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April 20, 2024 57 mins

This part of the podcast is just the best 7 bits from the show this week that Morgan counts down from 7 to 1. You’ll be able to listen to them uninterrupted with just a few intros!


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Speaker 1 (00:00):
It's the Best Bits of the week with Morgan. I
fe just the bits.

Speaker 2 (00:05):
Happy weekend, and welcome to the Best Bits. I am
so glad to have you here with me this weekend.
We're about to catch up on the Bobby Bone Show
in case you've missed anything, But before we get into that,
I want to remind y'all to check out Part one
and Part three this weekend.

Speaker 3 (00:18):
Amy joins me.

Speaker 2 (00:19):
Part one, we were talking about our favorite things, the
last time we were really proud of ourselves, kind of
home edition, and then the origin story of her mom
and dad with the Cardinal and the Blue Jays where.

Speaker 3 (00:31):
That all begun.

Speaker 2 (00:31):
And in part three we are answering listener questions. Amy's
sharing her top five traits she's looking for in a guy,
how she spends her time when her kids are with
their dad, and some advice she'd give to people who are.

Speaker 3 (00:42):
Going through a divorce.

Speaker 2 (00:43):
Plus there's so much more, so check out both of those.
We also share some shout outs, so I love those.
I love looking at the positive. But for now we
are going into the Bobby Bone Show from this week.

Speaker 1 (00:55):
Let's go.

Speaker 2 (00:56):
There's an update in the whole Eddie kidney donation situation.
So for months he's been talking about how he wants
to donate a kidney. Well, apparently somebody and his family
may just need a kidney, so he's gonna go get tested.
But then there's some making fun of each other that happens,
and a lot just transpires during this whole thing and
then further on the post show. So this will at

least catch you up on the latest of how Eddie's
feeling and his kidney donation situation.

Speaker 1 (01:22):
Number seven.

Speaker 4 (01:23):
No, everybody's gonna roll their eyes bear with not even me,
bear with Eddie. I'm gonna allow him to talk about
this a little bit. Eddie has said over and over
again he wants to give a kidney, right like that.
That's a goal.

Speaker 5 (01:35):
Yeah, man, After hearing tell me something goods, I'm like
a year he's like, yet he does what.

Speaker 6 (01:41):
He doesn't do anything.

Speaker 4 (01:44):
He's always like, I'd love to do that, but then
he never We've been through this like eight times, Eddie.
I know you have something you want to say, so
go ahead.

Speaker 5 (01:51):
This is serious, So don't make fun of me. This
is a real story. My mom was in town last
week and she she's got thirteen brothers and sisters, which
is great, and so every time I talked to her,
I'm like, hey, how's everyone doing. How are the aunts
and uncle's doing? And said, wow, your uncle's not doing
too well. He actually got both of his kidneys removed,
and he's been in and out of.

Speaker 4 (02:10):
The hospital and living like dialysis.

Speaker 5 (02:12):
Yeah, he's gone through dialysis a couple three days.

Speaker 4 (02:15):
No kidneys. Is he hooked up to a machine.

Speaker 5 (02:17):
No, apparently you can live on kidneys and then they
just got to drain you whenever stuff just doesn't go well.

Speaker 4 (02:22):
I have no idea. I'm not educated on this.

Speaker 5 (02:25):
So it clicked. I was like, oh my gosh, is
this it? Is this the sign I've been waiting for.

Speaker 4 (02:32):
Making a joke on your.

Speaker 5 (02:34):
Joke? This is real, I know.

Speaker 4 (02:37):
But he's done this eight times I know.

Speaker 6 (02:38):
But this is his family.

Speaker 5 (02:40):
And I asked my mom. I'm like, hey, we've got
like thirty cousins, Like, has anyone stepped up to say, like, hey,
let's try to see if we're all a match. He's like, no,
no one's done it. So this is what I want
to do.

Speaker 4 (02:51):
Is this what you want to do?

Speaker 5 (02:52):
What you're doing is what I'm gonna do. This is
what I'm gonna I'm going to reach out to all
the cousins and I'm gonna say, let's all get tested
to see if we're a match.

Speaker 4 (03:03):
You're gonna get tested. Yes, I think that's the headline.

Speaker 5 (03:05):
Let's see if we're a match.

Speaker 4 (03:09):
Because you're gonna go get tested.

Speaker 7 (03:10):
Yeah, yeah, okay, it's good to go ahead and include everybody,
and everybody do it at the same time because it's
difficult at times to find a match.

Speaker 6 (03:18):
So you're rallying, right, But.

Speaker 4 (03:20):
Do you think your cousins are gonna respond in a
way of like, yeah, we'll all jump in, or are they
gonna be like, oh, I don't know, it's a kidney.

Speaker 5 (03:26):
I don't know. I haven't talked to him about that.

Speaker 7 (03:28):
What if three of you match out of the thirty.

Speaker 5 (03:30):
Then we flip a coin, like what do we do?
We go to a random generator?

Speaker 4 (03:33):
Okay, but you who's making the rules on that, well,
I guess I'm I'm you're doing it.

Speaker 5 (03:39):
Gives a think about that.

Speaker 4 (03:41):
Yeah, you're really gonna get tested though, Yeah, when.

Speaker 5 (03:45):
I mean this week, I'm gonna have to I'm gonna
have to look into it a SAP because I don't know.
And here's that where it gets a little tricky. They're being,
like my mom said, they're being a little secretive about it,
so they don't have a lot of information. This is
not very secret as far as like what his condition is,
how bad is it? Does he want a new kidney?
I don't know. We don't know if he wants to transplant.

Speaker 4 (04:06):
So you're going to get tested. Where do you go
to get tested?

Speaker 5 (04:09):
I'm the hospital. I guess you can go to Vandy.

Speaker 8 (04:11):
I mean I talked to those ladies that do.

Speaker 4 (04:13):
Just show up, show it and be like I'm here
to get you.

Speaker 5 (04:15):
Yeah, but they have to have my uncle's information. So
I'm gonna have to just sort all that out.

Speaker 4 (04:20):
You know what.

Speaker 5 (04:21):
These are the preliminary stage.

Speaker 4 (04:23):
Jitimate version of this story that you have told. If
you're going to say this though, you got to follow through.

Speaker 5 (04:29):
I'm saying it, okay, latchbox.

Speaker 8 (04:32):
I So let's say you not a match for your uncle,
but you're a match for someone else. But then that
way you could create a chain.

Speaker 4 (04:40):
Yes, I don't want you to commit to that. That's
not fair. That's doing it for his uncle.

Speaker 7 (04:43):

Speaker 4 (04:43):
I don't want you to have to be on a spot.
I think you should deal with this emotionally all thing, right, Yeah,
just go get tested and see if you match your uncle.

Speaker 5 (04:52):
This is a big deal.

Speaker 6 (04:53):
Yeah, it's just.

Speaker 4 (04:55):
You've said this so many times, right, but it's hard
for us to go at a boy. Good job for
thinking that and going to do it. I think it's
amazing if you do follow through. I am a coward
and I am not going to get tested because I'm
a coward and I'm a loser.

Speaker 5 (05:08):
Dude, everyone I talk to says you can live off
of one kidney perfectly fine for the rest of your life.
Why would we all not give a kidney?

Speaker 4 (05:15):
Probably okay, but you had never and you're saying that.

Speaker 5 (05:18):
No, that's why I want to know.

Speaker 4 (05:20):
I know, but you're like, why why won't everyone? But
you haven't yet. And I hope you do and that's
great and maybe you'll inspire us too. I think there's
a down process where you guys want to you'll be
down and out for a while selling it selling dude,
you don't like it's black market deal.

Speaker 6 (05:36):
It's like the chain thing is absolutely.

Speaker 4 (05:38):
I agree you do that, but you've said it so
many times. You do that and we'll be waiting.

Speaker 6 (05:45):
He says he doesn't even know his uncle.

Speaker 4 (05:46):
Wants I don't know he has an uncle.

Speaker 5 (05:48):
No, I tell him thirteen thirteen aunts and uncles.

Speaker 6 (05:51):
Dude, But should you ask? Because what if he's like, no, no, I.

Speaker 4 (05:55):
Don't want to. Yeah.

Speaker 5 (05:55):
I mean, I'm telling you that we just had a
conversation with my mom. And that's where here we go, Eddie, I.

Speaker 8 (05:59):
Got the line application, I'll send it right over to you.
That's the first step.

Speaker 4 (06:03):
Hoop it over to them. Good, You're proud of you.
You just said this one hundred times. No, no, no, they
don't believe you fully yet, but we kind of believe you.

Speaker 5 (06:13):
This is the first time I'm taking a step towards that.

Speaker 4 (06:16):
Good. I'm happy, all right, all right, all right, we'll
check back in. We'll check back in next week.

Speaker 1 (06:22):
It's the Best Bits of the Week with Morgan. Number two.

Speaker 2 (06:27):
There's no secret that Lunchbox isn't a big music guy.
That's always been the case. Well, Bobby thinks that Lunchbox
may actually have a music disorder called a musia. I'm
not even sure if I'm pronouncing that right. I've never
heard of it before.

Speaker 7 (06:40):
But we put.

Speaker 2 (06:40):
Lunchbox's music skills to the test to see if it's
a possibility, and guys, I really.

Speaker 3 (06:46):
Think it might be.

