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June 8, 2020 110 mins


Mark Steyn filled in for Rush on Monday. NC speedway protest. Dismantling the police: what will the new post-police world look like? Mitt Romney marches. The mainstreaming of fringe actions. Piers Morgan challenges Trump to take a knee. Fuji bikes suspending sale of police bikes. Hollywood CGI sex scenes to avoid COVID infections. Charlamagne tha God and Rush were speaking different languages. America has turned into a giant college campus. Free speech is dead. 


The fundamental dishonesty of the last week is dispiriting. Why don’t black lives in Chicago matter? The cult of virtue signaling. A real protest vs. a fraudulent protest. Every mainstream institution has caved to fringe ideology. Good luck with small government when every action is political. Trump should call out virtue signaling companies. The reality of liberal policies will cause white flight. Derek Chauvin will appear in court via video link. KKK leader drives truck through crowd.


CNN poll has Biden’s lead over Trump increasing. Wackos want Trump to kneel. Kneeling used to be controversial, but now is mandatory. People shamed for cleaning graffiti. There will be nothing left if these authoritarians get their way. To get rid of racism, we need to get rid of race theory first. We learned a lot in the last five months except about coronavirus. If you don’t analyze a problem honestly, you can’t solve it. Cities can’t kick out sheriffs. We live in crisis times for freedom of speech. Chauvin’s bail at $1.25 million.

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Episode Transcript

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Welcome to today's edition of the Rush Limbo Show podcast. Yes,
America's anchor man is away and this is your undocumented anchor,
Man mark Stein. No subporting paperwork, what's sooever, but thrilled
and honored to be here as always. One eight hundred

two eight two two eight eight two is the number
to call if you'd like to get in on the program.
If you're a liberal, if you're a lefty, if you're
an Antifa type, do give me a call. I always
always like to hear from the other side, as as
Rush did in fact, just a week ago when he
was talking to that guy Charlemagne, Charlemagne the God or

whatever he was called. If you want to send your
best wishes to Rush, you know how we do it
on the air. We just say mega dittos or mega prayers,
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Limbo dot com and if you just see the menu
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Messages for Rush and you can send Rush a message there.
We all we know what's going on and it's not
a lot of fun for him, but he's actually taking
a couple of days off for some good things too,
because he's in the midst of celebrating his wedding anniversary,
so it's not just doctors and nurses. He also has

some congenial aspects to this couple of days off. But
Rush will return later in the week. A lot of
stuff to talk about. I hope you had a great weekend.
Either lockdown or looting, whatever your preferences, those seem to
be the only two lifestyle choices in America today, not
a lot in between, and oddly enough, both the lockdown

and the looting are zealously supported by the same public
health experts as Rush was talking about on Friday. One
way round it if you're lockdown, but you'd rather get
with the looting kind of side of things. A North
Carolina speedway drew a crowd of more than two thousand
spectators over the weekend Saturday night by declaring the race

a protest. The Governor's office had warned Ace Speedway in
North Carolina that a crowd of more than twenty five
would violate the state's Phase two coronavirus restrictions, but it
was reported that more than two thousand attended the speedway race,
and a sign outside the speedway said, this event is

held in peaceful protest of injustice and inequality everywhere. Good
for you guys, the aliman seas that I said. Alamance
County Sheriff's office said it is evaluating the events. Maybe
if you're thinking of holding a church service and that's
illegal in your particular state, just break into the church,

just you know, take the make it look as if
you bust the lock in on the front door, and
if they come in, just say that in fact, you're
having a riot in there and you haven't yet got
around to break in all the stained glass windows. That's
that's what is necessary to do. Oh, abolishing the police.
Minneapolis has voted to abolish its police department, founded in

eighteen sixty seven. The twelve year old mayor of Minnesota,
Jacob I believe his name is Little Jacob, The mayor
of Minnesota's the love child of Justin Trudeau and Elmo.
I think the twelve year old mayor took a tough stand.
He's a post actually just abolishing the police, all right,
So he got booed out of the big, big protests.

What will the new post police world look like? I
was very taken by this clip on CNN when Alison
Camera Rota interviewed Lisa Bender, the head Honchow of Minneapolis
City Council. Do you understand the word dismantle or police
free also makes some people nervous. For instance, what if

in the middle of the night my home is broken
into who do I call? Yes? I mean, I hear
that loud and clear from a lot of my neighbors,
and I know and myself too, And I know that
that comes from a place of privilege, Because for those
of us for whom the system is working, I think
we need to step back and imagine what it would

feel like to already live in that reality where calling
the police may mean more harm's done. Uh huh. That's
good to know. So if you've got a home with
stuff in it and there's a home invasion going on,
you're just coming at this from a place of privilege. Minnesota.

Minneapolis City Council have voted to abolish their police department
the NFL. Rush loves the NFL. I don't understand a
word of it, can't see the appeal of it myself.
So I'm allowed in Russia's absence, I think It's one
of the few things I disagree with him on. He
loves the NFL, and it's always embarrassing for me when

I'm here on the day after Super Bowl Sunday, because
I haven't got the first clue what's going on. I
always say, I like the bit where they saying take
me out to the ball game in the seventh inning stretch,
and then for some reason everybody laughs at me. But anyway,
the NFL and the United States Soccer Federation have both
reversed their bands on taking a knee, and you can

bed at the NFL. Now the whole team's going to
be taking a knee. You don't want to be the
one guy who isn't taking a knee when everybody else is.
This is now the first national anthem in the world
that you don't rise for, but instead you sink to
the ground. Police, chief soldiers, congressman, mayors, governors, prime ministers,

princesses all out in the streets taking a knee. Princess
Matta Louise of Norway, who is admittedly one of the
more bonkers members of the Norwegian royal family, but she
is still the daughter of the King of Norway, and
she was ostentatiously taking a knee with her kids. Just
In Trudeau. He's not only the father of the mayor

of Minneapolis, but he's also the Prime minister of Canada.
As you know, he likes to go around in black face.
He is actually the only G seven leader who in
his thirties went around wearing not just black face. He
blacked his arms, he blacked his legs, he blacked everything
as far as one can tell. But he thinks you're
all a bunch of racists, and he's not. That's just

some little kinky thing he's got going. But he's not racist,
and you are. So he was in the street taking
a knee. Normally, as I said, he's like the first
Prime ministerial mammy singer. Normally, when he drops to his knee,
it's to sing Rockabye your Baby, seem Malodie. But he

was actually just dropping to his knee to express solidarity
with the Black Lives Matter. Mid Romney was marching in
a Black Lives Matter protest and has said he can't
he can't support He's he's terribly sorry about it. Of course,
I came out of a blue We thought he was
rock solid, but he said now he cannot support Donald J.

Trump this November. Trump is under a barrage from the
most decorated American generals. They're all of them. General Powell,
General Mattis, General Kelly, They're all having a go at him.
He's under sustained bombardment from them, which means that if

he goes the same way it did in Afghanistan and Iraq,
it'll be completely ineffectual. And hegan with Sandy. If he's
like the Taliban, he can take bombardment from America's generals
for twenty years and it won't do anything. I don't
want to be okay, I do want to be rude
about them. I don't think there is something completely contemptible.

I think in what Mattis did, this is mad dog Mattis.
He's like, actually, I don't even know what he did
to deserve that, because he's like a show poodle. He's
the guy who on the first nine to eleven of
the Trump administration, when he was Defense Secretary, he didn't
even mention Islam or radical Islam on that Now these

guys are attacking him. General Mattis made a comparison with
the Nazis defending Continental Europe on d Day. I mean,
how lame is that? How lame is that? And oh
and the only thing that actually does is remind you
that that's the last time an American general actually won

a war. You have to go back seventy five years now.
If there's anybody as a group, I will listen to headdressers,
I will listen to nail salon owners. I'm dissing mind
to listen to generals. Colin Powell, the genius who resisting
pressure to intervene militarily in the Balkans when Yugoslavia went up,

he said, we do deserts. We don't do mountains. Uh huh.
Under his brilliant leadership, America actually can't do deserts, either
in Iraq or pottering around the plains of Afghanistan. The
whole the idea. They didn't like Trump because Trump doesn't

see the point of wars that are not in the
national interests and without strategic purpose. And there's something weird.
You know, in almost any other situation, if generals were
piling on to the elected leader of a country, it
would be a sign of an incoming military coup. But

it's a measure of how toothless and irrelevant. These generals
are that nobody even worries about that. They just they
just pretend to be shot. Colin Powell, Oh, he's a
rock ribbed Republican admittedly hasn't voted Republican in sixteen years
because he voted for Obama in two thousand and eight
and Obama in two thousand and twelve, and then Hill

in two thousand and sixteen. So all that means is
that he finds Trump as repellent and out of the question.
As Mitt Romney. This is the joke about this, This
is the joke about these guys. Mit Romney was too
strong meat for Colin Powell, So the likelihood that he
was going to be voting for Trump was never very strong.

But there is a there is a sustained effort here
now going on. And one of the things we're going
to talk about in the next three hours. I see
Bill Barr has said he's going to launch an investigation
into Antifa and what Antifa has been doing about all
these riots and looting and things. That's actually not the

critical point here. The critical point here is how everything
anti FA believes has been mainstreamed. Did you see the
Democrat Caucus, the senators and representatives in the capital this
morning down on their knees, all taking a knee. People
who used to defend Klowen Kaepernick didn't take a knee themselves.

