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April 23, 2024 41 mins

Dan and the Danettes consider the greatest basketball teams, college or pro, in the history of the sports. And NBA insider Chris Mannix drops by to break down last night’s exciting NBA Playoff action.

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
You are listening to the Dan Patrick Show on Fox
Sports Radio.

Speaker 2 (00:04):
It's our two on this Tuesday. Our good buddy Chris
Mannix will stop by. We'll recap what we saw last night,
wild final thirty seconds as the Knicks go up two
to oh and the Sixers down twenty. The Nuggets come
back and win it at the buzzer, Tonight's Suns, Timberwolf's Pacers, Bucks, Mavericks,
and the Clippers. We say good morning. If you're watching

on Peacock, thank you for allowing us into your home.
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Speaker 3 (00:55):
And we'll have all.

Speaker 2 (00:56):
That information for you in tomorrow's newsletter at dan Patrick
dot com. Out of the Day stat of the Day
brought to you by Pena America, the official Trading Cards
of The Dan Patrick Show. The nixt scored eight points
in the final twenty seven seconds to beat the Sixers.
It's the first time a team won a playoff game
after trailing by five or more in the final thirty
seconds since the Miami heat rallied to beat San Antonio.

That was Game six of the twenty thirteen NBA Finals.

Speaker 4 (01:25):
Ooh, how stead of a day, stall of a day,
Statuta day, Statuta day, this.

Speaker 5 (01:34):
Is the stat of the day.

Speaker 2 (01:40):
The Lakers led for forty four minutes and fifty six
seconds of last night's loss. The teams were tied for
two minutes and twenty seconds. Denver led for a total
of forty four seconds. And in case you're wondering, and
I know you are, NBA teams winning the first two
games of a best of seven series have an all
time winning percentage of just over ninety two percent.

Speaker 3 (02:04):
All right, oh oh yeah, the.

Speaker 1 (02:06):
Day, start of the day, start of the day.

Speaker 6 (02:10):
Scotup day startup, dat day startup?

Speaker 2 (02:15):
Alrighty, whole question for hour two is gonna be one
seaton O'Connor.

Speaker 4 (02:20):
We got up there right now, team down to most
likely to make a comeback. Sixers have jumped the head
big in that one, followed by the Magic I don't
know if the Lakers coming in and last is more
about the Lakers or that it's the Nuggets that they're playing.
It might just be more a comment on the strength

of the Nuggets than it might be a commentary about
the Lakers as well. That the Nuggets. I mean, the
Nuggets aren't unbeatable. When you think of great like all
time great teams, the Nuggets don't strike me as an
all time great team. However, now if they win another title,

like you can't be an all time great team. I
don't think like the two thousand and eight Celtics, like
they won a title, you would think they were. They
won many titles, you know, like the Bears when they
won their Super Bowl. Okay, yeah, yeah, you know when
the Giants won, or you know, the Mets won the
World Series and then they didn't win after that, the

Giants when they won and then they didn't win after that.
With those with that group, like you got to win
at least two titles, two titles maybe in three years,
then you can venture into wow, they were a great team.

Speaker 7 (03:36):
Yes, Marvin, the Nuggets are looking like a Jugger. Not
right now, so if they win this year.

Speaker 2 (03:42):
Yeah, then I think we can look at you know,
are they a great like you know, Connecticut's basketball team,
the men's basketball team. What they did in the tournament
the last two years would probably dictate their one of
the great teams of all time. Now, they don't have
star power, but if I look at the margin of victory,

they have dominated people like we haven't seen before. Now
do you consider Connecticut a one of the great teams
of all time? Do I put them up there with
Duke or UNLV go back to UCLA days, Kentucky tem
you know, do they fit into that category? And they
probably don't because people if I said, hey, how about

all those great players on Connecticut, the first name you
bring up is the coach. But a lot of these
other teams you bring up their players and their coach.
Is Denver a great team?

Speaker 8 (04:37):
Yes, point, Marvin, I were talking about this, I would
be close to taking the Nuggets versus the field in
the NBA playoffs a week ago.

Speaker 9 (04:44):
I would have done it probably.

Speaker 8 (04:46):
I mean, they feel that they feel like they have
the least question marks.

Speaker 2 (04:50):
Well, the only other team that you view as being
on par with them would be Boston as far as
you know what they did over the course of the
season and that they're got talent. Uh, they're They're a
great team. The Boston Celtics have the potential.

Speaker 3 (05:06):
To be a great team.

Speaker 2 (05:07):
I don't know if people look at Denver and go,
they have a great player, they have the best player
in the game. But I think people would be hard
pressed to go. You know who else plays for that team?

Speaker 1 (05:17):

Speaker 2 (05:17):
You know Jamal Murray from last night hadn't had an
All Star appearance. Aaron Gordon, he was a slam dunk champ,
Michael Porter. Oh, he's the guy whose brother bet against
his own team. He used to be the guy with
the back is yes, yes, yes, What would you rather
have talk about your bad back or talk about your

brother who bet against his own team?