Speaker 4 (06:47):
Number six experts say there are certain people who are incapable,
like they just are not their brain does not allow
them to hear music the same way that we do.

Speaker 5 (06:57):
Yep, I know one of those guys.

Speaker 4 (07:00):
Those guys do less than one percent of the population
suffers from a musia or it's a version of true
tone deafness. They cannot create a melody back even if
you present it to them. They can't tell them apart
a lot of times if they're just played straight melody,
they're incapable of repeating a song. This is from a

journal of neurology called Brain. I think that Lunchbox has
a musia. Absolutely, he has a rhythmia. Well that's a heart,
but he doesn't have the rhythm. Muse breaks. But he
has a musia. He has singing you.

Speaker 5 (07:38):
This is his dyslexia. Maybe you know how he laughs
at us for being dyslexic gaming, This is his dyslexia.

Speaker 4 (07:45):
I will present a melody of to lunch which would.

Speaker 7 (07:47):
You rather have?

Speaker 8 (07:47):
Though I don't rather have a musia.

Speaker 5 (07:49):
I don't have dyslexia.

Speaker 4 (07:51):
Dyslexia, I'd rather have Okay, yoda, So Lunchbox, I will
just give you a melody of a very famous song,
like what does a melody mean? If I were doing
the Star spangle Band or melody, it'd be like, I
don't really who knows that one? Yes, but I don't know.

I don't know what I'm saying. Man. So here's what
I'm gonna do. This first song is called help Me Ronda,
and I'm just gonna do it from and help me Ronda. Nope,
here we go, repeat this back to me.

Speaker 9 (08:22):
Bop it up up, bop it up up, bopapa.

Speaker 4 (08:33):
Don't worry about the bombs and the doms. The melody
really can even be.

Speaker 10 (08:37):
Do do do Do Do Do Do Do Do Do Do
Do Do.

Speaker 4 (08:39):
Do Do Do Do Do Do Do Do Do Do
Do Do.

Speaker 8 (08:43):
Do Do Do Do Do Do Do Do Do.

Speaker 5 (08:47):
Do Do Do Do Do Do Do Do Do.

Speaker 8 (08:51):
That wouldn't it?

Speaker 4 (08:52):
No, you're not kidding. You're not You're not kidding. I'm
now you're trying as hard as you can. Yes, you
try to get you promise?

Speaker 8 (08:58):
YEA was that close?

Speaker 9 (09:00):
Bop up, butt up listen again. Bop it up.

Speaker 8 (09:06):
Up up Bob Bob Bob bop up bop Bob Bob Bob.

Speaker 5 (09:12):
I don't believe it. It's so bad that I don't
believe it.

Speaker 4 (09:15):
Okay, I tell you what. I'll give you ten bucks
if you can get it exactly right.

Speaker 9 (09:17):
Okay, pop it up, up, up, up up up.

Speaker 8 (09:24):
I don't even know where he started. Bob Bob bob
but uh but bo but ba but Bob Bob.

Speaker 4 (09:30):
Pay the man twenty bucks. No, no, because I'm gonna go broke.
He's gonna poss me, and I don't think he's possible me.

Speaker 6 (09:35):
I think you could go one hundred and there's no
way he'll get it.

Speaker 4 (09:39):
About this one.

Speaker 8 (09:39):
You give me a different one that was different, because
I don't know that the bop is messing with me.

Speaker 4 (09:43):
Give me a different one, okay, and you'll know the song. Yeah,
but I'm just gonna give you the melody. So Bruce
Springsteen in the eighties, born in the USA, I.

Speaker 8 (09:50):
Know that will go.

Speaker 10 (09:53):
Up banna b up bana ba and.

Speaker 8 (10:01):
Hey, no, no, no, the words.

Speaker 4 (10:04):
It's not the words, because you can memorize the words.
Ba down. Donna, Donna, my voice cracked. There go the puberty.

Speaker 10 (10:14):
Baa bana bau bana.

Speaker 8 (10:21):
Bar no no no bone no no no no no
b no no no no no.

Speaker 4 (10:30):
He has a music. He's the guy, he's the one percent.
What he doesn't know is he's so off. If he
did that, we would not be able to find that
song out of a thousand guesses.

Speaker 8 (10:38):
No no, bar no no, no no no.

Speaker 4 (10:42):
You're close on that, You're close.

Speaker 8 (10:44):
Not there, you know it's kind of doing what but no, no, no,
no no.

Speaker 5 (10:51):
In my head, you do star spangled banner?

Speaker 4 (10:53):
No words, melody, no words?

Speaker 8 (10:55):
Okay? Can I humme it?

Speaker 2 (10:56):
Or not?

Speaker 4 (10:57):
Have to do humming? Get some melody? M no, that's
not it, that's say can you see no? Crazy it again?
So so okay? Sounds like an every once in while

he hits like a simple kind of okay, how about
this one? The song you'll know came to the words
to the man looking to looking at.

Speaker 5 (11:34):
The man, starting with the mag you know, the man
in the mirror.

Speaker 4 (11:41):
There we go.

Speaker 5 (11:46):
Ah, he's like, what a what a big bang?

Speaker 4 (11:50):
I give you a different sound?

Speaker 5 (11:59):
Can he fix this?

Speaker 4 (12:00):

Speaker 5 (12:01):
Can you go to a doctor?

Speaker 4 (12:02):
You can't help it? He has it. He's the one percent.
I'm sorry our listeners kidding. When we do that, you
want to hear him not have rhythm. I'll repeat this ready,
that's me.

Speaker 5 (12:20):
It amount collapse.

Speaker 4 (12:23):
The right amount is are you ready? Don't clap until
I'm done. I'm going first.

Speaker 5 (12:30):
Whoa, that's that's hard on?

Speaker 2 (12:39):

Speaker 5 (12:39):
Like the horn?

Speaker 4 (12:40):
Can you do that one? What's one? Oh?

Speaker 8 (12:44):
Yeah I did that.

Speaker 4 (12:47):
You can't even do that one? No, No, let's play
Dustin but not weird. Yeah, we're in a terrible way.
That's why it doesn't like music. Yeah, it doesn't understand it.

Speaker 5 (12:59):
Yeah, that's yeah, that's so sad. I'm sorry.

Speaker 7 (13:02):
It's like, well that makes sense now, does it.

Speaker 1 (13:06):
It's the best bits of the week with Morgan.

Speaker 2 (13:10):
Number two, speaking of a lunchbox, he cleans that somebody
on the show stole his shirt. Now, this surprisingly didn't
happen in studio with all the male drama. I'm going
to catch you guys up on in a little bit,
but it did happen after a lunchbox gave a show
member something and we'll just listen for yourself.

Speaker 4 (13:30):
Number five, Abby, did you steal a shirt from lunchbox?

Speaker 6 (13:33):
A shirt?

Speaker 4 (13:34):
Okay, so you don't even know what this is. No,
he claims you stole a shirt.

Speaker 7 (13:37):
From him I have, Well, sure, I don't even know what.

Speaker 4 (13:40):
And he's usually the one that leaves up somebody leave.
If they leave something, he takes it home with him.

Speaker 7 (13:45):
Like a shirt you were wearing here. Why would you
just have a random shirt.

Speaker 8 (13:48):
So last minute I couldn't go to the Nashville soccer game.
One of my kids broke out in a rash and
I thought, okay, who is going to have nothing to
do in last minute? Let me think? So I hit
up Abby. I know she likes sports. I was like, hey,
do you want tickets.

Speaker 4 (14:03):
To the National? It was nice of you you'd have
to go through that hole. Let me think the biggest
loser is Like I thought, Abby, you'd want.

Speaker 9 (14:09):
To go, right?

Speaker 8 (14:09):
I thought Abby'd want to go, That's what I was saying. Yeah,
And so I hit up Abby. I was like, hey,
do you want to take your your boyfriend of the game,
you know, night out on me? And she was like,
let me check, and she goes, I'll take them. So
she goes to the game.

Speaker 4 (14:22):

Speaker 10 (14:23):
Yeah, it was so fun.

Speaker 7 (14:24):
I've never been to a game.

Speaker 8 (14:25):
And she texted me she goes, oh my gosh, we
had such a blast. I caught a shirt they threw
in the crowd and I said, you mean you're bringing
me that shirt because that's my shirt?

Speaker 4 (14:36):
And she was like, how is it your shirt? She
caught it?

Speaker 8 (14:39):
H she ain't catching that shirt if it ain't for me.
Those are my seats. So she owes me the Nashville
sc shirt that she caught in my seats?

Speaker 4 (14:49):
Was that a nice shirt?

Speaker 7 (14:50):
Yeah, it's pretty cool. It has the mascot on it.

Speaker 1 (14:53):
Yeah, that's awesome.

Speaker 4 (14:54):
And who caught it? You or your boyfriend?

Speaker 7 (14:56):
Boyfriend? Okay, but I was making eye contact with the kyo.
I was like, come on, pass it to me.

Speaker 3 (15:03):
I think he would have thrown it.

Speaker 4 (15:04):
To you, would says if she's in lunch box of seat,
does does she owe him the shirt? Let's vote. Let's
let's take this to a vote, those five voting panel.
Amy No, Eddie, No, he wasn't there.

Speaker 5 (15:15):
It's not his shirt.

Speaker 4 (15:16):
That's not Morgan.

