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October 6, 2022 38 min

Tensions rise as the Indian Child Welfare Act heads to the Supreme Court this fall. Opponents of the law say that it discriminates against non-Native families and supporters believe that the upcoming challenge is a direct threat to tribal sovereignty. So this week on Vice News Reports, we revisit our collaboration with Snap Judgment where producer, Adreanna Rodriguez, recounts her experience of going through the child welfare syste...

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In 2012 California shut down the San Onofre nuclear power plant after decades of anti-nuclear activism, leaving the state with only one remaining nuclear plant. This meant that California started producing more of its energy by burning fossil fuels. So was the closing of San Onofre a victory or a tragedy for the environment? The answer to this question hinges on another: how much danger is society willing to accept to fight climate...

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Last Friday, Vice President Kamala Harris agreed to a sit down interview with VICE News chief political correspondent Liz Landers. 

But the day before they met, Republican Govs. Greg Abbott of Texas and Ron DeSantis of Florida sent a busload of migrants to VP Harris’ house and Martha’s Vineyard. ‘There were children, people being put on a bus or a plane who don't know where they're going or where they were being sent,’ said ...

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September 15, 2022 39 min

Last year, VICE News Correspondent Isobel Yeung went undercover to understand how international business deals were being brokered in Guyana. 

This small country in South America has one of the fastest growing economies in the world right now. Newly discovered natural resources have attracted a lot of foreign investment from China and the U.S., placing Guyana in the middle of a tug-of war for soft power in the region. 

Recently, infr...

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September 8, 2022 24 min

Six months after Russia launched a full-scale invasion on Ukraine, we check in with Katia, a Ukrainian woman who we first spoke with back in February. Like many Ukranians who stayed in the country, Katia has had to find ways to live life in the midst of chaos—which includes dating. Katia tells us about fostering a new relationship in a warzone, and we also check in with VICE News Correspondent Ben C. Solomon about how life and war ...

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Moors in America believe that they – and many Black Americans – are descendents of the Moroccan Empire, which they claim once extended all the way from North Africa to North America. This would make Moors indigenous to an America that far predates the United States.

But beyond that shared credence, the movement is scattered. Some seek only to practice spiritual beliefs while others maintain that being a Moor means U.S. laws do not a...

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August 25, 2022 45 min

After Roe v. Wade was overturned, many wondered what living in a post-Roe America would look like. But for a lot of Native people, Roe has never been a reality. Though the federal government is obligated to provide tribes with healthcare, decades-old restrictions on federal funding have severely limited the provision of abortion. 

Organizations like Indigenous Women Rising have been advocating for reproductive rights and abortion in...

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August 18, 2022 40 min

After a bad breakup, our producer Steph Brown was on a mission to reflect, recover and get back out there. And what better time to jump into the dating pool than right now? After all, we all have been conditioned to believe in the romantic power of summer.

But there is a new problem that summer is facing. Doom and gloom is surrounding us… so how exactly do you date when everything feels like it's on fire? 

This week, Steph Brown ...

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August 11, 2022 38 min
Earlier this year, VICE News reporter David Gilbert took us behind the “JFK cult” headlines, and into the lives of those who were swept up by the QAnon offshoot movement that traveled to the fateful grassy knoll in downtown Dallas to witness one man’s prediction: the return of the assassinated president. This week we are revisiting this story with a few updates on those still in Dallas, awaiting JFK. 

Hosted on Acast. See

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August 4, 2022 29 min

A Department of Justice task force — who has been reviewing threats of violence against election workers— announced their findings on Monday.  

Earlier this year, VICE News’ Madeline May reported on how workers in Georgia were harassed and terrorized during the 2020 elections. 

This week, we revisit Madeline’s investigation and give an update about how the U.S. is addressing the threat of violence as a form of protest in the lead up ...

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Last year, Alzo Slade took us to Jamaica, where residents are fighting against mining in the most ecologically sensitive part of the island: Cockpit Country. The Maroons who live there, descendants of indigenous people and formerly enslaved Africans who joined together to fight British colonizers, say mining would destroy their way of life.

But this year, the government gave the go-ahead to start mining in Cockpit Country. And the M...

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July 21, 2022 39 min

Last year, our producer Sam Eagan set out on a journey to find his circle of friends and he recorded the entire process – from the highs, to the lows, and everything in between. This week, we revisit the episode where Sam and fellow producer Sophie Kazis answer the question that many of us fail to think about until we reach adulthood: How the hell do you make friends as a grown-up? Stick around as we check back in with Sam to see h...

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On Wednesday morning, Sri Lanka’s President Gotabaya Rajapaksa fled the country. This came after months of protesters filling the streets with chants and tents, ending in a storming of the Presidential residence over the weekend. The protests are a direct result of the economic crisis that Sri Lanka has been experiencing — but who are the Rajapaksas, and why are they being blamed for this crisis? VICE News’ Pallavi Pundir takes us ...

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July 7, 2022 31 min

At the beginning of May, musical artists Young Thug and Gunna along with 26 others were arrested and indicted in Atlanta, Georgia. The core of the indictment accuses them of violating the state’s RICO act and alleges that Young Thug’s label, Young Stoner Life Records, is actually a cover for an Atlanta street gang. Entertainment and culture reporter Jewel Wicker takes us through the 56-count indictment, the prosecution’s use of lyr...

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July 1, 2022 25 min

The anti-abortion rights movement has been strategizing a plan to overturn Roe v. Wade for years. Now what? Vice News Senior Correspondent, Gianna Toboni, has been investigating one organization, the Alliance Defending Freedom, for seven months. This week, we reveal their strategy, what’s next, and how their actions will impact millions of Americans.

This episode was produced by Adizah Eghan, Stephanie Kariuki, Adriana Tapia, and Ad...

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Gas prices are high right now and people are feeling the squeeze. What does our relationship with the pump reveal about us? And can we do things differently? We spoke with Aaron Gordon, senior writer for VICE’s Motherboard to break down the dead-end politics around gas prices and if electric vehicles really are the solution. 

This episode was produced by Adriana Tapia and edited by Stephanie Kariuki. 

VICE News Reports is hosted by A...

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June 16, 2022 30 min

Afrobeats artists like Burna Boy and Tems are all over the top charts right now, but this style of West African music is nothing new. Today on VICE News Reports, we’re talking about Afrobeats, and how the genre has expanded to western audiences. Vice World News’ Dipo Faloyin shares what to make of this newfound attention.

This episode was produced by Adreanna Rodriguez and Stephanie Kariuki. Dipo’s book, Africa Is Not a Country, is ...

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Earlier this year, a sharp spike in killings of Mexican journalists captured headlines worldwide. One of those killed was Margarito Martinez — a longtime photojournalist who was murdered in his hometown, Tijuana. Margaritos’s death shocked his colleagues, and as they demanded justice, many pointed to a relatively new source of danger for journalists in Mexico: anonymous Facebook groups. 

This episode was produced by Adriana Tapia. S...

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In the aftermath of the shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, some are calling for stronger gun control laws, while others are calling for more guns on campus. So for the next week, we bring you a three-part-series from our archives that delves into what having more guns on school campuses looks like.

ARMED PART 3: The Guardians – After the mass shooting at Parkland, a new law required that every school in the state o...

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In the aftermath of the shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, some are calling for stronger gun control laws, while others are calling for more guns on campus. So for the next week, we bring you a three-part-series from our archives that delves into what having more guns on school campuses looks like.

ARMED PART 2: The Good Guys – In this episode, we take you inside a training that transforms school teachers into arme...

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