Speaker 3 (05:41):
Mike Malone or Michael Malone?

Speaker 2 (05:44):
You know, once again, you're not I don't think maybe
we don't give Denver enough credit because of where they play,
or how many times are you watching those games?

Speaker 3 (05:53):
Are they exciting to watch?

Speaker 2 (05:56):
You know, maybe it's East Coast bias here, but I
don't think you're gonna go. Man, I'd put those Nuggets
up against Kobe and Shack. I'd put them up against
Mike and Scottie. I'd put them up against you know,
Birds Celtic, Like you're not doing that, and those are
the you know, some of the greatest teams of all time.

Speaker 7 (06:14):
Yes, so if they win this year, they might end
up being in the chem Elijau on ninety four ninety
five Rockies.

Speaker 3 (06:20):

Speaker 7 (06:21):
Like you know what, for a two year stretch, they
were the best team in basketball.

Speaker 2 (06:24):
The best player in basketball wasn't playing them, Mike. But
I want to hold out against I know, but I
people do. I mean, they hold it against Lebron he
won a title, win a bubble. You know, we're we're
we conveniently look for ways to strengthen an argument or
take away your strength on your argument.

Speaker 3 (06:45):
Yeah, Paul, I.

Speaker 8 (06:45):
Think you're dead on about the Nuggets is the lack
of coverage makes them seem like they're not great, But
it's they don't have any drama. They win a lot
of ball games now. Their players really get in any trouble.

Speaker 3 (06:55):

Speaker 8 (06:55):
Their coach he gets a little fired up sometimes, but
they don't play to the media.

Speaker 9 (06:59):
They remind me a little little bit more.

Speaker 8 (07:00):
Of the Spurs fifteen years ago, where they're constant. Yeah,
I know they knew at being constant, but I think
an educated basketball person if they were saying, I'm going
to bet on the NBA Finals a week ago and
you could only pick one team, I bet most people
would pick the the Nuggets.

Speaker 9 (07:15):
Yeah, they're that much of it.

Speaker 2 (07:18):
But if you look at the coverage, and you know,
the Lakers are the Dallas Cowboys. Now, the Lakers have
had better results than the Cowboys have, but nobody, nobody
comes close to the Cowboys for coverage. All of the
other NFL teams combined don't get more coverage than Dallas does.
And with the Lakers, what team gets more coverage than

the Lakers do? No One, No one. And you know
they barely get into the playoffs and you know they're
down two. But this will be about the Lakers. It
won't be about Denver being up to oh and it
should be because Joker, once again is doing things that
nobody's done before. Nobody's done this in forty eight years,

have at least twenty five points, at least twenty rebounds,
at least ten assists. He has done that in four
career playoff games. The rest of the NBA all time
as a total of four. That's Will twice, Dave Collens once,
Kareem did it once. So these are incredible numbers that
he's putting up, and it just doesn't feel like that

coverage is there.

Speaker 3 (08:28):
I think they.

Speaker 2 (08:29):
Almost need to be, and it's hard to do that
where you're trying how do you manufacture coverage? Now the Mothership?
How much coverage are they going to have with Denver?
Their NBA today will be about what the Lakers and
you know, the Sixers. It probably won't be about the Knicks,
and it won't be about Denver.

Speaker 8 (08:49):
Yeah, pung, Yeah, being consistently good, there's not a lot
of storylines to play with. It's like over the years
of Saint Louis Cardinals in baseball, Hey guess what, They're
going to win eighty eight games and get into the playoffs,
probably do some damage, you know, there's not a lot
of drama around the franchise.

Speaker 2 (09:04):
Now we are trying to give a little bit more
love to the Knicks because it is New York and
they're a good story. This year they won in dramatic
fashion and uh boy, give credit to Mike Breen. Here's
the call the final twenty seven seconds eight on.

Speaker 10 (09:21):
The twenty four Devincenzo contor de Brunson side step three
plutter shot.

Speaker 3 (09:26):
Hets God took the bouncing one in two point game,
We'll not loose.

Speaker 10 (09:35):
Then Maxi gets knocked down, Heart takes it away. I'll
top to Devin Chanzoh his shot, don't go hardst teign
the rebound. Hartenstein gets it out to Adenoby defen chenzho
a three bag dam next take a one point lead,
but thirty eight seconds.

Speaker 2 (09:52):
Remaining, Damn Mike, don't win the Sports Emmy right in
front of me.

Speaker 3 (09:57):
That was great double bang bang, Yes, ma'am.

Speaker 7 (10:02):
The crazy part about this next team they have a
small market feel yes, like and grind. They feel like Memphis.