Speaker 8 (15:18):

Speaker 4 (15:18):
Ray, Yeah, it's not even closed. He gave up all
of his rights by giving her the tickets to the event.
Whatever happens with the event is associated with those tickets.
I agree. No, you're a you're a zero to five
or Supreme Court case? Ever, are you serious?

Speaker 8 (15:33):
She would not even she would not have the opportunity
to catch a shirt if it wasn't for me.

Speaker 4 (15:37):
Maybe anything that happens to her. If let's say she's
going to the game and let me just go into
the games because you and she buys a lottery ticket
on thousand bucks five hundred.

Speaker 6 (15:45):
Okay, well let's reverse it.

Speaker 7 (15:47):
What if she's at the game and she gets a
parking ticket, do you have to.

Speaker 8 (15:51):
Pan she parked?

Speaker 5 (15:55):
She wouldn't have been there one for you?

Speaker 4 (16:00):
So what is your case here?

Speaker 8 (16:02):
So my case is due to the circumstances of my
kid getting a rash. I gave you the lifetime opportunity
of seeing a game, your first game, right, infetime opportunity.

Speaker 5 (16:12):
Yeah, a lifetime.

Speaker 8 (16:15):
Yes, I opened a new horizon for her and experience
she's never had. And the fact that you got the
shirt is because of me, So it should be my shirt.

Speaker 4 (16:26):
Why do you want the shirt so bad? Just buy
a shirt?

Speaker 3 (16:28):
Yeah, you don't even know what it looks like.

Speaker 4 (16:30):
May name fit you?

Speaker 8 (16:31):
Okay, naved, don't fit me, don't.

Speaker 4 (16:33):
Fit hurt it's her boyfriend.

Speaker 8 (16:36):
But who kept the shirt?

Speaker 1 (16:39):

Speaker 7 (16:39):
I have it now because I like it?

Speaker 11 (16:42):
Why not?

Speaker 1 (16:42):
It's kind of big for me.

Speaker 7 (16:43):
It's actually probably you.

Speaker 4 (16:44):
Please wear it to work. Please please wear your shirt
to work.

Speaker 1 (16:50):
I would love to.

Speaker 4 (16:50):
Okay, I'm sorry everybody voted you down on this one.
It's not even one vote now, it's kind of down
now in the green room talking with a guest.

Speaker 7 (17:00):
Hey, but I'll take tickets anytime you want to give them.

Speaker 4 (17:02):
You were off the list because she caught a shirt
and didn't give.

Speaker 6 (17:05):
It to you.

Speaker 8 (17:06):
I mean, that's like saying, if you.

Speaker 4 (17:07):
Okay, here, what's your analogy before you go go ahead?
Oh you don't have one? Yea, when you get the
breadthat go ahead.

Speaker 8 (17:17):
No, I'm saying it's like if you gave me gave
up your tickets to Arkansas football, and I caught a
football in the stain.

Speaker 4 (17:24):
I wouldn't say give me the football. It's a nice
job catching the football. And that wasn't even really an analogy.
It was the exact same scenario exactly.

Speaker 8 (17:30):
But I wanted to turn it on you to see
how you feel. Okay, if someone stole something from you,
please wear it. Okay, I will so Abby is now
a thief.

Speaker 4 (17:37):
Okay, Abby is within her rights.

Speaker 1 (17:41):
It's the best bits of the week with Morgan. Number two.

Speaker 2 (17:47):
Y'all, So there's been some drama of our mail room
and packages getting stolen. Well, there was a lot of
things that transpired in this. First it was the package
getting stolen. Then it was i's not sure who all
actually got it package, and then it was somebody who
finally confessed. Like you want to talk about old school drama,
this is what happened, and you're about to hear it

the whole thing.

Speaker 4 (18:09):
Number four, what'd you find out about the shoes?

Speaker 7 (18:11):
Okay, well, it's unfortunate because the box I did see.
Abby confirmed where it was, and I was like, yeah,
that's what I saw. I said, attention Bobby Bone's show.

Speaker 4 (18:21):
Okay, that's all fine, but what about Eddie shoes?

Speaker 5 (18:22):

Speaker 7 (18:23):
So I thought it was to you from Brooks, but
it was Bobby Bone's show. And then it had like
maybe probably Mike D's name under it, and I didn't
see it.

Speaker 6 (18:30):
I don't know where Eddie's.

Speaker 4 (18:31):
Are Eddie stolen shoes?

Speaker 5 (18:33):
And then I don't know, so Abby like for sure
saw shoes for me, right, yes, them?

Speaker 4 (18:41):
And I would bet that they sent me shoes to.

Speaker 6 (18:45):
Well, she thinks that they didn't.

Speaker 7 (18:47):
She didn't message Abby just confirmed because I showed her
right where I saw.

Speaker 4 (18:50):
That I don't need shoes anyway. That Eddie needs shoes,
well you do. They stole your walk, they stole your run,
somebody stole your running shoes. I'm just tired of things
against all around here.

Speaker 5 (19:00):
It's ridiculous.

Speaker 4 (19:01):
So there's nothing I can do. All the mail comes
and just sits in a room whereverybody has access to.
It's the worst system ever.

Speaker 5 (19:07):
But it's no one in this room that stole the shoes.

Speaker 4 (19:11):
It wasn't me. It wasn't me a shaggy once it was.

Speaker 7 (19:18):
On the counter.

Speaker 4 (19:19):
We gotta do something about the mail here because it
is the worst system. Like people send me stuff up here,
I never get it because somebody probably steals it. The
mail comes here for other places and lunchbox steals it.
Like the wine.

Speaker 8 (19:36):
It's not there for a month.

Speaker 4 (19:39):
I figure that was Scuba Steve. What's the plan in general?

Speaker 7 (19:43):

Speaker 4 (19:43):
I feel like we're all adults.

Speaker 11 (19:44):
We should be checking the mail on it doesn't want
to get too quicker and take it home.

Speaker 4 (19:47):
Because how long were those shoes sitting there? For a
couple of days, a couple of days. I don't even
know the one's ever told me where the mail even
isak room, I see that. Yeah, it's all spread out
on the table like a freaking pot lock. It's like
going Sunday on the grounds after church. Everybody macaroni and
cheese and lays it on the ground.

Speaker 11 (20:03):
This has been sitting there forever and people don't get
to their mail and take it home. So I mean,
I think us as adults should be better at getting
the mail sooner and take it home so this stuff
doesn't happen anymore. But we can try to figure it out,
rectify it, and get your new shoes cameras.

Speaker 4 (20:17):
Here for two days. Doesn't mean that there's no one
should steal.

Speaker 11 (20:19):
No, I'm not saying that's okay to steal it, but
I'm saying to combat that we should probably get on
it quicker.

Speaker 4 (20:25):
But if you don't know you have mail, we'll check
it every day. You're like, we're all adults, to like
the American Society, we're all adults. We shouldn't murder and pillagent.
That would have happened.

Speaker 7 (20:34):
I think he's saying, like everyone could take five seconds.

Speaker 4 (20:37):
And go watch your mail. We check our mail every
day at home, Like I go to the mailbox, I
look like once a week.

Speaker 7 (20:44):
I'm guilty. I'm guilty. I'm not an adult. I don't know.

Speaker 4 (20:49):
All you just scattered amongst that room.

Speaker 7 (20:51):
I know, but I mean I think that it piles
up and there's nowhere else for it to go.

Speaker 8 (20:56):
And there's a lot of mail for people that don't
even work here anymore.

Speaker 4 (20:59):
Yeah, the systems broken.

Speaker 7 (21:00):
But I kind of like the fun surprise of like,
see if your mail get stolen? No, no, no, but
like my my, my little mailbox where the envelopes go, because.

Speaker 6 (21:10):
We all have them with our name on that.

Speaker 7 (21:12):
Yeah, I see the envelope, okay, and so yeah, sometimes
I go a long time without checking that and then
I do, and that's when Bam, I have a thirty
seven dollars royalty check from Holiday Harmony, and I'm like, yeah,
that's fun.

Speaker 4 (21:24):
Operation find Eddy's Shoes Please, this is ridiculous. If you
turn in whoever stole Ady's shoes a one hundred dollar reward, Wow, lunchbox.

Speaker 8 (21:34):
I don't know who.

Speaker 4 (21:34):
If you turn in.

Speaker 6 (21:35):
Whoever stole it, no questions asked, you.

Speaker 4 (21:38):
Know you're turning somebody in I'm gonna ask a bunch
questions once I find out who it is. I mean, no,
there'll be questions. I'm not saying the shoes turn up.
If you turn in whomever stole the shoes or where
they went, and that's the truth, I'll give you a
hundred bucks. I'm tired of people stealing stuff around here.
No questions ask No, there'll be lots of questions asked
and some statements given afterword.

Speaker 7 (21:57):
I thought it was that you could just show up
with shoes.

Speaker 4 (21:59):
No, uh, all right, thank you. Okay. So let's say
your girlfriend or why for cousin, whomever, somebody that you
talk to her you want to get a hold of.
They won't return your calls. What do you do?

Speaker 6 (22:12):
Keep calling?

Speaker 4 (22:13):
Okay, text and you keep calling, texting, question, but they
won't return your calls.

Speaker 5 (22:17):
It find find my phone alarm.

