Anna Faris Is Unqualified

Anna Faris Is Unqualified

Relationship advice from completely unqualified Hollywood types. Join me on a mission to create a community where those of us who have no idea what the f*ck we’re doing can find comfort, support and laughter.... Show More


November 18, 2019 58 min

In this episode...

- Living abroad
- Friend dates
- Diminishing brain cells
- A cup of tea
- Professional vs. personal identity
- The California trucker hat
- Marriage
- Ticks vs. aliens
- Chad talks with Lizzy
- How Lizzy got her man
- A song and dance
- TV sex vs. porn
- Advice to callers Elizabeth and Melanie


Mark as Played
November 11, 2019 56 min

In this episode...

- Murder vs. death by natural causes
- Being abducted by Peter Dinklage
- Breakfast burritos
- Cool beans
- The formative movie Swingers
- Tennis coach vs. bouncer
- Isaac Lamb and his proposal video
- Green grass
- A family of sociologists
- Greek literature
- Mount St. Helens
- Gillian Anderson vs. Paula Abdul
- The Situation
- Som... Read more

Mark as Played
November 4, 2019 60 min

In this episode...

- Talk show expectations
- High school drop out to comedy star
- Delivering pizza
- The secret language of twins
- A life changing moment at the coffee shop
- A three-year-old’s wisdom
- Self-diagnosed prosopagnosia
- Taylor Dayne
- Silly nonsense and cancer
- From one-liners to a 14-minute joke
- Tig’s cat’s Instagram
- Burritos
- Advice to cal... Read more

Mark as Played
October 28, 2019 74 min

In this episode...

- Karate vs. acting
- Competing for The Girl Next Door
- Having actress friends
- Blonde vs. brunette
- The challenges of sitcom
- How to be funny
- Being pregnant
- Dealbreakers
- The importance of knowing how to BBQ
- Red carpet with Beige
- Friendship dealbreakers
- First love heartbreak
- Brad asks Elisha to prom
- Eating apples
- ... Read more

Mark as Played
October 21, 2019 56 min

In this episode...

- How to make a turkey sandwich
- Auditioning for The Fast and the Furious
- Reading the Scary Movie script for the first time
- Dramatic acting vs. comedy acting
- Winona vs. Gwyneth
- Dealbreakers
- How to deal with social media trolls
- Sharing personal stories publicly
- Advice to callers Christy and Becca

UNQUALIFIED ... Read more

Mark as Played
October 14, 2019 69 min

In this episode...

- Forgetting grocery bags
- Committing to restaurant orders
- Filming “Waiting” in New Orleans
- Getting rid of unwanted guests
- Podcast honesty vs. editing
- Reading social media comments
- Sailing solo around the world
- Chocolates for my leading lady
- Breaking up over the phone
- Justin’s older woman
- Sex in public
- Karen Sarducci
- Advic... Read more

Mark as Played
October 7, 2019 55 min

In this episode...

- Popcorn and braids
- Boating with Conan O’Brien
- Strict parents
- Slow dancing at prom
- Lilly’s Wikipedia page
- Talk show small talk and high heels
- Anna gets a foot massage
- Dating in LA
- Writing a book
- Being the weird kid
- Advice to callers Lindsey and Jackie


Unqualified would like to thank... Read more

Mark as Played
September 30, 2019 72 min

In this episode:

- Alison’s alter ego Zoya
- Meeting on the set of “The Five-Year Engagement
- Sleeping with that guy in acting class
- A Super Bowl worthy performance of “The Star-Spangled Banner” 
- Christmas vs. Thanksgiving
- Funny Halloween costumes vs. sexy Halloween costumes 
- Alison brings something weird
- On set deal breakers
- Advice... Read more

Mark as Played
September 26, 2019 1 min

New episodes of UNQUALIFIED every Monday beginning September 30th. 

Mark as Played
March 7, 2019 55 min

First up today, Anna, Sim, and Ashley talk to Stacy, 23, calling from Kentucky to get some help figuring out whether the guy that she’s been hanging out with for the past three years is actually her boyfriend or just leading her on.