Speaker 2 (10:08):
You're right, it's a great call. Uh So a wild
finished there elsewhere. Zack Wilson got traded to the Broncos. Now,
how much of this him being a bust is on
the Jets. Like justin fields, you'll find you know, Bears
fans will say, well, the Bears did this to him.
Certain teams tend to do this. You know, the Jets

did this to Sam Darnold, you know, like they let
him down, you know, didn't give him enough weapons. The
Patriots did this to Mac Jones. But Zach Wilson now
going to Denver. I think they're going to draft a quarterback.
They probably should because it's Zack Wilson and Jarrett Stidham.
But Zach Wilson with Sean Payton, Okay, I'd like to see.

You know, he got out of the Aaron Rodgers, uh,
you know, shadow and the Jets dysfunction, and now he
goes to Denver. Okay, he took a flyer on him,
got a lot of talent. Let's see if Sean Payton
can sprinkle some magic quarterback dust on him and he's
only twenty four. I think that's the key. I think

he came in and titled you know, sometimes you're like,
all right, I'm coming in, Like you got to earn it.
Once you get into the league, no matter what league
it is, that's when the job starts. Sometimes you're like, yeah,
I'm second pick overall, number one pick of now's when
you got to work because it could have come to
you very easy in college.

Speaker 3 (11:40):
It doesn't come easy in the pros.

Speaker 2 (11:42):
And those who separate themselves know that they put in
the time, the extra time, and they want to be
great and they go in as if now I have
to prove myself, not I'm coming in make way for me.

Speaker 4 (11:56):
Yes, I think I'm going to sound like a dad
or something. But I think that we just give enough
credit to the fact that it's hard. It's actually hard
to do that, even if you are the number two
overall pick or the number one overall pick.

Speaker 2 (12:10):
It's hard, yeah, And I don't know if they understand
that because in college it's not a job as much
as when you get to the pros. It's a job,
and it's it's all year long, and it's all encompassing,
and you have to embrace that, you know, Michael Vick
did not. Football came easy to Michael Vick, and I

don't think he put in the time. Well, he's talked
about not putting in the time Kyler Murray. Football was
so easy for him in high school college. Then you
get to the pros. Now is when you have to
out smart people. You can't out athletic people. It's really
really hard, and you might for a little while, and
then after a while they catch up to you or

you slow down a little bit. It's now I got
to put in the time. Now I got to put in.
I got to outstud somebody outthink somebody. You know. Mahomes
puts in all this time and he's still thirsty. You know,
he's got everything. Now is when it's like, no, I
want to be an all timer. Caleb Williams is talking about, Hey,

I'm going after number twelve. He's going after Tom Brady. Okay,
and you're gonna be reminded of this. But you've got
to put in the time. Players have to see you
put in the time. You show up, you're still there.

Speaker 11 (13:29):
You know.

Speaker 2 (13:29):
Scott Pioli was the GM with the Patriots for a
while and he said there are times when you'd see
the light on and you knew Tom was still there
and everybody else was going home.

Speaker 12 (13:39):

Speaker 2 (13:39):
I don't know if Zach Wilson put in the time.
And look, I think the Jets did a lot of
damage to him psychologically, like hey, get out there. Hey,
we're gonna bench you. Hey, get out there. Hey we're
gonna bench you. Hey, get out there. Hey, I don't
want to go out there anymore. Ian Rodgers wasn't there

to tutor him. Remember, we were like, oh man, he's
going to be able to learn under Aaron Rodgers well,
unless he's in an ayahuasca tent, he not learning anything.
So he was kind of hung out to drive there.
And you know, I'd like to see if he actually
has the talent that he wants to be great. But

you just can't mail it in. He can't just show
up and go here I am. It's you've got to work,
You've got to put in the time the little things, Yes, Paulin.

Speaker 8 (14:31):
It's interesting. Zach Wilson never got any better. His rookie
year was not that great. He started thirteen games. He
was a fifty six percent passer, twenty three hundred yards,
nine touchdowns, eleven picks, and his quarterback rating was seventy,
which isn't horrendous. Josh Allen's rookie year, his completion percentage
was fifty two. He had ten touchdowns to twelve picks,
about the same. His quarterback rating was sixty seven. Just

on stats. Zach Wilson's rookie year was better than Josh Allens.
But Josh Allen got better. They surrounded him with wide
receivers and other players. Josh Allen got way better. But
similar rookie.

Speaker 2 (15:06):
Years, well, there are times when his rookie year I said,
I don't think Josh Allen knows how to play like
he just seemed like he was. He had so much
talent playing at Wyoming. Then you get in and then
all of a sudden, everybody was an All American. Everybody
you know, was something. And that's when you have to
put in the time. And Josh has become a great quarterback.

But you know, it's same thing with Herbert and Burrow
and Tua, like you got you got to put time in.
You got to go into the lab, as they say,
and if you don't, then you know, the league will
catch you and then next thing you know, you're a
backup quarterback someplace. And maybe that's what Zach Wilson is.

