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March 27, 2024 55 mins

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0:00 Intro

5:05 NL Cy Young Picks

20:20 AL Cy Young Picks

27:25 MVP Picks

42:25 World Series Predictions

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Episode Transcript

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Hello, and welcome to Waken Jake. The night before baseball
and all through the mouse it's Jolly Olive and Me
and d BBD in a blouse. That's just off the
top people. Baseball is back. Games that count tomorrow. I
guess we did the Korean games split whatever kind of
doesn't matter. Did they just Leavy pay over there? We're

not doing any otani today. Where is he pay? We're
not doing any of that today, and we're not doing
a tearless either. Unfollow, unsubscribe. I'm here for Jolly and
the teurless. I want to talk some ball because we've
been through a lot of tearless. The last thing that
would have been left would have been starting pitcher. We
talked about you know, do you do rotation? Do you

do opening Day? True ace? All of them felt a
little messy that I just want to talk ball with
the fellas. So let's talk some ball. And hey, we're
not shy of the click. We're gonna do somewhere else
series predictions, what we're actually thinking of. I actually haven't
put pen to paper on that yet. I'm excited to.

And there's been a lot of action in the past
couple of days. Jordan Montgomery, the Boris for just went
to the NL West. Yeah, why not?

Speaker 2 (01:15):
Let's include Jeddy Martinez, okay, Boris five.

Speaker 1 (01:19):
Okay, Comeback Player of the Year, jd Martinez.

Speaker 2 (01:22):

Speaker 1 (01:24):
We're gonna do some awards stuff. And it's always the
not the twist, but in a way, the twists what
makes it a little different. Although I have to admit
I'm still a little I grew up on Sports Center.
You give me some preseason predictions. I want to know them.
Let's put a little pen to paper. If you get
it wrong, it means nothing like sports happened. The Cardinals

were the clear favorite to win the Central last year.
They were awful. The Mets were supposed to complete with
compete with the Braves. Bad Yankees. You supposed to win
the East? Bad?

Speaker 2 (01:57):

Speaker 1 (01:59):
Anyways? Uh so I want to go through some of
the top awards. In the way I decided to chop
it up was do who we think is gonna win?
If we had to put our dog's life on the line,
our significant others. Jolly just crossed the four year threshold.

Did I see that the other day? So you did
not like it? No, I don't.

Speaker 2 (02:26):
I don't like that guy.

Speaker 1 (02:27):
I don't support put a ring on it soft, don't
you just Oh, here's an insta post, let's get you know.

Speaker 2 (02:35):
The other day she was like you thinking about it?

Speaker 1 (02:37):
I was like, I've seen those jolly Olive vis I
don't tell you know, three years, three year salary, get
a ring. Bb D is new on the gram. Enough
love is out, base balls in Uh. If you had
to bet your loved one's life, who you would pick? Uh?
You know for the big ones, m v P cy

Jolly's gonna tell you about of the year. I'm I'm
a little out on it. There's a old guy just
because amos pro stop. But he got lit up and
she's beautiful, So we'll do some of that and I
want to do the Hey, if you were you know,
if the big wig execs called you and said, hey,

we needed a hot take out there. But it's something
you kind of believe in. It's a it's a take
you support. But if you were trying to be different,
if you didn't have Yukon winning your bracket, you know
they're going to but you know, oh, I like the
way Creighton looks. Get that out of my face. But
might get more views because everyone's got the husky dogs. Uh.

So with that, Jolly, how are you? Are you excited
for your Metropolitans?

Speaker 2 (03:46):
What an opening monolog by you. I think we tackled
different sports, different walks of life relationships.

Speaker 1 (03:53):
And we won't be bad, but we might not be goode.

Speaker 2 (03:57):
I'm good. I'm excited to be here. I've been and
I did chase station earlier this morning, I did some
Mets talk with my good friend Jerry Blevans.

Speaker 1 (04:05):

Speaker 2 (04:05):
I don't know if you've mentioned your new big TV,
but it is, yeah, fucking me up every time, and
it makes me feel in fear because I still have
the small TV. I wonder how Jimmy feels about it.
I'm ready to make my picks. I don't know if
I put what you referenced on the line. Maybe I'd
put like my lunch on the line or something and
just go hungry.

Speaker 1 (04:22):
BBD about to pass in us. He's got to look
a panic on his face.

Speaker 3 (04:26):
I hadn't seen this yet, and I don't know when
you would have seen this, j because we've been doing
kind of the same stuff for a while. Jolly, you
might have seen it because you've been able to be
on Twitter. But now ago, I'm seeing Yankees. We're in
Montgomery Heavy deferrals twenty years crazy.

Speaker 1 (04:40):
And deferrals are in.

Speaker 2 (04:42):
They're popular.

Speaker 1 (04:45):
CBA tag.

Speaker 3 (04:46):
I grew up on deferrals being the worst thing you
could do for every party.

Speaker 4 (04:51):
Well, and now money's.

Speaker 1 (04:53):
Money, money talks, So talk mo bucks, jolly Olive. Uh,
let's start with young. You know we want to lead
the people through the aisles of the grocery store to
get to the milk. You get that reference. So I
know you have done some content around this. You're a
known cy Young picker guy, and you as am I

and you BBD won the cy Young Draft last year,
so maybe we're just SI Young experts. Uh So, Jolly,
I will lay that out for you. If you had
to pick your cy Young winners, and then if you
had to get KLICKI, where are you going?

Speaker 2 (05:33):
So first, let me ask you where you want to
go first, NL or AL.

Speaker 1 (05:37):
Let's go to uh the Big brother League. Let's go americanly.

Speaker 2 (05:41):
Okay, Well, I know I was getting all the free agents.

Speaker 4 (05:43):
Just so you know, Junior circuit.

