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May 1, 2024 7 mins

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
All right, guys, here we are last break of the
day on this Wednesday.

Speaker 2 (00:04):
This week is moving.

Speaker 1 (00:06):
We had a good day today, and Steve, you want
to take us out with some closing.

Speaker 2 (00:11):
Remind Yeah, I'm really really getting concerned about this upcoming election,
and I think we need to have some real conversations.
I'm not the most influential person in our culture, but
I can take the moments that I have on this
radio show to address those that weill listen because there's

a lot of young people, like it's twenty eight year
old that wrote in a strawberry letter today, We're a
lot of young people. Uncle Steve, Aunt Shirley, can you
help me? So I'm assuming that we have a lot
of a wide variety of listeners, and we do. But y'all,
let me just say this about this election. I got
you sick of it. I got it seems to be

an adequate and a purpose that you all are sick of.
But I'm listen to me, you just can't get sick
of your obligation. Were all sick of some obligation, all
of us. Some of us were sick of tired of people,

sick of tired of taking care of people, that's unappreciative.
We're sick and tired of going to some of these
jobs every day. We're sick of tired of doing what
we have to do, but we get up and we
do them anyway. Voting is something we have to do.
We have to do it, y'all. I don't think you
understand the price some people paid in front of us
so we could vote. This is not a privilege to vote.

This is an obligation and a privilege that was a
time when we were not allowed to. I'm talking to
black people now, I'm talking specifically to black people. We
have an obligation to vote. Your grandfathers, your grandmother's they paid, man,

they paid dearly for us. My mother and father born
in nineteen fourteen. Man, you know how long ago that was.
Do you know what they saw in the twenties. My
grandfather was a slave to he was twelve years old.
Not my great grandfather. My father's father was a slave to.

He was twelve years old. See, it ain't that far
away from me. I have constant reminders I grew up
in segregation. I have seen with my own eyes colored
only water fountains, color it's only bathroom. I remember when

black people couldn't sit at lunch counters. I've been to
Woolworth and Kresky's. I've been there, So it ain't that
far away now. Just because you didn't see it with
your own eyes, don't get blinded by it. And these
far right Republicans, these Christian nationalists and all these people

are making sure you stay in the dark or what happening,
because now they getting rid of all diversity education courses.
They're getting rid of all these diversity and equality programs
in the country. They taking it out of schools, they
taking it out of jobs. They are trying to erase
it from your memory, Braank. They don't want you to

know what their forefathers did because they tired of suffering
on the guilt trip. But that ain't the real reason.
They don't mind suffering from the guilt trip. They want
to make America great again. Y'all ain't listening. They want
things back to where it to be. That's what they say.
That's what they mean when they say let's make America

great again. Well, damn it, when was America ever great
for black people? What time period you want to go back?
What you want the fifties again? You want the early
sixties again, because I was here in the early sixties,
I was here in the late fifties. I was here.
So you want to make a make a make America?
When when was America great for black people? Oh that's right,

you ain't talking to us. You talking to all the
mega people that's willing to put that red hat on
and wear it around. You want to make America great
again for them? What you want to go back to
tarn feathering black people. Oh I'm sorry, that's right. You
found a slicker way to do it. Oh it's called us. Oh. Oh,

it's called erasing diversification programs. It's rescinding the Voters Rights Act.
Oh in day eight through they then already took away
women's right to decide what to do with their body
roll versus wave. Now they're gonna go after the educational system.
In a minute, y'all gonna look up, and America gonna
be right back where it was before. And that's the

America we gonna be living in. All because we didn't
feel like going down there voting no more. Oh really, Oh,
you didn't want to go vote no more? Oh? So
now y'all wearing these ridiculous ass t shirts, all these
blacks for Trumps when Trump ain't ever been for black folks.

I watched an interview one day. This writer was interviewing
Donald Trump, and he asked Donald Trump. He said, how
do you live your life when your life is always
in a storm? Do you know what Donald Trump's response was,
I am the storm, because you know, I was sitting

up going, man, how could it be like living like him?
When he's always in some controversial mess, He's always in
the news, he's always being talked about, he's always in trouble. Well,
he is the storm, and he'd have made the storm normal.
And now you're gonna take your black ass down there
and vote for the storm, you stupid. You ain't the

eye of the tornado. You the results of the tornado.
We need to vote and stop this damn foolishness talking
about some blacks for Trump when Trump ain't for blacks.
Y'all think about that, man, if you would. There's more
eloquent speakers than me, but just how I talk and
real simple and plain. Y'all, have a great day. Talk

to God. He love to hear from your case for all.

Speaker 1 (06:57):
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