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April 24, 2024 3 mins

Good morning and welcome to the ride!

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Speaker 1 (00:02):
Ladies and gentlemen. Right now, it's a new day. It's
a new opportunity, a new blessed, a new chance. Let's
get it right today. Let's start off with gratitude. You
start off with your gratitude. Gratitude affects your attitude. Once
you affect your attitude, the direct correlation with your altitude.
I call it the dudes, Let's get your tudes in order.
Steve Harvey Morning Show, Shelton Strawberry call it for Reil Mississippi,

Monica Junior, and the legend that is Nephew Tommy as always. Yeah,
it's a quandary and a plethora of mental thoughts and
they all stem from Juli Junior. What is it today?

Speaker 2 (00:40):
Well, you know, unc man, I was thinking about this, uncle,
and I just want to tell you man that I
don't feel like the team really appreciate you as much
as we should. You know, we really should. Yeah, we go, yeah,
we really should. See here, we can see the ungrateful
this right there. See see you see how fast show up?
But we ago right there? He is just saying, is

there anything we can do?

Speaker 1 (01:09):

Speaker 2 (01:12):
Is there anything we could do for you? That's all
I'm saying. This is something you want us to do
for you. We should I should be do what you
need to do for what we see that you don't
you see this here? One question and y'all all upset
because y'all don't appreciate Uncle Steve like I do. See
that's that's why you do not see.

Speaker 1 (01:35):
See that.

Speaker 2 (01:37):
See this, This is what I'm talking about. See that.
This is all I'm saying. I think we should just
do something wonderful for you. Just say, we'll just say
thank you. We appreciate you. And I don't feel like
you they appreciate you. You can see for yourself as
you can see.

Speaker 1 (01:51):
Tell you what I tried to run away with him.
Definitely wouldn't try to run away from Okay, Yeah, oh,
y'all wouldn't have left with him. Ain't nowhere here Me
and Harry would have left with him. I'm talking about it.

Speaker 2 (02:07):
Do you say it?

Speaker 1 (02:08):
I see, JR. I haven't lived as long as I have.
I've learned to uh not have expectations of others. There
Wig you will be see right there, finish it. You

know you got certain people, Junior that want to be
a victim, and you just you know, as I sit
here I ain't borrowed no money from him him. Ain't
say the same thing him him, I ain't never used

nobody's house through parties or nothing like that. Him. So
it's not long so who has wanted or expected anything
from anybody in But there have been things expected of me,
And so with that, I just go on and live

my life where I have, in this humble fashion of yeah,
you know, humility, gracious humility. This fuck so for the hatred,
thanks a lot, or yea, your hatred to continue. You
need some money. We need a couple of dollars coming

up with thirty two minutes after the hour, we will
hear from the nephew as he runs that prank back.
Come here, junior boy. Bye, you're listening. Morning Show
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