Maybe that's what Sam Darnold is. Well, can you unbust yourself?
You know Baker Mayfield did, because I think he was
really good and then all of a sudden he lost
his job and then he goes to Carolina for a
little while and then he goes to Tampa.

Speaker 3 (16:08):
Well he unbusted himself.

Speaker 8 (16:11):
Yeah, PAULI, this is going way back, But I was
trying to think of a quarterback that unbusted himself. Jim
Plunkett was he Number one pick of the draft of
the Patriots. Yeah, he would have been a bust before
that term was invented. Then it went on to start
two Super Bowls for the Raiders.

Speaker 9 (16:25):
And win both.

Speaker 8 (16:26):
Yeah, that might be the only version of a true.

Speaker 5 (16:28):
Bust that got out of it unbusting.

Speaker 9 (16:32):

Speaker 8 (16:33):
Alex Smith was a disappointment with the Niners his first
four years, but then he picked it up. He was
a slow burn, but he was going to Bustville for
a few years.

Speaker 2 (16:41):
But he lost his job to Colin Kaepernick and to
Patrick Mahomes. Like it almost helped his career that he
lost his job to Mahomes and Mahomes has become one
of the great quarterbacks of all time.

Speaker 3 (16:51):
Like, okay, all right, I get that.

Speaker 2 (16:54):
But you know, Alex Smith, I think, by all accounts,
had a good career, But he was also in the
same draft as Aaron Rodgers. And Alex Smith goes number one,
and you know, Rogers goes at the end of the
first first round. Yes, and I mean even Kaepernick, the
guy who lost his job through the first time, went
to a Super Bowl.

Speaker 3 (17:12):
Yeah yeah, I mean, all right, let me take a break.

Speaker 2 (17:16):
Chris Mannix will join us we'll ask him the poll
question here and an interesting stat on Joker because I
was asking Paul Leye. I can't remember an MVP winner
who didn't take that many shots or as many shots
as you would think for a great score. I mean,
Bill Russell wasn't a score, so I wouldn't factor him in.

But how many MVPs in history have taken more shots
in a season than the Joker has? And I'm going
to guess probably ninety five percent of them, maybe even more.
And I got an interesting stat on Joker with the
shots that he takes. All right back after this Dan
Patrick Show.

Speaker 1 (17:56):
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What is up on Game?

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You ass along with my fellow pro bowler TJ. Huschman
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You can only name a show with that type of
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Speaker 9 (18:28):
Up on Game?

Speaker 6 (18:29):
We're going to be sharing our real life experiences loaded
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Speaker 2 (18:48):
I'd mentioned I had some Joker stats for you. Percentage
of games where this player took the most shots for
his team this season Luca eighty five five percent of
the games, Shay Gilgis Alexander eighty six percent of the games,
Joker fifty three percent. Also, I was wondering where, like,

if you looked at MVP seasons, where would Joker rank
among these players the fewest shots for an MVP in
a season. And we got our stats guy, uh John
Tuvey working on this. Joker was nineteenth in the NBA
during the regular season in shot attempts. Four teams had

two players who averaged more shot attempts than Joker did
this year, the seventy six Ers, Celtic Suns, and the Mavericks.

Speaker 3 (19:46):
The stead of the day, that of the day.

Speaker 1 (19:50):
Here it comes the stat of the daya stat of
the day, stat.

Speaker 4 (19:55):
Of the day.

Speaker 2 (19:57):
Here it comes the stat of the the stat of
the Day brought to you by Panini America, the official
trading cards of the Dan Patrick Show. Chris Mannix. He'll
be in Boston tomorrow night, game two between the Heat
and Celtics. Always great to have him on the Sports
Illustrated NBA senior writer. Let me start with Joker. Can
you remember an MVP in a season who averaged less shots?

Speaker 3 (20:23):
I don't know if Steve Nash.

Speaker 2 (20:25):
Would be somebody, but how many MVPs average fewer shots
than Joker does during the regular season?

Speaker 12 (20:31):
Yeah, top of my head, Steve Nash would be the
only one that comes to mind because he was a
playmaker and a lot of his production. The reason was
the MVP came off of CIS. But but Jogicic just
does it and dominates in unique ways every game. I mean,

watching that game last night, it was the offensive rebounding
that was dominant. It was the playmaking that was dan
One thing that struck me in that final sequence where
Jamal Murray made that shot. If you rewind the tape
a little bit and you look at the moments after

the defensive rebound by Denver, the instant they got the
ball in their hands, Jokic was already orchestrating that final play.
He was waving guys around and gave them a position,
she said, somebody, and I forgot who was over from
the right side of the play to the left, essentially
to clear room for what was a developing two man

game between himself and Jamal Murray. So great shot by
Jamal Murray in the face of Anthony Davis. But give
Jokics credit in part for kind of clearing that room
for him, giving him enough space to operate.