Speaker 4 (22:22):
So this guy is his girlfriend there not in a
good place, and she was like, I'm not returning. I'm
not going to return your call. Stop calling me. So
he filed a missing person's report on her.

Speaker 5 (22:31):
Oh my gosh, nailed it.

Speaker 4 (22:34):
He's in trouble. Obviously he's in trouble. She wasn't missing.
Thought it wasn't she's went to answer to the calls.

Speaker 5 (22:40):
So he didn't know that.

Speaker 4 (22:41):
Yes, yes he did, okay.

Speaker 6 (22:44):
Because she's texted like leave me alone.

Speaker 4 (22:46):
Police believe the man intentionally misled the police and have
requested a summary trial to the case. For the case
in court. I think me thinks he did something wrong
and she was like, I'm over you stop calling me,
and so he couldn't get ahold of her. So called
a missing persons report. Other missing things our mail in
this building. Yes, somebody's stealing our mail, and I think

somebody could be part of the show. Morgan went and cleaned. Morgan,
you cleaned the whole.

Speaker 3 (23:11):
Thing, cleaned up the whole mail room.

Speaker 4 (23:13):
So what happened?

Speaker 5 (23:13):
What did you do?

Speaker 4 (23:14):
You went in there was their mail strode all over
the place.

Speaker 2 (23:16):
Guys, there was wedding invites from listeners from twenty twenty two.

Speaker 5 (23:20):

Speaker 3 (23:21):
Like I went through everything.

Speaker 2 (23:22):
I opened up anything that was addressed to the Bobby
Bone Show. I left everybody's mail on their desk for
what was in there. Abby opened up all of yours. Like,
we went through everything.

Speaker 4 (23:31):
Did you find the stolen shoes?

Speaker 2 (23:33):
There was no shoes there. But our listeners do have
a theory on that.

Speaker 4 (23:37):
Go ahead. I want to hear the theory, and I
want anybody to react, because everybody has a theory. But
your theory is Morgan go yeah.

Speaker 2 (23:41):
And it's the listeners are reaching out to me and
they're like, hey, you know, like somebody's getting paidback. Eddie
stole lunchbox is mail a few months ago. Now Lunchbox
is stealing Eddie's.

Speaker 4 (23:52):
Mail, the really expensive shoes. Yeah, that Brookeoks running the shoes. Okay,
that's a theory. Edite your theory.

Speaker 5 (23:59):
I think it comes from the source. I heard it
from Abby. Abbey's the one that came to me and said, hey,
your shoes are in the break room. And this was
on Friday, and so I said, all right, I'll pick
them up on Monday. I come in on Monday. They're
not there. The only person that ever saw them was Abby.
So I think Abby stole them and gave him to
her boyfriend.

Speaker 4 (24:16):
Oh, we got a new person involved here, that's what
I think. Okay, is he on the line.

Speaker 7 (24:21):
Well, now we need to know the size of Eddie's
foot and the size of Abby's boyfriend's foot.

Speaker 5 (24:24):
Good calling.

Speaker 4 (24:25):
Lunchbox has a theory and Nolan does't have a theory.
He went and gumshoot it, what does that mean he's
a private dick?

Speaker 5 (24:32):
Oh yeah, yeah, he's half of that.

Speaker 4 (24:34):
Yeah, go ahead.

Speaker 8 (24:35):
Yeah. I did some investigating and I went and I
was like, man, I gotta get to the bottom of
this because Eddie missing a pair of shoes is very serious.
So I unearthed some audio that I think is going
to point to a suspect.

Speaker 4 (24:48):
He unearthed he talking about uncovered private investigator.

Speaker 5 (24:52):
Man, private dick.

Speaker 10 (24:54):
You know what I mean.

Speaker 8 (24:54):
When you're a private investigator. You can put microphones, you
can tap phones and wires, and.

Speaker 4 (25:00):
I don't know that that's all true. But I have
a clip here. So this is a clip. Just play it.

Speaker 8 (25:05):
You unearthed it, Yeah, you can play this clip, and
I think it's gonna point towards the suspect.

Speaker 4 (25:09):
Go ahead.

Speaker 5 (25:11):
I really didn't mean for this to happen. So I
thought about stealing one of his packages, one a lunchbox packages, yes,
and I held it under my desk.

Speaker 4 (25:18):
You like, months, do you know this is what he's
gonna say?

Speaker 5 (25:20):
No, I have no idea, He has no idea, And
I was just like, oh, I want I'll submit it
in the show. It'd be funny.

Speaker 4 (25:25):

Speaker 5 (25:25):
I held this package for a month. Somebody cleaned our area.
It's gone. I don't know where your mail is, lunchbox.
I'm so sorry.

Speaker 4 (25:33):
I have no idea.

Speaker 5 (25:35):
Okay, we all remember this.

Speaker 4 (25:36):
What did that unearthed?

Speaker 8 (25:37):
Like that on Earth that I was walking through the
mail room and I saw a packaged Eddie and I
was like, oh, you know what, payback. I didn't know
what's in the package, so I just grabbed it.

Speaker 5 (25:45):
Oh you know what.

Speaker 4 (25:46):
Good for him. He's confessing that he stole it. He's like,
he stole it. What he's saying is don't mess with him,
and he won't mess with you.

Speaker 8 (25:56):
Like it was just a brown box. It didn't say
like I just said to the attention or Bobby Bone
show attention Eddie. It didn't say like didn't it's just
a brown box. And I was like, all right, So
I took it home and I didn't know what was
in it, And now I know their shoes in it.

Speaker 5 (26:12):
Okay, so you stole my shoes.

Speaker 4 (26:15):
We haven't stopped stealing mail.

Speaker 7 (26:17):
How he started it, I know.

Speaker 4 (26:19):
That's why didn't saything the lunchbox like, oh.

Speaker 5 (26:21):
You're not true lunchbox started it. He stole the bosses wind.

Speaker 4 (26:25):
That had nothing to do with you. He did still first.
I mean he didn't want to start one, but not yours.
But he did open a relax the bosses and relaxed,
made relax.

Speaker 5 (26:34):
Your boyfriend's in trouble.

Speaker 4 (26:35):
It's okay, that's true.

Speaker 7 (26:37):
Not my boyfriend yet.

Speaker 4 (26:39):
Okay, Look, I'm all good. I didn't know this. Can
you please bring him back working on that? What does that?
What is he talking about?

Speaker 5 (26:50):
His mail?

Speaker 4 (26:50):
Back to him?

Speaker 5 (26:51):
No, dude, the male's locks.

Speaker 4 (26:52):
Keep him lunchbox. No, yes, he lost your mail, the
same thing as him. Just keeping your mail.

Speaker 5 (26:59):
If somebody came in and cleaned all our stuff.

Speaker 4 (27:02):
You stole it, and that's what happened. Shoes What size?
Shoot you were?

Speaker 8 (27:04):
Well, I got a pair.

Speaker 4 (27:05):
I know what size you were?

Speaker 8 (27:06):
Like eleven?

Speaker 4 (27:07):
What sizes are these?

Speaker 8 (27:08):
I don't, i't, I don't. I haven't opened the box.
I didn't know that. That's what's in there.

Speaker 6 (27:11):
But he doesn't seem like an eleven and I'm an eleven.

Speaker 4 (27:15):
Are you have two pair of shoes?

Speaker 5 (27:17):
What does that mean?

Speaker 8 (27:18):
That's awesome?

Speaker 4 (27:19):
The judges. The judge is ruling, but no more touching
anybody's mail.

Speaker 5 (27:24):
What's the ruling he's bringing them back?

Speaker 4 (27:25):
No, he keeps them? No, then good, you stole his
and they were lost. That's the somebody else.

Speaker 8 (27:32):
But we had a listener call in and say they
mailed me five thousand dollars and I never got it.

Speaker 4 (27:35):
That was they were messing with you. You're you were
able to keep the shoes unless there's something else, if
you want to play a game or something that he
can win back. But they're your shoes because he did
that to you.

Speaker 8 (27:45):
I need to find them.

Speaker 5 (27:45):
So and we are done.

Speaker 4 (27:47):
We're done for an eye shoe for a shoe.

Speaker 5 (27:49):
No, that's not the law.

Speaker 4 (27:50):
It is in this room. Hey, no more stealing mail,
thank you, sorry, Morgan.

Speaker 3 (27:54):
I do have one more thing. We did get to
a lottery ticket in the mail.

Speaker 1 (27:58):
Who's we the show?

Speaker 2 (28:00):
And it never got opened until it so it could
be something. It's the Luke Colmbs one does.

Speaker 4 (28:06):
It still I can't still win? Or is it out
of play?

Speaker 7 (28:09):
I don't.

Speaker 3 (28:09):
I have no idea. All I know is it's the
Luke Combs.

Speaker 8 (28:11):
Oh that's a new one.

Speaker 4 (28:12):
That's that's I'll scratch it a minute.

Speaker 8 (28:14):
Oh my gosh, what if we went to a million dollars.

Speaker 4 (28:15):
Judge has said launch boxes are your shoes because he
lost your stuff, you lost his stuff.

Speaker 5 (28:20):
This is so dumb.

Speaker 4 (28:21):
But no more stealing mail. If you steal mail, you
will miss a week at the show unpaid. It'll be unpaid.

Speaker 7 (28:29):
How did you do that?

Speaker 4 (28:30):
I don't know.

