Whine Down with Jana Kramer

Whine Down with Jana Kramer

At the end of a long day, nothing is better than winding down and decompressing with a good friend, especially one that’s seen it all. Jana Kramer is here to hang out and share her advice and experience from a pretty crazy life. She’s been there and done that, from acting to singing, divorce, motherhood and beyond. If you’ve got something to get off your chest, come over to Jana’s place, pour a glass or two and Whine down!


May 24, 2024 5 mins

Mark Erlich, a former carpenter who is now a Fellow at Harvard, gives us a look at the jobs market, and the ascendance of the “toolbelt generation.”


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Mark as Played

Allan is back with Jana and ready to confirm some dating tips that can help you find the right guy! Jana, Kristen and Allan are hanging out with Thalia Ouimet, founder of a high end matchmaking agency called “We Met Through Thalia”. 

Jana opens up about how Allan REALLY reacted when she was trying to be sexy on Instagram.

And, we find out what happened when Jana’s ex asked her to help with his dating profile!

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Allan joins Jana today to lend his soccer expertise because we have 3 soccer players joining the show! Ryan, Seb and Lloyd are part of a new dating show called “Love Undercover” as they look for their soul mates.

Find out all the drama that happened when the cameras started rolling, how filming a reality show is different from playing pro soccer, and the guys bond with Allan about the truth of life in professional sports.

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Mark as Played
May 16, 2024 25 mins

Randy Spelling is related to TV royalty but he’s helping people find themselves through his work as a life coach! 

Jana and Randy go deep right away, and Randy opens up about not feeling like he was “enough” when growing up. 

We hear the story behind Randy’s catalyst moment for a major change, and we discuss the issue that creates a close bond between Jana and Randy… and that’s the hatred of small talk. 

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May 13, 2024 28 mins

Things get dramatic when Emily Simpson from the Real Housewives of Orange County joins Jana to Whine Down! 

Emily tells us what it's like now that her kids *know* that she's famous and we hear some secrets from behind the scenes of being a Real Housewife!

Plus, Jana and Emily discuss how to deal with online trolls, and we find out what happens when Emily's inner lawyer comes out!

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If you’re looking to improve your relationship while growing closer  and more intimate, you just have to ask the right questions!

Jana is talking with author and filmmaker Topaz Adizes for advice on how to ask your partner intentional questions, how to be honest and open with those closest to you, and how to be comfortable with feeling uncomfortable.

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Jana’s diving deep into the latest pop culture news with Josie Van Dyke from The Weekly Trash! We discuss Taylor and Travis, how to keep intimacy in your marriage, and why you shouldn’t trust the “rose colored glasses”.

Plus, Jana experiences some culture shock when she finds out about “soaking”!

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Allan joins Jana to tackle a subject on everybody’s minds… stress. She’s talking to Dr. Aditi Nerurkar to learn about the different kinds of stress, and what it means to have the “healthy” and positive stress.

We hear the truth about how to form and break habits, and Dr. Aditi has to break the news to Jana that a skill she’s the most proud of… is actually a myth.

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April 29, 2024 41 mins

What’s the right amount of jealousy?? Jana opens up about how her ex was NEVER jealous… but things are different with Allan.

We hear more details about the wedding and why Jolie is a major part of the ceremony.

Plus, find out who Jana’s favorite co-star is, what she thinks of the new Taylor Swift album, and what happened when her ex found something upsetting in the garage.

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Jana connects with recording artist and author Stephanie Quayle to hear her story of finding out about her boyfriend’s infidelities… after his death in a plane crash.

Jana and Stephanie connect over the difficult feelings they experienced when they met the “other” women… and how they recovered from the broken trust.

Plus, Stephanie shares some crucial advice on how to know if you’re being gaslighted.

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April 22, 2024 44 mins

Hannah Brown from The Bachelorette is with Jana and sharing everything about her new romance novel!

But we HAVE to discuss some Bachelorette drama while she’s here. Hannah is ready to reveal what REALLY happened between her and Jed the next day after getting engaged!

Plus… Jana takes a pregnancy test which could change EVERYTHING.

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April 18, 2024 24 mins

Have you ever wanted to start business or a new hobby but you have a hard time sticking with it?? Jana can relate, and she’s talking to author and entrepreneur Lori Harder to find out how to go from a high school dropout to successful business owner!
Find out how to work through anxiety and depression to live your best life, and Lori reveals why her life motto is “you can’t skip your rock bottom”!

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April 15, 2024 36 mins

Have you heard all the drama on Real Housewives of Salt Lake City?? Jana is sitting down with the woman in the center of it all… Monica Garcia!
Hear the real story behind the Instagram page she ran before joining the cast, and we go behind the scenes of what happened during her season… and why she may NOT return!
Plus, Monica reveals what went down between her and Jen Shah, and why the Secret Service got involved!


Mark as Played
April 11, 2024 20 mins

It’s time for an etiquette update for Jana, and she’s getting tips from a pro: manners expert Sara Jane Ho!

Find out what is most important when it comes to manners and why it’s *sometimes* okay to break up over a text!

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April 8, 2024 37 mins

Jana is ready to make a connection with the other side, when Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo joins Whine Down. 

Theresa shares the real story of what it was like growing up with her unique gift, and she reveals how the spirits manifest themselves when she picks up on their vibrations.

And you won’t believe what happens when Theresa gives Jana’s friend Kristen an emotional reading about her late father.  

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April 4, 2024 29 mins

We need to change the narrative about dating, especially when you feel it’s better to be with the wrong person than be alone. Jana is talking to author and comedian Lane Moore about finding joy in hanging out alone. 

Find out how to become your own best friend, because you’d never treat a friend the way you treat yourself!

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What happens when ranching gets real?? Jana is hanging out with some real life cowboys, Cole and Steven McBee from The McBee Dynasty for a look at the drama that didn’t make it to TV!
Find out what caused some of the biggest family rifts, and Steve reveals if he’d ever get married again.

Plus, the McBees share their unique preparation for filming a reality show for the first time!

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Jana is sitting down with her fiancé Allan and NOTHING is off limits! 

Find out the biggest challenge they faced in their relationship so far and how they overcame it. 

Things get spicy when the sex questions come out! But Allan won’t call it “sex”… and Jana reveals why!

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March 25, 2024 37 mins

Have you watched Love is Blind on Netflix?? Jana is hanging out with Jess Vestal from season 6 and getting all the behind the scenes secrets from her time in the pods!
Jess lets us in on how things are going with Jimmy, and she reveals why he was the LAST guy in the pods to find out about her daughter.

Discover which cast member Jess claims “fooled everyone”.
And we find out if Jess is the “DM sliding” type!

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Mark as Played

Jana needs to address something that affects more women than you might think... but no one wants to talk about. Hemorrhoids. 

We're connecting with G.I. doctor Dr. Raj to get the truth on an issue that most people will have to deal with at one point or another. 

Hear all the facts on treatment, what causes hemorrhoids, and how to stop them from being a pain in the butt. 

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Mark as Played

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