Speaker 7 (21:48):
You know.

Speaker 12 (21:48):
It's it's plays like that that make nikolea Jokic so special.

Speaker 2 (21:52):
I'm trying to understand how a Laker fan can spin
this in a positive way. That you were up twenty
and it feels like they're trying to win games in
the first half, like let's go out and use all
of our energy, and then they limped to the finish line.
You've been close with Denver even last year when they
got swept, they weren't getting blown out. So I'm trying
to figure out, if I'm a Laker fan, what positives

do I take away from losing back to back games.

Speaker 12 (22:19):
I mean, I think among the positives was how well
D'Angelo Russell played in the first half. How well Anthony
Davis played in the first half. Both those guys seem
to run out of gas though in the second. I
mean Davis, you know he's had He had a great
regular season, played seventy six games, the most games he's

played in his NBA career, averaged more minutes per game
than he has at a time since his New Orleans days.
But you start to wonder watching a series like this,
if there's enough gas left in the tank for Anthony
Davis to be a dominant two way player for thirty
five thirty six minutes. I mean on the defensive end.
In the fourth quarter, Nicol Jokic was was great. I mean,
an Ad is as good as he is defensively, he

just couldn't do much to stop him in the post.
And with Russell, Dan I said coming into this series,
the only way the Lakers can win is if de'angelo
Russell is the kind of player we've seen in the
regular season and not in the games he's played against Denver.
I mean the Conference finals last year, Dan, the Nuggets
play D'angela Russell right off the floor. I mean he

was benched in the Conference finals first half of game two,
he had eighteen points, made six of seven and three
point range. He was one of four from three point
range the rest of the way, just five points in
that second half. I mean, you can draw a line
between D'Angelo Russell, you know, being a effective offensive player
to that fifteen point lead the Lakers built to you

know that, you know, collapse so to speak in the
second half. So both those guys have to find a
way to play four full quarters to give the Lakers.

Speaker 2 (23:53):
A chance better chance of coming back. The Lakers are
seventy six ers, I'm gonna.

Speaker 12 (23:59):
Give the seventies sixers a better chance of coming back.
But that was just heartbreaking. I mean, the Knicks, Reggie Millard,
the seventy six ers down the stretch, like the run
they had in that final fifteen to twenty seconds, whatever
it was, I haven't seen anything like it an MSG
since Reggie Miller did what he did so many years ago.

And I mean credit the Knicks that just they just
never stopped playing, like you know. Jalen Brunson has had
a terrible series statistically, he has shot under thirty percent
in the first two games of this series, but he
still has the confidence to make that shot. Dante DiVincenzo
misses one shot on the wing, makes the second at
the top of the key in Philadelphia, I mean, what

are we doing down the stretch there? You call a
time out when you need it. On the inbounds, you don't.
If you're Kyle Lowry, don't just flip the ball in
to Tyrese Maxi on that inbound play.

Speaker 5 (24:52):
Don't put him in the position that he was in.

Speaker 12 (24:54):
I know, a lot of the focus dan is on
the refereeing and should they have called the foul down
the stretch maybe, But the Sixers.

Speaker 5 (25:01):
Blew that game.

Speaker 12 (25:02):
They couldn't come up with an offensive rebound or defensive
rebound when they needed it, and they made multiple poor
plays in that final minute that allowed the Knicks to,
you know, keep that door open to win that game.

Speaker 3 (25:15):
What do the Nuggets have to do to be labeled
one of the great teams?

Speaker 12 (25:21):
I mean, multiple championships is kind of It kind of
opens the door for you. It puts you in that
rarefied air of teams that have won multiple championships, and
then you kind of bump them up a tier from there, like,
you know, does three championships put them in the mix
with the early aughts, Lakers that won free straight with

Shaq and Kobe, the Celtics and the Lakers of the
nineteen age. You start talking about them as being in
that conversation. So I think it starts with two championships
and then you build from there.

Speaker 2 (25:58):
Yeah, it's kind of like the Rocket. It's when they
won back to back titles that that that might be.
Because you know, when we're saying, you know, do I
think they're one of the great teams? I don't, But
I think if you're gonna be labeled great, it's got
to be more than one year.

Speaker 12 (26:13):
I think they might be, though, Dan, because it's not
like this is the the final chapter of their their run.
They've got most of that team under long term contract,
and most of that team is in or in the
case of someone like Michael Porter Junior, just entering the
prime of their careers. I mean, Porter Junior's year was sensational.
It's a guy that you know, many people wondered if

you would ever be able to play the kind of
season that he did, played what like eighty plus games
this year. I mean that that's just an incredible accomplishment
for MPJA. I mean, Jokic is incredibly durable. Mury's had
his bumps along the way, but he's still young. I mean,
you know, anything can happen this year because the playoffs
in the Western Conference especially are going to be brutal.
But I think this team's window is probably three or

four more years to win championships.

