saying, Like we're just getting into it. You know.
It's kind of like other ethnicities or nationalities. So they

might already been into stocks and bugs and might already
been in the real estate. I might've already known about
how whole term life insurance works and stuff like that,
and we're just like catching up some of us, you
know what I'm saying. So when it comes to the
whole concept of therapy, UM, without therapy and certain counsel,
I wouldn't be married today. Yeah, because I literally at

the talk to my pastor for eleven hours to sit
down and have a comfor say, with my wife about
you know, um, there's a new child. Because I was
just like, you know what, at least I can say
I tried to do anything that I could to fix
my mistakes, my you know, because it's it's hard. You know,

therapy is real. A lot of people we don't. We're
scared to open up. We're scared open up. That's why
we have certain friends. And you got a friend that
would be like, yeah, man, that ship lit by, but
I'm broke. You gotta appreciate the type of friends that's
honestly gonna tell you the truth. You know what I'm
trying to say. I appreciate the truthful friends. Is everybody
not truthful? Somebody can tell you by ain't going over that.

But you know what I'm saying, I got something working on,
ain't he I'm really just to him and bro, I
ain't got the bared right now to do that. But
I'm really focused on my I need to be focused
on his homework or this project. I'm working on this.
I'm trying to better myself. I appreciate the cad who's
gonna tell me the truth? Then who gonna shoot me
the fluff and deflect its truth? You know what I'm
saying real quick, And it's my last question speaking to therapy.

How are things with your son? On the show, you
guys had like a riff. How are you all now? Yeah? Yeah, see.
You know, as men, we come into this space. This
is a natural thing. You're come into the space and
you hear the old g say, you're smelling yourself. We
come into a space where we are the cream of
the crop. We are the man, A man I am mcken.

You know what I'm trying to say. So it comes
to a point where you have to allow a little separation,
just a little separate, just a little enough for that
for that man. You know when you walk in the
boys room where they get a certain age, that room
get funky. You feel what I'm saying, get funky. They
started to start developing, they started spreading. Now they start

emo and start becoming a man. And it's a lot
that comes with that, a psychological change. Just like when
a woman is having a child, when she's going through
the emotions are hormones and she's like what she up?
And now we do that too as me And you
know what I'm saying. We start having these these emotional
changes and and our hormones started doing and we started no,

that's all it will. It was just a little rial
and and we got passed that. It was at the
point where you know, there'd be things that may not
be said to you as a parent. You know your
child may feel a certain way. You know, and and
they don't have the confidence or the courage to say
it because they feel like it's gonna come across disrespectful.

So now they bite their tongue, they're holding it back,
and one day when it comes out, you're like, what
the But it's it may be so much truth in
it that you stopped and just said, all right, well
let listen, you know, with he and not, it was
a lot of different factors. There was a lot of factors.
I like, I kept feeling like, son, you're not seeing
what you're doing. It's not falling on me. All of

these consequences that are happening are from your actions. It's
what I'm saying. And when you're pointing out a young
young and I feel like you're trying to trying to
son them. Where you are my son, And yes, I'm
sonning you because this how this ship go, This how
nature set up. I'm here first, so I'm gonna show
you the way. You understand what I'm saying. And if

you ain't no kin to me and we got no
bid and you're trying to sum me on some lame ship,
that's different. But you came from this DNA, this genetic makeup.
You know what I'm trying to say. So you gotta
understand I don't want nothing but the best for you.
So I'm not sonning you. I'm just son of you,
you know what I mean. That's not being from Atlanta yourself.

I wanted to ask you about the Wisel case and
your thoughts on everything going on so far. Here's what
I say. I think, um, humans, we're trying to press
this whole issue that we're standing on certain things. I'm
standing on certain morals and certain values and all this
and that. Right, and just as you're talking to me
as a as a man, I'm talking about my son, right,

you gotta you gotta cat who are right now? I'll
be ready to ride or spend the block on a
snitch because he didn't. He didn't stand on his squell
like he's supposed to. He ain't stand on that business.
But this same nigga who fnn to spend the block
is a dad beat dad. The same who from the
spending block is nigga who don't took somebody in life
for dumb shiit. Same nigga who spend the block don't

respect his lady, his mother, you know, or whatever, so
you're standing on all You're standing on ship that don't
even concern you, but you won't stand on the ship
that concerns you. So I'm gonna place that. I'm just
gonna sit there. I'm not gonna pointing on fingers. I'm
not gonna say no, they's gonna point this here right now.