Speaker 5 (28:31):
He could steal your Paycheckrely.

Speaker 7 (28:34):
Get a hold of whoever does our count.

Speaker 5 (28:36):
That's the rude Amy.

Speaker 4 (28:37):
I don't know how, but I hear people say that
all the time. There's paid leave, there's unpaid. It'll be unpaid. O.
No stealing.

Speaker 1 (28:44):
It's the best bits of the week with Morgan. Number two.

Speaker 2 (28:49):
Amy loves getting signs from the universe of things that
are happening in her life, and this is often in
the case with birds, specifically cardinals and blue jays. They
remind her of her parents, and a lot of people
believe that cardinals and blue jays are signs from the
other side, and so she had seen a cardinal in
a very specific place with something that's happening in her life,
and she's taking it as a sign.

Speaker 3 (29:11):
You're about to.

Speaker 2 (29:11):
Hear all of that, and the guys, let's just see here.
Maybe not a super supportive.

Speaker 3 (29:16):
Of said sign, however you want to take it.

Speaker 4 (29:19):
Number three, I would say most people believe in some
sort of sign. If you get a sign. I'm not
a big believer. I'm not most people a big believer
in signs. I think you can look and find a sign. However,
I'm crazy. Now. Amy believes in the time she sees
a cardinal the bird it's her mom who's passed away,
or a blue jay it's her dad who's passed away.
So we were talking, you saw a huge sign. The

show doesn't know about this. What was the sign that
you saw.

Speaker 7 (29:43):
Well, the thing about signs with me is I asked
for them, and I had asked for one earlier in
the day, and so I was going to look at
a house because it was an open house. It randomly
came available, and I thought, well, open house, anybody can
go close to you. Yeah, close to me, so it's
easy to go. And then your wife ca she popped
on over and went with me, so I didn't have
to go by myself. And we walk out to the

backyard to check out the yard looks like. And the
first thing we see is a red cardinal in the tree,
and I say red because that's my Mom's always the
red ones. I mean sometimes they have the brown ones,
and those are the females. So I know it's confusing
because red is male, but it's my mom and I
feel like it was a sign and I filmed it.
I have it on my camera here.

Speaker 4 (30:26):
You I like to go to instant reactions lunchbox lunchbox
instant reaction before more of the story.

Speaker 8 (30:31):
You are going to buy a house because a cardinals
in are a reaction to Yes.

Speaker 7 (30:38):
My explanation here is that I got divorced a year
ago and I have been thinking about moving, but I
wanted to stay put for a while so that the
kids had the house, they got acclimated to their dad's house,
and then we would make a decision after some time.
And I do think the best move for us as
a family is to move.

Speaker 6 (30:59):
This was a home that has a lot of.

Speaker 7 (31:01):
Memories in it that are like eh, and I think
it'd be good for us to relocate. But it's not far.
It'll actually closer to their dad's house. Everything about it
is better.

Speaker 4 (31:12):
And is it a bigger house.

Speaker 7 (31:13):
No, it's it's smaller because now I mean it's just
me and the kids and it's a it's this would
be less for me to keep up with. I mean, anyway,
it's a good move for me, but I have felt
weird about selling the house. So really the sign is
not by this house. It was more like seeing the bird.
It gives me peace about moving.

Speaker 4 (31:33):
It's the reaction Eddie.

Speaker 5 (31:35):
Guys, there are cardinals everywhere. I saw a cardinal backyard yesterday.

Speaker 4 (31:39):
Was that her mom flew in my window and died
because we had because we cleaned the windows, and so
they think they can just fly through the.

Speaker 5 (31:44):
House exactly boom.

Speaker 4 (31:45):
And then I gotta get a trash bag and pick
it up, the trash bag and fold the thing over
and go put it out. And and I honestly thought,
I was like, if I'm going away, that's terrible.

Speaker 8 (31:53):
I saw a cardinal in a creek this week this weekend?

Speaker 7 (31:55):
Did you had you okay? But does a cardinal mean
something to you? Do you ask for signs? Were you
looking for comfort about something and peace? And I was
given that. To me it was a sign of like,
I feel really good now about moving.

Speaker 4 (32:09):
What if you hadn't seen the cardinal, would you still move?

Speaker 7 (32:11):
I don't know that I would have felt that piece.
I felt kind of like, what what am I even doing?
And this open house just happened to be available. I
hadn't planned on going. We went last minute and to me,
I'll show you the video.

Speaker 4 (32:23):
No, I just want to say this.

Speaker 5 (32:24):
I don't need to see the video. I've seen cardinals outside.

Speaker 7 (32:27):
Everybody likes it was right, there only one.

Speaker 4 (32:31):
I can't prove you wrong. I can't. I am not
saying you're wrong. There's no way we can prove you wrong.
And if you were looking for a reason and this
gave you piece, then you know what the heck, go
get you a house. Although that's crazy, the house part.

Speaker 5 (32:42):
No, I hate this because like I believe in signs
two bones. I believe in signs all the time, but
this one, like she's making a sound crazy.

Speaker 4 (32:49):
Now you are saying only your signs matter in hers don't.

Speaker 5 (32:52):
No, I'm not saying that. I'm saying that Amy, you
wanted to buy the house anyway.

Speaker 7 (32:56):
No, No, it's not about me buying the house. It's
about me selling my house and taking that on. This
is a better move for me.

Speaker 4 (33:04):
You have bought the house without selling the house. I
mean it's it's both. Also, when I say answered reaction,
you have three seconds. We got to get back.

Speaker 6 (33:09):
Okay, fine, okay, whatever.

Speaker 4 (33:11):
No, no, no, don't get mad at me.

Speaker 7 (33:14):
My mom, my mom, Okay, it is my mom. I
asked for I asked for a sign early in the day,
and so to me, it gave me that comfort and peace.

Speaker 4 (33:30):
Whether it's a reaction, lunchbox.

Speaker 8 (33:32):
So you are thinking that your mom knew and you
you weren't gonna be able to find your mind. No, no,
you weren't gonna be able to find your mom.

Speaker 4 (33:38):
The reaction, Amy, Oh my god, keep going.

Speaker 8 (33:41):
I couldn't explain it to me.

Speaker 6 (33:42):
I think if you ask for signs, they will be there.

Speaker 7 (33:46):
I don't think if I had if there was no
red cardinal in the backyard of this house, I don't
know that I would have had the piece yesterday about
making a decision to actually actively move.

Speaker 4 (33:55):
It's reaction, Eddie.

Speaker 5 (33:56):
It's springtime in Nashville.

Speaker 8 (33:57):
There cardinals everywhere.

Speaker 4 (33:59):
Ray anstant reaction. Do you have audio of you asking
for a sign?

Speaker 7 (34:04):

Speaker 4 (34:04):
Good question.

Speaker 6 (34:05):
No, but I mean I did it during my morning
prayer meditation.

Speaker 8 (34:08):
Did you talk to the bird when you said, oh
hey mom, yes for giving me?

Speaker 4 (34:10):
Oh my god, I filmed it. Can I say the bird.

Speaker 7 (34:15):
Okay, mom, I start filming. Listen. Even Caitlin, she walked
out there with me, and I was like, Kaitlyn, there's
a that's the first thing we saw.

Speaker 4 (34:23):
Yeah. I thought there's a lot of cardinals.

Speaker 7 (34:27):

Speaker 6 (34:27):
She was a supportive friend.

Speaker 4 (34:28):
That's good, and I'm trying to be supportive here. I
can't prove you wrong. I feel like you wanted to
do it. I feel like you asked for a sign.
Therefore you're looking for anything to be a sign.

Speaker 6 (34:35):
I think that yes, you see no, but also not
seeing a sign is I.

Speaker 4 (34:38):
Think you would have found a sign anyway like you.

Speaker 7 (34:40):
No. If I never saw a cardinal, I'd be like, okay.

Speaker 4 (34:43):
So you were only looking for a cardinal as a sign.

Speaker 7 (34:45):
No, I just happened to get it. I also look
for the number two to two. Why, because that's just
a number that I look for and get.

Speaker 4 (34:54):
Good for you. It sounds like you wanted to do
it and you needed something to if it doesn't work out.

Speaker 6 (35:02):
It's not a blame. All I'm telling you. There's nothing
to blame.

Speaker 7 (35:05):
All I'm telling you is now I have peace about
putting my home on the market and moving.

Speaker 4 (35:09):
And that's all that matters. Good for you. I like
it good for you, And it feels a little a
little crazy, but we all do crazy things. Absolutely all
do crazy things.

Speaker 6 (35:17):
Can I also share one where?

Speaker 4 (35:18):
Absolutely so.

Speaker 7 (35:19):
It was an open house, so there's a lot of
people there in and out. And as I'm filming the bird,
this little girl that's with her family, she runs into
the backyard and is being and I'm thought, oh no,
the birth's gonna fly away, and I'm trying to get
out my camera the.

Speaker 4 (35:31):
Bird, but no, your mom wanted to stay.

Speaker 7 (35:34):
I fell stake, the kid did not face her. She's like,
I'm going to stay here long enough for you to
feel comfort and peace. I know it sounds crazy when
I even say it out loud, but whatever it gives
me pure.

Speaker 4 (35:46):
We have no problem with that. And when Lunchbox wears
the same dirty clothes every day to watch a game,
it doesn't move from the couch. That's also a bit rational,
right right, But he does it.