Speaker 2 (27:01):
We're talking to Chris Mannix, the senior writer for the
NBA with Sports Illustrated. But Joker, now with the third
MVP coming up, like now, all of a sudden, we
start to get into a little bit more interesting conversation
with him. That a nice story. Oh I got another MVP. Well,
let's see if you can win a time. Oh you

got a title, Now you get another MVP. Favor to
win another title. At what point does he start to
get into that top twenty players of all time conversation?

Speaker 12 (27:33):
I mean, I think we're there, aren't we. I mean,
he's a top twenty player of all time. I'd have
to make it, you know, I haven't made a list lately,
but yeah, I mean, a third MVP. There's only a
handful of guys that have done that.

Speaker 5 (27:46):
So at some point the.

Speaker 12 (27:49):
Results speak for themselves and the completeness of his game
at that position.

Speaker 2 (27:56):
Okay, If I said Durant or Joker, who's going to
be ranked higher when their careers are over?

Speaker 12 (28:03):
When their careers are over, I would say Jokic will
probably be ranked higher.

Speaker 3 (28:09):
Okay, Yis, that's a.

Speaker 12 (28:13):
Tougher one because Giannis is still in his prime, and
Giannis this year he's gonna finish top five MVP.

Speaker 5 (28:21):
He's not gonna fish inside the top three.

Speaker 12 (28:23):
But he had a insane statistical season, and he is a.

Speaker 5 (28:27):
Two way player.

Speaker 12 (28:28):
He's as good defensively most nights as he is offensively.
I'm gonna say Jokic, but it's.

Speaker 3 (28:35):
A lot closer Karl Malone.

Speaker 12 (28:42):
I mean Jokic probably because of the championship and whatever
happens over the next three I think he's gonna get
at least one more so. I think three MVPs and
two championships nudges him above Malone. Der No, he just
being mean.

Speaker 5 (29:02):
Probably Jokic.

Speaker 12 (29:03):
I mean Dirk revolutionized the game, made shooting three, made
half the things that Jokic does now en vogue. I
mean Jokic probably in a way learned some of the
game from from Dirk Davitsky or or figured out how
to play a certain way because of Dirk Davitsky. I
just think I just think Jokic is the completeness of

his game, Like he's a playmaker where Dirk wasn't, not
to that level. He's a rebounder I think better than Dirk.
I mean, you can you give the ball to Dirk
in the high post in his prime and good night,
that's an eighteen footer that's going in seventy five percent
of the time. You give the ball to Jokic and

you don't know what's gonna happen. He could shoot a
fadaway jump shot himself in a high percentage.

Speaker 5 (29:49):
He can go to the basket.

Speaker 12 (29:50):
You saw him get to the free throw line a
lot and down the stretch against Anthony Davis. Or he
can make the right play and find an open teammate
for three. Jokic's ability to dissect the defense I think
probably separates it.

Speaker 5 (30:03):
From Dirk as well.

Speaker 12 (30:04):
Larry Bird I get so much hate mail from like
a hate more hate message than usual because of this debate,
probably Jokic as well.

Speaker 5 (30:15):
I I you know, and I.

Speaker 3 (30:16):
Wait, do you really mean that? I Are you crying
right now?

Speaker 5 (30:22):
I'm not crying.

Speaker 12 (30:23):
I'm I'm I'm trying to think of what I'm missing
here with I mean, look, you're talking about all time
great players and scorers.

Speaker 3 (30:30):
Yes, what they do.

Speaker 12 (30:33):
Larry was more clutch in big Larry had the weight
of the world on his team down the stretch in
big moments, and he made shots that that we hadn't
seen in that era. But again, the the the completeness
of Jokic's game, I gotta put him, Yeah, I gotta
put him up there. I mean, I'm your whittling guys

off the potential top twenty list. I'm bumping him ahead
of all these guys. So I think I think we're there.
I think we're there with NICOLEA. Jokicez as a top
twenty player.

Speaker 2 (31:03):
It feels like the Celtics are hard to root for nationally,
hard to buy into because all we're doing. You know,
there's certain teams in certain sports where you go like Cowboys, Hey,
thirteen regular season wins, I don't care, what are you
going to do in the playoffs. The Celtics are there,
like a wonderful regular season.

Speaker 3 (31:24):
Now you got to win a title.

Speaker 12 (31:27):
Yeah, I know, I think that's fair. You know, how
many years now, six seven years in a row or
six seven years total. We've seen the Celtics at least
the conference finals, NBA Finals, you know, a couple of
years back, and have been to the mountaintop, but have
not yet won a championship.

Speaker 5 (31:42):
And you mentioned.