Speaker 2 (05:46):
Yeah, so my video this year, my dark Horse video
is on Freddy Peralta. I think I'm not gonna pick
him as my clickie whatever, like you know, quirky, pick
whatever you want to call it, just because you know
I did fifteen minutes on him. If you're curious why
I did, check out the video you might like it.
Big thing for me is I like looking at guys
who didn't get a full sample last year, and I

like looking at guys at a good FIPS because I
think that's a thing that translates well over a full
one sixty two, especially if you got twenty starts instead
of thirty starts. That kind of thing. I also like
going with guys that I kind of know, So I'm
gonna stray from that for a second, and I want
to talk a little bit about my guy follows me
on Twitter and Instagram, so I am biased for him

and just got some money, so I'm happy for him.
I want to talk about Mitch Keller. Okay, I think
Mitch Keller with the Pirates has an interesting claim. I
think he's climbing in odds rankings, which is good for him.
Just had his first two hundred strikeout season, and for
him it was kind of a tale of a lot
of the guys that are young and throwing hard. His
fastball didn't have a lot of shape. It was getting
hit around a lot. But he kind of had all

the tools that you want out of a good starting pitcher.
He had good extension, good height, you could throw the
ball hard, and kind of had these secondary pitches developing.
He just needed a season where he need to put
all together, and I think that really was last year
if I recall correctly, he had like Cy Young caliber
numbers and then just had a tough last like two
months of the season or so. Yeah, let's see, let's

do his first nineteen starts of last year, which takes
us basically to the All Star break, A three three
one ERA and one hundred and seventeen innings and was
punching plenty of tickets along the way. If Keller can
kind of stick the landing this year for a Pirates
team that I think we're all a little bit excited for,
but like cautiously because the annalstential is weird, then I
think he has a legitimate case to be, you know,

top five pitcher in the National League. The National League
we saw last year was a little bit wide open,
even like at the end, like Justin Steele was the
guy until you know, like three weeks out from the season,
and then it became snell Zach. Gallan always has a
case as well, and I think Mitch Keller has an
interesting case. So if I was trying to get some
eyes on the graphic for my pick, I think Mitch
Keller would be my guy.

Speaker 1 (07:54):
And everyone always says Pirates for clicks, so I understand
why you go there.

Speaker 2 (07:58):
That's uniforms fun.

Speaker 1 (08:00):
I mean, the innings are there, we'd need the performance
to tick up a little bit. It would be a
fun storyline if the Pirates were a little more in
on the juice this year. No, you didn't like that. Oh, Now,
n l's tricky because Spencer Strider, of all the cy

Young candidates, his odds are easily the best. Yeah, and
then it's everyone else starts in a different world. So
we'll keep it NL for now. And I did take
him in the NL draft. Mitch. Can Mitch Keller win
the cy Young That becomes an interesting game, a little bit.

Speaker 2 (08:41):
Like in my heart hearts? Do I believe that?

Speaker 1 (08:45):
Like he threw one hundred and ninety four innings last year,
two hundred and ten strikeouts. Okay, the past two years
he's been it's been a four flatty Ra four A. Yeah,
does he have have more in the tank?

Speaker 2 (09:01):
You know what, let me do a quick pull up, right,
So the thing I need more high end potential.

Speaker 1 (09:07):
Well, you know what I'm saying.

Speaker 2 (09:08):
The year before, Let's see, I want to refer to
Sandy here, but it's a little bit different. I guess
Sandy had the innings going in the car a little
bit twenty nineteen and what point being wide open field,
I think he's not thirty yet, like you still got
more in the tank. I think he's a drive line guy,
which I like, sure, and he's on an even plain

odds wise with names like Joe Musgrove, Chris Sale, who's
kind of a sexy pick this year, Bobby Miller. So
he's in that range right now according to bet makers.
I would I could believe it, but he is my
little you know, he's my clickie pick.

Speaker 1 (09:47):
It would be your if you had to bet four
years of love, I would bet on Logan Web. Yeah.

Speaker 2 (09:56):
I think this year's this year finished. I believe un
her up last year. Yeah, but like kind of quietly yeah,
like just quietly was very good the entire season through
two hundred and sixteen innings I think since the Corbyn
Burns win, which by the way, we knew was gonna
happen in April, so he should have listened to us.
I think since that win, the voters have kind of
been like, yeah, innings matter, like we probably should prioritize

that a little bit more. I think Corbyn had like
one sixty or something, and Logan Webby's not this dominant
strikeout guy. He is, you know, a sinker baller, and
that's where he gets his bread and butter. He still
struck at one hundred and ninety four batterers last year
because of his volume. So I think if he makes
another thirty three starts and he's as good as he
was last year, the competition might thin out Man, I

don't know. And he's also got some solid defense behind
him in the infield, which I do like Matt Chapman
at third base now that matters to me. Junk Hu
Lee we've heard can play some good outfield defense, so
I really like his adds this year. I don't know
what we're gonna see from Striider, if it's gonna be
another year where he's punching fourteen tickets once and then
giving up three homers the next start. I don't really know,

but one of these years it will be Strider. I
just think it's not gonna be this year. I don't know.

Speaker 1 (11:07):
Yeah, I like that, and I think it's funny when
you put Web, you put Web and Keller side by side,
there's some comparisons, but like Logan Web's just been really
good at it. Like Mitch Keller, the last two years
has been a one four, one five era plus where

Logan Web has been one thirties. So yeah, if there's
more in the tank there, the Matt Chapman card is
a fun card to play, and it's very real if
you're a sinkerballer like Logan Web and people are you know,
there's some fade Gossman stuff out there. But yeah, okay, I'm.

Speaker 2 (11:48):
I got one last thing. Sure, similar reason why I
liked Freddy for Logan Web as well, a little bit
of positive regression. He was sixth highest in home run
to fly ball right last year at fifteen point four percent.
I'm gonna choose to believe that some of those fly
balls stay in the park this year and he regresses
back to the me and e goes down slugging.

Speaker 4 (12:10):
Against those naturally fewer will get out.

Speaker 2 (12:12):
Freddy was fourth, so that was part of the video
as well.

Speaker 1 (12:15):
Yeah, it's gonna be interesting to see with Spencer Streyder.
I I'm I'm with I'm with the books here that
Spencer Schreider. If I had to put Noodle's life on
the line, he's the guy which is scary and I
don't want.

Speaker 2 (12:31):
To remember when Noodle was at the office.

Speaker 1 (12:34):
I sure do.

Speaker 2 (12:34):
That was a fun day.

Speaker 1 (12:36):
Might be seeing him a soon, really. Spencer Schreider twenty
twenty two, one hundred and thirty one innings. The strikeout
numbers were crazy and it was like, okay, can he
like act is this real? He was basically throwing two pitches.

Speaker 2 (12:52):

Speaker 1 (12:53):
He comes back last year wins twenty games, twenty and five,
so he probably is a cy Young winner in nineteen
ninety Kyle Wright and him back to back in the nineties,
he threw one hundred eighty six innings two hundred and
eighty one strikeouts. He led the league in FIP and
ks per nine. He finished fourth in the cy Young. Uh,
he just he did have a bad case of the

like can get rocked. Yeah, So I'm interested to see
has he learned from that. He went out and he
had a dominant spring training, which again I'm I've been
laughing the past couple of weeks because we've been actually
looking at spring training stuff and it's just a full
blown reminder, can't never matter, can't ever well put, You
just can't. I think Strider is just the strikeouts are

going to be there. He last year is his first
time throwing that full workload, and maybe that's your fade.
Maybe you could be like, hey, maybe he doesn't have
that in the tank, But I think he's the safest
one in the NL if I had to go get
the click, need that quick, need that click. Uh hmm.