Here's the thing when you look at the situation at
Thug again, right and these people knowing that we're not.
We may think we're privy to everything that's going on,
but we're not. Dog. We ain't been in some of
them conversations with them, some of them wages them too,
or them three or them five talking. It's probably so
much ship in the game that certain people in that score,

like my mom turned already told me Thug he ain't
coming home. So I can see him play the game
and try to like him down all I want to,
But if even let me walk to day what I'm
supposed to do? Just like your man, he on the
phone with the baby mama, She's like, hey, and then
you got a son. You got a son you gotta

think about. You got a son, you gotta come home too.
But what's he thinking about that son? That he gotta
come home to when he was out here doing whatever
he may have been doing. And I'm not saying he
did anything. I'm just saying the way we gotta think about.
At the end of the day, this whole comes up
to snitching. Man, Look at what it is. The judge
is telling these boys. He man, aw, you're looking at fifty.

We got who we want. We got him if we
let y'all go. We know something that y'all clearly don't
realize that. We know. We're gonna let you all right out.
I'm gonna drop the fifty yield, but if you found guilty,
we're giving your at the max. Y'all seen the judge
said that. That's what the plea is. Though. That's how
people like, oh, why would you say something like that

to them? That's how play is. Hey, we're gonna give
you less. Time's gone and tell us what's up. I'm
gonna let you off because if we crack up their
jury and spend these tap pails dollars, we spend this money,
but we execute you to the fullest extent. So when
you guys aremight like going, who don't already did the
year right? You're looking at five. You don't got no

real rap sheet. We said, oh, you're only looking at
thigh where if he go to trial they find them guilts,
he might be looking at way crazier. So you got
people who are sitting in a position like yo, I
don't know what to do. I don't roll it out
for this many months. It don't look like it's getting
no better. Guess what in a few minutes right in

the next year, a few days away to try about
the start. And when they pulled this plea off the table,
they don't put it back on that table. So when
you sitting there, don't give a how gangster you want
to say you is, how down you say you are,
it ain't gonna be but a small percentile, small percentage

of people who are gonna say, well, I'm I'm standing
on it, I'm right, not with my back. It's not
many gonna do that. So I don't I don't know
why people try to act like they're so down to
what they ain't gonna snitch. Because everybody who say they
ain't gonna snitch, that did some I'm telling in their
life hip hop facage that that's what I'm saying. That's bullshit.

That's bullshit. I don't. I don't know me personally. I
don't respect the snitching. I don't. I do not but
and the but don't say it make it cool. But
the butt is the average person gonna snitch, the average
person gonna snitch. But let's keep it a hunting all
that if I That's why one one thing that's I

stay in my lane, my onlane. Ain't nobody gonna do
no dirt with me. It's yourself. You ain't evenna do
no dirt with me. You ain't even I ain't doing
no dirt. I ain't doing no dirt with nobody. Because
if I got to do anything that calls for any
type of anything, it'll get done. Or ain't nobody gonna know?

You kind of get what I'm saying. That's why I
don't know if you really just think about me and
my whole career. You never really see me hang out
with a bunch of rappers and ship. Never really heard
you get in trouble either, because I ain't with it.
I know what my calling is. I know I'm gonna
provide it for my family. I'm supposed to be a
protect and a provider for my family, and why I
jumped out the streets my partner, chin Old Dollar, I

love him a deult, that's my brother. But when when
when we when we took off, I said, Hey, I'm
out of the streets, bro, because it's gonna go against
with the reason I'm doing this. You see what I'm saying.
I'm trying to do this to feed my family, quote unquote.
But if they get caught and I gotta go sit down?
Who don't feed my family? Do you feel like it's
hard to keep one foot in and one foot out

of the streets when you, you know, become famous and
rich and you're a rapper man, people are so caught
up in the code. It's cold. That's why it's hard.
Ain't went hard for me? It went hard for me,
not now they of the week. Hey, Bro, we're gonna
go down and focus us up. Why go ahead, but
y'all gonna have a good time. Well, come on, man,
you know, bron with you, Bro, rock with you? Now?