They just said he was exercising his right to free speech.
Even the defenders of Kaepernick weren't knee takers. Now everyone's
a knee taker. And that's more than anti fire antipas
the fringe. There's not a lot of people in the
end who want to skulk about blowing things up, lobbing molative,
molotov cocktails and all the rest of it. But the
mainstreaming of all antifa's core beliefs by mayors, by governors,

by congressman, the mainstreaming of fringe actions like abolishing the police,
all within the space of a week and a half,
all while law abiding America remains in lockdown, is an
astonishing phenomenon. We're going to take your calls on that
one eight hundred two eight two eight eight two. This
is Mark Stein on the Russ m Ball Show, Mark

Stein in far Rush on the Excellence in Broadcasting Network.
Piers Morgan. Piers Morgan is challenging President Trump to have
the guts to take a knee live on TV in
the Oval Office. It's not often that anyone drops to
their knees in the Oval Office, not since Monica quit

being the Intern. But Piers Morgan is challenging Trump to
take a knee live on TV from the Oval Office. Meanwhile,
Fuji Bicycles is now suspending sale of police bikes in
the United States. It will not sign it will not

sell bicycles to American policeman because that is a sign
a brutal police oppression. So they weren't have any bicycles
to use when they want to oppress you, they'll just
have to get into the second hand tanks that the
Department of Defense sealsen. So things are fast. Things are
fast moving here. It's having a knock on effect on

freedom of speech issues too. The New York Times accidentally
supposedly published an op ed by Senator Tom Cotton supporting
the deployment of the National Guard and other military forces
to American cities, and the op ed page editor, the
editorial page editor, has now quit the paper for having

the temerity to publish that particular disgusting opinion. It doesn't
even have to be a full scale opinion piece to
end your career. I knew that guy, actually, now I
think about it. Jim Bennett at the New York Times.
He was at the Atlantic Monthly when I used to
do the obituary column at the Atlantic Monthly. He's gone

from the New York Times. The executive editor of the
Philadelphia Inquirer, Stan Wishnowski, has quit. His mistake was to
approve a headline saying buildings matter too. Building. He didn't
even go He wasn't even so offensive as to say

all lives matter. He just said he looked around these
American cities and saw these burning buildings and said that
buildings matter too. He tried groveling. That didn't work. Now
he's gone. Andrew Sullivan, the guy who, more than anyone else,
I would say more than any other individual, sold gay

marriage to the American left at a time when the
left was so radical they despised marriage as a bourgeois
institution and wanted no part of it. And the big
point about being gay was that he didn't have to
be married. Andrew Bullivan sold gay marriage to the American laf.
He got it made law within the space of about

a decade. The law of the land, and he's now
been canceled by the New York New York Magazine, the
one that used to publish Tom Wolfe in the days
when they still believed in freedom of speech, now won't
has canceled his column on the riots because it offends

the little snowflakes, the easily triggered snowflakes who now are
deeply embedded in the New York Times. In the Philadelphia
Inquiring New York Magazine, I mentioned to Tom Wolfe. I
had a cocktail with Tom Wolfe about ten fifteen years
ago in the Carlisle Hotel in New York, and he

mentioned that when he wrote his book about American colleges,
I am Charlotte Simmons, his great novel about that, and
he'd done a lot of research and he'd visited these
colleges and he said that everybody he saw there, all
the college kids, they're basically for the political correctness. They're

just rolling their eyes. They pretend to budd up with it,
and they forget it the minute they leave college. And
that may have been true twenty years ago, but I
pushed back, I said I didn't think that was the case.
I don't think you can actually put all this stuff
in people's heads, and then the minute they get the
sheepskin and they go off to do whatever job they're
going to do, they forget all that stuff. And what

we're seeing now is that basically the entire United States
of America has turned into one big college campus with
all the same insanity. Where you used three words that
happened to offend people, like buildings matter too. That's all
that happened there. The executive editor of the Philadelphia Inquirer,

he didn't spot that headline and nip it in the
bud in time, and now his career is over. Jim Bennett.
Tim Bennett thought he was working for a newspaper, a
newspaper where and this is one of the reason American
newspapers are so boring, because traditionally, even right wing newspapers
or left wing newspapers or whatever they are, like to

have one dissenting point of view in there, so just
to rile people up and get them mad and remind
them of why they hate the other side. I used
to be the right columnists at the Irish Times, which
is a very left wing newspaper, and everybody hated me
being in there, which made me feel good because normally,
when you write a column and everybody agrees with it,

it doesn't attract any attention. And when you're the token
right wing columnists that are left wing newspapers. I was
at the Irish Times. There are people people asking questions
about it in the Irish Parliament, objecting to it, demanding
I'd be fired. And in fact, in those days they
were very sporting and they liked it when questions were

being asked about you in parliament people were objecting to you.
Now they crumble instantly. And so republican senator cannot have
an op ed piece published in the New York Times
that doesn't come under the rubric of all the news
that's fit to print, that's not fit to print, and

they're not going to print it. And this is this
is increasingly the norm. We are now in one giant campus.
We the United States of America is no longer a republic.
It is a particularly absurd university in which the wrong
form of words on this, the wrong form of words

of that, will absolutely end your career instantly. And it's happening.
Andrew Sullivan, as I said, he's a lefty. Basically, he's
the guy who he loves. Obama, he got gay marriage
imposed on the nation, and yet he cannot get his
call on the riots published by his magazine Free Speech

is dead. Hollywood, they get worse. It's get worse. This
has been a terrible year. Hollywood is going to have
sex scenes done by using CGI now to avoid COVID
nineteen transmission. Because, as you know, doctor Fauci has advised

that you should wear a mask if you're having sex
with the woman you've been married to for the last
sixty years, just to be on the safe side, your
best to where she might like it after all this time,
your best just to wear a mask for that. On
the other hand, if you're thinking of looting a target,
you don't need to wear a mask for that. You
don't need socially distanced. But sex scenes now they're going

to be done by CGI. So presumably Scarlett Johansson or
whatever will be just writhing around in front of a
green screen, big blank and and they'll CGI in whoever
it is that she's writhing around with, the incredible Hull Corps,
whoever she's been meant to be having an affair with.

It gets worse, and it gets worse. Rush is out.
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is a great Father's day gift all available at Rush
limball dot com. Rush this time last week he was
talking too. And I know mister Snurdley because I followed
mister Snurdley's Twitter feed with interest during the interview. Mister

Sturdley had to put it badly. Mixed feelings about Rush's
interview with Charlemagne the God and his two co hosts.
And as you know, these guys have some hot show
and all the Democrat candidates go on the show, and
it's a right of a passage for them into ritual
they have to do. And it's where Joe Biden stepped

in it by telling Charlemagne the God that he's not black.
I don't know why he calls him suff Charlemagne. I
don't know why he misspells Charlemagne. I don't want to
make a big deal about it. I don't want to
be all punctilious and prissy and white privilege about it.
And I agree with Rush for actually reaching out to
these guys and having a dialogue with them. I was

so inspired by that I made the mistake of going
on the BBC the following day and it didn't work
out for me at all. So I think it's necessary
in these times to actually reach out and attempt to
have a dialogue. And what was fascinating about it to
me listening to it? Years and years ago? I was

in Budapest and I had to go and interview some
guy for the BBC, as it happens, and I don't
speak Hungarian apart from being able to order a cup
of coffee in a restaurant or whatever, and this guy
didn't speak English. So we'd arranged to have an up
and about ten minutes a came, they set up all
the cameras, and about ten minutes before we were due

to start shooting, we get a call from the interpreter
to say he's got a problem with her car and
she can't get there. And then she said to the
guy I was meant to be interviewing. She said to
him in Hungarian, and let's do it this way. Whatever
question Mark asks you, just answer whatever you think he's
talking about, and they can try and re edit all

the questions and the answers to match whatever question you
thought you were being asked. They can do all that
in post production. So off we set. I asked him
a question, he answers an entirely different question. I answer
another question, he answers an entirely different question. And when
they got back we then had the problem we should

have foreseen when they got it into post production, that
none of the answers matched any of the questions. And
that's the thing I hadn't thought about that in years,
and that's the feeling I had listening to Rush talked
to Charleban the God and his two colleagues there. They
too were actually speaking entirely different languages and needed, in fact,

an interpreter. As Rush said at one point toward the end,
he didn't understand the definition of white privilege or it.
Rush basically talks, as he's talked here for a third
of a century, about opportunity and liberty, and the sense
that those are Opportunity is liberating. You can live life

to your fullest potential. A lot of societies don't want
you to do that, and they squash and tamp you
down so that you can't. You've got talents, you can't
use them. It's like that behind the Iron curtain a
many ways, a gifted educated people's that were not allowed
to live lives to the fullest of their potential. And

for Rush, that is what America is, and for Alaman
the God and for his two cohorts, that's not what
America is. And they don't even understand it in those terms,
and they use a completely different set of language about
white privilege and systemic racism and all the rest of it.
And it's very difficult, I think, when you do need

an when you need an interpreter to talk to your
fellow citizen, it is a it's not a good sign
of where things are going. And it goes back to
what we were saying earlier about the fact that America
has now turned into a giant college campus with all

the pathologies of the average American college campus, where you
can't talk, where there's no respect for freedom of speech,
there's no culture of free speech because there are correct
answers and everything else. Is not just a different opinion,

but it's a view that shouldn't be heard. So, for example,
if you suggest that all lives matter or that buildings matter,
like that Philadelphia Inquire a guy did, that's not just
the difference of opinion. That's disrespecting Black lives matter, and
that cannot be permitted. And we have this now on

every It's not just as if it's on one subject,
it's on a whole range of subjects. It's true of
climate change, it's true of Islam, it's true of transgender bathrooms.
There's a correct view of it, and there's an incorrect
view of it. And the people who were raised in
on colleges where the incorrect view was squashed and banned

are now working at the New York Times and the
Philadelphia Inquirer and demanding that those views be banned from
newspapers too. And I listened. So I listened to these guys,
these mainstream Republicans so called, even if they haven't voted
Republican for sixteen years, like Colin Powell and Ah, I've

got no use for them whatsoever. I said a decade
ago in my book After America came out in twenty
eleven that the biggest structural defect in America today was education.
And you can't just let it go for generations, degenerating,
deteriorating until you have now the great awokening. You have

people who actually have no comprehension of alternative views except
that they're illegitimate. And what were we doing? I see
in this New York Times piece that everyone's making a
fuss about showing that all mit Romney mit Romney's not
going to be supporting the president, and oh, Lisa mccowski's

not going to be supporting the president, or in Colin
Powell and George W. Bush and John McCain's widow, none
of them. Again. Somewhere in there there's a question mark
over Paul Ryan that he may be with the guy
who basically sabotaged the first two years when Trump had
the White House, the House, and the Senate. Paul Ryan,

what did he get us? A cut in the capital
gains tax rate? Meanwhile, the hardcore left transformed American education,
turned it into hard core social engineering, sent out this
snowflake generation that emerged around the time that Facebook and