There's there's a couple fun ones that stand out to me.
I think I won't give two. I gotta pick one.
I'll just go odds on it. No, I don't believe,
because I don't believe in that at all. I'll go
Dylan Cees Okay.

Speaker 4 (14:26):
He was sticking out to me a little bit where he.

Speaker 1 (14:28):
Is amongst, you know, gambling odds wise, he's around Lozardo Montgomery,
Justin Steele, Dylan Cees A, I believe in washing the
white sox off you sure, I believe that's a real thing.
Dylan Sees has finished second in the cy Young before,
and I BBD saw like my my Jake math kicking

in a couple episodes ago where I was furious. The
year Dylan See's finished second in the cy Young Uh
do you know what? He he led the.

Speaker 4 (15:03):
Al in.

Speaker 2 (15:05):
Uh stragouts walks aloud.

Speaker 1 (15:12):
So in back to back years, Snell won the side,
allowing walks but not giving up the big hit. The
year before, Cease finished second to Justin Verlander, who had
a one seven to five e R.

Speaker 2 (15:24):
Good luck.

Speaker 1 (15:26):
Cease actually had more war because he had the innings
pitch there. Cease is a sneaky horse San Diego a
sneaky great place to pitch. New division that has to
see him just got traded. I I don't know. I
think Cease if they said mix it up, we need something.
The other one that kind of stood out that I
was debating was Chris Sale. That's that's just Bridge. That's honestly,

that's a better click. But I don't believe in it
at all.

Speaker 2 (15:52):
No, I get that you have to believe in it
a little bit. I like that pick you mentioned, new division,
new league for Dylan says to men. Teams just haven't
seen him before, and I think that's a big advantage
for him. This is a little bit Jimmy O'Brien esque.
I thought about him. I don't really like watching him pitch. Yeah,
I don't really like watching Snell pitch now I can respect.

Speaker 4 (16:14):
Isn't necessarily fun.

Speaker 2 (16:16):
To one, it's a numbers based discussion and has numbers.

Speaker 1 (16:19):
And I want to fade the fade on that a
little bit. Pitch clock yeh, Like I think I think
those two not just banging three balls every count. I
do think it helps a little bit. So I'm in
a I'm almost pro walk. I think walks. I think
walks in singles should be combined as one stat.

Speaker 2 (16:41):
On bass pretty much walks and hits.

Speaker 1 (16:44):
I guess, well, no, because if you're giving up the
big hit, I still care about that.

Speaker 2 (16:48):
I still really like single.

Speaker 1 (16:50):
That's a great stat.

Speaker 2 (16:51):
That's a great I can't believe that's not a thing socials.

Speaker 1 (16:54):
Kyle came at me with some Jan Pierre stats the
other day.

Speaker 2 (16:57):
He wants me to do a video on him, and
I was like.

Speaker 1 (16:59):
Give me this O PSS plus dude.

Speaker 2 (17:01):
Yeah, like his O PSS plus and OPS plus would
probably be the largest disparity in like big Ley history
right easily.

Speaker 3 (17:08):
I think nerds will tell you that the set we're
asking for is what whip is, but like, can we
go buy them on like a per nine number or something,
because whip by itself is a weird at Casually Pierre.

Speaker 2 (17:21):
Did he got caught Carl Crawford rabbit hole this morning.

Speaker 1 (17:26):
It's like we were like, we didn't care, just run,
just go put the pressure on him.

Speaker 4 (17:30):
Go maybe fewer swipes of third?

Speaker 2 (17:33):
Do you have a career home run?

Speaker 1 (17:35):
Guess on one, Pier, I was just looking at it.
I think it's like seventeen or something.

Speaker 2 (17:40):
I kind of wish that you were blind there would crazy.

Speaker 1 (17:43):
They don't even let hitters do that anymore. That's for
another day. Beabs, you Gotta, you Gotta tight, NL truth
and flirty one.

Speaker 3 (17:53):
Yeah, the one that I like, you know, gun into
my head and believe in that we haven't said yet.
Uh Zach Wheeler, he's getting a little bit removed from
that year he debatably should have wanted had a very
strong argument, but he does a little bit of that again,
if this is the year the Phillies like either right

there with the braves of the division or win it.
He can get some you would get some storyline support there.
He has the stuff to do it, He puts in
the innings to do it. The the part about that
that would concern me is if the Phillies have a
year like that, did Nola do that too?

Speaker 4 (18:31):
A little bit? And they might cannibalize each other.

Speaker 3 (18:33):
But I don't think anybody would be shocked if you
told me today, you told him today, Zach Wheeler wins
the saing at the end of this year, a couple
options for a deeper cut. Don't love the deep cuts
in the end as much as I get jazz about
my al deeper cuts and being honest, But uh, the

one yeah that's coming, Uh, the one that's kind of
getting me right now just looking at odds justin steal
top five last year. Feels weird to say him, but
he has better odds than the guy that suck out
to me.

Speaker 4 (19:05):
It's just like.

Speaker 3 (19:07):
I think everybody's kind of said, whatever your glass now
puts together his full year, he'll do very well in
cy Young voting.

Speaker 4 (19:15):
So I like the idea of believing in Glass now.

Speaker 3 (19:19):
Although his odds are nothing crazy in the realm of
picking awards if you're looking at DraftKings.

Speaker 2 (19:25):
Or anything like that.

Speaker 1 (19:26):
Right around Freddy and Freed took him in the cy
Young Draft. When it happens, is going to happen.

Speaker 2 (19:31):
I don't know. We were playing safe on today's podcast.
Oh my god, well the only one taking shots.

Speaker 1 (19:37):
What are you talking about?

Speaker 4 (19:38):
I like the AO.

