Why Am I Telling You This? with Bill Clinton

Why Am I Telling You This? with Bill Clinton

President Bill Clinton has always been known for his ability to explain complex issues in a way that makes sense, and for finding a way to connect with everyone he meets. To hear him tell it, this comes from growing up in a family and a culture where storytelling was their entertainment. From a young age, he learned to speak by learning to listen. He found that everyone has a story, and understanding their story is the key to understanding them as people. And if you understand people, it’s easier to make sense of our world. Inspired by this belief, this series will feature conversations with Bill Clinton and some of the most fascinating people of our time—to explore where we’ve been, but more importantly, where we’re going.


May 26, 2022 47 mins

Leadership matters. And while it’s easy to take a cynical view of government and politics in today’s world, it’s important to remember that public service can and should still be an honorable endeavor - and responsible leadership, working together, and putting people first are still fundamental to effective government. 

In the season finale of Why Am I Telling You This, former Prime Minister Tony Blair joins...

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Last week was another week marked by multiple mass shootings in America, including attacks in Houston, Southern California, and a particularly heinous, racially-motivated massacre in Buffalo, N.Y. in which 10 people were killed in a supermarket—the deadliest mass shooting in the United States so far this year.

In the wake of these tragedies, Americans have a responsibility to denounce domestic terrorism and stand up to those...

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Graduation season is here, and soon a new generation of leaders will take their energy, their ideas, and their desire to take action out into the world to help solve the challenges we all face. The more opportunities we provide for more people to pursue higher education, the better off we all are.

This special episode of “Why Am I Telling You This” features a conversation between the sitting First Lady of the United St...

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A parent or caregiver’s unconditional love is one of the greatest gifts any of us can receive.  With Mother’s Day around the corner and Father’s Day coming up next month, this special episode of Why Am I Telling You This? brings together some of the most inspiring stories our guests have shared with President Clinton about their parents and other caregivers and the impact they made on their lives. The episode...

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April 28, 2022 35 mins

There’s a reason a certain type of home-cooked cuisine is referred to as “soul food”—because it nurtures the spirit as well as the body. From the American South to New York City’s Harlem neighborhood, food is an integral part of culture, a symbol of love, and a way to bring family, friends, and strangers together.

On this episode of Why Am I Telling You This?, President Clinton is joined by “Ame...

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April 21, 2022 30 mins

Throughout American history, progress has never come easily, as we’ve been reminded repeatedly over the last few years. It requires hard work, persistence, and passionate individuals banding together to support causes they believe in. Few people know that better than Dolores Huerta, the trailblazing civil rights and labor movement leader who helped farm workers find their voice and power by organizing a strike and boycott amo...

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In an age that seems dominated by conflict, it’s important that we step back and remind ourselves of our amazing capacity to work together.  And there’s perhaps no greater example of that than the modern city.  From the smallest details to the large-scale infrastructure, every piece of a city was thought about, designed, and built by someone to make one large living thing we could all inhabit. When it all work...

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In existence for over a century, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) is arguably one of the most important agencies of the federal government. Its work is so critical that it often enjoys rare and widespread bipartisan support. In this special bonus episode, President Clinton and nationally recognized experts share first-person accounts and unique perspectives of how the Clinton administration’s unprecedented investment i...

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More than 770 million people around the world are living without access to clean water—including in communities throughout the United States.  The challenges this creates to public health, economic opportunity, education, and gender equality are astounding, and the crisis of water inequity is only growing more urgent due to the effects of climate change.  

In this episode, President Clinton is joined by an unl...

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A new baseball season is finally getting underway—bringing with it our enduring optimism. Baseball has helped see us through wars, depressions, and pandemics.  It’s seen Jackie Robinson break down the color barrier 75 years ago this April, and players like Juan Marichal and Roberto Clemente open the doors of possibility to generations of young people across Latin America.  It is more than a game; it’s a ...

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Over the last three weeks, people around the world have watched in horror as the Russian invasion of Ukraine has claimed hundreds of innocent lives and put millions more in grave danger. The invasion has been a tragic reminder of the human costs of war, and why what happens to people anywhere should matter to all of us, everywhere.

In this episode, President Clinton is joined by French philosopher, filmmaker, and author Bernard-He...

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Dr. Paul Farmer, who passed away unexpectedly in Rwanda on February 21st, fundamentally changed the way healthcare is delivered in the most impoverished places on Earth, touched millions of lives, and inspired countless others to follow his example.

In tribute to his extraordinary life and pioneering work, this special episode features a conversation between Chelsea Clinton and Dr. Farmer from 2019, as well as President Clinton&rs...

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Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, so many of us found ourselves looking at the places we visit in our daily lives, weighing factors like ventilation and ability to social distance, and asking ourselves a new question: will going here make me more or less likely to become sick?  

For architect Michael Murphy, this is the kind of question he has spent his life thinking about. As the Founding Principal and Executive Director of MASS De...

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At their best, the Olympics symbolize our world’s potential for cooperation, honoring the common humanity that unites us across old divisions of gender, race, and geographical borders. With the 2022 Winter Olympics having drawn to a close, President Clinton sits down with two iconic Olympians, speed skater Apolo Ohno and basketball player Lisa Leslie, to talk about their journeys from modest backgrounds to the pinnacle of their spo...

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February 17, 2022 39 mins

Bill Clinton has often said he wouldn’t have become President if he hadn’t been born in Arkansas into a family whose main form of entertainment was storytelling. From a young age, he learned that every person has a story, and every person’s story has value—and when we truly hear other people’s stories, we can recognize at least some part of ourselves in them, too.

In the Season 2 premier of Why Am I Telling You This?, President Clin...

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President Bill Clinton returns for a new season of his critically-acclaimed podcast, “Why Am I Telling You This?.” Listen each week for new and timely conversations with some of the most fascinating people of our time that will celebrate our unique differences that make life interesting, but affirm that our common humanity matters even more.

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Hillary is back, and fired up for more illuminating conversations on You and Me Both. This season, along with her guests, she’ll tackle big stuff, with a multi-part series on the state of our democracy. But she’ll also venture into more personal territory with athletes, advice givers, Broadway stars, and political leaders. And she’ll draw inspiration from people who have stepped out of their lane, found their own voice, or forged a...

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May 20, 2021 37 mins

The explosion in media platforms - from streaming services to podcasts - means more programming is being produced and consumed than ever before. But despite the boom in content, representation of Latinos in major roles in film, television and on stage still doesn’t match the significant role the Latino community plays in American life.

People deserve to feel that their lives and stories are important and worthy of being told. At the...

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In recent years, the world has been hit by crises with immense human tolls—from larger and more frequent natural disasters and the devastating consequences of climate change, to armed conflict and political instability that has forced millions of refugees to flee their homes, to the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting economic insecurity. In the wake of these crises, responding quickly and understanding the challenges and needs facing ...

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Successful political candidates—and more importantly, successful leaders—need to have a vision and a message that lets everyone see themselves as part of our shared future. James Carville and Paul Begala have been as good at crafting those messages as anyone in modern day politics. 

In the 1992 Clinton/Gore campaign, they helped give voice to Bill Clinton’s policy proposals which put people first and resonated with voters across eve...

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