Twitter did. That is this peculiar combination of emotional fragility
and total feral viciousness, so that if you say anything
that slightly rattles the fragile, vulnerable snowflake, they will all
rise up as a mob. Their base. Basically put it
in HG. Wells terms, they're morlocks in eloy clothing. They're

these monsters from the deep disguised as little flower children.
They will rise up and utterly destroy you. And actually
have driven the final state through the New York Time,
a New York Times US who apologize for publishing an
op ed by a sitting US senator. We lost, we

lost the education system and because of that, because of that,
now we're in actually revolutionary times where we've got a
mob here for the moment. They're just there have been
people who died in some of these riots and all
the rest of it. But the far more pervasive kind
of mob action is the complete destruction of people's livelihood.

The three or four words that they shouldn't have said.
You put, You put on an infelicitous headline in a newspaper,
and your career is over. This is madness, and we
no longer speak the same language. Go go back and listen.
It's very interesting. There's Rush's meeting these guys, trying to
meet them halfway because he wants it to be a

productive session. And Charlemagne said afterwards that it wasn't you know,
he regarded it as a waste of time. But what's
interesting to me is it's like they're not speaking the
same language and the translator has gone out for lunch
and can't connect up the question and the answer a
fascinating thing and worth listening to again. I think you'll

find it up there at Russian moall dot com. Mark
Steinin for us, We'll take your calls straight ahead, Mark
Steinin for us. Let us go to Mark in Moran, Pennsylvania.
I hope I pronounced that correctly, Mark. Is that is
that what it's called? Moran? Yeah? Yeah, okay, Hey, God
bless Rush, get healthy. But brother, you're you're the man,

and you've taught us all the thing better. But hey,
I hear. I did not hear until you opened up
with these generals or condemning Rush or condemning Trump. Yep.
And you know, okay, you know, I'm a little bit confused.
Why have these generals why haven't they put a petition
out for Michael Flynn to you know, he's been standbaged

by these Democrats. How come they've been so silent on that. Yeah,
that's actually something you would think, as he is one
of their fellow generals, that's something you'd think they'd have
something to say about. The thing actually would would kind
of disturb him, disturb them, because no matter how many
decades of service you have to your country, you can
lose everything in twenty minutes if the deep state decides

to screw you over as it did there, and actually
that would be something concerned generals for Flynn is something
that Mattis and Kelly and co. Might usefully do. But
as you say, Mark, they're absolutely silent on that. And
also silent Mark all these people who say, oh, well,
you know, these are decorated generals, we need to listen

to them. Well, what are these generals are? Well, they
did Vietnam, they did the helicopters in the desert in Iran,
they did the First Gulf War, they did the Second
Gulf War, they did Afghanistan. They've got a tremendous record.
These generals are totally worthy of respect. Apparently that doesn't
that doesn't apply to Michael Flynn when he's being obviously

screwed over by a cabal of rogue federal agents. Your rightemark.
There's hypocrisy all around on that side. I guess they
could use the excuse that if they speak up for
Michael Flynn, it would be conduct unbecoming of an officer.
Yet when you directly uh blast or you know, disrespect

the commander in chief, somehow you're supposed to get a
pat on the back. Hey, one other question, Well, well,
actually no, no, no, yeah, just just I mean say
something on that the unit, the whatever it is, the
Uniform Code of Military Justice does actually say something about
the conduct expected of retired officers. And I would say,
as a general proposition, unless a retired officer is thinking

of doing in Eisenhower and contemplated running for office, then
actually weighing in on something that's purely political, as these
guys increasingly do, is not conduct becoming to a senior officer. Mark,
what was your last point? Okay, The other point I
was going to make is that all these people that

want to defund the policeman and of course now these
politicians are weighing in and they want to defund all
the police communities. Does that also include the Secret Service service,
who provides protection for all these politicians. Does that mean
now that all these politicians are going to be out
there on their own and won't have the you know,
the protection from the police, the Secret Service or anybody else.

Are they going to give that up? Or is it
going to be like Obamacare where they had the Obamacare
for all of us, but they exempted themselves. Well, I
think I think it would be closer to the latter. Basically,
you would see even you would see even more the
bifurcation of society into those who have their own personal,

private protection and those who don't, whether that private protection
is called the secret Service, or whether they wind up
in Congress just hiring a lot of now unemployed ex
cops to protect them. But it's going to make everything
that personal. Minneapolis City Council actually got it right, Mark.
She said that Alison Cameroto, when her house is broken into,

is going to be reduced to someone in Chicago on
a weekend and there's gunshots coming through the living room
wall of your frame house. That's how they want it.
White privilege means we all have to be made as
vulnerable as the worst neighborhood in Chicago. Thank you your call, Mark,
that's Mark in Moran Pencil Vania. We got lots more

straight ahead. Do give me a call, especially if you're
of the antifar persuasion one eight hundred two eight two
eight eight two. I'd love to hear what the other
side is thinking. So do you give us a tinkle
on the telephone back in a mode? Mark Stein in
far Rush on America's number one radio show. You know,

I don't really want to talk about General Mattis. In
the scheme of things, He's a completely unimportant person as
far as the Pentagon is concerned. No one will remember
much about his tenure as Secretary of Defense. But I
remember the first nine eleven of the new Trump administration
because i'd been I didn't know much about him. He
was called mad Dog Mattis mad dog. I assumed he'd

earned that subriquet, but he after Trump had mocked Obama
for not mentioning radical Islam for years. It turns out
that on the nine eleven anniversary, the most you can
get mad Dog logmatist to allude to it is quote
maniacs disguised in false religious garb, fought by hurting us,

they could scare us maniacs disguised in false religious garb. So,
in other words, he's saying, don't worry, this isn't anything
to do with Islam and all. He's being exactly the
same kind of coward on that as Trump accused Obama
of being. And that's the language of losing, and that's

why we're losing, and that's why America is currently negotiating
to return Afghanistan to the same country we took it
from twenty blasted, blighted years ago. Why would you listen
to generals about anything. The entire American way of war
needs a complete overhaul. Yes, America's anchor man is away

and this is your eib anchor baby, thrilled to be
here all ways an honor if if you've decided to
flee the country, I'm here in the great wastes of
far northern New England. So if you are thinking of

heading out before the entire powder head goes up, do
swing by and say hello. You can't missus. We've got
a big sign on the border, just on the highway
saying last rush guest host before the border. So do
swing by and say hello. We're just a stone's throw
from the Canadian border. Although oddly enough, the Canadian border
is actually the one place on the continent that they're

off throwing stones. Everywhere else it's going on. Black lives matter,
Black lives Matter. One of the reasons why I find
this whole last week and a half so dispiriting is
because it's so fundamentally dishonest. Like large aspects of contemporary life,

it's completely dishonest. I guess we're about to see, for example,
that if what doctor Fauci and co. Have been telling
us that at least one of these riots in the
last week and a half is going to be a
big super spreader event, and we'll have you know, another
two million COVID cases arising from the super spreader riots

in Minneapolis. We don't know that yet, but in allowing
for the two week incubation period, will start to see.
Because all the protocols were thrown out, they've been out
in the streets for the last week and a half,
and as I said, at least one of them has
to be a super spreader event and that's going to
just boom explode in Whether it is Minneapolis or maybe not,

or maybe not, we don't know. But the other thing
I think we all know at heart is that there
are not there is no good faith solution to what
we're seeing on the streets. I'm like rush Us got
a lot of pushback I saw from the law and
order right, who defend the police under any circumstances. When

he said that if you lose your life, that's it.
You've only got one life. Rush was actually extremely moving
and eloquent a week ago. He said, the only person
who's come back from the dead is Jesus Christ. And
so for George Floyd, that's it. It's over. And whatever
you feel about George Floyd, whatever, even if you everything

that's ever said about him is true and on steroids
and you multiply it by ten, it's not good policing
When you can't arrest a suspect without killing the suspect,
it's not it's not any goods. And I'm philosophically, there
are aspects of the way our cities are policed that
I'm I'm just completely uncomfortable with. And maybe that's because