Speaker 1 (19:39):
What are you talking about? Speaking of playing? Why don't
you get in the game With DraftKings. It's time for
fans to head to the ballpark root for the home team,
both New York teams for US and new customers who
bet five dollars will get one hundred and fifty dollars
in bonus bets instantly using our code Bakers. Stay in
on the action. Check out their same game parlays at

DraftKings combined bets for a bigger payout, Download the DraftKings
Sports Now. New customers use Promo Code Bakers. Bet just
five dollars on any way during get one hundred fifty
dollars in bonus bets instantly. That's Promo Code Bakers only
at the DraftKings Sports A book. I will try to
keep it a little tightier in the al there's two

and a half guys hanging around the favorite area Gossman, Burns, Castillo.
I truly don't think there is a favorite in the AL.
I think, kind of as BBD alluded to, there's a
lot of guys that you could talk yourself into over
some of these others, Like I don't know. I think

in the National League, if Spencer Streyder puts down what's
an average season for him, you know it's gonna be
tough for a guy like Sonny Gray or you Darvish
to truly beat him, right. But maybe that's why they
play the games. In the American League, I think it's
wide open. I would take Burns gun to my head

the Orioles Ballpark, my god, the same theory. Like the
hitters haven't seen Corbyn Burns. It's a contract year. If
you believe in any of that stuff, I think he's
the guy for me. If I'm going.

Speaker 2 (21:22):
Are you doing I think you're gonna do? Who do
you think you know? My pick? Or who I think
you're going to?

Speaker 1 (21:27):
Who do you think I'm about to do?

Speaker 2 (21:28):
I think you're about to be a homer. What for
your sexy pick?

Speaker 1 (21:32):
Carlos? I think so, No, you don't believe it ran
through my head. You could talk me into it if
I was doing a hit on Yes Network, Yes, why not? Uh,
it says this one website is given away plus twelve
five hundred on this guy. What man, it's a team
that goes overlooked because they kind of just dipped on

the season when they didn't have to. Oh it's a vibe. Yeah,
Tanner Biby. I can't believe the stats on his year
last year, and it kind of reminded like Bieber came
out of nowhere and their names are eerily similar. Twenty
five starts, one hundred and forty two innings, one hundred

and forty one strikeout, So you got the k per
nine there. He had a two nine eight in twenty
five starts. So if you're looking for the guy to
go from that one forty one eighty, like what if
he gets better? You know is fip was an electric
last year. I don't fully care. I don't know that.

For me, it's just like where the odds landed that.
The fact that he's sitting with Shane Bieber, who he
outpitched last year. He's sitting with Garrett Cole who and
this is them knowing that Cole is missing, who knows
how much time. Hunter Brown has similar odds, and Hunter
Brown had a really tough stretch to end the year. Again,

maybe not sexy for the click, but something different.

Speaker 2 (23:05):
No, I like that, that's that's a little bit creative
because he was really good. I'm we are believer's in
a sophomore slump. I'm curious to see how that goes.
But I don't hate the pick at all. My pick
is based on appearance alone. For my sexy pick, because
it's a sexy man, it's a handsome man. Joe Ryan.

Speaker 1 (23:25):

Speaker 2 (23:25):
Yeah, I think Joe Ryan has an interesting claim, probably
not to win the young but to improve a lot
this year. And it's I'm copping out a little bit.
It's a lot of the same reasons that I like Freddy,
because honestly, when I was researching Freddy, the name that
kept popping up right next to him beside Spencer Schreider
was Joe Ryan. A little bit of a shorter guy,
and that means that his fastball plays up a little bit.

He's a vertical approach angle Darling, meaning he throws at
a lower plane, which means the fastball comes in straighter,
so it looks like it's rising. He's gonna be in
his third full season. Last year was kind of a
tough year for him, a lot of ebbs and flows,
a lot of ups and downs. He's another one of
these positive regression guys. He I think he was fifteenth
highest babbit last year in the American League at three

h five. He was top ten hor run to fly
ball rate, similar to my other pick, so I like
his area for improvement. I also just like the Twins.
I think that they're probably gonna run back to al
Central this year, and I like the defense that got
behind him, especially if they call it Brooks Lee. They
have a solid in field with Royce and Correa and
Lee in there as well, so I really like his

odds there. And also he's just a handsome fella and
he's got around the same odds as Biby. So like
I like our picks here.

Speaker 1 (24:37):
Yeah, Ry Ryan's interesting. Watching him pitch is interesting because,
like you said with that Vaa, yeah, you know the
fastball sits ninety two, that you find yourself kind of
being like, I don't Joe Ryan about to get hit,
and for the most party doesn't the strikeouts are there like.

Speaker 2 (24:57):
My shoe and Picks also Burns sure say.

Speaker 4 (25:04):
Yeah. I mean there's just a lot more fun guys
over here.

Speaker 3 (25:10):
And I don't know which of the two guys I
like saying qualify as like you're a deep cut or
like a favorite, because they're kind of becoming fashionable picks.

Speaker 4 (25:26):
So you know, I think I would go Scooble is
just what kind of my pick?

Speaker 3 (25:31):
And I like that, And I guess grey Rod's the
deeper cut. Maybe it's the other way around.

Speaker 1 (25:36):
Is Scooble the gun to your head? New girlfriend on
the gram? You're both, Oh my god, stop torturing her.

Speaker 3 (25:46):
If I said I was there, that'd be irresponsible. But
like I, for whatever reason, I have some blind faith
in the Tigers just taking a step up this year,
all the young guys getting better.

Speaker 1 (25:59):
I don't know, there's Hey again the top of the ale.
There's no clear and Scooble almost gets hurt from being
on the Tigers because, let's be honest, we've all watched
him actually pitch two one and a half times.

Speaker 3 (26:12):
Like I believe in, like I believe in every name
we would say on the Mariners more.

Speaker 4 (26:18):
But because there's like three of them.

Speaker 3 (26:20):
I'm I'm gun shy on the on the Mariners just
to be to pick my Mariner.

Speaker 1 (26:26):
That is kind of crazy.

Speaker 3 (26:29):
So maybe the head Castillo different guys and I just
run away and schoobles my sex.

Speaker 1 (26:38):
He's looking at uh, you know, even Bryce Miller, and
he's throwing a split change with him. Yesterday I did not.
He was sitting on the board for a while and
I couldn't pull the trigger because I was like, if
Brice's Miller's good, then the Mariners are incredible and Americas
just haven't been incredible.

Speaker 2 (26:55):
Not incredible.

Speaker 4 (26:56):
Well, gun to my head, I picked kiss. I wrote
down kiss steal okay, and Schooble's sexy. Hey, I mean,
odds in school are getting weird.

Speaker 1 (27:04):
Yes, Schooble and Castell are people hot.

Speaker 4 (27:10):
It scared me.

Speaker 2 (27:11):
It's a little bit. It's a little bit like tattoos
MVP too. It's like too many people are saying it.

