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April 5, 2022 6 mins

Big Dog, Judge Steve, The CLO been saying New Level, New Devil and Prayer Changes Things.  Side note, we need Shirley to bring her back because she whhas slipping away from her Christianity, Carla too.

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Speaker 1 (00:01):
All right. Tonight, tonight, please make sure you check out
another hilarious episode of Judge Steve Tonight, eight seventh Central
UM on ABC and Hulu, and Court is now in session. Steve,
you're still loving it, Yeah, I mean it's a great show.
I mean, it's just it fits all my sensibilities, skill sets.

I'm just I'm it's an at home atmosphere. I got
free rein to do like I want to. They've stopped
me a couple of times, you know, because we went
too far with you, you know, judgment and all. But
you know, for the most part, man, it's just really
really good. I'm having fun. A lot of these people
are these cases is real though, Man, it's you. Yeah, Man,

they be in it. Man, this is not This is
not reality TV. This ain't scripted. Friendships on the line,
daughter's relationships, neighbors. It's your brothers, all of that, all
other and sons. Yeah, all right, so check it out again.
Judge Steve Tonight, eight seventh Central on ABC, in Hulu

and Court is now in session now. In other entertainment news,
we all know that Denzel was right there and witnessed
Will Smith slapped Chris Rock on stage during the Oscar
ceremonies last Sunday. While appearing with Bishop TV Jakes in
part of his International Leadership Summit in Washington, d C.

This past Saturday. Take a listen when Bishop Jake's Aston
Zell Washington. What happened? There's a saying, when the devil
ignores you, then you know you're doing something wrong. Wait
a minute, I'm not done. Now, you know, the devil goes,
Oh no, leave him alone. He's my favorite. Right. Conversely,

when the devil comes at you, maybe it's because you're
trying to do something right. And and for whatever reason,
the devil got ahold of them, that of that circumstance
that night, And fortunately there were people there, not just me,
but others in the gap. Tyler Perry came right immediately

right over there with me, and and some prayers. You know,
keep it, keep it. I do want to say what
what we talked about? But there, but for the grace
of God go any of us. You know, who are
we to condemn? I don't know all the ins and

outs of this situation, but I know the only solution
was prayer. The way I saw. Oh, okay, surely we're
talking about you know, what you know what you need
to pull yourself together? You know, interest in that old

ass Morgan. Every time you hear one of them names,
y'all of a sudden you ain't the Christian you're supposed
to be. Yes, So you're gonna stop sliding in and
out of your Christianity or you just come over here
and do like me what you said. Sure, thank you,
thank you. Okay, you want to comment, Steve, I mean

it's cool. I understand what then coming from with that
spiritual confidence you know he supposed to say, talk to
it like that. Yeah, you know, I know what all
us Christian actors and comedians are saying afterwards, though, Yeah,
that's what I know. That's the first time I've heard
prayer mentioned it will laid hands on Chris he did.

Somebody don't mess with him that he one of his favorites. Okay,
well you're the devil. Need to pick another subject, alright, alright,
And I think that clip is available if we need
to play it again, and uh in the show moving on.
In related news, but she ain't we pray together. You

ain't gonna here to pray. You ain't gonna here to pray?
And related news Netflix and Sony have both stepped away
from their upcoming projects with Will Smith. The Netflix film
Fast and Loose, with Sony's highly anticipated movie Bad Boys
four have both been put on hold. Wow, I guess
until they get it all figured out, you know, until

it dies down a little bit or whatever. Do you
think that's what? Yes? Yeah, I just you know, Look,
it's it's the hip. It's the hypocrisy of this country
we live in. And nothing is more hypocritical than than Hollywood. Y'all.
Gon y'all gone back away from doing films with Will

Smith when y'all films is about what what you know?
If if you stop making films because some of the
actors in the movie act badly, then you'll be making
no films in this country. Wills was just publicly seen
all them drugs man, all that casting couch that happens

in Hollywood. That's a hypocrity for both of them to
talk about. You know, they're gonna step away from Wills
projects and not too what man, Hollywood, They walking away
from no money. They're not gonna do that, man, that
that they're just not gonna do it. It's just hypocritical.
I mean, look, I think you know it's going there's

all there's gonna be consequences for Will's actions. You go,
you you can do anything you want to do, like Charlemagne,
uh said, you can do anything you want to do.
You can go ahead, but understand the consequences come with it.
And and that's a true statement. So you know, he
got to self with some consequences. But you know, will

go the rest of life though. Yeah, I just think
it's a hypocrisy of this country. Yeah, and they probably
will come back at a later date, man, please thinking. Yeah,
but right now while it's so hot, still all right,
coming up in twenty minutes after the hour, did you

see the viral video of Kings of Comedy Steve and
said you and said Steve speaking to each other, plugging
each other. Yeah, we're going to talk about how black
people greet each other right after this. You don't want
to miss this. You're listening to
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