I live in a small town with a one man
police department, and the sites you see when the powder
head goes up up in Ferguson a completely alien to
me in that respect. But I can't be bothered actually
even having a conversation about this because it's so dishonest.
Nobody is talking about it. Honestly, the very name of

this movement, Black Lives Matter, is a croc, a complete croc.
Have you heard of a guy called August Gills? August Gills,
do you know his name? Has he had funerals? In
thirty percent of all American jurisdictions. Like George Floyd has
no no, August Gills is entirely unknown. You know why

because he died in the eight hundred block of East
ninety eighth Place in Chicago on Saturday. There were five
people killed and another thirty shot in Chicago over the weekend.
August Gills was just standing on the street when an

orange Dodge charger pulled up fired shots at him and
the woman he was with. Eighteen years old. He was
taking a Christ's Medical Center in Oak Lawn and died
several hours later, and nobody cares because it's routine. The
weekend before that was the worst violence in Chicago history,

eighteen murders in a day. The Chicago Sun Times published
photographs of all of them. One Black Life, second Black Life,
third Black Life, fourth Black Life. And yet none of
these black lives matter because they're blacks killing blacks. I
understand that that's a familiar thing if you're a nineteenth

century imperialist like me, that's a that's a familiar thing
you you remember from your childhood. When African colonies were decolonized,
people would people would go benas if an English or
Scottish District commissioner happened to shoot somebody. But the minute
the thing becomes independent and they're all killing each other,

nobody minds about that. And actually I had it explained
to me that you don't mind your own people killing you,
but you do if it's some other kind of person.
That's how ridiculous people think about these things. But the
fact is there's actually an apocalypse of death on the
streets every weekend, and nobody cares about it. Nobody cares

about it, nobody demonstrates about it, nobody remembers the name
of August Gills, eighteen years old, eighteen years old. With it,
as Rush was saying about George Floyd, you only have
one life to live, but in Chicago you can just
you just happen to be shooting, standing at the intersection,

and when a car pulls up looking for somebody to shoot,
and you happen to be the somebody. And it goes
on every week. A man called what's this guy? Called
Dion t Jelks. He's from Vancouver, British Columbia, that's in Canada.
He moved there a few years ago from his hometown

of Chicago because he was fed up with everybody being shot.
Last week, on May the thirty first, his brother and
his cousin were killed in Chicago. And this guy is
saying he's so glad he's moved to Vancouver, British Columbia,
because so he doesn't have to live with this, and

exactly the same thing. They were waiting at a stoplight
on East ninety fifth Street in the sixteen hundred blocks.
Someone in a dark colored suv just suddenly open fire,
striking both men in the head, and they were pronounced
dead at the scene. This guy's brother, this guy's cousin,
and people wonder why he decided to scram Chicago and

go and Leary. He's not in Vancouver. He's in a
town on Vancouver Island, so he's somewhere near Victoria in
British Columbia. And he says third world countries are safer
than Chicago, and statistically speaking, he's not wrong about that.
Why isn't Why don't those black lives matter? This is

such a dishonest conversation. And we're getting now into this
whole virtue signaling thing, this liturgical aspect to it. In
North Carolina, somebody posted on Twitter a video clip of
white people kissing the feet of black men to show
their penance. It's actually taking on aspects of a state

religion anti racism, but it's a totally fake anti racism
that is more like a jonestown cult because it doesn't
take into the count the reality of the vast preponderance
of black deaths, and nobody's got a plan for that.
Virtue signaling nincompoops like Colin Powell don't have any ideas

on that it's actually racist to bring it up. If
you say, if you go out on Twitter, if you
attempt to write an op ed in the New York
Times saying, oh, well, as regrettable as it is that
George Floyd was killed by the Minneapolis Police Department, we
mustn't forget all these black men who are just randomly
shot every single weekend in Chicago. It's like the most

This is the most insane perversion of the Stalin line
about one death being a tragedy and a million deaths
being a statistic. So August Gills, eighteen years old, randomly
shot dead, eighteen years old, his entire life ahead of him, dead, dead, dead,
He's just a statistic because there's no room there's only

George Floyd. The mega tragedy. This is, this is a
terrible thing that we are doing, and it's completely it's
completely a dishonest conversation, essentially antifar extreme positions and now
being embraced by the media. But they're being embraced by corporations,

they're being embraced by Facebook, They're being embraced by Congressman, senators,
prime ministers, Princess Martha Louise of Norway, and all of them,
Justin Trudeau and Governor Whitmer and mayor twelve year old
in Minneapolis and Princess Martha Louise in Norway are all
being completely revoltingly dishonest about this because we have so

corrupted the boundaries in which we can discuss this issue
that there can be no honest conversation about what the
problem is and how to solve it. And as you know,
the last time I was here, everyone was chafing under lockdown,
moaning about lockdown. You couldn't go out, you couldn't do this,

you couldn't do that. Lockdown. If you lockdown somewhere fairly
securely is looking pretty sweet right now. And you know,
when it comes to safety and security. Rush likes you
to be safe and sound when you are in your
home because your home is supposed to be your castle,

as they say in English law. And that's why Rush
speaks of simply Safe as often as he does. A
sense of security in your harm stands is one of
your highest priorities, especially now. The size of the horn
location that doesn't matter. What matters is the security system
that you choose work and work every day, and I'm

going to tell you about one that you need to
look into. Simply Safe makes a horn security system that
anybody can afford, and you should and you will like
having nearly four million American families now have simply Safe systems.
And it's because they work. They're not intimidating. There either's
a system that it's easy to operate, just as easy

to install because it has no wires. This is such
a big deal, folks. Simply Safe invented a wireless home
security system. You don't need a site survey, you don't
need professionals coming out running wires installing it. WiFi is
what's used to connect the centers to the base station
in your house. You can put them anywhere you want
and they will connect. There's twenty four seven monitoring if

you want that to the local police department of the
fire department. You know what, it's only fourteen ninety nine
a month, not fifty, and there are no contracts to sign,
so you don't have to pledge to a minimum two
year monitoring contract. For example, you'll be amazed that how
much simply safe does not cost sixty day money back guarantee,

meaning you can try this for two months. If it
doesn't meet your expectations, pack it up, send it back
full refunds. Simply safe US dot com is the website
simply safe USA dot com. Mark Stein in for Rush
on America's number one radio show. Let's go to Paul,

who is in southern California. He doesn't want to pin
it down any more precisely than that in case the
mob managed to figure out where it is. But he's
somewhere in southern California. Paul, it's great to have you
with us on the show. What's on your mind? To
a few Mark, good to talk to you. Yeah, you
don't want to get two pinpointed here because you know

who's watching, that's right exactly. Yeah, Well, these these police
unions that are supporting the Democrats. I don't know how
far reaching that is. But what are they going to
do with this once they get disbanded, They got to
still support them or what? Yeah, that's actually very interesting
the unionization of the well, some of them have already

begun to back away from Joe Biden, for example, the
big law and order moderate Democrat decided to go full
antifar on these things. But actually the police unions are
have a kind of ambiguous role in some of this,
because people talk about how difficult it is if there's
an officer involved shooting, as the euphemism goes, how difficult

it is to actually get the cop into a courthouse
and put him on trial. A lot of that's because
of these deals, that a lot of a lot of
the privileged positions that the police enjoy to do with
their union muscle. So now the unions have a choice.
Do you think do you think Paul, that the unions
interested in going along with this plan in Minneapolis to

turn them basically into slightly butcher social workers, and presumably
as badly paid as social workers. The police union's going
to go along with then, I don't believe that they
can they're not going to be anything that's going to
support that. Who's gonna who are you going to call? Well,
I'll tell you're a social Well I'll answer that question, Paul,

because I think it's an interesting thing. I mean, if
you go back, for example, to the United States Constitution,
the Founding Fathers did not foresee policeman. It's an invention
of the modern era. Gon back two hundred years to
Sir Robert Peel in London, and what the Founding Fathers
would have made of it, I'm not really sure. But
the thing about it, you could put it in small

government terms, Oh, this is great. We'd just have people
would have to defend their own homes. You'd have to
have a slightly more armed neighborhood watch. Then you look
at what happened to George Zimmerman in Florida. These guys
win at trial. They're demonized across the country, but they
managed to win at trial, and still their lives are ruined.

They have no money. Everybody who googles them if they
apply for a job is so who would want to
be the neighborhood watch team that replaces the police in Minneapolis.
That's a good way to just get your life ruined forever,
regardless of whether or not you you win at trial, Paul,

there's just no winner there. Though there's no legal standing
of the neighborhood watch people don't have any legal standing.
You can't call somebody and have them come protect you.
You're just not going to happen. No, And the thing
about is is you can have small communities that are
able to protect themselves or that choose to protect themselves.
But the problem is that if you take care of

your part of California, for example, there are very fancy,
lavish some of the most valuable real estate on the
planet in Beverly Hills and Malibu or whatever. But what
does that mean when the guys from the slightly less
fashionable neighborhoods decide they're sick of burning and looting their
own downtowns and they're going to come for Rodeo Drive

or they're gonna are they're gonna go for Malibu. Who's
going to protect those? Then? I mean that that that
that this is a recipe for madness. Yeah, did you
see that what happen in New Kaiper. They'll see what
they didn't to stand for that much? Did they? No? No,
that's no, no, no, you can't have you can't have that.

That's that's true. But as I said, there's a there's
a very fine line here because the lesson of all
these cases, like the George Simmerman and always is, whatever
the verdict of the jury, whatever the verdict of the trial,
that guy's life is ruined. He's he's completely screwed forever.
He's got no money, he can't get a job, he's

demonized anybody who googles him. For fifteen seconds, and and
and basically there was a rare moment of honesty and
that Alison Camerota clip, because she's basically that lady from
the Minneapolis Council was was telling Allison, you're just going
to have to put up with a few more burglaries
and a few more breakages. And Pete, you're going to

have to get used to locking down your garden furniture,
not leaving your kids toys out in the yard and
maybe move them into the garage until they decide to
come and break down your garage door and take it.
This is actually a descent into anarchy. Thank you for
your corporal. I want to make one quick point too.