Speaker 8 (35:55):
But I don't move because a bird land.

Speaker 7 (35:57):
That's not why I'm moving. I have been thinking about moving.
Listen to what I'm saying, Lunchboks. I have been thinking
about moving. I haven't necessarily felt peace about it. But
now that I feel like I was given a sign
of like, hey, it is okay for you to move.

Speaker 5 (36:13):
It's good.

Speaker 4 (36:14):
I'm good with it. Here's what I want to say.
I would like to hear what you said to your
mom if you feel comfortable? Is it on the video?
I don't know what he's in the bird? What if
your dad would have showed up though, and when.

Speaker 7 (36:26):
He's let me tell you seeing my mom gave me
piece that I should move. If my dad had shown up,
I'd be like, this is the house, I have to
move here?

Speaker 4 (36:34):
Like wait, I don't understand the difference.

Speaker 7 (36:37):
Okay, the difference is I haven't felt I'm moving out
of my home.

Speaker 4 (36:42):
Let's say your dad showed up though it's a Blue Jay, Yeah.

Speaker 6 (36:45):
I would have just been like, this is a double sign.

Speaker 4 (36:47):
No, no, no. What if your mom never showed up and
just your.

Speaker 7 (36:49):
Dad, Oh, it would have been just comfort and peace
to move.

Speaker 4 (36:52):
So either if Blue or Cardinal, Yeah, but my mom's
national American.

Speaker 7 (36:57):
My mom, she's my mom's been dead longer, so she
has more experienced.

Speaker 4 (37:01):
Audie Smith or Joke Carder, want they show up, I'll
get go ahead. I want to hear this one.

Speaker 7 (37:05):
I don't even know if I say.

Speaker 6 (37:12):
Don't go anywhere, it's just like, no, it's not going
to scare me away.

Speaker 4 (37:16):
Your mom.

Speaker 7 (37:19):
Okay, I said, mom, don't go anywhere. That little kid's
gonna scare and then I heard it.

Speaker 8 (37:23):
So you move now because a bird.

Speaker 4 (37:25):
Hold on, hold on. I want everybody to relax and
take a breath and have Amy feel attacked. We can
all have our little saying. And I'm going to pass
the STI because everybodys trying to jump in. I'm going
to pass a talking stick to the lunchbox. You have
like thirty seconds with the talking stick.

Speaker 8 (37:38):
Go ahead, Pizzas and a bird. Two reasons you have
sold homes the most unmollievable reasons I've ever heard of
my life.

Speaker 5 (37:45):
Divorce too in there.

Speaker 8 (37:47):
No divorce home.

Speaker 4 (37:49):

Speaker 8 (37:50):
I mean, I'm just saying. It sounds cuckoo, it sounds crazy.
But if it works for you, and it works for you,
I'm not judging you.

Speaker 4 (37:57):
That's not true, judge.

Speaker 8 (37:59):
I'm sure I would support for you, but I'm laughing
at you. I'm laughing at you too to judgement.

Speaker 5 (38:03):
I know, Eddie, Amy, Look I'm with you on the
sign thing. But this was a little too much.

Speaker 4 (38:08):
They're unfair to judge a sign.

Speaker 5 (38:09):
It's a little too much because there are cardinals everywhere
right now. I'm not kidding when I tell you a
friend of mine text me this weekend and said, hey,
Amy's mom's in my backyard right now. I'll show you
the picture of the text.

Speaker 4 (38:20):
I believe it because AM's mom Floyd in my windows. Okay,
I'll conclude with this, good for you. I'm glad you're
making this decision and if that's what you needed, because
even though you felt like you needed to make this decision.
I am looking for a sign today, and if I
see this sign, I'm probably gonna shave my head bald
and change my name to Rodrigo.

Speaker 8 (38:36):
But I see it.

Speaker 4 (38:37):
Hold on, if I see a car driving on the
road once I leave here, okay, that's the car.

Speaker 5 (38:42):
Just like car get the razor.

Speaker 4 (38:43):
Yep, let's go. I mean, but who don't know.

Speaker 6 (38:46):
Can I give an example of what support looks like?

Speaker 4 (38:49):
Because this is I'm supporting you, I said.

Speaker 7 (38:51):
None of y'all are showing this is this is support
because last night before I to.

Speaker 4 (38:54):
Be, I supported the crap out of you from these
two knuckleheads.

Speaker 6 (38:56):
I sent Caitlin a text.

Speaker 7 (38:58):
I said, seeing that Cardinal really gave me peace about
selling my house. Maybe it's not the house we saw today,
but I finally feel okay about moving. Appreciate you going
with me today. Her reply, I love that it will
be a beautiful new chapter.

Speaker 6 (39:11):

Speaker 4 (39:12):
I agree. That's what I just said.

Speaker 5 (39:13):
That's support.

Speaker 6 (39:14):
That is support.

Speaker 7 (39:14):
No, no, no, even she maybe thought I was crazy for
the Cardinal, but she didn't.

Speaker 6 (39:18):
She didn't say it.

Speaker 4 (39:18):
She also doesn't have to provide five hours of compelling
content on the air. We do, and we have to
say what we're thinking.

Speaker 6 (39:24):
Yeah, okay, well I'm just saying that is work.

Speaker 7 (39:26):
And also, when Kaylin and I went, the realtor definitely
thought we were a lesbian couple buying house.

Speaker 4 (39:32):
Much better than the last time you guys went somewhere
when we were in New York.

Speaker 5 (39:35):
What was that?

Speaker 4 (39:35):
No, when they thought Amy was Caitlyn's mom, Oh oh.

Speaker 6 (39:38):
Gosh, they went to a car. Yeah yes, I was like.

Speaker 7 (39:42):
What he's straight up said, like, oh, like mom and
daughter out like doing. I was thinking about the trip
we took teenw York, where people also thought.

Speaker 4 (39:53):
We were a lesbian couple Robin the Cradle. Huh. I
mean even though same as me.

Speaker 6 (39:58):
Whatever I I get the.

Speaker 7 (40:01):
House, well, I don't know if it's gonna be that house,
but I mean your mom.

Speaker 4 (40:04):
Lives there already. When I get the house, I had
to move in.

Speaker 5 (40:06):
That's where your mom was.

Speaker 7 (40:07):
I don't don't understand that she's rock it up. She's
not really the bird.

Speaker 4 (40:12):
You go, girl, you get it. Queen Hearththeart, Yes, Queen.

Speaker 7 (40:18):

Speaker 4 (40:20):
Okay a queen, Okay, let me do this. I'm gonna
play this song.

Speaker 7 (40:24):
I mean next time you'll need comfort support when you
go through something hard.

Speaker 4 (40:28):
You just can't give it to you blindly without giving
you our actual feelings of there's one hundred thousand cardinals
in the You don't.

Speaker 7 (40:33):
Ever have to make a difficult decision. Yeah, there's one
hundred thousand pennies everywhere, and sometimes if people see a
penny or not us.

Speaker 5 (40:40):
If you ask, you said, we don't have to make
difficult decisions.

Speaker 7 (40:45):
You ever have to.

Speaker 1 (40:48):
It's the best bits of the week with Morgan.

Speaker 2 (40:51):
Number two, A very big development in the Man in Uniform.
And when I say that, I am talking about my
man in uniform, that is his nickname I've given him.

Speaker 3 (41:06):
So that way we can protect his identity a little bit.
So I shared some big news.

Speaker 2 (41:11):
He's back and we've been hanging out and yeah, like
I okay, I couldn't even talk during this segment, and
I apparently.

Speaker 3 (41:18):
Can't talk here. I am a little smitten. I fear here.
Here we go.

Speaker 1 (41:24):
Number two.

Speaker 4 (41:25):
Let's do a couple romantic updates. Let's go to Morgan first.
Morgan has been seeing a guy called the Man in Uniform.
He's been gone for a bit. Yeah, and we think
possibly because he's been gone, there's been time for you
to really build up, maybe get a little too over
excited about it. Amy thinks the guy could be living
a double life.

Speaker 6 (41:44):
We had potentially intend, but maybe not.

Speaker 4 (41:48):
Maybe not for sure, maybe not. So you've been pretty
excited about it, which is not normal for you.

Speaker 3 (41:53):
No, not at all.

Speaker 4 (41:54):
So he's back.

Speaker 2 (41:55):
Yeah, he has returned, and we've hung out a few
times since.

Speaker 3 (42:00):
He's returned, and it's still going really great. Like he's
a really good person.

Speaker 4 (42:06):
I can't She is glow. She's smiling so hard that
she's hard for her to talk. Wow.

Speaker 2 (42:13):
Yeah, I mean he when I first saw him, he
showed up with sun flowers.

Speaker 3 (42:16):
To my house.

Speaker 2 (42:17):
When you saw him this time, yeah, for the first
time since he had been gone and we weren't able
to talk.

Speaker 3 (42:22):
He showed up with sunflowers at my house and we
ate dinner together.

Speaker 4 (42:27):
Do you like sunflowers? Especially my favorite flower? Got it? Yes?

Speaker 6 (42:30):
And she's from Kansas. Isn't that the sunflowers? Shy white?

Speaker 4 (42:34):
Her favorite flower? This is good.

Speaker 6 (42:37):
He pays attention.