Speaker 1 (27:18):
Well, speaking of and let's stay in the American League
for now. Let's hop over to m v P. And
you know, not all this is necessarily odds, but the
odds do tend to lay out, uh in order, and
I'm kind of this may surprise. Uh. Actually, this guy

is technically one of the favorites. And I've talked myself
out of it a little bit, but I talked myself
into it with one swing yesterday. If I'm being God
to honest, I think God to honest. What is that
I would take? Julio. The Yankees guys, I just feel
like they're is a cancel out effect. What yes, dude,

It's what we just talked about with the Mariners pictures.
I don't know. I think Sodo and Judge if if
things go to plan, I think there's a bumping heads there.

Speaker 4 (28:16):

Speaker 2 (28:17):
I think it's Judge.

Speaker 1 (28:18):
There's some health stuff Sodo. Soto doesn't have the m
v P right one, and it's kind of been a
minute since one. Sodo, I don't want to say it
was incredible, but like had an MVP argument, had an
MVP argument. Julio. His biggest thing is like the first
month and a half of the season. So if he

has a hot start, watch out and like we talked about,
if Seattle is good, that factors into it. He's gonna
rack up war here we go.

Speaker 2 (28:49):
So you're saying all this, you don't let me put
Jay Rod in the top tier.

Speaker 1 (28:53):
I know Cholly, I know the people are mad. I
just think safe bet wise, like for my my best
argument against Julio is he hasn't been good in the
first first half of the season. He hasn't been great
in the first half.

Speaker 2 (29:10):
Of the season.

Speaker 1 (29:12):
That feels like it can change that if that's my
I mean, Jordan stands out a little bit. Seeger scares me.
Bobby Witt. I just don't feel like the juice will
be there.

Speaker 4 (29:26):

Speaker 1 (29:26):
Yeah, I think, gun to my head, Julio would be
the bet uh if I'm getting twisted steel in sex appeal.
If you'll allow Adley, I I just I think catchers
being out there, he'll rack up war good. He's a
unique catcher. If they win like one hundred games again,

all the stats will come out like Adley Rushman is
undefeated since he's been an oriole That that's my that's
my ale.

Speaker 2 (29:54):
I like that. I'm I'm shocked you didn't say want Soto.
I do think it's him.

Speaker 1 (29:58):
You think he's the guy? Yeah?

Speaker 2 (30:00):
Something about line something Yeah you so you the way
you spent it was like they're gonna eat each other
a little bit. I actually think they're gonna help each
other because they're gonna you can't walk both of them.
Every time you face them, you have to pitch to
one of them. So I think that like them, being
able to have more projection in their lineups will help
them both. And like so do, I think his defense

will get helped up by Yankee Stadium a little bit.
I think's probably gonna leave the league and walks again
and probably add more home runs. They'll probably get to
forty if he plays the whole season. Also, he plays
the whole season nice, so I think it's kind of
him until something happens.

Speaker 4 (30:34):
Makes him a reasonable bit.

Speaker 2 (30:36):
Yeah, but I'm gonna stay quirky and sexy. Here. I'm
stealing third base, all right, I'm going for home right,
we're around the basis. Yeah, I wanna go crazy because
I just did fifteen minutes on him, so excuse me.

Speaker 1 (30:53):

Speaker 2 (30:53):
And I don't really like luxury cars, but I might
be driving the Rolls Royce this year. Jake.

Speaker 1 (30:58):
I thought about it.

Speaker 2 (31:00):
Something about the clutch gene makes me really like It
makes me really like win MVP. Am I getting clicks? Yes?
I am Jake from Trevor. He was on pace for
a forty homer one hundred and twenty RBI season last
year over a full one sixty two. Obviously, he has

to play the full one sixty two, but he's a
premium defense shortstop center fielder playing third base, which is
huge for Himsey's racking up war there. He's got these
insane runners and scoring position stats. He's got lineup protection
if the Twins are healthy and Buxton and Korea and
all the outfielders they have. I like him a lot,
and I think he's He's one of the few like

pure average but also brings power to the dish kind
of players left out there. I just need him to
play the season, and I think his injuries have kind
of been like freak injuries, like the ACL twice is tough,
and that's gonna loom over him, I think for you know,
the foreseeable future. But if I can get him out
there for one hundred and fifty games, I think he'll

definitely get votes. I don't know if he'll win, but
like I think he stands a pretty good shot.

Speaker 1 (32:07):
I love looking at guys minor league stats just to see,
and his minor league stats popped up three hundred and
fifty games a seven to seventy five ohps, And I
was like, okay, Like that's Royce. That's crazy. Almost all
of that is twenty nineteen and earlier. Yeah, COVID he's
been hurt that since twenty twenty two. When he's been

on a field anywhere, he's hit a lot. Yeah, and
he's a one to one pick. So it's insane and
like not real because he's played seventy big played seventy
league games and he's does he have injury his Like
I I'm not saying that he's too young to do that.

Speaker 2 (32:47):
But also one last thing, it's crazy. If he played
the full season, he would have been the best fastball
hitter in baseball, better than Maddison if he kept that base.
That's huge to me too, date my daughter. Royce, you
can't throw a heater or do him? What are you throw?

Speaker 1 (33:03):
Beabes fave and dark Horse.

Speaker 4 (33:06):
Yeah, so.

Speaker 3 (33:09):
You guys took the two I was considering for a favorite.

Speaker 4 (33:12):
So it's like, am I gonna just run back favorite hick?

Speaker 2 (33:18):
Which one we might repeat?

Speaker 3 (33:21):
Like I feel like Judge has to do sixty two
again to like actually win m VP, So I feel
I would feel weird just picking him to be different.
I believe he can have an MVP level season again,
but just voter stuff. So let's have fun and pick
a guy that I'm gonna watch every day and so nice. Sure,
but I will say if Jake hadn't said Julio, I'd.

Speaker 4 (33:43):
Say Julio right now. Uh.

Speaker 3 (33:47):
And I feel weird calling this guy a deeper cut
because he's kind of always right there looking at at
the DraftKings sports book.

Speaker 4 (33:55):

Speaker 3 (33:56):
The odds earn him to win a crazy if they
have just like a surprisingly competitive season, which the Cleveland
Guardians franchise tends to always do, and he's always really
good and stuff stat sheets everywhere. Just Jay Ram should
get one at some point. If there's no runaway and

he's right there in Cleveland's okay, like they're flirting with
a wild card spot, it might just the voters might
collectively say, like, you know what.

Speaker 4 (34:25):
It's your turn.

Speaker 1 (34:28):
Jay Ram and Kyle Tucker have a bad case of
the goods, and it's just like, hey, we're gonna be
really good. But it just feels like someone else is
gonna go nuts, whether that's Jordan, Bobby wit Prouder, Pladito
Ramirez doesn't have a teammate that I think will cannibalize
him on his own team, which your don may.