The reason I have contempt for this movement and what
we've seen the last week and a half. And the
reason I don't want to be marching with Mitt Romney
next to that guy in the street over it is
because at the same time, there have been actually proper
protests against brutality in Hong Kong, where for the last

year and a half you've had demonstrations where up to
a third of the population, over two million people have
been in the streets against the regime that kills more
people than anyone on the planet. There is no Chinese
George Floyd. They kill more people the Chinese every year
than the rest of the planet put together. Supposedly, that's

the statistic. And yet and yet those guys in Hong Kong,
over two million of them, they go out, They're trying
to hold onto their freedom against a despotic dictatorship determined
to take it away from them. Over a third of
the population in the street they manage to protest without smashing,

trapped without So Oh yeah, I'm here because black lives
matter all. Look at that nice pair of nikes. Oh yeah,
black lives still matter. But I'll be back in ten
minutes after I've taken the nikes. Everyone, even the lefties,
are getting sicker this weasel phrase mostly peaceful protests because
they know what that means. Well. In Hong Kong, they

actually are genuinely mostly peaceful. They know what they want.
They can actually tell you the program they want. They
know exactly the liberties they want, and they're up against
one of the most brutal regimes on the planet trying
to take it away from them. That's the difference between
a real protest movement and they completely what is it

these guys actually want? What is it? What's the program?
What's the platform? Apart from these these safe space white
liberal women berating themselves and advertising their virtue and how
anti racist they are. Yes, rushes out. He told you

he was going to be out. It's it's it's not
all just the miserable medical stuff that he shares. He
shares a lot of that with you, I think, rather
more than than I would, because he knows that people
are concerned about him and what I There's not a
lot of consolations to what's going on at the moment,

but one of the things is that the way he's
pacing himself these last a few weeks has been spectacular
because when he is on, he is on, and he's
going to be back later this week, and he is
going to be on like you heard him all last week.
But he's taking a couple of days out, not just
for the bad stuff, but also he's celebrating his tenth

wedding anniversary with Catherine, So it's not all just doctors
and nurses and that kind of thing, but he's also
celebrating an important occasion in his and Catherine's life. And
he will be with us later in the week. I
mentioned this selectivity of black lives man, the whole thing

where you never address, well, it has its effect. This
poll that's out, only one in five Black Americans feels
that anything has improved since the Civil Rights era. In
other words, in the last basically now the last getting
on for sixty years. We've gone back to Selma, Alabam

and the Civil Rights Act and the murder of Martin
Luther King and all the rest of it. We've got
black presidents, we've got black governors, we've got black mayors,
we've got black police chiefs, but only one in five
Black Americans feels that anything has improved. Meanwhile, we have,

as I said, this just this routine acceptance of the
inconsequentiality of black lives. We have a movement called Black
Lives Matter, and meanwhile, as an objective fact, black lives
have never mattered less. I mentioned that five people had
died in Chicago shootings over the weekend eighteen the previous

this weekend, and the Chicago Suntimes published pictures of them.
All black back back back back, back, back back back.
Eighteen people dead in one weekend in Chicago. Nobody knows
their names. Five people dead Sunday in Saint Louis, Missouri,
including a sixteen year old girl who died in a

shooting on Morganford Avenue in South Saint Louis. A thirty
nine year old man killed on Minnesota Avenue, thirty five
year old man at Newstead and Saint Louis Avenue. Two
men shot to death inside a vehicle on Maple Avenue
in North Saint Louis. Don't bother learning their names, because
no one's ever going to be marching in the street

for them, no one's ever going to be taken a
knee for them. No one's ever going to know their names.
I could fill every show, I could fill every show
for a week just reading out the names of black men,
black women, sixteen year old black girls shot dead, and
nobody cares, Nobody gives a damn, nobody marches for them,

nobody does anything for them, because it would involve having
an honest conversation instead of the complete driveling rubbish that
we're seeing talked about now. Now, the other thing that's
interesting to me is that, aside from the Black Lives
Matter thing, the co option of the movement by white progressives,

the prevalence of young white liberal women on the march,
in these protests, in these riots, and on the whole,
I quite understand that. I mean, if you think of
what white male safe space pajama boys are like, like
these guys who are media matters for America, George Sorispace
to listen to this show and type out anything I

say that triggers them and then try to get program
directors to have me fire and all. I honestly couldn't
care less about any of that, because at some point
we've we've just we can't operate between the parameters that
these people are demanding. We can find the conversation too.
If you say like that, NBA announcer. If you say

that all lives matter on a tweet, even if Twitter
agrees to publish that tweet, the NBA TV guys will
still fire you from being a play by play comment
or whatever they call it in basketball. The NFL will cave,
Facebook will cave. Every single American business last Tuesday turned

its fancy brand logos that they'd commissioned. The Madison Avenue
guys millions of dollars, paid the millions of dollars to
come up with these fancy brand logos, and instead you
go to their websites and it's just all black and
then little hashtag white letters, hashtag black lives Matter. I said,
after lafter looking at that for a day, every single

thing you want to go to, I said, I was
in favor of Plywood first, in solidarity with all the
unfashionable brands, all the little convenience stores, all the gas stations,
all the little twenty four hour pharmacists who have all
had to been reduced as just putting plywood up in
front of their shop windows to avoid having them smashed

and looted. And I'd bet on Plywood Thursday over black
Out Tuesday. But unfortunately I'm not the chief executive of
Target and Prada, and Alexander McQueen and all the fancy
Fifth Avenue emporia. This is what's disturbing. I can handle antifar.

I can handle the goons on the street rampaging around.
What's disturbing is that every mainstream institution now has caved
to them, so that the fringe position. You may think
it's a fringe position, but it can be fringe. Not
if Facebook's adopted it, not if Hollywood's adopt did it,

not if all the universities have adopted it, and anybody
who dissents from it, even in a by commissioning an
op ed or a putting an infelicitous headline, their lives
are ruined and they're fired. JK Rolling. On a related matter,

JK Rolling had it was something called National Menstruation Day.
I think it's something like that the other day. And
JK Rolling was struck by the way people didn't talk
about when they mentioned the people who are affected by this.

She was struck by the way they phrased it creating
a more equal post COVID nineteen world for people who menstruate.
And JK Rolling, she's the creator of Harry Potter. I
think she's one of the wealthiest women on the planet,
if not the wealthiest. She said, people who menstruate eight.
I'm sure there used to be a word for those people.

Someone helped me out. Was it wompum wimpum womwood? She meant,
of course women. We used to know that it was
women who were visited by aren't Flow once a month,
And now, of course it could be little Jimmy in
grade three who's transitioning, and so you have to the

teachers explain to the class. There's nothing embarrassing about it.
It's just that little Jimmy's being visited by his uncle
Flow this month. So you can't say that it's women
who menstruate. So JK Rolling now is being damned. On Twitter.
People are saying they're never going to read Harry Potter again.
They'll soon be calling for libraries to ban Harry Potter,

for networks to cease airing Harry Potter films because JK.
Rolling thinks there are two biological sexes rather than fifty
eight genders and that mentor pardon me, I'm getting too
heated here. Today menstruation is combined to one of them.

Now This is a woman who's completely left wing, just
like the guy who's had to quit at the New
York Times. He's left wing, just like Andrew Sullivan at
New York Magazine, the guy who gave us gay marriage.
He's basically left wing at least on all those social issues.
So's the guy at the Philadelphia Inquirer. But this is

the revolution devouring its grandparents, as it were. These people,
they thought they won the cunning edge. They were keeping
up with it, but wokenus now is happening so fast,
and if you're only on board with ninety eight percent
of it, it's not enough. You still have to be canceled.

And this is now reaching a point where even businesses
that cater to the generality of humanity, like book have
decided to take one side of a severe cultural divide.
And you know, people used to say about this and

for sad, I don't even like businesses being political, because
eventually they decide to prioritize their business interests and screw
you over, like all those people who ate at Chick
fil A because Chick fil A was somewhow on the
right side of the culture war, and then Chick fil
A decided they weren't going to have anything to do
with the Samaritans. God bless them, the Samaritans, because the

Samaritans are a hate group according to the owners of
Chick fil A. So thanks a lot for all the
people who went and had their Chick fil A. I
bet they'd like to get a refund for that Chick
fil A designating the Samaritans a hate group. It's all
a waste of time. I'd like to be able to
get a chicken sandwich without it being a political act.
But the fact is, after the last week and a half,

you'd be boycotting everything. There isn't a business that you
can't boy There's no sphere of life that hasn't got
on the Black Lives Matter, the Antifa, the whole thing
there is. This is a left wing view of the world.
I listened to constitutional conservatives, constitutional conservatives who sound like

their space aliens, who have had no idea what a
human life on this planet has been like since the
last time they visited in seventeen eighty nine, and they
expect it's all to be the same. And they're still
talking about small government. You can't have small government when
every single sphere of life is political when you go

to buy a pair of socks and the brand of
socks you like has got a big black thing saying
black lives matter on it. So buying a pair of
socks is a political act. Good luck with small government
in that world. Mark Steinin for us. We will take
your call straight ahead, Mark Steinin for a Rush on
America's number one radio show. Derek Choven is appearing in

the Henneman County District Cord. He should be walking in
about right now. We'll bring any news from that as
it happens. He is the accused in the second degree
murder case of George Floyd. Let's go to John in Chicago,
which we were just talking about. John, I hope you're right. Well,
actually I was going to say, I hope you on

the like magnificent mile, nice bit of Chicago, but I
saw that got trashed in all the riots, so I
hope you. I hope you're steering well clear all the
trouble anyway, John, this Monday, Mark, Yeah, and safe here
in Chicago. And appreciate you taking my call and prayers
for rush right off the bat. Yeah, thank you. Well,

what one thing that I wanted to say is and
it's been driving me crazy. Is these companies they're posting
the black squares. They're virtual signaling saying, oh, I'm going
to donate a million dollars here, two million dollars to
this cause. But these are the same companies that have
for decades been taking their factories moving them to China, Vietnam,

South Korea. If they really wanted to make a difference
in these communities, they should bring these factories back and
build them next to these communities. And Trump, if he
was smart, should be calling them out on this. He
should be saying, I want to bring these big executives
who want to make a difference. I'm there with you.
I want to make a difference. Let's bring these jobs back.

