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April 23, 2024 1 min

This was last Saturday and the fellas are furious!  LMBAO!!!

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Speaker 1 (00:02):
Well, many people knew that last Saturday, April twentieth was
for twenty we day. What many people did not know
that April twentieth was also Get this, guys, listen up, guys,
husband Appreciation Day. It was last Saturday.

Speaker 2 (00:17):
Oh, we didn't know it. You just said nothing about it.
We didn't know enough to let us gone.

Speaker 3 (00:25):
Now you put us right up with this text day.

Speaker 2 (00:28):
I'll just show you theday. It's her husband Appreciation Day.
Y'all remember everything.

Speaker 1 (00:34):
Else it was for twenty Okay, we don't.

Speaker 2 (00:37):
Put us on the same day as we.

Speaker 1 (00:39):
Well, it's a holiday. It falls on the so remember
for next time. Next year it falls on the third
Saturday in April each year. Okay, so next year.

Speaker 2 (00:52):
Oh so it gonna be a different day. So somebody
got high and came up with this. That's what.

Speaker 1 (01:04):
It's something, guys. It's something you say to you don't
like Father's Day, Now you have appreciation Day.

Speaker 2 (01:10):
It ain't nothing. Why the hell y'all.

Speaker 1 (01:14):
Trying to head Okay, it involves expressing gratitude to husbands
for who he is.

Speaker 2 (01:22):
It's open. Why didn't you tell us just a week
ahead of time?

Speaker 1 (01:29):
Doesn't affect me?

Speaker 4 (01:30):
Maybe that's why, that's.

Speaker 3 (01:32):
Why, for getting her damn birthday. Oh it don't affect you.

Speaker 4 (01:37):
Okay, three minutes after the hour, we'll play another round,
and would you

Speaker 1 (01:43):
Rather right after this you're listening Morning Show
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