Speaker 4 (34:47):
Jordan seems penciled in.

Speaker 3 (34:49):
For some more DH at bats this year, which I
think would hurt an MVP case just thinking about going him.
But Ross resource hasn't penciled in for DH. They kind
of have guys that want to mix into the corner
outfield spots that aren't him. Uh, which makes sense. But
if he's gonna just stand in left field even.

Speaker 1 (35:08):
If it's bad, can I tell you something I think.

Speaker 4 (35:10):
That would that would improve his odds tremendous?

Speaker 1 (35:12):
Tell you something a little silly. The last two years,
Jordan Alvarez has played two hundred forty nine games, missed
a little bit of action. Sure, two forty nine is good.

Speaker 2 (35:21):
Right, let's say so.

Speaker 1 (35:22):
He's one dotted one seventy nine oh ps plus three
hundred batting average, four oh seven on base five ninety nine.

Speaker 2 (35:30):
Slug so he went three four secs over two years.
So yeah, I think, where's this forty hore season?

Speaker 1 (35:38):

Speaker 2 (35:40):
Where is it? That's absurd?

Speaker 1 (35:43):
It's with Sodo's. It's true, Jordan is at fourth in
the odds. Yeah, excuse me, guys, Uh, Jay, Ram. I
love Jay Ram and he's he's gonna end up towards
the top.

Speaker 2 (35:56):
It's yeah.

Speaker 1 (35:57):
He he would need.

Speaker 2 (35:58):
A Oh, I hope he gets one.

Speaker 1 (36:00):
Would be cool short king, like a legit short king.
He might be I want a mean right hook. I
want to I want to do an under five to
ten commercial with him. Uh yeah, Hey, if you've got
a favorite player in the al and again you know
old DraftKings gambling ebey if you see it. If you

got a player you like like, I would tell Zoe
put two dollars on devs like him and he could
he could go uh vlad Ito, Mike Troue. You were
jolly was pushing that campaign around the futures.

Speaker 2 (36:34):
Bets are always worth it because there are always a small
amount of money and then you wait, it's like, oh,
at the end of the year, one of them hits.
It's nice and nice.

Speaker 4 (36:42):
Can I ask like the like the awards?

Speaker 3 (36:44):
You there is like you know how voting works if
you pay attention to these things, like.

Speaker 1 (36:50):
No, it's bizarre. I know too much about Adley Rushman
the kickoff. He tacked, tackled Christian McCaffrey. He spun around
home plate when he made his day. The Oriols are
undefeated when he plays. He's great. Jackson Holliday. I know
his daddy. I know he's the number one prospect. I
know he got married. I know he's got hair. I

know he lived in a batting cage.

Speaker 4 (37:12):

Speaker 1 (37:13):
Who the fuck is Gunner Henderson.

Speaker 3 (37:17):
The only fun fact I know about him is I
don't want to share on into a mic.

Speaker 4 (37:23):
Nothing he did.

Speaker 1 (37:25):
Well with that. That brings us to high schools in Alabama.
National League MVP, and then we'll do some World Series
predictions high and tidy. I got lunch waiting, and then
j TV, you're welcome the National League MVP. Uh, your
favorites Ronald Acunya, Mookie Betts show hey, and then you

start leaking into Tatist, Junior Price, Freddy. I was on
the Fernando dial it back in like he's playing defense
and he's gonna hit like him. Uh, my heart's a
little I guess I'm trying to do honest to god,
money Noodle's life on the line. Where am I going?

I don't think Ronnie runs it back. I don't know
why I'm so skeptical of that. I just think it's
so hard to do that again, lookie showhy, I'm do
it Harper.

Speaker 2 (38:26):
Oh okay, full season of Rice Harper.

Speaker 1 (38:29):
Like I do think the Phillies, I don't know, maybe
it's maybe it's just optimistic and yeah right at I
think the Phillies are going to repete with the Braids
this year. I think the Phillies have done everything. I
think they thought they were going to the World Series
and then they literally got snake bitten.

Speaker 3 (38:47):

Speaker 1 (38:47):
I think the Phillies and Bryce full year of Bryce
and he's played some first base and we're about that
life that. Yeah, I mean the three Dodgers, I just
can't like any of them can have a better year
than each other. So I can't do that. Ronald running
it back is tough, and Nando his stats last year sneaky,
not incredible, offensively offensive amazing that I don't know. Give

me Bryce, give me Philly, I'll do that and uh
deep cut in the National League. No, no, no, how
about this. I I'll fade myself in one and maybe
this is my clip for the networks. I would go

Austin Riley. I can't believe how good is No. I
couldn't believe he was the s tier third baseman.

Speaker 2 (39:40):
But like he is, but he is he is, He
definitely is.

Speaker 1 (39:43):
So if the Braves run it again and say Ronnie
gets banged up for a month trying to steal eighty bases,
young think Austin Riley will be there. So that's that's
where I'm looking. Where would you go, John?

Speaker 2 (39:55):
I mean, I was in disbelief by the amount of
shit we got for putting Riley in s because he
is the I maintained that he's the best third basement
in baseball right now. Like I've watched him play a ton,
Like he's there defensively now and he's got that stick
and he's only twenty seven, Like he's only gonna get better. Uh,
Like that pick for you like a sneaky dark horse there,
like both your picks, honestly, And I was weird. Yeah,

oh yeah, I think like my betting favorite is still Ronnie.
Like I got a little Braves itis. But Ronald Counya
Junior was just unbelievable last year. Every at bat you watched, Yeah,
I was just tense because you feel like he's gonna
hit the ball. Yeah that ball that he hit off
Emmett Chehan last year that went one hundred and twenty
to dead center and was out of the park in

two seconds. Best player in baseball, Like that's insane. So
that's my gun in the head pick. I honestly would
be surprised if you didn't go back to back because
I do think the Dodgers are going to eat each
other a little bit. But also lineup protection. Ye who
knows my kookie pick, it's gonna be a little homer here.

Speaker 1 (41:01):

Speaker 2 (41:03):
Contract years they matter, it matters how you respond to them.
I don't know that Peter A. Lonso is gonna be
a Met next year. I really don't. Just being honest,
Me and good old Jerry Blevins have been begging the
Mets to get a five hitter since twenty nineteen. We

begged for Kyle Schwarber. We begged for an impact bad
at the twenty two deadline that we did not get.
We have one. Guys just can't throw curveballs and sliders
to Pete anymore because Jady Martinez will be behind him.
Who knows what kind of year he'll have, but there's
somebody there. I think that coupled with his ever improving defense,

which gets a little bit better every year, and the
fact that he's got something to play for big time,
that's not just making the playoffs. This year, I think
he might go fifty again, I really do. If you
know he's gonna play, He's out there every day with Lindor.
I think he's gonna get to where he was in
twenty nineteen, and he's gonna earn that contract that he
wants so bad. Right now, he's sitting at plus twenty

five hundred. That's worth a sprinkle in my opinion. Who
knows if he's able to topple you know the laundry
list of great infielders that are in front of him
in his own division in the West. But I think
this is the first time in a while that the
Mets are backing him up and he's got something serious
to play for. So I like him as kind of
a click on this kind of pick.