Speaker 12 (31:43):
The the hard to root for part of it is
when you go through a regular season that's effectively over
by like Ash Wednesday, like for them, like you're you're
not going to get behind a team like that. I
think part of the skepticism, though, is that there is
a belief national that when the games on the line,
Jason Tatum is not as good as some of the

other players in key moments like where would you rank
Jason Tatum among the guys that you would trust with
the ball in their hands down the stretch among playoff teams, Dan,
we could probably sit here in name six to seven
guys that you know many people would.

Speaker 5 (32:21):
Take in those moments. So I don't think a lot
of that is fair.

Speaker 12 (32:25):
I think that Tatum has taken a step back this
year in a way to allow Jalen Brown to keep growing,
to allow Porzingis to be a twenty point per game score,
to allow.

Speaker 5 (32:35):
Drew Holiday to get his shots.

Speaker 12 (32:37):
But I think there's a perception out there that in tight,
competitive games, Jason Tatum is going to be not a liability,
but not going to be the greatest option in those moments.

Speaker 5 (32:52):
I disagree with it.

Speaker 12 (32:53):
I think he's going to prove in these playoffs that
he is an elite fourth quarter score, an elite crunch
time player, can play out of the high post, the
low post and beat you in a variety different ways.
But that is one of the skepticisms that people have
about Boston in this playoffs, that they've won so many games,
huge margin of victory, blowing teams out across the field

when it gets tight late in games.

Speaker 2 (33:17):
Can they rely on Jason Tate? Good to talk to you, buddy,
Thanks for joining us as always.

Speaker 12 (33:23):
Can I ask the question Dan before I go. I've
been watching, of course, and I understand you're kind of
you make me a short list for your potential replacements.

Speaker 5 (33:34):
Is that's what's happening last night?

Speaker 2 (33:37):
No? No, I just had somebody who contacted me and
I was a little bit surprised that the person said,
do I put my name in the hat?

Speaker 3 (33:46):
And I said for what? And he said, to replace you?

Speaker 2 (33:49):
And I said, no, no hat yet but I mean,
I don't even know if the dan Nets want to
continue to do this.

Speaker 3 (33:55):
But are you throwing your name in the hat?

Speaker 5 (33:58):
I would I would like to formally.

Speaker 3 (34:00):
Formally my name. Can we get a hat? Well?

Speaker 2 (34:04):
Okay, how do you guys feel about what Mannis just said?

Speaker 8 (34:09):
We're going to need time to process this. This is
out of nowhere.

Speaker 3 (34:12):
No one saw this, Marvin, what do you think NBA
talk all day?

Speaker 2 (34:16):

Speaker 3 (34:16):
I mean, okay, Todd.

Speaker 7 (34:19):
I love Chris.

Speaker 5 (34:19):
That's excellent news that is interested in that.

Speaker 2 (34:21):
So that's your choice. If I run by some other
candidates for you, you're taking Mannix.

Speaker 5 (34:28):
Oh that's really putting me on the spot.

Speaker 13 (34:30):
Ross Tucker is a good guy.

Speaker 5 (34:31):
I don't know if he's interested.

Speaker 7 (34:32):
But I love Chris Mannicks and I will leave it
at that.

Speaker 4 (34:35):
See what about you? I think Chris would be fantastic.
I don't know that necessarily I want to be much
like a Tucker at I don't know if I'm going
to be a Manni set either, but I think that
I think Chris would be fantastic.

Speaker 12 (34:48):
Pauline, can I Dan just just to let me let
me make a briefcase here, right, so I have a
good relationship obviously with the Dnnetts.

Speaker 5 (34:58):
As you saw there PAULI and I Vermon Vermont.

Speaker 12 (35:00):
Well, I was gonna say, Paul, you and I Vermont neighbors,
like we're yes, you know, we're kindred spirits up there.
Uh proximity, Dan, I could seamlessly move to Connecticut continue
doing that show right there in that studio.

Speaker 5 (35:12):
No issue with that.

Speaker 12 (35:13):
And look, I know you you've said that you want
to differentiate the next host from you a little bit.

Speaker 5 (35:19):
Why you said you weren't considering the dn Nettes.

Speaker 12 (35:22):
Everybody loves you. Everybody hates me, So I mean that's
I think a nice, nice differentiator there.

Speaker 2 (35:30):
There have to be some people who like yeah, I
mean haven't found them, but but we there has to
be somebody who likes Chris Mannings.

Speaker 5 (35:39):
Members of Ricky Rubio's family maybe.

Speaker 3 (35:41):
Wait, what was that? Uh? What was that Chris rock show?
Everybody hates Chris? Uh? Hello, we can bring that back.

Speaker 2 (35:49):
Everybody hates Chris. Come on in, all right, your name
is officially in the hat.

Speaker 3 (35:56):
Thank you, Dan.