Speaker 4 (42:39):
He does because he has to, because he lived a
double life.

Speaker 5 (42:42):
How does he do that?

Speaker 6 (42:43):
This has nothing to do with that.

Speaker 8 (42:44):
This is me.

Speaker 4 (42:44):
You're the one who threw that out there. So now
you're just like, no.

Speaker 7 (42:47):
No, I'm just like, wow, he pays that's he's good.

Speaker 4 (42:50):
Okay, So you he brings you sunflowers, you have dinner.
That's the first time. And you guys have seen each
other a few times? Yes, okay, and anything else you
want to share.

Speaker 2 (43:01):
I just said it's going really good. There's still no
red flags. I'm about to meet some people that are
important to him.

Speaker 3 (43:07):
So it's moving along.

Speaker 4 (43:09):
Are you guys off the apps and the with the
option to date other people? Have you had that conversation
to your.

Speaker 3 (43:16):
Conversation hasn't happened quite yet.

Speaker 2 (43:19):
It's kind of like things have been dropped and said,
but nothing official yet.

Speaker 4 (43:24):
If he were to be on if you were swiping
it and somebody said, hey, is this your guy, and
you were to see him on the app, still, what
would your thoughts be?

Speaker 2 (43:32):
I'd be bummed. But at this point I still can't
be mad because we're.

Speaker 3 (43:36):
Not exclusive yet.

Speaker 4 (43:37):
Do you feel differently about him at this stage than
you have your last couple of serious relationships.

Speaker 2 (43:42):
Yeah, I don't think I've ever felt this feeling. And
it's not it's not like you know, oh my gosh,
I'm in love or whatever.

Speaker 3 (43:49):
It's I feel very secure. I feel very.

Speaker 2 (43:52):
Confident in where it's going, and he's very consistent, so
I don't have any questions. There's no lingering like what's happening?

Speaker 3 (44:00):
What is going on?

Speaker 2 (44:00):
I just feel and that's a new feeling for me.
I'm not used to people giving me that kind of security.

Speaker 4 (44:06):
Five second instant reaction, Eddie, I'm so happy for her,
this is so great.

Speaker 5 (44:10):
I love it.

Speaker 4 (44:11):
Five second instant reaction lunchbox.

Speaker 8 (44:13):
Love bombing and it's fine. It's it's working like a charm.

Speaker 4 (44:16):
Coming back to that in a second. Ammy. Five second
instant reaction.

Speaker 6 (44:18):
I'm happy for Morgan. If she's happy, you have Aye,
but no, I'm.

Speaker 7 (44:26):
Happy for Morgan. It is consistent with like I get
she wants consistency, which he has been that. But how
many times has she? How long has she known him?
And how long has she? Oh? Yeah, how long? Sorry
I get used to just looking at Bobby, But how
long have y'all? Actually this has been going on, like

just a recap because some people might be just diving
into this.

Speaker 3 (44:51):
A little over a month and a half, a.

Speaker 6 (44:52):
Month and a half, that's all.

Speaker 7 (44:55):
How much of that has he been out of town
those three weeks?

Speaker 4 (44:59):
So he's been here for two, gone for three, have
been here for.

Speaker 6 (45:02):
Three, that'd be three and three a month and a half.

Speaker 3 (45:05):
Yeah, like three. Yeah, we're going.

Speaker 2 (45:06):
We're a little bit over a month and a half,
so we're getting closer.

Speaker 7 (45:09):
You're a month and a half. But three of those
weeks he's gone with no communication.

Speaker 8 (45:12):

Speaker 4 (45:14):
Amy stopped looking at me like you want me to
say double life. I'm not saying double life.

Speaker 3 (45:19):
I'm not jumping into anything.

Speaker 2 (45:21):
This is just how it's very slow progression, Like.

Speaker 3 (45:23):
We're not moving quickly at all.

Speaker 8 (45:25):
You're about to meet people that are very important to
his parents.

Speaker 3 (45:29):
No, I'm not meeting his parents like friends.

Speaker 2 (45:31):
Yes, like this is a normal progression.

Speaker 4 (45:35):
Chat. I agree. Amy just really wants someone else other
than her to think double lives and that's leading us.

Speaker 7 (45:39):
Wait, nobody, why No, nobody has to join me. And
I don't even think I'm.

Speaker 6 (45:45):
All the ways sold on a double life.

Speaker 4 (45:46):
I think you said you were, though, but even some
of the life is kind of weird.

Speaker 6 (45:51):
It's one hundred percent.

Speaker 4 (45:53):
Thinks maybe double life. Lunchbox thinks, maybe love bombing.

Speaker 8 (45:56):
One hundred percent love bombing. This is what love bombers do.
You're they're in your life or real quick, and they
shower you with gifts. Every time they see you. They
have something for you that you like or you love.
They know, like they give you a purse, they give
you flowers, they send you a package.

Speaker 3 (46:10):
He's not giving me like big gifts. These are thoughtful, intentional.

Speaker 6 (46:15):
Yes, it does.

Speaker 2 (46:15):
When it's love bombing, they're like, I want to marry you.
We're getting married.

Speaker 3 (46:19):
Here is every piece of meat, and then they disappear three.

Speaker 8 (46:23):
Weeks and you said you have never felt this way
about secure.

Speaker 2 (46:27):
That's okay, it's a new feeling for me. It doesn't
mean like there's love bombing. The security is something I
haven't felt because I haven't met a lot of guys
with that kind of intention.

Speaker 4 (46:36):
Also, is it just a sign of how crappy dudes
are now that when someone brings flowers it's such a
big deal and so out in the ordinary They were like,
something must be up.

Speaker 5 (46:46):
Yeah, it's sad that she's used to like, oh, I
got to look for a red flag. I gotta what's wrong,
Like it's something weird about this, Like that's sad.

Speaker 4 (46:53):
Like sad, but that's general dating.

Speaker 5 (46:55):
It's just the first time where she feels like so
secure about it. This is awesome and this could be
the one.

Speaker 4 (47:02):
I getting there because it's still early. But I'm also
not on their team.

Speaker 7 (47:06):
I don't know that I'm on lunchboxes.

Speaker 4 (47:08):
No, I'm get a guy hanging out. You know, I'm
rooting for my friend. It feels a little intense, but
I like it.

Speaker 7 (47:14):
I'm just saying I'm probably a little more protective in
that I think that it's not as long as it
seems that has been and we need to make sure.

Speaker 4 (47:23):
You know, it does seem like it three or four
months where.

Speaker 7 (47:25):
We proceed with caution because and maybe because he does
have to leave for work, like.

Speaker 6 (47:30):
He does go hard in these extra areas to make sure.

Speaker 7 (47:32):
That like, maybe it's not love bombing, Maybe it is
that I want her to know that I care and
it sucks that I have to be gone, so I better,
like go hard.

Speaker 4 (47:44):
I'm rooting for you, Thank you, I'm excited for you.
And I think that you're you're still being aware. You
have your heads on a swibble. You can you can
keep your head on a swobble and look around and
see what's up while still enjoying when something's going good.

Speaker 2 (47:56):
Yeah, that's very much what's happening. And I'm still aware
that the other shoe could drop it point in time.
So it's more I'm just trying to also be in
the moment and know that this is just could potentially
be a good guy.

Speaker 4 (48:06):
Are you weirded out? And because I don't know the
scenario and I don't even know what the dude looks like,
are you have you learned anything about his past relationships
that kind of weird you out?

Speaker 9 (48:15):

Speaker 2 (48:16):
I mean he talks very kindly of all of them,
So no, mean, like's there that would be. It's like
if you're trying nobody, yeah, but you're not a psycho. Okay,
but I can't talk like I wish I could be like,
oh they were great just but that's not the case.

Speaker 7 (48:36):
But if I'm trying to make someone seem like you're
an awesome guy, then you talk awesome about your mast guys.

Speaker 3 (48:41):
Guys aren't that smart?

Speaker 4 (48:42):
I would say that if I were a girl and
a guy I was talking about how psycho his ex'es are.
That's not a good move.

Speaker 3 (48:48):
That's not a good thing, right, And they do that
more often than you think.

Speaker 4 (48:51):
Yeah, I would think they do all the time.

Speaker 3 (48:53):
Yeah, like they were like, oh she was crazy.

Speaker 4 (48:55):
Yes in reality, No, dude, you've had four crazy girlfriends
in rod. Let's find the comment denominator here, right, So, okay, Morgan,
we're rooting for you. Thank you, you are keep us
up and oh I love it.

Speaker 5 (49:06):
And when do we get to meet him, Like when
we're not pushing that, Morgan make the move to what
bring around Speck.

Speaker 4 (49:12):
I don't think we're her first string special people. I
think she knows better because we will not. It'll not
be healthy if we get all there, you know what
I mean?

Speaker 7 (49:21):
I'm rooting for you too, you know, yes, you know
that even off, I'm like, this is just what if
I feel it and think it, want say.

Speaker 4 (49:30):
It if your instincts say he's living a double life,
and say it.

Speaker 7 (49:33):
I don't know that it's a double double life, but
I'm just a double single.

Speaker 4 (49:37):
He sneaks off, and I'm.

Speaker 7 (49:39):
Just didn't Mike Morgan, let's just make sure to make
sure you can't rush these things.