You know? Bro? Al right, do meal favor? Send bro
two bottles for me. But you're gonna do it like that, Bro,
Broight that count call me cap if I don't. If
I'm not getting involved. I'm not getting involved, dog, I
see it all the hunt of time. My home girl

called me, Hey boo, hey, what's up? Oh my god,
I've been trying to get in touch with you. What's all? Everything? Okay? Yes, listen,
sold this job I work for blah blah blah. I
had went through all this. They don't want to give
me my check. So finally I threatened them and they
gave me a check. Ain't god good? Oh well that's good,
but I don't have it. Do you have a bank account?
I can put this check? What you mean all? Usually

gonna open the account because it's times since I gotta
do this right away, or you better figure out the
time and how sensitive the time is. Don't call my
phone with that ship seven months later? Hello, you have
a collect call from for the W one one? Damn
what you I don't even locked up? Man? Since men
I talked to you, I'll tell you about that check. Man,
I should have listened to you the high life go.

I don't want to be in that position to learn
that lesson. It's hip hop changing now, like in a
sense of I feel like in your era hip hop
you didn't really hear about rappers getting in trouble and
snitching and all hear me'll you really didn't. Well, here's

the thing, brother, things were so different, big brother. Surveillance
wasn't as prevalent, hebot let me, let me, let me
tell you. The access is different. The culture has changed.
Everybody got our phoney. I mean you got to, I
got too? How many you got got to? I mean

these phones cost whatnot? Depending on right? What are we
paying for the camera? Everybody wants a nice You mean
to tell me it's more important to capture content or
what you see going on than to be able to

properly communicate. When you spoke about it, early said, oh
the my Space era, when you have my Space, bro,
you wasn't hearing about who's snitching. And furthermore, here's a
crazy thing. The wrappers themselves, they weren't doing as much

dirt themselves. It was more people to tag alone home
that wanted to prove the point to get on. But
now you got a rapper who got a homie, who
got damn got a phone, and he making content and
he putting it on YouTube and he getting paid every day,
So he ain't The homies ain't just like the broke
homies no more. Homer isn't figuring out the way to

get the bag too. You kind of get what I'm saying.
It's different, like it's so much opportunity kids. You got
kids who are multi millionaires. Their parents can't do a
tenth of the ship that they could do with that phone.
They oversee it because they know the business. But the
kids could go on there and do do do do
and show their parents something, open up with toys and

from ship to have a good time and post that ship.
And these kids are making millions of dollars from times
have changed, So it's not just the rap game. Technology
has changed the mindset. It's changing. We'll be right back
with more of the Baller Alert. Y'all. You're listening to

a special edition of the Baller Alert Show, Young job Man.
Right now, I'm chilling with the ball Alert message. Dear
Paula Alert, my wife drunk texted me the wrong ship.
My wife and I been married for five years, been
together for ten. She loves going out, hanging out with
her home girls, brunching, and I don't. I'll go out
on special occasions, but we damned their fifty and I

ain't outside like I used to be. We've known each
other since college. Real sweet woman. I love her and
I trust her. But last weekend she was out with
home girls and they were drinking, and the text she
sent me was, big, Ryn, we can't keep doing this.
It feels so wrong, but it feels so right. Then
she unsent the text, but I already saw what she sent.

The next day, she said she didn't have her phone,
that her home girl did, that they were all drunk.
Even the home girl apologized, I ain't buying it. What
do y'all think I'm gonna let I'm gonna let joke.
You know, you buy a new car or knew something.
It's just so right, ain't it. So you spent a
little time with it, and after while you start seeing
the pros and cons of it. Relationships are the same way.

That's why they start feeling old after a while. Right,
And if the pros outweigh the cons, and it's worth
standing in. If the cons outweigh the pros, you get
the funk on in this situation you've been on since
he's in college. Real sweet girl loves a deally. It's
his wife one, so that stands for her. That's that's
kind of got some weight, so everything he said was good.