Speaker 2 (35:56):
All right, that's Chris Mannix Sports Illustrated NBA. You're rider
take a break back after this. Fox Sports Radio has
the best sports talk lineup in the nation. Catch all
of our shows at Foxsports Radio dot com and within
the iHeartRadio app. Search FSR to listen live. Fewest shots
per game by an NBA MVP, so this list includes

the Joker. This year, Joker averaged seventeen point seven shots
per game. Here are the players in NBA history. Now,
Joker's on the list twice.

Speaker 3 (36:33):
This year.

Speaker 2 (36:34):
Of seventeen point nine twenty twenty one, it was seventeen
point seven. The other players the fewest shots for an MVP,
As we said, it's Steve Nash a little over eleven
shots per game in four, then he repeated in five
he bumped that up to thirteen point four shots per game.

Carl Malone averaged only sixteen shots per game the year
he won the NBA. Steph Curry averaged just under seventeen
shots a game in twenty fourteen, Tim Duncan twenty and
two seventeen point two shots per game, Dirk Naviski MVP
just over seventeen shots per game, Jannis just over seventeen

shots per game. Then it's Joker. Lebron in twenty twelve
just under eighteen shots per game. Okay, I thought I
thought Joker would be a little bit higher on this lit.
I'm shocked that Karl Malone only averaged sixteen shots per
game and won the MVP. Timmy, I'm not surprised Dirk
a little bit with seventeen shots, Janis seventeen and then

Lebron just under eighteen. But that was back in twenty twelve.

Speaker 8 (37:45):
Yes, Pauli a R stick I just got back to
me said this algorithm only went back thirty years, So
you have to throw in Magic Johnson. Magic Johnson had
three MVPs in four seasons, and in those seasons he
averaged sixteen shot attempts, fifteen shot attempts, fourteen shot attempts. Okay,
he led the league and assists two of those three seasons.

Speaker 7 (38:04):

Speaker 9 (38:05):
Patrick would be right in there.

Speaker 3 (38:06):
Yeah, Yeah, you.

Speaker 2 (38:08):
Don't get too many MVPs who weren't averaging, you know,
at least seventeen eighteen, nineteen shots per game, but Nash
won it eleven shots per game. Mike in South Bend, Mike,
what's on your mind today?

Speaker 13 (38:23):
Yeah, man, I would have to respectfully disagree. You were
talking about great teams and needing a marquee name or
an marquee person. And I think the whole definition of
team is that there's not one individual that's above the others.

And I think that Yukon has the making of being
a great team, having embarrassed everybody in the NCAA Tournament
the last couple of years.

Speaker 2 (38:53):
Yeah, I said that Yukon should be recognized as a
great team. I don't know if they are. I'm looking
at great teams of all time. If I look at
these two years, you can put those up against pretty
much anybody who's won titles in the last thirty years.
I mean, they just blew through everybody. Now, you can
say college basketball is watered down.

Speaker 3 (39:15):
I get it.

Speaker 2 (39:16):
But let's say you took the last twenty years, who's
been more dominating than Connecticut these last two years. When
they get into the tournament, you could put them up
against anybody.

Speaker 8 (39:27):
Yeah, Pauling, and you can make the case that it's
tougher if Connectic could do it, because they're not going
to have Hill, Hurley and Latner for a session a
three or four year stretch. Yeah, I think their two
best players are gone from this year. They lost their
three best players from last year's team. There's no consistency
to their lineup, maybe light consistency.

Speaker 2 (39:44):
Yeah, and I think, you know, sometimes it's right in
front of us, but we don't acknowledge it. And I
think Connecticut has been a great team, but we don't.
There's no tune in factor of oh man, you got
to see this guy because it felt like every game,
every other game, it was somebody else who was going
to be the star. But the only person you really

know is the coach, whereas with you know, Duke or Kentucky.
You know some of these other programs where you knew
the coach, but you also knew some of these star players.

Speaker 3 (40:17):
John in La let me see if I can squeeze
in here.

Speaker 11 (40:19):
John, Hey, guys, gone the poor guy. How's it going?

Speaker 5 (40:24):

Speaker 3 (40:24):

Speaker 11 (40:25):
You know, yeah, you know, I've always been critical about
the Lakers, especially in the way they play. You know,
his shots selections, Lebron's and his shot attempts. I know
you're just talking about the shot attempts, but at the
same time, his shots selections, I mean, he's not he's
not Steph Curry. You know, he's shooting these three and
at the same time he's you know, minimizing his shot selections.

In the first half, you know, six in the game one,
you know, seven, eight, you know yesterday, and you know,
and then he expects to heat up, you know, like
he's twenty five, you know, and he's you know, thirty
some odd year years.

Speaker 2 (41:00):
Old, and and you know, I think, and we're short
on time, John, thank you. I think Lebron is settling
for threes. Takes a whole lot more energy to be
driving to the hoop like he once did. Chris Haynes,
who was courtside for the next game last night, Will
John is coming up final hour on this Tuesday
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