Speaker 4 (49:43):
And she's not boom well, but I don't know that
she's rushing anything. I think it's happening right kind of
fast as she's feeling. But that's okay.

Speaker 6 (49:51):
I'm okay with what Morgan is doing. I'm just a
little weary of him.

Speaker 4 (49:55):
But you don't know him, correct.

Speaker 1 (50:00):
It's the best bits of the week with Morgan.

Speaker 2 (50:03):
Number two Bobby got a sleep study done and he
found out he needed to get a seapap.

Speaker 3 (50:09):
So now he's been struggling with trying to figure out
which situation of a seapap he should have that will
give him the best sleep.

Speaker 2 (50:17):
Well, as he's been figuring it out, I guess it's
not been so easy on his wife, Caitlin. She recorded
some audio of him sleeping like secret audio, and he
brought it to the show knowing everybody was probably gonna
give him a hard time because what you're.

Speaker 3 (50:30):
About to hear is wild.

Speaker 2 (50:31):
It's super loud when Bobby sleeps, but he's passed out
during all of this, so super crazy.

Speaker 3 (50:36):
He'll explain the situation. A secret audio from Bobby's wife.

Speaker 4 (50:40):
We love it. Number one A wife recording me sleeping. Now,
it's not like lunchboxes where there was a big snore.
You actually don't hear me. But what she wanted to
show me is what she hears because I have a
pretty bad sleep at me. I'm on a seapat machine.
I keep a podcast on when I sleep, and sometimes
the machine falls out of my nose into the air.

So the audio is not the best. But she just
sent it to me, going, hey, this is what I
deal with every night. Here you go if you wobet
is like a steady sidence. Yeah.

Speaker 5 (51:10):
Probably, So I just want everyone to know what.

Speaker 4 (51:12):
I'm what I'm up again, and I think what you
hear though, hold on, I want you here. I think
I'm listening to not listening because I'm probably asleep at
this point. The Ryan Rossillo Podcast and my sleep at me,
a machine that goes into my nose has fallen out
of my nose and it's just blowing into the air.
When it blows on my nose, ou doesn't make a noise,

and the machine doesn't make a noise. But it's like
if you were air out of a tire or something
is or you poke a hole on a tire. View
Wobet's like a steady sentence.

Speaker 5 (51:43):
Yeah, probably, So I want everyone to know.

Speaker 10 (51:45):
What I'm what I'm up again, and I.

Speaker 4 (51:47):
Think there's you know, a little injury excuse for us
this year, which, yeah, I think the air and that's why.

Speaker 5 (51:55):
She took the video. Well, yeah, it sounds like a
car garage dude.

Speaker 4 (51:58):
By the way, I didn't ask her to send me that.
I wasn't like, let's do a bit. She just wanted
me to hear for myself, as I just threw it
on the air. So I gotta find a sleep nose
machine that's better for me. I need to get the
one with the tube that comes out of the head
and not.

Speaker 5 (52:09):
The face out of the head.

Speaker 4 (52:11):
Well, so I look like, well she calls me dumbo
when I go to sleep, not because I'm dumb, because
like an elephant. You gonna strap the thing to my
face and it's a big tube coming out of.

Speaker 5 (52:18):
My that's funny.

Speaker 4 (52:19):
She's like, good night. Yeah, she said good night, Dumbo.
It's strapped, but say, strapped to the back of my head,
but it still falls out of my nose. Gotta fit
that better. But I know I feel for her because
that's pretty annoying.

Speaker 5 (52:31):
That's a lot, dude. Yeah, I'm surprised you're not sleeping alone.

Speaker 4 (52:36):
I did suggest I can go upstairs and sleep a
couple a few nights a week.

Speaker 8 (52:41):
And how'd that go.

Speaker 4 (52:42):
I don't think she wanted to go. Yeah, I think
maybe she felt it, but I don't think she wanted
to do that. But I think she still wants me
to feel supported. And she does put it back in
my nose. Sometimes that's sweet and then I go oh,
because that's how you talk. The most feminine man ever,
Amy was. She gave me the story this zet bound.
I never heard of zet bound. What zet bound was

like a version of ozempic is that what it is,
zet bound is a weight loss drug that helps they
could help people sleep, but it wasn't initially made for that, right,
I don't know if I say it zep, I don't
know how to say it is zep bound. But for example,
if we were looking at drugs, the old classic one
is a drug that was for blood pressure, Yeah, Viiagra,

and they're doing it fixed blood pressure. All of a sudden,
there's a little pssure somewhere else, you know, I mean,
so it shifts what it's being used for.

Speaker 5 (53:34):
But I think this one was like the weight loss
includes kind of weird natal passage or whatever, like you
can't wherever you can't breathe, that's losing the weight and
making it breatheable.

Speaker 4 (53:43):
So, based on results from trials and people would sleep apnea,
the company said it plans to submit it's already a drug,
but to the US Food and Drug Administration and also
how much money does the company make? Then that's awesome
if they find a new reason to use it. The
company released results that showed patience and there were two
ways that it helped. One was adult patients with obesity
and then other was with just obstructive sleep apnea and

how their sleep got so much better. And so I
need to get it on this drug.

Speaker 6 (54:09):
Well, you don't know that for certain.

Speaker 4 (54:11):
But I don't know. I'm trying everything.

Speaker 5 (54:14):
Dude, you're gonna lose weight too. I'll eat double oh
to make up for it.

Speaker 4 (54:18):
Yeah, I go hard pill.

Speaker 6 (54:21):
So maybe your sleep study place they can prescribe.

Speaker 7 (54:25):
It to you.

Speaker 4 (54:25):
I don't know. I never heard of zep bound, but
I'm definitely gonna take a picture of this. I need help.
My sleep is better quality by far. When I sleep,
it is significant, But I get such crazy. I don't
have anxiety in the daytime at all. I'm never anxious
when I sleep. I think it's when I relax, and
that's when it actually has time to creep in. And

I think I live in an anxious state, and so
when I relax, it's like all right now, it's you know,
it's like the not at the museum, everything comes alive.
I think that's when the anxiety comes alive, when you're
vulnerable and relaxed. Yeah. So it's like, I don't give
myself tiny to be anxious. When I'm in the day,
I go this to that, let's rock, let's get this.
Oh we got accomplished this?

Speaker 7 (55:06):
Well, you distracted?

Speaker 4 (55:07):
No, just I just I just get stuff done.

Speaker 6 (55:10):
Yeah, that's what I like to say.

Speaker 4 (55:11):
Okay, but I'm gonna check out this zet bound good
luck man, And I gotta get a new headset because again,
this is what it sounds like with a podcast on
a steady since yeah, probably, so I want everyone to
know what I'm a two guys talk about sports and tire.

Speaker 8 (55:29):
That Ale poked in, how do you headphones that loud?

Speaker 4 (55:32):
No headphones the phone straight up? Headphones just play strap
and air.

Speaker 7 (55:39):
I totally was picturing headphones and maybe like your earbud Fellas, No.

Speaker 4 (55:43):
That just plays stir. And here's why I think that's acceptable.
Why because I've grown so much. I used to be
the TV on light sound. Now it's just Brian Roussello
or Bill Simmons talking beside me.

Speaker 5 (55:58):
Right, but you share a bed with It's like.

Speaker 4 (56:00):
They're in bed with me, right. I'm worried about my
wife and bel.

Speaker 6 (56:02):
Simmons last night Caitlin's rest.

Speaker 4 (56:05):
Yeah, okay, well what about that with her? I'm trying
to get me fixed right now. I need them? Is
that bound?

Speaker 7 (56:08):

Speaker 4 (56:08):
Let's go. Okay, Well that's it. That's a little personal
looking in my life. And like when I say I'm
not easy to live with, that's just an example of
way that I'm not easy to live with. Oh yeah,
we get it, but a man, people should be thankful.
I don't watch TV at night anymore. I gave my
wife the big treat of turning the TV off.

Speaker 6 (56:23):
Is that what you say to her, you should be
thankful I could have the TV.

Speaker 4 (56:25):
On not anymore, I said a couple of times. It
wasn't well received. The noise says that it wasn't well received.
All you know, my wife, Josh, you'll kill me.

Speaker 1 (56:33):
It's the best Bits of the Week with Morgan number two.

Speaker 2 (56:38):
That's it for catching up on the Bobby Bone Show
this week. And I want to say proudly we have
heard y'all. I know it's such a bummer that blind
Karaoke cannot be included on the podcast due to copyright issues,
but I've seen the complaints. I've seen everybody sad about it,
and I have made sure we put it up the
entire full segment on our YouTube page for you guys
to go watch, So consider it a bonus best Bits.

Go ahead over to our YouTube page at Bobby Bone
Show and you'll get to watch the entire blind Karaoke
female Anthems segment.

Speaker 3 (57:08):
I'm very sorry I can't include it here, but I.

Speaker 2 (57:10):
Do hope you guys still check out Part one and
Part three with Amy this weekend. Thank you for joining
and hanging out with me for even just a little bit.
I love y'all have a fabulous weekend.

Speaker 4 (57:18):

Speaker 1 (57:19):
That's the best Bits of the week with Morgan. Thanks
for listening. Be sure to check out the other two
parts this weekend. Go follow the show on all social platforms.

Speaker 4 (57:28):
Show and follow ed Webgirl Morgan

Speaker 1 (57:30):
To submit your listener questions for next week's episode.
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