Speaker 1 (42:27):
If his homers start with a five and Ronald Lacune
Junior doesn't exist, Sorry, Matt Olson, there's there is a world.

Speaker 2 (42:36):
There's a word.

Speaker 1 (42:37):
I'm I'm rutting for Pete this.

Speaker 2 (42:38):
Year like that. You're a sneaky Peeka.

Speaker 1 (42:41):
They'll sign him, they have to. I don't know, you
can't let that amount. You can't let that amount of
guaranteed homers go.

Speaker 2 (42:47):
I know you can't just find that you're the Mets.

Speaker 1 (42:50):
I like the Mets.

Speaker 2 (42:51):
I won't get into this. Okay, I can go.

Speaker 1 (42:53):
Go check out Shay Station. Uh beabes, what do you see?

Speaker 3 (42:57):
I'm also on Bryce as kind of a favorite pick.
I think, having learned first base now and getting more
comfortable than numbers were liking more defensively over there as
it went on, like he's.

Speaker 4 (43:07):
He's good there, he's comfy.

Speaker 3 (43:10):
Talked about this on our prop Bet Talking Baseball episode,
but like the whole year, we talked about how he
wasn't really hitting homers in the late start and injuries,
and he's still hit twenty one homers and looked like
Bryce Harper come come the playoffs, or felt that way
at least, so I think I think the Homers will
be back a similar logic to the Wheeler, where this

is the year Phillies at least very competitive in their division.
It's probably gonna be a lot of Bryce Harper playing
at an MVP level, along with some pitching stepping up.
They Mitchell Robinson's playing tonight.

Speaker 4 (43:46):
And he's just a dude.

Speaker 3 (43:47):
Who don't really want to bet against the odds are
nice on there if you're playing that game of it. Jolly,
I love what you said about Pete Juicy returned there
and gun to my head, I think he's a guy
who if he you know, he's a guy who is
capable of winning an MVP award if he gets uh,
you know, the first plus homers in their fifty five
homers or so in there in a year. That would

be interesting a stall as I'm looking for the guy
who I had just told myself, Oh, I feel like
last year with the playoffs might have been a diming
back Diamondbacks coming out party of sorts.

Speaker 4 (44:23):
Corbyn Carroll should be able to take a step up.

Speaker 3 (44:26):
He has MVP was another sprinkle I did in our
Talking Baseball app. He should only get better or his
over on homers, so he should d some more homers
take that next step. Diamondbacks are more competitive. They've added
this offseason, including last night.

Speaker 1 (44:45):
My first two fantasy picks there.

Speaker 2 (44:47):
Yeah, Carroll, I'm going to trade because took and I took.

Speaker 1 (44:56):
I might reach out to DraftKings because I think something
that baseball people should be able to bet on is
what about Trout Harper run it back, just kind of
a tribute. Hear a Harper Harper going for his third
which Trout has three, Trout finding them off. That would
be you know, these are two guys I debated in
high school how good they were going to be that

if if they could do that, that would be fun. Fellas.
Let's uh, let's wrap it up with just the World Series.
What you're thinking? I know, I don't know. It's it
is an impossible ask. That's why you know, my my
friend Jimmer FDAD isn't the biggest fan of predictions. Jimmer

Furdette playing on the US three on three.

Speaker 4 (45:41):
Yes, it's kind of balling.

Speaker 1 (45:43):
That's confirmed World Series prediction.

Speaker 2 (45:47):
Joll you want it, I always want it. I don't know, man, Mike,
Dodgers and Braves are the top of your list. But
the NLDS is scary, right, Yeah, it's hard to win
a playoff series, especially and you know you're there every
year and you get that label attached to you. It's
hard to shed it. If I'm trying to protect my

kin and save the lives of the people that I love,
I'd be foolish to not bet on the Houston Astros.
It just thorough it. They're gonna be in the ALCS.
You can count on that. You like their odds with
one and four, right, just basic whatever math. So I
would pick the Astros even if you think that their
lineup's a little weaker, except you and your Diaz is

actually gonna play every day this year, so that's nice. Uh,
it's just a safe pick. But if I'm going click
on me, click on me, click on me, oh man,
is it absolutely ludicrous to pick a team that didn't
make the playoffs last year? Because then I would pick
the Seattle Mariners. Yeah, because pitching wins championships. Jake and

we just talked about the fact that basically all five
of their guys could probably get SI on boats this year.
Like that rotation is the deep in baseball. I think
it's the best in baseball. And I think we were
a little bit angry at first about how they handled
their offense this offseason. I'd still think the trade of
you Henneo Soros was a little bit peculiar, especially because
third base is kind of their biggest weakness. And Josh Roja, sorry, man,

but I believe in JP Crawford. We talked a lot
about him on the short stop tier list. I really
really really liked the addition of Jorge Polonko. Get a
switch hitter in the middle of your lineup, see what happens.
Mitch Garver for twenty million is really nice, Like they
have hitters that can go. I'm just curious to see
where they are at the deadline, how much they decide
to add, and if they're pitching. Is all we're cracking

it up to me because we know that Seattle is
a good bullpen every year. Give me them to at
least make the playoffs and make some noise because they
did that last time they got there. And who knows,
maybe this year is finally the year and the PCN.

Speaker 1 (47:48):
West gets tricky.

Speaker 4 (47:49):

Speaker 1 (47:50):
You know, one of those teams missed the dance last
year is one of the kind of missed the dance
this year. I like it. I like it, BBD, what
do you got?

Speaker 3 (48:02):

Speaker 4 (48:03):
In the a L.

Speaker 3 (48:06):
It's always hard because there's there's emotions.

Speaker 4 (48:12):
There's always emotions. I don't love we talked about much.

Speaker 3 (48:16):
We don't love where the astros rotation's at necessarily.

Speaker 2 (48:22):
Oh man, jeez, a lot of deliberation.

Speaker 4 (48:27):
I don't like there's a lot of there's a lot
of guys that can nitpick.

Speaker 2 (48:31):
I got guys dming me their fantasy teams.

