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April 17, 2024 3 mins

Good morning and welcome to the ride!  Do what you say you will do is the lesson.

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Speaker 1 (00:02):
Ladies and gentlemen, the time has come for us to
take just a moment a pause, and tell our heavenly
father how much we appreciate this chance, this opportunity, to
this gift that's called the present. Man oh man, oh man,
what a great thing it is to be here. Everybody knows,
somebody they care about this no longer here. It is

a blessing to be here. Man, I give thanks and
honor to the most high man. O man, o man.
Look at here, the Steve Harvey Mornin Show, Sheldon Strawberry
calling for real Mississippi Monica Junior, and the legend that
is nephew Tommy Jr. Yes, Well, what's on your mind? Sir?
Let me ask you a question. You good at this? Man?

I just understand that you're good at discipline. You good
at your discipline? How did you learn how to be disciplined?
In chasing your dream? It waivers from time to time.
Discipline is a learned behavior. You are not born discipline. Discipline,
I believe, is my opinion, is a learned behavior. It's

something that you have to practice and eventually you can
get good at it. But the number one thing I
didn't know it but my father introduced me to discipline,
and I don't mean in terms of a spanking or
nothing like that, but he always taught me that the
number one thing a man has to remember the number
one rule of manhood. He taught me, and I taught

my son, do what you say you gonna do. If
you say you're gonna be there, then be there. Excuses
does not relieve you of responsibility. So do what you
say you're gonna do. That was the first thing. And
I had to learn that. Take this trash out every Wednesday.
And I remember the couple of times that I didn't

take the trash out on Wednesday because I laid in
my bed. I was fifteen years old, and I heard
my daddy dragging him grab trash cans down the thing
and he got to go to work too. My father
came up there in my room and sat on my bed,
and my father never did that. He sat on my
bed and he shook me real soft, and I woke up.
I said, yes, sir. He said, you know something. You

a sorry rascal, You just a sorry rascal. And I
just didn't think. I raised none of them and got
up and went to work. And brother that shattered me
because for my father, the one man I wanted to
be proud of me, told me I was a sorry
rascal and got up and went to bed. So I'm

going downstairs and I'm shook. And my Mama looked at
me and said, you hurt your daddy, boy, because your
daddy raised you better than that. And all you got
to do is take them trash cans out on Wednesday. Brother,
let me tell you something, man, that next Wednesday, I
was sitting up so early because I have to get

down here so I can redeem myself from this to
this dude could be proud of me. And that's how
I was first introduced to discipline. And I understood that
discipline is just simply you doing what you say you're
gonna do. And discipline is doing what you have to
do even when you don't want to. That's the true

definition of discipline. And you have to work on that
and you can get good. And I'm a disciplined person now.
I wave sometimes, but not all I'm here this morning,
ain't all right? Good? Lesson Steve coming up at thirty
two minutes after the hour. We will hear from the

nephew as he runs that prank back right after this,
you're listening hard morning show
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