Let's give these people opportunity. Let's give them hope instead
of just giving them a handout. These people, you know,
I'm sure they want to work, they want to do
good in their community. They want to build it up.
I'm not talking about the writers and looters, but the
people out there that want to build their community up.
Trump should embrace them, bring them in. Bring these organizations

that are so quote unquote virtuous because they're posting a
black box on their Instagram, bring them in and build
these communities. You've actually, you've actually not right to the
heart of it. Okay, So these guys they say, oh,
we're we're a virtuous company. So we've turned our Instagram
completely black. And as you say, we're going to send

a two million dollar check to say, that's a drop
in the ocean for the because these guys don't care
about black or white. Everything they make is made in
some sweatshop of Chinese child labor around the back of
the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Of course they can afford
to give a two million dollar check for a handout.

As you say, John, the real challenge would be if
to say something like, we'll give you a spectacular tax
credit if you move your factory from behind the Wuhan
Institute of Virology to this burned out neighborhood in Minneapolis
or in Chicago, or in Saint Louis, or ever you
want it. He should actually call their bluff on that,

because it is the most These are people who are
as responsible for the death of American opportunity as anybody,
and people are stupid enough to think, oh, look, they've
taken down the fancy logo they commissioned for six million
dollars and they've turned the screen all black. So let's
not loot and burn their place because they've got a black,

black screen on their website. Trump should actually say, look,
I'll give you the spectacular tax credit if you move
your Chinese factory into this black neighborhood in Minneapolis or Chicago.
That's a brilliant idea, John, brilliant. Yes, well, thank you.
And you know, I just wish Trump would take a
second to call these people out, but then also bring

them in because I think there's a real opportunity in
the African American community to embrace change and hope instead
of what the Democrats have been offering for the last
fifty years. They've been in charge in Chicago since nineteen thirty. Okay,
there's no Republicans we have to do with this. Okay, no, no, no, no,
you're absolutely right. All these this is basically a crisis

of Democrats cities and what it's mainly gonna du as
you say, there are no Republicans involved. This is like
in New York, the Democrat governor hates the Democrat mayor,
and the Democrat mayor hates the police. Chiefs appointed by Democrats,
and it's the same thing exactly is going on in Minnesota.

It's a dispute. This twelve year old Democrat mayor is
at odds with the entire Democrat council. There are no
Republicans anywhere in sight. But what is going to happen, John,
I think, is that there's going to be a kind
of resurgence of the white flight phenomenon. It might not
actually be just whites this time. It's going to be

anybody who just doesn't want to live in the kind
of crazy land that people like the guys who run
Minneapolis a building for them. I notice. I notice. I'm
in northern, far northern New Hampshire, and I noticed just
in tootling around my neighborhood. In the week and a
half this has been going on, a sudden upsurge in

outer state plates from people fleeing the Democrats cities and
suddenly deciding they'd like to sit this thing out by
going to their camp in far northern New England. You
can sort of see that the reality of the policies
they've voted for is now beginning to land on them.

Mark Stein, far USh lots more still to come, Mark
Stein in far rush Apparently Derek Chovin will not be
appearing live in the court house. He'll be appearing via
video link from the Hennepin County Jail. I'm not quite
sure what that's about. I don't see any reason why

a guy on a second degree murder charge can't be
actually taken to the court house to enter his plea
or to be arraigned, or whatever stage of the process
is going to be occurring today. But apparently he's going
to be appearing via video link from the county jail.

That should be happening any moment now, mark Stein Infra
rush In. We've just had this guy who just drove
a truck into the crowd. Is a self described q
DUTs clan leader. This is a man in Hannover. He's
a KKK leader, drove his truck through a crowd. Yes,

America's anger man is away. This is your eib anchor baby.
Thrilled to be with you, lovely to be with you.
As we start another turbulent week in the United States
of America, we have five months to go before election

Day twenty twenty, assuming there is an election Day twenty twenty,
we have a pole from CNN that showing that Joe
Biden's lead has now risen to fourteen points. Biden Biden
just by moving into the basement for the last three
months and ceasing to campaign, ceasing to interact with voters

where he was always in danger of losing control and
threatening to punch out cute little co heads who were
been impertinent to him. Just by staying in his basement
and occasionally attempting a podcast is given he has risen
to a fourteen point lead over President Trump. So it

looks like Biden's heading for a forty nine state landslide
according to this CNN poll. We shall see how that
at this stage it's five months to election day. Remember
where we were five months ago. Wind that clock back.
We were in January, where President Trump was presiding over
a gangbusters economy and the Democrats who wanted to run

that economy are so incompetent they couldn't even count the
votes in the Iowa caucus. I'm not sure whether we
even have an official result from the Iowa caucus yet,
but that's that's how good Democrats were. Nobody thought we
were going to have three months of lockdown and then

just to turn attention to the few bits of the
economy that hadn't been totally destroyed. Then the antifur Black
Lives Matter guys would come out and take care of
the six or seven mom and pop stores that hadn't
been totally screwed over by the three months of lockdown.
So who knows what I mean? We used to talk
about October surprises. So far we've had a February, March, April, May,

and June surprise. I'm not going to pay any attention
to what these polls are saying at this point in
the election process. I did say, and I think it's
an important point. The main streaming of craziness exemplified about
an hour before this show began, the Democrat Caucus senators

and representatives in the capital in Washington getting down on
their knee for eight and three quarter minutes, which is
the precise length of time that George Floyd was on
the ground. So taking a knee, and I would like
to hear from you if you're one of these guys

who supports Colin Kaepernick, and you're all hot for taking
the knee because everyone's taken the knee. Now, that's really
the best way to get rid of it is it
won't be edgy and controversial anymore. It'll just be universal.
Mit Romney, I don't know. I think he just marched
in the Black Lives Madam March, but he would take
a knee if asked. Piers Morgan is daring President Trump

to have the guts to take a knee in the
Oval Office. And I did a cheap joke saying that
the last person to take a knee in the Oval
Office was, in fact Monica Lewinsky. But that used to
be I think that was John Clees's joke. John Clees
from Monty Python back Joe, this is a Clinton era joke,

happy times, more innocent times. Oddly enough, but John Clees
said that the difference between Americans and his own country
was that in his country you only had to drop
to one knee when you met the head of state.
Now everyone's dropping to one knee all over the United
States too. It's not a small thing that Colin Kaepernick.

I don't know whatever it was meant to do. And
I heard people defended on the grounds of freedom of expression.
A national anthem is meant to be a communal ritual,
not an opportunity for self expression. There's lots of other
things you can do. If you're interested in self expression.
You can take a pottery class. But a national anthem
is supposed to be an act of communal expression. So actually,

when you put a dagger in the heart of that
a ska twist, as the French say, I find the
French word for dagger more menacing somehow. But when you
put a dagger through a communal ritual, that's actually not
a small thing. And for a while it was controversial.
And you remember that football team that went over to

London and they all took a knee for their own
national anthem, the Star Spangled banner, and then all stood
upright for God Save the Queen. I thought that was
one of the most humiliating moments in contemporary American history,
that even on a foreign land, you will not stand
for your national anthem. And now taking a knee. Now

Nancy Pelosi's taking a knee. Now Governor Whitmer's taking a knee.
Mayors are taking a knee, police chiefs are taking anee.
National guardsman to their shame at taking a knee. And
that's the dane you're here, that you've taken something that
used to be politically controversial, and you've now made it

mandatory in effect. And I will mention something else about
the way everybody now has to side with the most
radical elements. Basically, it's the anti it's not out. You
don't need anti fire anymore because everyone has adopted antifa's position.
So we had this protest in Washington, DC just a

few days ago, and graffiti was put all over one
of the federal well several of the federal buildings, including
the Lafayette Building, and free women who happened to be
white women went out on the street and started to
scrub the graffiti off the Lafayette Building, And there was

a video that wound up getting posted to Twitter and
Facebook filled filmed by somebody in a car, and the
woman in the car is yelling at these women, why
do you want that to come off? And one of
the women scrubbing the building clean again says, well, because
this is a federal building, and the woman from the
car yells, so you know you don't care about black

lives then, and then they say no, no, we do
care about black lives, not enough to leave up the message. So,
in other words, even the removing of graffiti, defacing uglying
up what is already an ugly modern landscape in many
of our cities. Even actually trying to clean it up

to remove the graffiti is now an act that will
get you shamed on Twitter. Just people deciding, oh, look,
they've defaced the building. They've defaced these monuments on the
Washington Mall, they've defaced the monument to the Armenian Holocaust,
they've defaced the monument to the Black soldiers who fought

on the Union side in the Civil War. Because they're
just old, dead people who have got white privilege just
by being old and dead, and so they need to
be torn down too. This is all so. In the
other words, even cleaning up the damage done by these
looters and rioters now makes you beyond the pale. Same

thing in London. In London, Tory MPs came out and
cleaned up the defacing of Churchill Statue in Parliament Square,
where they'd sprayed on at Churchill underneath the word Churchill
they put is a racist under there. The graffiti on

the statue of Field Marshal Earl Haig, who led the
British Empire's forces in the First World war. Some members
of the household Cavalry in plain clothes came around after
the protests had dwindled and scrubbed the graffiti clean because
it's insulting two soldiers to honor their to dishonor their commanders.

