The Coin Bureau Podcast: Crypto Without the Hype

The Coin Bureau Podcast: Crypto Without the Hype

A journey through all things cryptocurrency from the team behind the biggest crypto channel on YouTube. The Coin Bureau is dedicated to providing education and information about cryptocurrency without the hype.


December 30, 2022 72 min

It feels like Season One of FTX: Trouble in Paradise has drawn to a close. SBF narrowly avoided jail thanks to a last-minute $250 million bond and is now chilling at home with his parents. Season Two will see him fighting for his freedom in court as his former friends, colleagues and lovers queue up to spill the beans. Everyone just wants to get the lightest sentence possible.


SBF’s next court appearance is scheduled for the 3rd ...

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It’s time to check in again with our friends at the Federal Reserve, whose every move is being scrutinised by investors everywhere for signs of what might be on their minds. Are they going to keep raising interest rates as aggressively as they have been in previous months? Will they slow the pace, or maybe even ease off the rate rises completely? The decisions made inside Fed HQ have huge ramifications for the US economy and beyond...

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It’s back to FTX this week sadly, as the exchange’s collapse continues to dominate the crypto headlines. 


Today, you’ll hear about the company’s recent bankruptcy filing, which revealed just how terribly it and its sister company Alameda Research were being run behind the scenes, by people who were unfit to be running anything bigger than a lemonade stand. 


The filing makes for some pretty extraordinary reading and reveals just...

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FTX is still making the headlines and the contagion continues to spread. Companies and projects across the industry are reeling and much of the talk is about which could be the next domino to fall. Welcome to crypto winter.


One project that many are concerned about is Solana, which was heavily backed by FTX and Alameda Research. SOL’s price has tumbled in the wake of FTX’s collapse as a result of this exposure, and the road ahead...

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November 18, 2022 77 min

Crypto has been rocked over the last few days by the biggest disaster ever to hit the industry. While it has experienced its fair share of crises over its short history, the collapse of FTX and Alameda Research is the gravest challenge crypto has faced thus far and the true extent of the damage may not become apparent for some time.


In today’s episode, Mike and Guy sit down to talk through what happened and what may come next. Ma...

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Ok, you can probably guess what’s going to be covered today. The crypto industry is reeling from the collapse of the FTX exchange and everyone has questions. What happened? Who is responsible? How could such a disaster have been possible? Where next for crypto? And many, many others besides.


So, in the first part of today’s episode, you’ll hear our initial assessment of what went down with FTX and get some crucial background info...

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November 12, 2022 75 min

There’s turmoil in the crypto market at the moment and we’ll tackle what’s been going on with FTX next week when the picture will - we hope - be a bit clearer. But for this week’s episode, we have something a bit different to take everyone’s mind off all the bad news and instead focus on the future. 


Robin Schmidt is one of the most insanely creative minds in the crypto space. Following a successful career in film and TV producti...

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November 9, 2022 47 min

This week’s picks from our YouTube channel feature a look at the housing bubbles that are looking increasingly shaky in a number of countries and a little tale of what happened when Instagram fact-checked a meme I posted about CBDCs. 


A home of one’s own is a big deal for many people, especially in my native UK and elsewhere. This fact, coupled with years of near-zero interest rates, have meant that housing prices in many countri...

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November 4, 2022 92 min

After being parted for over a month, Mike and Guy have managed to get together again to talk crypto once again. Thankfully, our editor has managed to cut out the very long and rambling catch-up chat they had and generally keep in the important stuff. Some waffle may remain though, so please exercise caution. 


Today’s topic is a crypto niche which has attracted a lot of attention recently and could prove to have staying power in t...

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Mike and Guy are reunited this Friday for another in-depth discussion with plenty of lame jokes thrown in, but before all that we have another couple of recent hits from our YouTube channel for you to enjoy.


First up is a look at some recent recommendations for crypto regulations from Sam Bankman-Fried, or SBF as he’s better known, the CEO of the FTX exchange. These were unleashed upon the world just a couple of weeks ago and the...

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From our YouTube archive this week come two videos which lay bare many of the failings of the current financial system.


The first is inflation - that pernicious force which is busy making lives harder for most people around the world. Most, but by no means all, because those at the very top of the pyramid ultimately benefit from the inflationary system the rest of us labour under.


Believe it or not, but inflation is guilty of m...

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October 19, 2022 40 min

This week highlights from Coin Bureau’s YouTube channel focus on two critical macroeconomic issues - China and its stance on Taiwan and concerns around global oil prices. Both of these factors will be weighing on any investor’s portfolio in some way.


You’ll almost certainly be aware of the fact that China has long coveted Taiwan and aims to unite the two countries - by force, if necessary. This dispute has rumbled on for decades,...

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It’s time for some more hits from our YouTube channel to brighten your week. Today you’ll hear all about the recent mini financial crisis in the UK and our investigation into a company that could be poised to dominate the crypto industry.


The UK has a new Prime Minister and a new Chancellor of the Exchequer and it’s safe to say they haven’t got off to the most auspicious of starts. Once parliament had reconvened following the per...

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October 7, 2022 73 min

Mike is away this week, but never fear because we’re lucky enough to have a guest joining us who is one of the wisest heads in the crypto space. Rob Wolff is the man behind Digital Asset News, one of the best crypto-focused YouTube channels out there. Rob is a seasoned investor and businessman, but also the sort of person who never rests on his laurels or stops being curious. As such, what he has to say about the crypto space, abou...

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Two more selections from our YouTube channel today, in which we take a look at the latest efforts by EU politicians to regulate crypto in the Eurozone and delve deep into a 2019 report by BlackRock which seemed to predict much of what we’re seeing play out in fiscal and monetary policy-making today.


We were lucky enough to get our hands on an advance copy of the EU’s Markets in Crypto Assets Regulation or MiCA bill, which will be...

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September 30, 2022 77 min

Poor Mike felt a bit down after the last time we spoke. Yes, the merge was a success, but the crypto market found its way back into the doldrums pretty quickly afterwards and looks like remaining there for quite some time to come. There are just too many factors weighing on all financial markets at this point in time and it’s hard not to feel a bit gloomy about it all.


So, this week, we thought we’d try something different and tu...

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For this week’s YouTube selection, we bring you an investigation into the practice of weather modification and a look at how various arms of the US government responded to President Biden’s executive order about cryptocurrency from earlier this year. 


It’s been a longstanding human aim to control the weather, but it’s only recently that we’ve taken a technological approach to fulfilling it. Prior to that, we simply entreated one ...

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September 23, 2022 67 min

After previewing Ethereum’s merge event last week, it’s time to look back on the big day and see where it’s left us. Is the post-merge world any different from the world of proof of work Ethereum?


Happily the merge went to plan and there were no issues - the sense of relief was palpable. Less happily, the euphoria that followed the merge evaporated in the blink of an eye. The gloomy economic situation that the world economy finds...

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Coming to you this week from our YouTube archive is a piece on Europe’s energy squeeze and a recent report which casts doubt on much of cryptocurrency’s trading volume.


The war in Ukraine drags on, causing death, destruction and misery on a shocking scale. But the effects of Putin’s madness are being felt beyond the borders of Ukraine and Russia in many different ways. For Europe, it means a potentially long, cold and dark winter...

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As well as our bonus catch-up episode, we’re also bringing you our regular Wednesday edition of the podcast today. Two for the price of one. 


One of our most popular videos of late has been our look at the World Economic Forum’s dystopian vision of the future. This is built around the idea that ‘you’ll own nothing and be happy,’ something the folks at the WEF seem to believe is a good thing. Well, we beg to differ.


In the first...

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