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May 7, 2024 7 mins

Today in Closing Remarks, Steve reacts to a message from his voicemail about voting.

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
All right, Steve, here we are our last break of
the day. And to lead into your closing remarks, we
had a caller earlier who wanted to talk about voting.
You left to message here it is we.

Speaker 2 (00:10):
As black people are not obligated to vote.

Speaker 3 (00:14):
I'm telling people be obligated to vote. The system's never
built for us.

Speaker 1 (00:19):
You got to find our own way without help from
people that we vote for.

Speaker 2 (00:22):
You don't need no leader.

Speaker 3 (00:24):
You your own leader. Stop telling our people to vote
for these hypocrits.

Speaker 1 (00:28):
Man, you part of the system.

Speaker 2 (00:30):
Well, you know, I don't know who you are because
you wasn't big enough to leave your name, of course,
but you can call my show and address me directly
and everybody know who you're talking to. So number one,
if you're going to call this show and make a
statement contrary to something I say or promote, then be

man enough or woman enough to leave your name. That's
just a simple request so we can talk to each other,
so I can refer to you by name. But now
that I can't refer to you by name, let me
talk to people for a second. The reason I say
black people are obligated to vote because I truly, truly
feel that we are obligated to vote. See it's people

like this who call in right here, who have nothing
to back up. Voting doesn't mean that you need to
be led. Voting doesn't mean that you give people power
over you. The reason we as black people are obligated
to vote because, whether you know your history or not,
our forefathers died for the right to vote, to participate

in the system. See, it's one thing to have a
seat at the table, is another thing to decide what's
on the menu. I've been at the table. I want
to make decisions on what's on the menu.

Speaker 1 (01:54):

Speaker 2 (01:55):
I don't need anybody to lead me, but I do
want to have a say so and who is at
the top, at the forefront of everything, so that we
can make a determination as of what we have a
say so in whatever it is they say or the
direction they choose to go. But when you don't vote,
you can no longer open up your mind. We need

a system of our own. Okay, great, that's cool, But
how you gonna put that system in place? Because eventually,
one time you're gonna be able to put a person
in place that can agree with your system. But if
you've taken yourself out of the equation, Then you can
stop complaining about the problem because you've removed yourself from

the equation. So whatever they lay on the table, whatever
they put on the table, we now got to lap
it up and like it. This is one of the
most ignorant calls I've gotten. See, it's people like you,
whoever your name is, who you wasn't man enough to
say it's people like you to make statements. We need
our own and you part of the system. I'm part

of the system. Are you crazy? Are you crazy? Do
you listen to this show every day? I'm part of
the system. How you know what the system is? You
ain't in it. You don't participate, and I'm assuming by
now you don't vote. So what is your ignorant behind
talking about Hey man, you got a lot of nerve

man calling this show telling me to tell people to
stop telling black people that they obligated to vote. You
are obligated to vote. It's our responsibility to one another.
It's our responsibility to our children. It's our responsibility to
our grandchildren. It's our responsibility to the less fortunate. See,

whether you know it or not, there are some people
who get in office and do policy. I don't know
if you heard me this week talk about what the
Biden administration and Brydon Harris administration has been doing behind this.
But then you probably don't watch the news anyway because
you probably think they ain't talking about you anyway. But

there are a lot of programs in terms of debt
relief that's been passed out for people with student loans.
There's been a lot of medical relief. There's been a
lot of programs put forward for black men in business,
who are in tech, who are in trade, who are
in all types of things. It ain't just barbershops. There's

been a lot of stuff put forward for black men.
And you sound it like you happen to be a
black male, but you probably wouldn't want to partake in
any one of those programs because you off somewhere trying
to create a system for yourself. I'm all about a
person doing for themselves. Yeah, And I don't think we're

going to be dependent on government. But just because you
vote doesn't make you dependent on government. Ain't nobody in
here tell you to place your hopes and dreams in
some people. If you really listen to this show, I
tell people more to put their hopes and dreams and
faith in God than I do anything. But since we
are here, and I don't know if you noticed in

the last election that happened, brother, whatever your name is,
that you wouldn't leave. I don't know if you noticed it,
but Michigan, Detroit, Philadelphia, Philly, Atlanta, Georgia was the deciding
factor in the presidential that Donald Trump would have been

president again had the black vote not stood up the
way it did. And it'll be the same thing again.
So look, man, why don't you get some facts together
before you start spewing your ignorance and then you call
in on a national show and say something like that,
I don't know nobody telling black people not to vote

except you and a couple of ignorant ass people. And
for those of you blacks that are blacks for Trump.
And then they got a new T shirt word that
has the N word on it in words for Trump.
Y'all make me sick. Y'all make me sick. Grow up
and understand what we are about as a people. We

have a say, so, we have a seat at the table,
and we should determine what's on the menu. Those are
my closing remarks to vote. Those are my closes remarks.
And black people are obligated to vote. Yes, we are,
and I will feel my obligation. And I'm asking everybody
else to do the same. Those are my closes remarks today.
Have a great one y'all, Peace.

Speaker 3 (06:53):
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