Because when you when you put graffiti over a statue
honoring military service, you're you're actually dishonoring all people who
do military service. There. That was also true of the
climbed all over the Senator the War Memorial in the
heart of London, and these young souldiers came out and

were cleaning it. And they're told even by cleaning it,
even by a lot of the things that they put
up there is they have these letters ACAB, which stands
for all coppers are. I don't know whether I can
say that were on the radio, but it's b and
it stands for the child of someone whose parents did

not enjoy benefit of clergy. I think that's the way
discrete we're putting it. And people are filming them cleaning
these statues in Washington and London because now you might
get you might be able to get them fired because
you're cleaning off the graffiti from Black Lives Matter and
antifer and all that, and like they're being taunted for

cleaning statues of obscene graffiti. Oh you can, you can't
even wait a day because of your precious memorial. Your
precious memorial is more important to you than black lives. No,
it's not. It's because a nation that does not have
a past is lea is living in pole pots year zero.

And these scenes where people tear down statues and toss
them in the river, which happened in Britain over the weekend.
This is actually the urge, which is a completely totalitarian urge.
And so if you're on some nice little suburban mommy
sitting in your nice little suburb, thinking that it's just

a quay, you listen to NPR, and NPR says you
might have white privilege and your bookshelf, so why don't
you take out your books by white authors and puts
some unreadable sludge by Maya Angelou in there or whatever,
and then you'll be like virtue signaling it's not gonna
stop there. This is a totalitarian moment. The contempt, the

contempt of people who live in a hyper present, in
the hyper present tense of contemporary society, the contempt for
the totality of the past for all who went before them.
This is again what I meant when I said we
are now all a big, giant college campus now, because

what you saw there those scenes rewind it back to
the tail end of the Obama era, and you had
those scenes of people clustering around college professors and demanding
that they prostrate themselves before whatever idiocy they now demanded
be made the conventional wisdom that has all spread outside
now and it's a contempt for the past. And it's

not just a contempt for your forty three year old
college professor, a contempt for the entirety of human history.
And in fact, it's a mental defect because it's the
inability to understand people in their own time and in
their own world, which is what empathy is. So we
talk about empathy even as we don't have any, because

if you have, if you do not have the imaginative
capacity to understand that some guy on a horse in
stone in the middle of your municipal park two hundred
years ago had a different way of looking at things,
If you lack the imaginative capacity to be able to
comprehend there are people who in other times and other places,

and other societies and other worlds did not think as
you do, then you do not have a wit of empathy.
And that is what is turning the people on the
streets demanding prostration before these idiosesto basically foot soldiers of
a new and ugly totalitarianism. There will be nothing left

if these guys get their way. What do they want?
When do they want it? Because nobody can say, apart
from tearing down the statue and tossing it in the river,
what do you want apart from defacing the statue of
the guy you've never heard of, that you don't know,
but he's got a statue, so he must be bad.

Apart from that, what do you want? If you know
what you want, If you're one of these guys out
dere facing the statues, give me a call. I'd love
to hear from you. One eight hundred two eight two
eight eight two Mark Stein for Rush, You're called straight
Ahead Mark Stein and for Rush on the Excellence in
Broadcasting Network. Dean is in Gainesville, Florida. Dean, it's great

have you with us on America's number one radio show,
What's on your Mind Today? Thank you Mark for taking
my call. It's always a pleasure listening to you. I
read a number of your books. Oh no, In fact,
one story in one of your books changed my thinking,
changed my life. In one of your books, you talked
about growing up younger and filling out applications for employment,

and when it came to the question regarding rays, you
check the box Caucasian, and you said you lied on
your applications all your young life because you later realize
that that you weren't Caucasian. The only real Caucasians live
in Asia. Yeah. Well though, I yeah, I used to

have because if you live in the inner city, you
often have like woke paperwork you have to fill in.
And it's actually true on US Census and US passport
forms and all kinds of other paperwork here where you
asked to fill in your ethnicity and everything. And I said,
I think somewhere in that book that at a certain
point I just began just filling in the wrong boxes

on that, just on a point of principle. So I
would try, I would check that, you know, I was
a Muslim transgender from Polynesia, just as a way of
screw my contribution to screwing up all the statistics on
these things, because yeah, I would ask myself when I

got to that question and I saw the word Caucasian,
I would actually, I remember distinctly asking myself, what is
a Caucasian? And uh and and but I would check
it because I thought it was appropriate because I wasn't
black and I wasn't Hispanic. But after reading the story,

I began to think seriously about the theory of race,
and I began to ask the hard question that a
lot of people are unwilling to ask, whether the theory
or the concept is even true. The oldest book on anthropology,
the Bible, tells us there is no such thing as
race if we're all descendants of the same two people, right,

And that the Bible, there aren't races of people. They're
only families. There's only tribes, which are just larger families.
They are only neighbors. And I began to think that,
you know, we've been conditioned to define ourselves in terms
of race, and until we actually face the question and
answer it properly, will never get rid of racism, because

we need to get rid of the theory of race
before we can stop racism. I know there's racism, I everybody.
It's obvious that there is racism in our country, but
it's based on a false theory and something I think
Darwin really introduced to us. But I just feel like
if we can embrace the great truth that every man

and every woman really do have a kinship at the
rest of mankind, and the fact that Darwin got it
wrong that someone like a Martin Luther King and someone
like a John F. Kennedy were not from different races, well,
I do. I do think that from a legal point
of view, Deane. I mean, this is a the most
important identity group in a society is the individual, and

so from a point of view of a legal regime,
you want to be treated the equal of me if
we happen to find ourselves in a court of law.
And so there's you use the word tribe, and there's
a danger that individual that identity politics just becomes the
new tribalism. It's not like the Shona and the Matabelee

in Southern Africa. It's more complex than that now because
you have African Americans, and you have gay Americans, and
you're Muslim Americans, and you have transgender Americans. But there
is a real danger in that in that you just
descend into a new kind of tribalism with more fashionable
and more woke tribes. And I don't think there's anything

I think there's a danger in that, and it has
not actually been good. I would argue that thinking in
those terms, in the prostration before identity politics, in thinking
of everything in racial terms, in that way, we have
actually made our society more complicated and more fractious. And

one of the things that is clear from the video
on the Streets, Dean, is that there are significant numbers
of people who hate America. And we needn't put it
in any more sophisticated terms. Whatever they want America to be,
they hate the America that is and was and has

been for the last two and a half centuries. They're
not into that at all. They don't want to know
about it, and they absolutely, they absolutely loathe it. And
that includes I'm not even talking about black people, but
white people who admired in a kind of civilizational self
loathing that is really quite extraordinary, and that I think,

in its own way, is a product of this bizarre
focus on identity politics that we have had now for
the last half century. Thanks for your call, Dan Hey,
great to be with you. As Rush said on Friday,
he's the way the way it's worked in previous weeks,

he's always pledged that he's going to be back earlier
than he actually comes back, So we try to kind
of lay it out in front of you. On Friday
said he's taking a couple of days off and then
he's going to be back on Thursday. We're going to
try and hold down the Fort. Todd Herman's going to
be in and where we're doing our best. Here's it's

not an ideal situation. I know that everybody wants to
hear from Rush about these things. Rush actually was very
optimistic at the end of last week because of the
good economic news. I mean, it does look I don't
quite know. I haven't I listened. There's people in the
administration I pay pardicular attention into, like Peter Navarro and

a couple of others, But I still don't actually have
a handle on why everyone got sideswiped by this good
economic news on Friday. And that's why I say we
should be very careful about getting too hysterical about polls
showing Biden with a fourteen point lead over Trump. It

would actually be an incredible that he's now talking. This
woman in Atlanta's a young black woman, Mayor Bottoms, who's
gotten tough with the people rioting and looting in her city.
And apparently she's now a woman basically nobody outside Atlanta
had heard of until a couple of weeks back, and

she's now heading the list to be Joe Biden's vice
presidential pick. But it's five months to go, and if
you look at the last five months, we've all learned
a lot since then, except on the coronavirus, where everybody
is as stupid as they were on day one. We've
had contradictory advised. The CDC says they said it could

linger on surfaces, then they said it could and linger
on services, then they said it could ling linger on services. Again.
They all concerned about asymptomatic carriers of the virus. Now
they're saying the World Health Organization is saying that asymptomatic
spread of coronavirus is very rare, that may be reversed
in forty eight hours time. No one knows nothing about it,

which should actually tell us something about experts. So we've
had all that, and then we've had this again, this
huge sudden flare up in which we are now seeing
completely extraordinary responses to like a pledge to abolish municipal

belife departments that have existed for over a hundred and
fifty years. In these cities, we see hysteria. There's a
story in the New York Times in Minneapolis, Somali Americans
find unwelcome echoes of strife at home. As a child
in Somalia, Ali Yusuf dreamed of joining the United States