Next up, we flash-back to a classic call from episode #51 with Isla Fisher, where Dianne calls to chat about her boyfriend and the one-rule of their non-monogamous relationship that he broke. Read more

Mark as Played
March 5, 2019 47 min

Today’s guest is insanely pretty, but make no mistake, she’s no liar! Find out just how honest the stunning Ashley Benson (Pretty Little Liars) is as she joins Anna and Sim to chat about…

…Teenage Angst & Headgear

…Imaginary Talk Shows & Taco Bell

…Limo Livin’ & UK Television Shows

…Vegas Trips & Magic Mike Live

…Après Ski & Bachelor Improv

And tune-in Thursday as An... Read more

Mark as Played
February 28, 2019 50 min

First up today, Anna, Sim, and Katharine chat with Kelsey, 27…

Kelsey explains that she’s been dating her boyfriend for about 6 years and is looking forward to a bright future together – there’s only one problem…his sister can’t seem to get on board with their relationship and Kelsey is at her wits end!

Next, we’re diving into the Unqualified Vault to bring you two classic calls: the first from Episode #11 with Lisa ... Read more

Mark as Played
February 26, 2019 32 min

Cheerio, dear listeners! We’re coming at you today with a bloody brilliant episode as the uber-talented Katharine McPhee joins Anna and Sim all the way from London to chat about…

…Performing live in Waitress

House Bunny memories

…A Few Vocal-Mimicking Exercises

…Weddings and Bridal Parties

…Dating Deal-Breakers

Catch Katharine McPhee starring in the Tony-award nominated musical,... Read more

Mark as Played
February 21, 2019 51 min

Today, Anna and Sim chat with two callers in need of their ‘unqualified’ advice…

…Paige, 24, met a military guy on a dating app and enjoyed several months of blissful dating…until things started to get sketchy. Now, Paige needs help determining whether this guy is just playing games with her or if he can actually be trusted.

…Lily, a soon-to-be-divorced mother of two, is confused by the excessive and somewhat inappro... Read more

Mark as Played
February 19, 2019 35 min

Today’s episode of Unqualified is a SLAM DUNK as Anna and Sim sit down with the legendary Kobe Bryant to chat about…

…The NBA & History of Basketball

…The Team Mentality

…Vulnerability & Masculinity

…Diversity in Animation

…Kobe’s Book Series, The Wizenard

Be sure to check out Kobe’s new book, The Wizenard Series: Training Camp, available on March 19!

Join Anna and ... Read more

Mark as Played
February 14, 2019 46 min

Anna, Sim, and Lena chat with two callers in need of advice…

…Juliana confessed her romantic feelings to John, a guy in her close friend group, and was gently turned down - but after finding out that John’s roommate has had feelings for her, Juliana now wonders if John was just hiding his true feelings for her to honor the bro-code?

…Ariana has always had a difficult relationship with her older sister which is why sh... Read more

Mark as Played
February 12, 2019 43 min

We are in full-on House Lannister mode today and SO ready to hear the stunning Lena Headey ROAR as she joins Anna and Sim to chat about…

…Worm Feces & Sexual Terminology

…Game of Thrones & Littlefinger

…Villainous Roles & Ghosts on Planes

…Deathgasms & Horror Films

…Instagram Influencers & Priests

…Dating Deal-Breakers

Catch Lena Headey’s new movie, Fighting With M... Read more

Mark as Played
February 7, 2019 40 min

Tony Hale joins Anna and Sim as they offer advice to two callers today…

…Jazmin, 36, from New York, and her husband have enjoyed ten years of blissful friendship with another married couple, but when that couple’s marriage recently hit a rough patch, Jasmine and her husband realized that they need help figuring out how to support their friends through this difficult time.

…Danielle, a college senior studying in Los A... Read more

Mark as Played
February 5, 2019 66 min

Veep, Veep! Make way for the brilliant and talented Tony Hale (Veep, Arrested Development), joining Anna and Sim today to chat about…

  • The Five Love Languages
  • Pranks & Scary Movies
  • The range of “Fuck You”
  • Francis the Ferret
  • VEEP
  • Whiskey and Ghee
  • Catch Tony on Netflix in A Series of Unfortunate Events, on HBO in VEEP, and in the upcoming Toy Story 4<... Read more

    Mark as Played
    January 31, 2019 60 min

    First on today’s episode, Nina Dobrev, Anna, and Sim chat with…

    …Caden in Utah who loves his wife of six months…but doesn’t love how he’s been losing friends since they got married and doesn’t know whether he should focus on his marriage or on his friendships.

    Then, we crack into the Unqualified caller vault to revisit a call from Jaime Pressly’s episode…

    …Breanne is 33 years old, newly single, and ready to min... Read more

    Mark as Played

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