Whine Down with Jana Kramer

Whine Down with Jana Kramer

At the end of a long day, nothing is better than winding down and decompressing with a good friend, especially one that’s seen it all. Jana Kramer is here to hang out and share her advice and experience from a pretty crazy life. She’s been there and done that, from acting to singing, divorce, motherhood and beyond. If you’ve got something to get off your chest, come over to Jana’s place, pour a glass or two and Whine down!


June 21, 2024 5 mins

Navy vet John Bethell starts over in a small town, yet finds himself in a familiar, and gratifying, role. 


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Jana has an appointment with one of the most famous doctors of all time, the legendary Dr. Drew! 

Dr. Drew shares the realities of sex addiction when Jana opens up about the challenges she faced in her previous marriage. 

We discuss the effect social media has on our mental health, and how to protect our children from the negative aspects of being online. 

Plus, Dr. Drew has some anti-aging tips you NEED to hear!

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Put on your fanciest dress and get ready for the drama because Jana is hanging out with one of the stars of Bridgerton, Daniel Francis!
Daniel shares some insight on what we can expect from Part II of Season 3, while Jana reveals why she’d love to play a character on a show like Bridgerton.

Plus, hear the awkward story of what happened when Daniel met THE Shonda Rhimes!

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June 14, 2024 5 mins

Fly-fishing guide Erica Nelson is welcoming a whole new segment of folks into her outdoorsy paradise. 


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June 13, 2024 36 mins

Jana tackles the complicated subject of anxiety and panic attacks with the help of Matt Gutman, an author and national news reporter who suffered a panic attack while on air. 

Matt shares some helpful information for anyone dealing with anxiety in their daily lives, and they discuss the implications of under-diagnosing panic attacks. 
If you struggle with panic attacks, you need to hear this conversation!

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Jana and Allan are ready to get intimate... in and out of the bedroom! Dr. Viviana Coles is here to help us understand the difference between sex and intimacy, and how to handle rejection when trying to to be intimate with your partner. 

Plus, Jana opens up about her sex life with Allan and NOTHING is held back!

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June 7, 2024 1 min

You may know them from Grey Sloan Memorial… but did you know Jessica Capshaw and Camilla Luddington are actually BFFs in real life?!
As all besties do, they navigate the highs and lows of life together. When one of them sends out the distress signal, the other one always answers the call. Big or small, they are there for each other.
And, what does that look like? A thousand pep talks. A million “I’ve got you’s.” Some urgent “...

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June 7, 2024 5 mins

Brian Murphy Is a fifth generation funeral director. Will there be a sixth? 


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 Jana is obsessed with the new Vanderpump Rules spinoff “The Valley”, so she has to talk to one of the women in the middle of all the drama… Michelle Saniei Lally!
Michelle opens up to Jana about the end of her marriage to Jesse, and shares how she knew it was time to leave.

Plus, we hear ALL about her new relationship and how things are going with co-parenting with Jesse!

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Jana reunites with her One Tree Hill co-star Austin Nichols! They’ve teamed up on Jana’s new movie “Gaslit by My Husband” and they share every detail from being on a set together again!

Jana reveals the hardest scene to film in this emotional new movie and why it brought her and Austin closer than ever before. 

We find out how Austin REALLY feels about playing “the bad guy” in a lot of his roles, and we hear if he’d return for a OT...

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May 31, 2024 5 mins

Vanessa Vaught finds serenity, and a brand new livelihood, on a Texas dance floor.


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May 30, 2024 22 mins

Jana shares her struggle with trusting herself after her last relationship, with some help from author and motivational speaker Yasmine Cheyenne.

Yasmine helps Jana understand how to use anxiety as a helpful tool, and she shares why you need to face a hard truth before you can get into a healthy relationship.  

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May 27, 2024 28 mins

When a married person isn’t wearing their ring… what does it mean?? Jana and Kathryn discuss the symbolism of the wedding ring while getting into the Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck rumors. Jana reveals the emotional and personal reason behind why she stopped wearing her ring in her previous marriage.

Jana gets vulnerable when opening up about the negative comments she receives about being married multiple times, and hear why she’s ...

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May 24, 2024 5 mins

Mark Erlich, a former carpenter who is now a Fellow at Harvard, gives us a look at the jobs market, and the ascendance of the “toolbelt generation.”


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Allan is back with Jana and ready to confirm some dating tips that can help you find the right guy! Jana, Kristen and Allan are hanging out with Thalia Ouimet, founder of a high end matchmaking agency called “We Met Through Thalia”. 

Jana opens up about how Allan REALLY reacted when she was trying to be sexy on Instagram.

And, we find out what happened when Jana’s ex asked her to help with his dating profile!

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Allan joins Jana today to lend his soccer expertise because we have 3 soccer players joining the show! Ryan, Seb and Lloyd are part of a new dating show called “Love Undercover” as they look for their soul mates.

Find out all the drama that happened when the cameras started rolling, how filming a reality show is different from playing pro soccer, and the guys bond with Allan about the truth of life in professional sports.

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May 16, 2024 25 mins

Randy Spelling is related to TV royalty but he’s helping people find themselves through his work as a life coach! 

Jana and Randy go deep right away, and Randy opens up about not feeling like he was “enough” when growing up. 

We hear the story behind Randy’s catalyst moment for a major change, and we discuss the issue that creates a close bond between Jana and Randy… and that’s the hatred of small talk. 

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May 13, 2024 28 mins

Things get dramatic when Emily Simpson from the Real Housewives of Orange County joins Jana to Whine Down! 

Emily tells us what it's like now that her kids *know* that she's famous and we hear some secrets from behind the scenes of being a Real Housewife!

Plus, Jana and Emily discuss how to deal with online trolls, and we find out what happens when Emily's inner lawyer comes out!

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If you’re looking to improve your relationship while growing closer  and more intimate, you just have to ask the right questions!

Jana is talking with author and filmmaker Topaz Adizes for advice on how to ask your partner intentional questions, how to be honest and open with those closest to you, and how to be comfortable with feeling uncomfortable.

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Jana’s diving deep into the latest pop culture news with Josie Van Dyke from The Weekly Trash! We discuss Taylor and Travis, how to keep intimacy in your marriage, and why you shouldn’t trust the “rose colored glasses”.

Plus, Jana experiences some culture shock when she finds out about “soaking”!

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