There's the thing, It very well could have happened like
that if they drunk. The home girl texting takes the
wrong person. The problem is if the home girl drunk,
she didn't open your phone. But she ain't just drunk
and open up your phone without your past coach. So
I'm gonna objection throw that ship out. That's inadmissible. Listen,

I'm gonna keep it a book with you. Whoever the
funk Big Run is. You let Big Run know. If
he won't you, he gonna take all of you. Bitch,
We ain't sharing. That's what it is, because that's some
bullish it So so it's not an autom break up.
It's a it's a real thing because guess what. Here's

the thing. What are they doing? And she said, ground,
I can't keep sucking your meat, can't. I can't keep
eating your ass and let you hit me in the
car because we're sneaking around, She said, be wronging. We
can't keep doing this. That could be man, they could
be busting down them checks many they smashed. They're squishing

the good ship. Before we get out of here, I
had to shave your head because he got the bet
yeh oh ship, the bet that you did with Vlad.
They just had to miss trial with the OMG girl
ship right, and it was so quick. I just feel
that I feel so wrong the way they hand U

Sip and tin it like on God, the way this
trial was going with Meg and Tory. I didn't know
if he did it or not. I didn't know if
Kelsey did it or not. I didn't know who did
went I went now, but I felt like it was
gonna be a miss trial, and everybody like, well, what
making so she was gonna be a misstrial like what
you and I don't know, but it sounds like it's
just getting weird. And I was like, well, I bet

you know what I said, man, if if that man
found guilty, I shave my head. It wasn't because you
were teen, Tory or nothing, right, No, it was more
so like I mean, because at the end of the
day it was just a wage. I felt I felt
bad for all parties involved, to be honest with you,
because it was so you know, just imagine if they

wouldn't have got to live that night, they wouldn't have
got themn that gun when with out man that man
probably would have hit Meg and a friend that night,
probably would have doubled back and hit your girl the
Kardashian because I feel so bad and she got shot.
I feel so bad. They did not have a fucking
sexual escapade that they all deserved. And I just made

the bit and the ship went wrong, and I was like,
you gotta cut it off, and everybody was like, I
put to him on now. I mean, you know, it
was like, you know what, I'm gonna rock the ball ahead.
I'm gonna just do my thing with it. But the
phone call comes out. What were your thoughts on the
phone call came off? Man? Let me tell you something. Man,
he was apologizing. He could have been apologized for anything.

I never heard him say what he did. He just
I was apologized. And he was like, because you know what,
that could have him and her could have been more
closer than him and and Meg, and he probably could
have really liked up. But he had to smash Meg.
Like what you what you said that he smashed? You
want to smash it? You know what I'm saying. You

have never been a situation where you're smashing the girl.
And she got the one friend that everybody won't. And
the friend at you and you're like fun with you,
but I got the knockholf. Just do you think he
shot her? Well, because here's the thing he said, bullet
frag min or. This this job I don't attorney. I

swear to God. And now it's time for young job
to give a pep talk. All right, let's get into it.
My name is just still jumping your hosts of fact
Aman Robinson, professionally known as Jon Jodon. Let me tell
you all someth I'm gonna get you all some real
game right now, and it's free to It's my pep
talk for you. Keep in mind that tomorrow is not promised.

Understand that what could be done today should be done today.
Tomorrow again is not promised. The way it just change
after a full moon. Say some time to play that
bad I know, I know, I know some of y'all
gonna get it. Keeping my last suit you well, the
last pair of pass you will will not need pockets. Okay,

live your life. Stop chasing money, chase moments, chase memories,
create them. There's somebody in your life that you love.
Y'all got some issues with Stop what you're doing. It's
not about being a bigger person. It's not. It's about
letting people know that you really care. There's nothing. It's
just stop me from being able to express to you

I truly feel about you, not even my own thoughts. Okay,
I just want to leave y'all with that, because I
could keep going and keep going. Some of y'all ain't
gonna get half of it. Some of y'all gonna have
something bad to say about what I say. Some of
y'all will truly appreciate it. But I just appreciate the
opportunity to be on this platform to get y'all that
real show. I can't get enough of baller Alert. Follow

us on all social media platforms at baller Alert, go
on to baller alert dot com.
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