Air Force. In twenty fourteen, he finally made it to Baltimore,
where he worked on a janitorial crew and tells his story,
all heartwarming story. And the guy says, see, I love America,
but I'm scared, said mister Yusuff, who works as an
uber driver. He started to cry. Okay, so this is
a thirty three year old Uber driver sobbing in front

of a New York Times reporter. He started to cry,
quote being a black man, I feel it's not only
that you have to die, but when you die, you
will not get justice unless you have evidence of video.
And then you have to take it to the next
level with protests, and then still you have to destroy
properties just to get justice. Somalia. So mister Yusef in

this piece is is comparing life in Minneapolis with life
in Somalia, and the New York Times reporter says Somalia
collapsed into anarchy after the military regime was overturned in
nineteen ninety one. Since twenty twelve, some stability has been restored,
but it still faces threads threats from al Shabab militants

aligned with al Qaeda mogadissue. The capital suffers from frequent
roadside bombings that kill hundreds of civilians each year. There
are no roadside bombings in Minneapolis that kill hundreds of
civilians each year. It's a completely incompetently run city, which
is stunning to foreigners like myself and mister Yussef, who

know nothing about it except what we learned on the
Mary Tyler Moore Show. I don't know whether they had
the merely Mary Tyler Moore Show in mogadissue. Possibly not.
There might be a mogadissue re un channel that shows it.
I don't know. I'm not up on Somalia. TV One
can't be an expert in anything but a Minneapolis is
a totally incompetently run city. But the idea that this

guy is crying to a New York Times reporter because
he thinks he's back in Morgid issue with its roadside
bombings killing hundreds of civilians every year, and he fears
for his life. This is a guy this well, you know,
this is what I mean about the dishonesty of the conversation,

and that and no good can if you don't analyze
a problem honestly, you can't solve it. So when we
have basically an entirely dishonest conversation, and in fact, when
people who try to move it beyond the dishonesty of

the conversation, so they're they're all fashioned enough, they're all fashioned.
We are the world types. They're old fashioned Bennetton types.
They're old fashioned. I'd like to buy the world a
coke in perfect harmony types. And they and they say, oh,
all lives matter, because that used to be. That used
to be the liberal universalist position. It's everything is beautiful

in its own way, racy, red and yellow and pink
and white, oh, and yellow and blue. Oh that's I
can sing a rainbow. But whatever it is. Oh, we
used to be all colors matter, all one We were
one great rainbow hued utopia, and now it's just Black
Lives Matter. And if you're white, you have to kneel
in the street like these guys in North Carolina and

wash the feet of the of the Black Lives Matter protesters.
You're not going to get anything like that. You know,
everybody every time you how do you know someone's lying
when they call it's theasiest ways when they call for
a national conversation on race, because the one thing you
when someone calls for a national conversation on race, the

cliche from the nineties is they actually don't want a
national conversation on race. They don't want to they don't
want to deal with any of these problems. And we're
now we have this thing now where a lot of
these groups are mutually incompatible and they're all kind of
gotten alliance of convenience. Then you have these like white

liberal women trying to get a piece of the action
and get in get in front of it. And the
crazy thing about it is that meanwhile, as I said,
there's an actual honest protest for liberty going on against
real tyrants. These brave demonstrators in Hong Kong, China is
the dominant power on the planet. While we've been wasting

our time talking about transgender bathrooms and Russian collusion, China
snaffle the planet out from under the free world. They
are the dominant power. They make everything we need. They're
militarily assertive, not just in the South China see, but
in the broader Pacific and in the Indian Ocean, where

they've basically been building all these ports, all the way
through to the Middle East. They're taking all the natural
resources of Africa. Bax Site in Jamaica, they're in Australia.
They got the run of the joint, they got the
run of the planet, and we're here having a sterile

and dishonest argument about what for all. And as I said,
I'm I'm not one of these reflective law and order conservatives.
You know, in the end, if you're a small government
guy and you don't like big government bureaucracy, in the end,
ultimately law enforcement is part of that bureaucracy. And so

it is proper for a person of conservative temperament to
be skeptical of the police. But the picture that is
being painted does not actually happen. It is a rare event.
And as I said, I could sit here every day
and talk about the sixteen year old schoolgirl shot dead
in Saint Louis, the eighteen year old guy who just

happens to be at the intersection and get shot dead
yesterday in Chicago. This goes on all the time. And
black leaders the contemptible, pitiful, dishonest black leadership that's enriched itself.
People like Al Sharpton hasn't paid any taxes in decades.
Guys like that, they get rich peddling lies about who

is destroying the black community. For God's sake, if if
we're actually in the midst of civilizational collapse, we could
at least footnote it accurately. It would make a difference.
Mark Stein in for us your cold straight ahead, Mark
Stein for Rush. Let's go to Dave in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Dave,

You're live on America's number one radio show. Hi. Mark.
Something that people just are not understanding. There's nobody's getting
it legally. This is how it works. If a city
gets rid of the police department. I'm an attorney, right,
if the city gets rid of the police department. Every
city is inside of a county. The county is run

by the county sheriff, and if there's no police department
in a city or a township, the county sheriff is
required to provide law enforcement throughout that city or wherever
there's a town that doesn't have a police department, right
and the city the sheriff deputy, the actual sheriff does
not answer to the city, so the city can't kick

out the sheriff because that is his or her county.
Same thing with the state. The state troopers can go
anywhere in that state. So yeah, that that that that's true.
So when the Minneapolis Council abolishes the Minneapolis police Department,

in theory, that will mean that the Hennepin County sheriff
just drives through town and if he sees something going on,
his deputies will will arrest the guys. That's certainly how
it is in New Hampshire. There are small towns that
can't afford their own constable, their own municipal police department,

so the sheriff. It's known that the sheriff comes through
a couple of times a day and basically provides police
cover for them. But Dave, just let me ask you this,
do you not think when you listen to what the
governor of the state of Minnesota, and people are saying
that they've got plans actually to take municipal, county and

state policing over. And I understand the sheriffs are actually
the oldest form of policing in the United States, going
back to the sheriff of Nottingham and all that. But
do you not do you not think that they've got
plans to totally dismantle all three forms of policing. Well,

the governor can do it, in the city can do it.
The sheriff is independent of both, neither one of them.
The governor in the city can't tell the sheriff what
to do. I mean if event I guess, if they
get rid of all three, we're at martial law. But
it would be interesting to see, though, he gets rid
of its police department and now the sheriff has total

control and the city can't check the sheriff out. Maybe
that would be better. No, we will, we will. As
I said, it's it's an it's an interesting situation. And
when you say, quote to Dave, that would be interesting,
it's it'd be more interesting if it's in a neighboring jurisdiction.
But to the one you or I happen to live in.

But it is an interesting point and we'll see what
it actually boils down to. These are these there's the
the whiff of blood lust in what's going on on
the streets now that the mob has that intoxication that
comes with knowing that authority is weak and can be

bent to your will, and it's fascinating to me. The
last time I was here, I said, I'm disappointed in
the strength of so called conservative institutions in this country
because where in this situation, basically, because the left is
very clear at how far there's a ratchet effect, the
ratchet effect, the ratchet effect, They're always pushing, pushing, pushing,

and conservative institutions on the whole aren't good at pushing back.
I spoke earlier in the first time, I'm very disturbed
about what's happening to free speech, that people who make
and infelicitous tweet have their lives ruined. And the last
time I was here, this is what I mean about
conservative institutions. National Review. Kevin william had a piece up

at National Review, I think it was last week or
something about something I said on Rush when I was
last here, when I said that I supported these attorneys
general basically filing antitrust lawsuits against Facebook and Google YouTube
because these guys are handful of woke billionaires control increasingly,
control and police ever more narrowly freedom of expression around

the planet. That's not a good thing. All the stuff
they learned in China they're now applying at home. And
Kevin Williamson quite disgracefully said that mine was a bad
faith position, that I thought it was rubbish in law,
but I was arguing that I'd said on Rush it's
rubbish in law, but I was arguing in favor of it. Anyway. No,
it's not. I've held this position for years, and if

we don't break them up in the next in the
next couple of years, it'll be too late for that.
They're as powerful as nation states. They're more powerful than
most nation states, and the world they're building for us,
where you can be fired over a headline, you can
be canceled over a tweet. You can make a video

that five million people watch and then suddenly it disappears.
Even if you're left wing like Michael Moore, you step
out of line on climate change and your anti climate
change film disappears. From YouTube. I said that in good faith,
and I resent the pansy conservatives of supposedly conservative institutions

like National Review. I know Rush got a big award
from National Review recently, and Rush and I both knew
Bill Buckley, well, this is not Bill Buckley's National Review.
But Kevin Williamson completely misrepresented my position on that. I
hold that position in good faith, and after the last
few days, I mean it even more fiercely that we

live in crisis times for freedom of speech, and delivering
control of speech to a handful of woke billionaires is
not going to work out well for what remains of
liberty on this trouble planet, Mark Stein, but Rush will
close it out in a moment. Derek Chovin's bail has

been increased to one point two five million dollars following
his first court appearance in Minneapolis earlier today. It's been
a busy three hours. It's the promises to be another
turbulent newsweek. We will break it all down for you
at the Excellence in Broadcasting Network. My thanks to mister

Snerdley as always, and to Keith and Mike in New
York City. As you know, Rush is taken a couple
of days out, but he is going to be back
on Thursday. We have Todd Herman, the Great Todd Herman
coming in for you on Wednesday, and I will see
you right here back tomorrow

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