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April 10, 2024 10 mins

You will not be able to reach your fullest heights without God. You must get this through your head. Have any doubts, listen to Uncle Steve.

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Today show is pre recorded. Y'all know what's time. Y'all
don't know y'all bad at all at all, So.

Speaker 2 (00:12):
Don't given them black The million busing boozes listening to
show to Joy, Yeah, Joy, you don't you love? You

gotta turn I can't.

Speaker 1 (01:40):
I got to turn the mouth turn.

Speaker 2 (01:43):
I probably got to turn the mouth turn mouth the
word of the money up looking me?

Speaker 1 (01:55):
Come come on you ah, I sure will A good
morning everybody you're listening to the voice, come on dig
me now. One and only Steve Harvey got a radio
show today. It's real simple for everybody that's trying to

become successful on any level, in any arena, any genre.
I don't care what it is. If you're trying to
be successful, this message is for you. Let me help
you understand something real clear. You ain't gonna make it
the way you want to, and you're not going to
make it to the heights that's fully out there and

available for you without God. And I just keep it
real simple and clean for you today. You're not going
to make it the way you want to, and you're
not going to get to the heights that's available to
you without God. You have to get this through your head.
You can try it if you want to, because I did.

I'm here to tell you I am talking purely from experience.
Here you can try it without God, and you can
see how far you can get. Will you have some
measures of success? Of course you will. Will it feel
like days like you might make it? Of course you will.
But let me ask you a question, though. What you're
gonna do about them days when you feel like you

ain't gonna make it. When you're gonna do about them
days where it feel like there are no answers to
your questions. What you're gonna do about them days? What
you're gonna do about them days when everybody laughing that
you turn it against you. What you're gonna do about
them days when you just don't see no way through it?
What you're gonna do about them days? I got the sunshine?
You know, sunshine cool? Everybody got friends? When it's sunny outside.

You want some friends, hit the lotto, You wanna get
rid of them friends, Go ask for some help. Man.
I'm talking about man. They scatter like roaches when lights
come on. I'm trying to tell you, so, now here
we go again. You can do this without God now
because I've done it and you can have yourself some
measure success. Let me even hip you to a little
bit closer, though, let me tell you why you are

doing it without God and having some measure of success.
Can I tell you why? Because of God's grace and
mercy to us, because of his grace and mercy trying
to keep us in spite of ourself, for the real
mission that He really got for us. See that's the
truth of the matter now now what we're talking about,
NASTI see. So yeah, yeah, you can do it without God,

and you can have some measure of success without God.
And yeah, yeah you got your little degree and everything.
Yeah you completed the program God all that, YadA, YadA YadA.
But don't you know something. It's because of God's grace
and mercy that he helps us anyway, well even when
we ain't asking for help, when he bails us out anyway,
when we ain't even ask him to be bailed out.

You know why. Because He love us that much that
he would allow us to exist until we get our
mind together where he could take us away, really trying
to take us. Let's get this real straight. And today
you can do this without God if you want to,
but I'm telling you to get to where you really
want to be and to be all that God has

for you. You got to have God. That is no
ifs ads, but about it. And let me tell you
this here. I don't really care what nobody then told you.
Are you listening to me? I don't care what they say.
Don't get this thing twisted. They got these people out
here talking about they illuminaties and all listen, man, don't

listen to me. Don't get caught in this mess. Don't
get caught in no foolishness. You were created by God.
God created you and your soul. We were all created
in His image, all of us. Don't get to talking
about you. Finish. Cut a deal with the devil and
all you ain't cutting no deal with nobody. Man. The
devil don't do deals. He one sided. I'm taking you

to hell. You going to hell. You're burning here. That's
his deal. I want your soul. I want you to
lose hope. I want you to take your life. I
want you to take some other people's lives. I want
you to feel hopeless. I want you to realize that
it ain't no God. That's his whole deal. His whole
deal is negative. Oh he can talk you in the
deal in drugs if you want to. But let me

tell you something about this. I watch these shows all
the time, drug inc And all this here cocaine mafia.
Everybody on now go to jail or get killed. Our
prisons is filled today with our young boys because they
thought they can outslick the system. They thought they had away,
they thought they sitting up been here and they failed.
For the old cliche, man, I gotta do what I

gotta do, I gotta get this money. Well, the only
reason you gotta do what you gotta do is because,
like I say all the time, you didn't do what
you were supposed to do. It is but because of
His grace and mercy that we exist, and God is
just taking care of you, looking out for you. Got
some angels and camped around you until you get your
mind right so he can get you where you're going.
But now I want you to understand something. There's a

cost and a consequence and a penalty for everything we do.
This outside the will of God. That's for all of us.
All of us have consequences, penalties and everything that we
got to deal with outside of the will of God.
Understand that clearly, don't get this thing twisted sideways. You
understand me. You know. I heard a young man tell

me one day. He said, Steve, you know, man, I
just don't see how God looking out for me, if
he would allow all these things to happen to me.
I'm having such a hard time in my life. I
really don't see how there's a God looking out for me.
I lived a young man, I said, in the man's
just something. Man, you're still breathing. He said, yeah, I'm
standing here talking to you. I said, you're still free.

He said what you mean. I said, you ain't locked up,
are you? He said, no, I'm standing here talking to you.
I said, where you get them clothes from? I bought him.
I said, well, you bought them with what I bought
him with money? I said, where you get the money from?
Young Joe. So I got job, mister, I got job.
I said, well, well where you live though, it's I
got apartment. I said, where you get the apartment from,
mister Harv I'm working. I got an apartment. I got

a job. I said, okay, okay, So now this this
God ain't looking out for you? Think fish, finish telling
me what you're telling me. Well, see, man, I'm having
it real hard right now. I said, hey, hey, man,
are you are you hungry? Have you had lunch yet?
He's yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, already had lunch yet. I said, oh, okay, okay,
so gone finish telling me about this how God ain't

looking out for you? He said, oh. And you know, man,
every every time I try to do something, it seemed
like it go wrong for me. I said, but let
look in the man, some man, I said, every time
it go wrong for you, I say, somehow you survive it.
He said, yeah, yeah, I survive in some kind of way,
but it's still be all messed up on me. I said,
but but you still got through it though, he said yeah.
I said, okay, man, gone finish telling me how how

God ain't looking out for you? And he stopped. He said, hey,
miss Harvey, He said, how come every time I tell
you something that's going wrong, you keep telling me God
looking out for me? I said, because you're still here, man,
I said, See, you're on understanding. I said. You seen
to think that you're supposed to just you're supposed to
skate through life, That is all supposed to go how
you want it, any kind of way, I said, Man, thisesus.
The test to your faith, I said, God looking out

for you the whole time. I said, every time you
tell me something going wrong, are you seeing to turn
around and tell me how you survived? And you keep
telling me what ain't going right? But you keep telling
me all these things you have. I said, ma'am, So
what you gotta do is you got to stop looking
at the what you ain't got column and start focusing
on what you do have column. But if you ain't
happy with nothing heat and done for you, you wanted
to keep piling stuff on. I said, you fail in

the test, young man. The test is are you grateful
for where you are right now? So I could give
you more so we can move forward? He said, oh, man,
I never even looked at like that. I said, well,
why don't you take your blessed self on somewhere and
sit down? He said, I think I'm going over here
and let you finish talking. I said, thank you. So
sometimes you just got to look at what you do God, folks,
that's all it is. Okay, you can't make it without God, y'all.

You got me today all right, let's be clear, let's go.
You're listening morning show
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