Speaker 1 (48:33):
Now, yeah, yeah, I asked for that a little bit.
Comments were tough, tough.

Speaker 3 (48:39):
I mean, ast season just begins in the ALCS, so
that's just a natural pick.

Speaker 1 (48:44):

Speaker 4 (48:46):
The team that was just there can't really be a
deeper cut. The Yankees are never a deep cut pick
any No. I don't like that at all.

Speaker 2 (48:57):
Deeps thinking about the graphic deeps.

Speaker 4 (49:02):
So it's just like, a is this the year the
Blue Jays do it?

Speaker 1 (49:05):
Okay, that's a click.

Speaker 4 (49:07):
That's a click.

Speaker 3 (49:08):
I believe in their rotation to get to at least
get you to the playoffs and and and hey maybe okay,
I love them from the adda of an impact lefty
at the deadline.

Speaker 1 (49:20):
Sure I can find that they might do that, Yuki
mat suey Okay, I think, I think real. I'm I'm
an Orioles kool Aid guy. They just have layers upon
layers upon layers. They added Corbyn Burns. We'll see if
Bradish comes back.

Speaker 2 (49:41):
Is this for the family, what's that? Is this to
save your family? Yeah?

Speaker 1 (49:47):
Okay, I'm I'm not high on Houston Seattle. I haven't
seen them do anything. My Yanks are a toss up.
The Blue Jays haven't done anything, but.

Speaker 4 (49:58):
You've only gotten Gray. They don't go.

Speaker 1 (50:01):
I'm an Orioles guy. I can't believe they actually got
Corbin Burns, and I don't think they're done. They have
so many assets at the deadline, so I'm I'm in
on them, and I Bibbes, you were kind of fade
in this a little, and I'll let it lead into
my NL. If I was doing a World Series matchup
that I don't really believe in but I think is

kind of a click, I would run it back. I
think Rangers, I think they're not looking as sexy, but
they've got some top prospects. They're getting some pitchers back
towards mid season. They already showed that they're committed to winning.
And my Snakes just kind of did the same thing.
People wondered if the Snakes were going to get involved

in this offseason. They got crazy involved and they just
did it again. So I know, you know, running it
back is almost near impossible in baseball, But I don't know.
If the Snakes make October, you're not gonna want to
see them. Think they care. Yeah, in Texas it's kind
of the same potion. So that would be my click

in the NL, who I actually believe in. I'm it
would be a Phillies year for me. I think I
think they I think they cannot believe they didn't go
to the World last year they were two games in Philly.
Do you think that they did. I think that makes
them just I think it turns their Philly up even more. Yeah,

maybe I think it turns their Philly up even more.

Speaker 2 (51:30):
What I'll say because I like your picks, it's crazy.
I think the Diamondbacks had like the second best off
season but also the second best in their division, which
is kind of funny.

Speaker 1 (51:39):
It's a tough division.

Speaker 2 (51:40):
I'm like Philly. I I they did what they had
to do this all season, which is get Nola back
and then lock up Wheeler. Don't let them get the
free agency, but like I don't, they didn't. What about
everything else with Mirrorfield, like they could have they could
have added where I.

Speaker 1 (51:55):
Don't know you at the big start, it was a
big starting pitcher or nothing. And they basically said that.

Speaker 2 (52:03):
If you have good bodies, you'll find places for them
to play also bullpen. Like you knows, they lost Craig Kimbrel.
They didn't like Creig kimber Good. What's everyone got in
the NL? Let's wrap it up. Yeah, so I did
what I do. I didn't mariners in the al Astros.

And now I'll quick fire this off. I'll hop in
your Phillies strain right now. Yeah, I'll save my family.
They'll beat They'll beat the Braves again, because that's how
it goes. If they match up, they're gonna win again.
Because it's two is you're too far gone? Uh like
fun pick in the NL. I mean, it's just such

a wide field. It's such a wide field. Give me
the giants, give me the giants go crazy. You guys
added a ton.

Speaker 1 (52:55):
We Snell, Robbie Ray, Kyle Harrison.

Speaker 2 (52:57):
There's a formula. There's four good starters. If I'm using
the same logic, it kind of applies their generation k
and their bullpen throws more innings than anybody. Just hit
get low, get get nine guys with fifteen home runs.
That's what you do every year.

Speaker 1 (53:10):
October Dove all that's what I want. What do you got?

Speaker 4 (53:13):
Beads? Braves are kind of my bet bet your life team.
Not a lot of holes.

Speaker 1 (53:21):
They're they're incredible.

Speaker 3 (53:22):
When we did their TPP, they're positioned by position like
ops rankings, just crazy everywhere. They've got everything their team
that's proven. They'll add, they'll.

Speaker 4 (53:33):
Let it go, they'll have they'll have their fun. So
I'd put them at the top.

Speaker 3 (53:39):
And I'll be honest, it feels weird joining you on
the d Backs train to a stretch. I think that
would be the one.

Speaker 4 (53:49):
I believe more.

Speaker 3 (53:54):
But maybe I've been talking all off season about just
like That's was just the weirdest year of for the Cardinals.
There's a jolly olive you in two years coming about it.
If they get in their vets are vets. The sneaky
did hit last year. They're starting off for this year,
worst year ever.

Speaker 4 (54:12):
Last year the doc rights itself so worst.

Speaker 1 (54:16):
First, their lineup can go taking sure Scott.

Speaker 4 (54:21):
The Yankees have acquired John Birdie.

Speaker 1 (54:23):
Let's go.

Speaker 2 (54:24):
That's a really good acquisition.

Speaker 1 (54:26):
Let's go speeding.

Speaker 4 (54:29):

Speaker 2 (54:30):
Shorts might be better than DJ Okay.

Speaker 1 (54:36):
Jolly, thank you, Beef, thank you the other the other
team that I just want to mention, if you're into
some weird gambling, I've been fading them. So maybe this
is just me defending myself for clipping seven months.

Speaker 3 (54:48):
I don't know.

Speaker 1 (54:49):
The Cubs believe in something, and it's a baseball town
and they have all these top prospects that if something
clicks in, something trades, that formula can change. But I
don't believe in that at all.

Speaker 4 (55:00):
John Birdie, I almost believe in it.

Speaker 1 (55:03):
We're going to the ship. Let's go Yanks, Let's go Jolly,
let's go Bebes. Thank you. Subscribe Baseball tomorrow. We're live
streaming all day on JAM Baseball. You guys are the best.
Thank you for getting through the offseason with us. See
you on Manday.

Speaker 2 (55:20):
John Birdie had more war than DJ lemlu last year
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